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21: Raul Villacis

Health Made Simple Show Podcast

This week on The Health Made Simple Show, we are joined by special guest Raul Villacis! Raul is an entrepreneur, author, investor, and speaker. Not to mention, he is the CEO of The Next Level Experience, leading him to work with the strongest minds in real estate, personal development, and coaching, as he has trained them in wellness and personal growth.  In this episode, Dr. Bart and Raul discuss how to change our mindset to become the leaders we know we can be. From mentality to daily disciplines, Dr. Bart and Raul share their best advice on leveling-up their superhuman journeys.   1. Raul’s Journey Raul began his journey when he learned that “good” was not good enough. After trials and a mid-life crisis, he became aware that we mask our problems and lack vulnerability in our journeys to become superhuman. This led him to spend time in India, countless dollars on personal development, and reassess what was important to him. Through personal development, yoga, meditation, and countless other outlets, he was able to come out on top and persevere through his struggle. Following this, he knew that it is essential to find a purpose to wake up every day. This led him not just to desire to make more money, but to live with passion, impacting others’ lives.   2. The Importance of Vulnerability It is essential to allow yourself to be vulnerable, so you can express your pain instead of merely sedating it or managing it. We must find a holistic way to go about our healing that elevates our lives. For Raul, this was personal development! We are connected by pain. If we open up about our pain, we allow ourselves to heal and be a part of others’ healing process. Humans are meant to belong and be able to contribute to something greater than themselves.This impacts us not just emotionally but can have physical implications on our health! This is why it is essential to pick a tribe that wants to go to the next level with you. It is not important to bring everyone with you but to go forward with people you know hope to go the same direction. Another important thing is to consider is who is leading your tribe! The lifestyle of the tribe’s leader will undoubtedly impact the rest of the group.   3. Leadership During Chaos When we know a storm is coming, we need to imagine the worst-case scenario and prepare ourselves to handle it. This ensures that there is never a situation so bad that we can not overcome it. We have to break free of the illusion that bad things will not happen. Instead, we should face them head-on, allowing us to control our problems rather than our problems controlling us. 4. Emotional Fitness Every single man has to go through life in stages. It begins with the peasant mentality, which is where we believe our bad things govern our life. Next, each man goes through the warrior phase. This is when they learn to persevere and develop the leadership and courage to overcome their struggles. Lastly, we enter the tunnel, often called a mid-life crisis. This is what separates sedated warriors from the kings. The common denominator in all of these situations is emotional fitness. It allows us to consistently level up and become a genuine leader and fulfill our potential.    5. Guilt and Shame Often, men in our culture are afraid to admit that we are failing at something. Instead of admitting our faults or asking for help, we burden ourselves with ridiculous workloads and hide our problems because we do not want to experience the guilt and shame of sharing our mistakes. However, guilt and shame are the emotions that trap us within ourselves. It is what disconnects us from the source and prohibits our ability to connect. At times we must fall on our face and fail. It is what develops the discipline of overcoming, and the reality of failure is what we need to begin to level up and make decisions to improve our life. When we see others fail, there is a difference between empathy and apathy. We should be empathic about what they are going through, but we should not be apathetic and enable them never to have to deal with the consequences of their actions. 6. Audience Questions: Are people born leaders, or do they become leaders? Leadership is a choice. You become a leader the day you decide to step-up and live the life you were called to live. How do you break through when you are hopeless? We tell ourselves a story that becomes our current reality. If you would instead focus on what is working in your life and three areas that you are winning, you would be able to get out of a rut. You never escape your problems by focusing on them. How do you start a business when your partner is not on board? It is okay! It is not the most significant concern if your husband or wife is on board. You must decide how important your dream is to you and weigh the consequences of pursuing what you believe you are being called in.  7. Raul’s Health Challenge After contracting COVID-19, Raul realized that the body is a machine, and given the right resources, it will heal itself. However, he was not focusing enough energy to keep his body healthy. This led him to implement a nightly meditation and purchase a juicer to have juice every day to get the nutrients his body needs! Instead of asking, “What is wrong with me?” We should ask, “What is my body trying to tell me?” This allows us to check-in and consider where the pain is coming from rather than sedating it. Raul is hosting a virtual professional development, which is an intense four-hour deep dive. It aims to create a breakthrough in our lives and have certainty as we move into 2021. Also, he has an upcoming book we highly recommend to all of our viewers!   8. Making Health Simple The top action item that Dr. Dan suggests to us on our journey of becoming superhuman is getting enough sleep! Sleep is the most important thing that we can do for our body and is the most crucial step as we pursue overall wellness.   9. What’s Next? We have put together a dashboard of all of Dr. Bart’s videos, based on health topics, in our Level-Up Health Membership. This library of health content is low cost, so we can help you on your journey to becoming superhuman!  Not only is it extensive, but it will continue to expand with new videos each month. Also, you will have the opportunity to share these videos with your friends and family! -- Medically reviewed and written by: Dr. Bart Precourt Founder of  The Health Made Simple Show Doctor of Chiropractic Register for the Health Made Simple Show If you are interested in registering for the Health Made Simple Show please visit http://www.healthmadesimple.com


2 Feb 2021

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Ep 133 - Raul Villacis On How To Reach The Next Level In Your Life

Beyond The Hustle

"As an entrepreneur, the moment you have the money you can´t count on it, but what you can count on is being able to continue creating opportunities, we can count on the drive and the passion and the purpose. At Entrepreneurship, you have to have emotional fitness to be able to win on those storms. "   Raul Villacis is the CEO of The EDGE, he shares his journey from being a Real Estate Investor towards becoming a Business Coach. He was the founder of the largest latino-owned real estate investment firm in Connecticut, by the time he was 30. But after the 2008 market collapse, he began his journey to personal re-discovery and decided to shift into the Coaching Business.   In this episode you will discover: How to start your path as an entrepreneur How to see moments of Chaos as opportunities How to intentionally make money How to believe in your business And so much more! Connect with Raul on Instagram @raultheedge and visit thenextlevelexperience.com Raul´s podcast is "God, Money and Purpose"   Connect with me on Instagram @carolinamillan  and Twitter @carolinamillan    Grab your FREE branding report: http://personalbrandingsecrets.me/ebook    Apply to work with me as your Coach go.workwithcarolina.com   Enjoyed the episode? Leave a 5 star review and subscribe!


20 Oct 2020

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8 Figure Interview: Raul Villacis from Next Level Experience

Mindset Performance

To see what's possible in your own mindset, visit https://mindsetperformance.co.  After all ... a breakthrough in your business will first happen as a breakthrough in your thinking.Resources mentioned in this show:https://www.facebook.com/nextlevelraulhttps://www.nextlevelexperience.com


9 Oct 2020

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Personal Development & Being Present w/ Raul Villacis

The Business Equation Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY: There is going to be a time in your life when you feel like you're down for the count. It's inevitable. No matter what path you walk, there will be circumstances that are out of your control and, quite frankly, make you question it all.But, it's how you respond to these circumstances that defines your success. And, as today's guest puts it, you have no choice but to "figure this shit out." On Episode 56 of The Business Equation Podcast, host Nick Bogacz is joined by the one and only Raul Villacis, founder of Next Level Experience. Raul is one of the most straightforward and passionate guests Nick has had on the show to date and it won't take long for you to discover why.From his times of failure and losing it all to problems with drinking and taking care of himself to his self-awakening and return to prominence, Raul explains why personal development and being present in your everyday life are key to your survival, both in your professional and personal life. Raul inspires people every day and you can join him on that journey. Visit nextlevelexperience.com to learn more and connect with Raul on YouTube and Instagram.You can also text the word 'podcast' to 203-405-9199 to receive Raul's Daily Edge Podcast!Questions for Nick? Hit him up at nickbogacz.com!Nick is a published author! Click here to check out his book, The Pizza Equation: Slicing Up How to Run a Successful Pizza Enterprise.Connect with Nick Bogacz and The Business Equation!Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Linked InMUSIC CREDIT: Theme music for The Business Equation Podcast - Never Forget by Gareth Johnson & Chris Bussey, via www.audionetwork.com


14 Sep 2020

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Episode 122 - Finding Your EDGE and Taking Your Life & Business To the Next Level with Raul Villacis

Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show with Dwaine Clarke

Raul began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 23 when he started his own real estate company, The Next Level Real Estate. By the time he was 30, his real estate company had become the largest latino-owned real estate investment firm in Connecticut, with over 150 employees. In 2008, the real estate market collapse led to devastating effects on both Raul and his company.  Through the chaos of the tribulations feeling discouraged, unrelatable and overwhelmed, he found the inspiration to start the Next Level Experience. He began his journey to personal re-discovery, turned his life around and invested thousands in personal coaching. He began to practice active meditation and rededicated himself to the relationships with his wife and children. Today, he is the CEO and Founder of The Next Level Experience, Next Level Media, and The Next Level Real Estate. Understanding the difficulties men face as they try to find balance in being business leaders, family men and role models, his goal is to help and hundreds of CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to find The EDGE, just like he did; to help men shed their personal doubts and find clarity in their lives and reconnect with their inner warrior. His methods are unconventional, but they produce results.  http://www.nextlevelexperience.com/edge


9 Sep 2020

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The Unbreakables Podcast

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Raul Villacis who is a family man, entrepreneur, author, speaker, investor, Mindset and Personal Development Coach. Raul is the CEO of Next Level Experience and the Host of The Edge Podcast. In this episode, we discuss all things from mindset, gratitude, leadership, the importance of developing a consistent routine and getting out of your comfort zone. Villacis also opens up about how him and his wife overcame the coronavirus, and through those weeks of excruciating pain, he realized what truly mattered. 👉🏽 SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE a REVIEW and your FEEDBACK:🌎https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-unbreakables-podcast/id1474185306..........................................................................................................................Follow "The Unbreakables Podcast" on Instagram and Facebook:👉🏽@theunbreakablespodcast👉🏽@raultheedge..........................................................................................................................▶️ SUBSCRIBE NOW to our YouTube Channel and TURN ON your Notifications:🌎https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnRsenHHyN_S1QoonxQvV4g..........................................................................................................................👉🏽 Join Our Email List:🌎 http://www.theunbreakablespodcast.com..........................................................................................................................The Unbreakables Podcast on Buzzsprout:🌎https://465178.buzzsprout.com/Sign up For A Paid Buzzsprout Account and Receive $25.00 Amazon Card:🌎https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=405625


26 May 2020

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Find Your Purpose & Operate At Your Best With Next Level Experience! (RAUL VILLACIS INTERVIEW)

GSD Mode

Raul Villacis got his start in entrepreneurship inside the real estate industry, and has become an extremely successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, writer for Entrepreneur and Forbes, and much more! As founder of The Next Level Experience, Raul has adapted and shifted his business to help people and even more specifically, men, find and identify their purpose, gain clarify about what they want in their life, and in turn help them begin to operate as the best version of yourself! We all can be working on ourselves and our self-development during this unprecedented time, and this interview is an extremely powerful tool to help us begin to better ourselves. Check it out! 0:01 - Joshua introduces Raul Villacis 3:00 - Uncertainty with COVID-19 & Raul’s start in real estate 8:00 - How did you get certainty during the 1st recession you were involved in? 12:30 - What led you to being in the coaching position you are now? 18:00 - Advice from Raul about finding your purpose 24:30 - Visualize your worst case scenario every single day 31:00 - How to detach from guilt from your past mistakes or actions 33:45 - Things you can do to adapt and adjust during this crazy time? 37:30 - Things Raul is doing to prepare for the upcoming economic crash 41:00 - What is the Next Level Experience? 45:00 - Working on yourself and working with monks 50:00 - Where to learn more and connect with Raul Websites & Contact: (203) 405-9199 http://www.nextlevelexperience.com/edge 👉 "Triple Your Real Estate Business In 90 Days" [FREE In-Depth 3 Hour Online Masterclass with Joshua Smith]:  http://bit.ly/2WQHBqM Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe for daily content!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVT1XOSdM4DhTUdA7Y9OSw?sub_confirmation=1 Join the GSD Mode Facebook Group and start Masterminding with over 11k real estate agents worldwide! - http://bit.ly/2WUrg9q iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gsd-mode/id964583650?mt=2 GSD Mode Full Site - http://bit.ly/2RoVtHM 41 Weeks of Real Estate Tips from Joshua Smith FREE! - http://bit.ly/2WYj7RC SUPPORTED BY Perfect Storm - http://bit.ly/2ISyKQD 90 Day Mastery Bootcamp - http://www.90daymastery.com/ REO Mastery University - https://reouniversity.wpengine.com/ Hit Me Up! Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JoshuaSmithGSD Instagram - https://instagram.com/joshuasmithgsd/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/JoshuaSmithGSD


31 Mar 2020

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Interview with Raul Villacis

Vulnerable Entrepreneurs

In this episode, Sean and Kham talk to Raul Villacis of Next Level Experience. It’s our first interview, so we wanted to come out swinging.Kham and Sean talk to Raul about:How he made his first $100,000 and then immediately made the worst investment you canHow to use fear as motivation--but only at firstHow a midlife crisis can actually be an opportunityListen and subscribe now!


10 Mar 2020

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Raul Villacis tells his secret to regaining your EDGE with Joe De Sena

Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Being left behind at a young age by parents searching to create a better life might be what drove Raul Villacis to become a real estate millionaire… but with that success came new challenges. When life finally became comfortable, he lost his edge. Raul has covered a lot of ground. For him the solution starts with his unique morning ritual and the decision to live every day like a hunter. Those are the secret oil and sharpening stone that keep his razor-sharp edge. What about balance? For Raul it’s a myth. In this interview, he explains to Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena how he integrates everything 100%, how he takes life 100 days at a time and why digging deep into emotional pain is so important! Want to win and bring it to the Next Level? You must be willing to make sacrifices! That's what you'll learn in today's episode of Spartan Up Podcast. LESSONS Create a system for your life Build habits Be on the hunt- go out there and get it  Rituals is what creates who you are  Be willing to sacrifice to win  Live your life 100 days at a time  Adapt, adjust & execute  100% integration into  everything you do  Find your edge  Find people that push you & hold you to a higher standard  Find motivation through the pain  SpartanX Leadership is a one-day event where masters of industry meet to collaborate, connect, and learn resilience skills for optimal team performance.  https://www.spartanxleadership.com LINKS http://www.nextlevelexperience.com/edge https://raultheedge.com TIME STAMPS  0:00 Joe introduces this episode with resharpening your edge 2:00 Interview begins with creating a system for your life  3:15 Entrepreneurs as modern day hunters  3:45 How rituals create who you are  5:00 The willingness to sacrifice to win  6:30 The inner drive that lets you know you can do anything  7:45 The morning ritual  9:00 The power of visualizations & letting go  10:00 Compartmentalizing your life into 100-day blocks  11:00 Adapting, adjusting & executing  12:15 The myth of balance vs. integration  13:25 SpartanX Leadership break  14:00 Interview continues with Next Level Experience  16:30 Sharing deep emotions & finding your edge  18:00 Having people that push you & hold you accountable  19:50 Finding motivation through the pain  20:45 Hitting the buttons of emotional pain 21:45 Joe recaps how Raul helps put the edge back into your life  SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpShow YouTube: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpYT Google Play: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpPlay FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spartanuppodcast/ Spartan Up on Twitter https://twitter.com/SpartanUpPod CREDITS: Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Host: Joe De Sena  The Colonel, Dr. Johnny Waite & Sefra Alexandra are off sharpening their edge  Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress  Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty © 2020 Spartan


25 Feb 2020

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EP 20 - Becoming the Leader you Were Meant to Be and Getting your Edge Back with Raul Villacis

THE Dad Bod Pod

In this episode, Jason interviews Raul Villacis. Raul is a serial entrepreneur and has been featured in Forbes, Time and Entrepreneur. Raul got his start in real estate investing and is extremely passionate about personal development and his morning ritual. Raul is also an author, speaker, and the CEO of Next Level Experience and The Next Level Real Estate.Raul discusses how he had hit rock bottom after the real estate crash, yet found his edge to build another real estate empire. He shares with us his journey in realizing his true purpose of helping others and coaching them on ways to discover their edge in order to fulfill their potential as human beings.  Stay Connected with Raul VillacisInstagramFacebookWebsiteStay Connected with Jason Priest WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedIn About The Dad Bod PodA podcast for men looking to improve their health and re-define their Dad Bods. A place for men to learn, grow and live the healthiest life possible.Support the show (https://www.dadbodhealth.com/services/)


10 Nov 2019