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“I liked the people as much as I liked the science.” - Dr. Tom Goodwin

If These Bricks Could Talk: Tales of Hendrix Past

Tom Goodwin recalls the Chemistry Department landscape in 1978, his efforts to help usher in a focus on research, introduce green chemistry, work with elephants, and more in this conversation with Dr. Laura MacDonald ’09.

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15 Nov 2021

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Tom Goodwin (All We Have Is Now)

Marketing News Canada

The one where Darian interviews Tom from All We Have Is Now.Thanks to our sponsor, Canada Post! Open yourself up to new ways of thinking about marketing. Dive into INCITE today.Sign up for the Marketing News Canada e-newsletter at www.marketingnewscanada.com.Thanks to our sponsor Jelly Academy. Jelly Academy has been helping professionals, students and teams across Canada acquire the skills, knowledge and micro certifications they need to jump into a new digital marketing role, get that promotion, and amplify their current marketing roles. Learn more about Jelly Academy's 6 Week online bootcamp here: https://jellyacademy.ca/digital-marketing-6-week-programFollow Marketing News Canada:Twitter - twitter.com/MarketingNewsC2Facebook - facebook.com/MarketingNewsCanadaLinkedIn - linkedin.com/company/marketing-news-canadaYouTube - youtube.com/channel/UCM8sS33Jyj0xwbnBtRqJdNwWebsite - marketingnewscanada.com Follow Darian Kovacs:Website - jellymarketing.com/darianLinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/dariankovacsFacebook - facebook.com/dariankovacspageInstagram - instagram.com/dariankovacsTwitter - twitter.com/dariankovacsFollow Tom Goodwin:Website - https://www.tomgoodwin.co/Website - https://www.allwehaveisnow.co/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomfgoodwin/Twitter - https://twitter.com/tomfgoodwin


26 Oct 2021

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Episode 5: Be yourself with Tom Goodwin

Anti Hustle Hustle Club

Today’s guest is Tom Goodwin, known around the world as a provocative consultant, speaker and author on digital transformation.Tom has been a trailblazer in strategy, innovation and culture for a long time. Previously Senior VP of Strategy & Innovation at Havas Media, and Head of Futures and Insight at Publicis Groupe, in 2020 Tom co-founded All We Have Is Now, an agency specialising in (I quote) ‘provocation sessions’ as a way to trigger meaningful change.Tom once described himself to me as a pain in the ass, someone who will ask horrible questions and make you deeply uncomfortable in order to quickly get to the root of a problem and make real progress. He’s also the author of Digital Darwinism. He’s been quoted widely, including by the New York Times. And there’s this one quote of his that we love - it reads: “What are we going to do with all this future?”We hope you enjoy this episode, hosted by Harriet Osborne and Joe Welstead.Subscribe to the podcast to enjoy our incredible lineup of interviews about hustle culture, work, success and happiness. Say hi to us at instagram.com/antihustle.hustleclubIntro music by Ant Henderson soundcloud.com/antphenderson


23 Jul 2021

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Episode 132 / Tom Goodwin / ALL WE HAVE IS NOW / Co-founder

Shiny New Object - a Marketing Podcast

How much of our daily activity and current goals are dictated by assumptions we’ve simply inherited or bought into? Do we need to all go to uni, get office jobs, be promoted, have a family etc.? Or can we challenge some - or several - of these societal and professional assumptions? Our guest on this week’s SNO, Tom Goodwin, Co-founder of ALL WE HAVE IS NOW and seasoned marketer has picked the art of challenging assumptions as his Shiny New Object. Listen to his views on how this will influence the future of marketing, as well as his best advice for new starters and his top marketing tips, in the latest episode.


1 Jun 2021

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Tom Goodwin - Digital transformation in the debt collection industry

Agile Digital Transformation

Tom Goodwin is Head of Growth at the UK fintech startup Just, the enforcement market integrator who is driving innovation in the debt collection sector.Debt collection is one of the industries which suffered a huge blow with the restrictions necessitated by Covid. Early on into the pandemic, however, Just got the idea of enabling part of the debt collection process to be done through a video call, and in January 2021, they won their court case which now allows this to happen.In this episode, we talk more in-depth about the court ruling, the impact it is having and will have on the industry, and the general state of digital transformation in debt collection.Links & mentions:fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-launches-guidance-firms-fair-treatment-vulnerable-customersaccountingweb.co.uk/tax/hmrc-policy/hmrc-receives-first-open-banking-paymentjustdebt.co.uk/whats-being-said/our-news/virtual-enforcement-decisionlinkedin.com/in/thomasgoodwinlinkedin.com/company/justjustdebt.co.uk


27 May 2021

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Remote-work Wireheading w/ Tom Goodwin

The DEX Show: A Show for IT Change Makers

For better and for worse, moments in real life over the past year have probably reminded you of scenes from a sci-fi movie. Is our virtual world becoming our reality – or has that already happened?  In today’s episode, Tim Flower and Thomas McGrath of Nexthink speak with Tom Goodwin, author, columnist, and founding member of Wharton’s Future of Advertising board. They had an insightful and free-flowing conversation about the dynamic between advancing technology and human behavior, as well as…  - How the pandemic highlighted the psychological impact of modern technology  - Questioning the constraints of the contemporary work life  - The most alarming – and inspiring – technological advancements since the pandemic  For more on technological innovation since the pandemic, click here for Nexthink’s latest eBook Distributed Minds: IT Thought Leadership for the Age of Remote Work.   To hear more interviews like this one, subscribe to the Digital Employee Experience Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast platform! 


23 Mar 2021

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270: Jason Mastrodonato on baseball's response to social injustice and Red Sox trades featuring: Tom Goodwin

Red Sox Beat

9:58 Mastrodonato interview  10:45 Social injustice response by baseball  15:00 Grading Red Sox trades  19:21 Whats next for team  25:00 What to watch for rest of season  26:55 Goodwin interview 


2 Sep 2020

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S1 EP1 Tom Goodwin | Self-Belief

DO Lectures podcast with Gav Thompson

The DO Lectures have a new podcast series entitled "DO Podcast with Gav Thompson".  We have been releasing The DO Lectures in Podcast format recently, but we thought it was time to actually start making some podcasts that were, well, you know, actual podcasts. We have asked our old friend, Gav Thompson, to host these. Gav worked with David back in the 90's, has been a friend of the DO for ages and gave his own DO lecture in 2012. The first season is all about The Person behind The Story and The Story behind the Person and this is the very first episode, entitled "Self-Belief" with Tom Goodwin. Tom Goodwin is currently something of a marketing guru within the US, with over 750,000 followers on social media. He has recently pivoted from talking about the future of marketing to having some very outspoken views on Covid and the way the media reports on it. This has created a little bit of a stir, not least because some of his views are seen by a few as controversial (or contrarian...), which culminated in him getting very publicly fired a few weeks ago from a high profile job in New York.  Gav explores the route of Tom's self-belief and tries to probe a little deeper behind both what happened and why Tom feels this way. Please listen, enjoy, review and subscribe. Show produced by George McDonagh. Music by James Morton.


21 Aug 2020

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Celebrating Empathy with Tom Goodwin (Publicis Groupe, Digital Darwinism)

Journey Further Podcast

What would your company look like if you built it today? What world would we create if we could press reset? Caught in a whirlwind of social media and startups, have we somehow forgotten how to think? Tom Goodwin believes it's time we all took a healthy dose of empathy to forge a path towards a more thoughtful and innovative future. As Head of Futures & Insights at Publicis Groupe and author of Digital Darwinism: Survival of the Fittest in the Age of Business Disruption, Tom is opinionated and insightful in equal measure. - Join the Journey Further Book Club: http://bit.ly/2r4fBWR Get in touch: podcast@journeyfurther.com


4 Aug 2020

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What To Do When You've Peaked In Your Career? With Mark Pollard and Tom Goodwin

The Overthinkers

Bonus episode this week, recorded a few months ago when Tom and Mark joined us around our little microphone. The occasion to talk about what happens when you feel like you're reached your peak in ad land, something many of us have to think about. For many, peaking is impossible, while for others it can be a blessing allowing them to pivot to other things.


13 Jul 2020