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104 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Craig Ballantyne. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Craig Ballantyne, often where they are interviewed.

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104 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Craig Ballantyne. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Craig Ballantyne, often where they are interviewed.

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122 - The ONE Factor For Exploding Your Business And Wealth With Craig Ballantyne

The Chris Dufey Show
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Do you want to make more money, have a bigger impact and get home in time each night..?

Then you’re going to love this episode with one of my favourite human beings in this world, Craig Ballyntine.

The truth is if you’re like Craig and me; You want to make the most out of every hour in each day.

You want to have the biggest impact, make money that gives you freedom and does the work you love.

In this episode we dive into:

Why YOU Need A Coach (and what's been stopping you)

How To Find The RIGHT Coach So You Don’t Get Burnt.

How Craig Has Upgraded Himself Recently To 10x His Results.

How To Surround  Yourself With Great People.


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Jul 05 2020



How to Turn Your Content Into Cash With Craig Ballantyne

Business School
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How did Craig Ballantyne become known as “The Most Disciplined Man in the World” and “The King of Instagram?” In this episode, Craig explains exactly how celebrity gets manufactured. Be sure you take notes on how he gets his books into people’s hands and how he uses content to get sales. Learn why he loves Instagram, and how to maximize your own social media presence!

“The fact that you make a video immediately elevates your celebrity.”

Craig Ballantyne

In This Episode:

- How Craig manufactured his own celebrity

- The uses of different forms of social media

- Networking through doing podcasts and shows

- The time Craig made $5k in the back of an Uber

- Making sure people know how to do business with you

- Using “AIDA” in your social media posts

- And much more...

Connect with Craig Ballantyne:


Perfect Week Formula

IG Sales System


Connect with Sharran:







Jun 30 2020



#2: Craig Ballantyne

The Helhammer Hangout
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Craig Ballantyne is a very talented singer and song writer from Perth. We are talking about the working process for his upcoming album "Into The Great Unknown" and some personal stories from the last decade including a funny story about hos he was off to buy an engagement ring but come home with a saxophone instead!

May 29 2020

1hr 4mins


How To Create Your Perfect Week With Craig Ballantyne

The Your Life! Your Terms! Show
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When we quit our jobs to start Rock Star Real Estate, we double down on systems, non-negotiable tasks and waking up every day at exactly the same time. We know the power of good routines and systems. They've literally changed our lives. So on this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, we're pumped to chat with Craig Ballantyne about creating your perfect day and your perfect week. His book, The Perfect Week Formula, distills timeless gems of personal productivity into an engaging read. If you're looking to reset your life, give his book a read. You can learn more about Craig over at:

May 14 2020



Ep 131 - Craig Ballantyne: How to max out your productivity.

Escape Your Limits
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Teach yourself to live by an 11 out of 10 mindset, in under an hour.

This episode of the Escape Your Limits podcast is a lesson in how to max out your productivity and create community after coronavirus from a high performance business coach – the world's most disciplined man, Craig Ballantyne.

For more information on the Escape Your Limits podcast visit

Video –

Craig Ballantyne grew up on a farm in Canada with dreams of being a strength and conditioning coach in the NHL. He studied for his Masters degree in exercise physiology and used that knowledge to develop himself as a regular contributor to publications such as Men's Health and Men's Fitness. Not content with just contributing to other publications, he created his own series of workout programming – Turbulence Training and Home Workout Revolution.

Today, Craig is a high-level business coach, gym owner, author and expert in how to max out your productivity to get the best that you can from life.

Craig Ballantyne is not only the author of Unstoppable and The Perfect Day Formula, he's also the creator of The Perfect Life Workshop global and has founded a multiple seven-figure fitness Empire. His track record shows he's a master of productivity.

Empowering clients such as Joe Polish, Shanda Sumpter, Sharran Srivatsaa, Joel Marion, Jason Capital, and Bedros Keuilian to build the lives of their dreams, he's taught them how to start making “Empire Money” while working far less than the average business owner.

The people who work with Craig are driven. Relentless. And, often, gifted with more potential than they realise.

For more information visit or, email or message Craig on Instagram @realcraigballantyne

Episode highlights - 

• Why you don't have to be wild and a risk-taker to be an entrepreneur, and how not all entrepreneurial aspirations start with the stereotypical lemonade stand during childhood.

• How leaders and figureheads are showing their true colours during hard times, and how some people are being shown up as not being leaders after all.

• What the best streaming platforms are for fitness classes, meditation, nutrition classes and other sessions when it comes to online learning and building a community.

• When it's likely that people will feel safe in gyms from social distancing and fears of infection, and what operators can do in the meantime for their own benefit, their staff and their members.

• Why we all need to build a film factory to use across the whole of social media in intelligent and engaging way.

• What the seven words are that will bring you the biggest success when creating, planning, and implementing a content plan.

• Why coronavirus and the pandemic has been the biggest teacher that your business is stronger as a team, even though it's important that individuals are also working in the foreground too.

• How you can boost your confidence on video and get much better at public speaking, learning to use it as a performance and business tool even if you don't enjoy it.

• The one strategy that you can use to get great on video, inspiring confidence and a willingness to grow in just one month.

• Why understanding the freedom paradox will help you eliminate negativity and embrace discipline for progress in anything.

• How discipline isn't about harsh rules and blunt decisions, it's more about subtraction of the temptations in your life that block productivity.

Join Matthew Januszek in conversation with Craig Ballantyne

Apr 20 2020



#184 Craig Ballantyne - Building Your Unstoppable and Perfect Life

University of Adversity
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Joining us in our 184th episode is a guest who has coached over 250+ 7 figure entrepreneurs. We have the unstoppable force behind “The Perfect Day Formula,” a high-paid coach and creator of The Perfect Life Workshop, Craig Ballantyne. Charge into this episode prepared to taste the heat. Listeners explore Craig’s insights alongside Lance as we learn about business coaching, the evolution of social media and marketing approaches. Putting his energy into being relentless and driven, Craig straps listeners in for an epic episode. Stay until the end to hear about 10% vs 10x!


Craig responds with, “Audit your lifestyle, audit your day to day, audit your activities and your energy.”


  • [00:04:11] Craig's Backstory
  • [00:09:37] Business Coaching VS Fitness Industry
  • [00:12:24] Evolution of Email Marketing and Social Media 
  • [00:14:02] Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
  • [00:28:43] 10% VS 10X

Connect with Craig Ballantyne:

1. Follow Craig on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn

2. Find Craig on his website

3. Grab a copy of the “Perfect Day Formula” here

4. Grab a copy of Craig’s book “Unstoppable” here

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Apr 06 2020



TBT - Craig Ballantyne - The Last Morning Routine You'll Ever Need For High Performance

The Mind Muscle Project
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Craig Ballantyne owner of The Perfect Day Formula and Turbulence Training joins us for a killer podcast to close out the year. For the last 10 years successful athletes and entrepreneurs have sought Ballantyne's coaching methods to live a fuller happier life. He shares with us his 5 pillars for personal success in a blockbuster to finish off 2017.
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Mar 18 2020

1hr 1min


How to Go From a 6 Figure Earner to a 7 Figure Entrepreneur | Craig Ballantyne

Millionaire Mindcast
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In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have Craig Ballantyne who shares insights and tips on how to become a high performer and control your mornings, the power of public accountability, the best way to tell the story that is valuable to the world, how to earn more confidence, gives some business lessons on how to get yourself to the next level, and how to turn your 6 figure earnings to 7 figures!

Craig Ballantyne is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach, Personal Development Coach, High-Performance Coach, Coach of 250+ 7-Figure Entrepreneurs, author of the Perfect Day Formula, co-owner of the website,

He created a series of coaching programs for high-performers, entrepreneurs, and executives. Each year, The Perfect Life Retreat helps high performers get more done each day, increase their income, and make more quality time for their family and personal lives. Craig's friends called him, "The World's Most Disciplined Man."

Craig spent 15 years selling his programs on the internet until he started coaching and speaking career, and joining mastermind groups. He strongly believed that knowing a lot of people makes everything in life easier. Successful people have all areas of life checked off and very well connected. Thus, it is a way of knowing more about how to grow your business, where to invest your money, knowing more about real estate, how to flip houses more, etc.

Moreover, he talks about the importance of preparation and controlling your mornings. What does it mean? Craig believed that the more prepared you are, the more successful you’re going to be just like the top successful entrepreneurs in the world. Just like preparing things the night before to dominate your day. On the other hand, Craig was used to being a binge drinker, hypocritical, socially anxious, introverted type of person, stressed and had some anxiety attacks, but decided to leave the vicious life and shift into a virtuous life. He gets his life on track, living his best, building a legacy and impacting more people.

You too can do it. How? Craig suggested that you just need to be willing to admit what you are not willing to do to not live in frustration and depression. Know your true self and what your values are. Then, you can design your life to be successful whatever that means to you. You don’t need to be like somebody else but being the best version of yourself. Just figure out what game you’re willing to play and play that game as well as you can. Above all, don’t forget to have that patience when you hit obstacles and hurdles with your business and in life! Some Questions I Ask: ● How did you get into this line of work of coaching people how to turn earnings into 7 figures? (00:31) ● What are the things that you see separate the successful entrepreneurs and really the non-entrepreneurs? (01:50) ● How do you feel the importance of utilizing the evenings to set up the next day? (03:48) ● With all the people you impacted along the way, you’ve changed the script on yourself first. What was that? (08:30) ● What do you see being the separator between the 6 and the 7 figure earner? (11:25) ● What are some of the most common things that you see people could easily get rid of what's holding them back that would really allow them to catapult to that next level? (13:34) ● What do you think are some of the best things you see those 7 and 8 figure earners doing at the highest level? (15:59) ● What are some of the trending topics or things that you see & you heard the top performers really pushing into right now that may not be around before? (17:39) ● How do you continue to rise your leadership lead and how do you do what you do at the highest level? (19:38) ● How important is that public accountability & how can someone enroll more of that in their life right now? (20:51) ● Where do you see entrepreneurs winning right now that more people should be paying attention to? (23:15) ● How for someone that is conscious of the way they look and sounds on video? (23:59) ● What’s your thought on how someone can break into doing more videos? (25:46) ● What are some of the lessons that you want to pull out for today’s entrepreneurs that they really need to hear and buy into? (30:10) ● What are you paying attention to right now? (32:42) ● What does your wellness routine look like? (35:35) ● After retirement, if you look back & review your career, what do you hope to hear people saying about you? (38:26)

In This Episode, You Will Learn: ● The best way to start a business. (01:24) ● The secret of successful people. (02:31) ● What does recharging really mean. (04:28) ● Tips to become a high performer (05:05) ● Three different types of people & the people that are most successful. (11:51) ● Servant leadership – what is it. (16:09) ● Good business lesson. (34:47) Quotes: ● “When people are asking you questions all the time, that’s when you know you’re onto something.” ● “Knowing a lot of people makes everything in life easier.” ● “Grow your network.” ● “Be a person of value that grows that network.” ● “The more prepared you are, the more successful you’re going to be.” ● “You need to draw a line somewhere.” ● “You need to be willing to admit what you are not willing to do.” ● “Be the best version of you every day within the boundaries you wanted to be.” ● “The more money you make the more often you are going to get a suit.” ● “8 figure entrepreneurs and 7 figure entrepreneurs become less of a maker and more of a manager.” ● “Being consistent is key.” ● “Knowing yourself is key.” ● “Become a less maker and more of a manager.”

Resources Mentioned: How to Win at the Sport of Business book by Mark Cuban

Connect with Craig Ballantyne on: Instagram Email: The Perfect Week Formula

Feb 24 2020



The World's Most Disciplined Man with Craig Ballantyne

Leave Your Mark
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This episode features Craig Ballantyne who is known by his clients as the "World’s Most Disciplined Man". But he was born lazy and introverted, and also suffered crippling anxiety attacks. He then spent years inventing systems that make success automatic for anyone. He built his Turbulence Training fitness business to over 151,000 customers and 15 million YouTube views, and owns, His first book, The Perfect Day Formula, has helped over 35,000 high performers own the day and take back control of their lives. Today, Craig coaches entrepreneurs to make more money and work less using the techniques in his Wall Street Journal bestseller, Unstoppable, and new book, The Perfect Week Formula.

Feb 18 2020



309 - The Perfect Week Formula with Craig Ballantyne

Profitable Practice Secrets
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Jan 13 2020