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Zafira Rajan: Bringing Personality Through Your Voice (even if you're an introvert)

The Heather Sager Show

It’s one thing to write words, another thing to speak them. As you’re building your brand online, it's important to bring your personality to BOTH. Today’s guest, strategic launch copywriter Zafira Rajan will help you get comfortable bringing your uniqueness (and weirdness) into your brand voice.Plus we dig into the role of diversity in online marketing, as Zafira shares her direct experience as a woman of color speaking on a well-known virtual stage in 2020.This conversation is a must-listen if you want to authentically connect with your audience and get comfortable sharing more of your personality (even if you’re an introvert).Watch the interview on video, grab the show notes here and full episode transcript here.➡️ http://heathersager.com/blog/106>> AND HEY! ARE YOU AN ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR WANTING TO ATTRACT DREAM CLIENTS? Join me on my FREE TRAINING where I'll teach you how to nail your message when speaking on podcasts, live video and other virtual stages to grow your online business.  ➡️ https://www.heathersager.com/speak>> JOIN INFLUENTIAL SPEAKING FOR ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS, our free Facebook community where you can ask questions and connect with other business owners leveling up their speaking and marketing chops.>> CONNECT WITH HEATHER ON INSTAGRAM @theheathersager for daily tips and inspiration. ➡️ https://www.instagram.com/theheathersager

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19 Jul 2021

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Copywriting for Podcasters, Best Tips with Zafira Rajan

The Proffitt Podcast

When it comes to copywriting, I feel like I've made all the mistakes in the book. "This sounds sloppy. Kinda looks sloppy too. And I don't even know what that word means, but I definitely used it to sound like I know what I'm talking about." I know many podcasters - and future podcasters - in our community are desperately looking for resources to help write better copy online. That's why I invited my Copywriting Coach, Zafira Rajan, onto the podcast.In today's episode, we cover the basics of what copywriting is, how we all use it online, and why it's important to write in your own voice. We took the conversation from how to write about what you do - even if you think it's boring - and how to draw people into your message with the words you say online. This is a masterclass in copywriting and one that you definitely want to listen to - more than once! - to get the full impact of being a better writer online. So, I hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation.I'd love to share my 2022 AP+KP Bonus Bundle for Digital Course Academy. This is an exclusive bonus package for anyone that joins DCA with my special link. Learn more here: https://krystalproffitt.com/dca22/Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


27 May 2021

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068 | Why Your Next Lead Magnet Should Be a Quiz with Zafira Rajan

The Power in Purpose: A Podcast for Wedding Pros

So, you want to create your own quiz?! Zafira Rajan is a launch copywriter, strategist, and guru for all things quizzes. She specializes in creating authentic connections that turn into lifetime customers through unique and personal sales pages and ideas.  In this episode, Zafira teaches us EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about creating a quiz lead magnet. From why a quiz is the next best business lead magnet, to how to write your quiz and follow up with your customers after they take your quiz. Zafira breaks down the why and how of quizzes from start to finish. We even talk about my experiences with Zafira and creating my quiz!   On Today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast: How to know when you should create a quiz for your business Narrowing down the topic of your quiz How to utilize your quiz results for your business How to serve your customers well after they take your quiz Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know -- what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation! BECOME AN INSIDER: Ready to transform your business? Learn more about WeddingPro Insiders and get a sneak peek at my exclusive mastermind for wedding pros https://weddingproinsiders.com SHOW NOTES: http://www.powerinpurposepodcast.com https://blog.candicecoppola.com/ep68 SHOW SPONSORS:  Learn more about Honeybook & Get 50% Off: http://candicecoppola.com/honeybook Sign-Up for Flodesk & Get 50% Off for Life: http://candicecoppola.com/flodesk FREEBIES: Start Attracting High-Paying Customers: https://candicecoppola.com/masterclass Free Business Plan Outline + Guide: https://candicecoppola.com/bizplan Tools I Use to Run My Business: https://candicecoppola.com/tools Goal Setting Workbook: https://candicecoppola.com/goals CONNECT WITH ME: http://instagram.com/candice.coppola http://twitter.com/candice_coppola https://www.facebook.com/thecandicecoppola


16 Mar 2021

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29: Women of Color in Wellness with Zafira Rajan

Things That Keep Us Up At Night

As a woman of color, Copywriter & Brand Strategist Zafira Rajan began noticing her clients were not inclusive and unaware of the practices they were imparting to their audience.  As she stepped into the copywriter/educator role, she knew she wanted to do more to call them in to shift their pattern. After speaking with other women of color, she decided to write a book. In this episode, you will learn: How being the only brown woman in the wellness space impacted her The fatigue of women of color in this industry Why action is more important than talking Where can you find more about Zafira Rajan? Zafira’s website:https://www.zafirarajan.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zafira.rajan/ The Women of Colour In Wellness EBook Honorable Mention: https://www.cicelyblainconsulting.com/ https://www.rachelricketts.com/ https://www.instagram.com/antiracismdaily/ 😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴 This episode is sponsored by The Sleep Society! Join the Sleep Society where you can find tips and tricks to winding down. Let me know what you think about this episode and: *Connect with me on Instagram at @abbydesjardien *Check out my website and see how we can work together *Subscribe to "Things That Keep Us Up at Night" here! Loving what you are hearing at Things That Keep You Up at Night!? Have you found some tips to help you sleep better?  Make sure you subscribe and leave a 5 STAR – Review at Apples Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts! Song Credits: I Can't Sleep by My My Snake Eyes feat. Red Red Revision --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/abby-desjardien/message


23 Feb 2021

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#362: How To Write Emails That Actually Get Opened with Zafira Rajan

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Want to write weekly emails that *actually* get opened? Read on…  That’s right, my friend! Writing your weekly emails doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a joy, and my guest in this episode will give you the tools you need to make that a reality.  Her name is Zafira Rajan, and she’s a strategic launch copywriter and soulful strategist committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs build, grow, and scale their businesses using storytelling.  In this episode, she’s sharing a step-by-step for identifying what she calls “Personality Pillars,” which will give you a bank of ideas to have on hand when you’re ready to sit down and write. As well as her top three strategies for creating a weekly non-negotiable ritual for writing consistent email copy. How To Become A Pro Copywriter [09:26] Personality pillars are at the core of how Zafira shows up for brands. It's about showing the dimensions of you. [14:36] Your first pillar is your core values. We all have values and things we stand for whether they are business or personal.  [15:56] Your second pillar is your stamp of weirdness. What do people find weird, funny, natural, or even interesting about you?  [18:15] The third pillar is your intentional impact. Whether you're launching or not, it's important to remind people consistently that you have something that they can buy. [20:54] The fourth pillar is your unapologetic opinion. What point of view do I have that I'm afraid to share? The people who you want to bring into your life and attract will appreciate your point of view. [24:45]  Your fifth element is your “Z” or zest factor. This is what you sprinkle on top of everything to make it uniquely yours. This is the sweet spot between what you do and why people care about it. [32:33] Create an environment that sets a tone for writing or creating content. Design a custom writing ritual. Light a candle and get in the zone. Rate, Review, & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts ‘I love Amy and Online Marketing Made Easy.’


18 Feb 2021

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From $65k to $175k by Becoming Her Own Boss With Copywriter Zafira Rajan

Creator Stories

When Zafira Rajan was six years old, she went mute for a year. She grew up amongst a family of outgoing entrepreneurs, but you could always find her somewhere buried in a book immersed in stories or writing as her creative outlet. After many years of finding herself dissolving into other people's voices, she found her own. Her journey uncovers the purpose and power behind discovering one's voice and now she has created her own business helping other people discover their voices - this is her story.


14 Sep 2020

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The Design Business Show 110: Tips for Marrying Design and Copy with Zafira Rajan

The Design Business Show

Zafira Rajan is a strategic launch copywriter and soulful strategist committed to helping coaches and course creators build, grow and scale a meaningful digital empire by wielding the power of their personality and intuition to tell stories only they know how. Here’s what we covered on the episode: How Zafira and I met at The Copywriter Club TCCIRL Event in March 2020    Zafira shares that she always wanted to be a writer but there was always a side of her leaning towards the arts  Early on in her career Zafira was a digital communication specialist, designing ads and graphics for billboards, agencies and universities While designing, Zafira also did the copy so people would rather hire her versus paying for a designer and a separate copywriter  Zafira started out in higher education, working with a university in Vancouver, Canada where she managed the communications for a school within the university  After 2-3 years, Zafira realized a 9-5 job was not for her and wanted to do her own thing  Zafira shares that when she was first starting to think about becoming an entrepreneur it was to marry design and copy into one solution for clients How Zafira took a one year contract where she was both the designer and copywriter and how she told herself when the contract was up she was going out to do her own thing  Zafira explains how the contract job she took allowed her to scale back and only work 3-4 times a week and how that allowed her to start building her business and get clients  Zafira ended the year doing a campaign where she got to use her copy and design skill, and did that for a few years working with agencies and clients  How in the end, Zafira realized she was doing too many things and would have to give something up if she wanted to be the best and niche down to really know who she was serving  When Zafira decided she needed to call herself a copywriter which lead to the discovery of The Copywriter Club and how she joined a couple of their programs to figure out where she wanted to specialize  Zafira shares that she has brought her design eye along through copywriting and how it’s valuable to be that extra pair of eyes for her clients  Zafira tells us that she’s never taken a copywriting class up until this year when she decided to upgrade her skills  The best way to learn about copywriting is to give yourself space to do it  Early on in Zafira’s career she want to a Laura Belgray workshop in Italy where they spent three days just writing, which changed the way she approached her writing  Zafira shares that there’s not a one solution, but things like copy school, group programs and being in the company of other people trying to do the same thing can be very powerful to help with your copy skills  Zafira’s group program called, The Intention Infusion that she launched this year, walks people through writing their website copy, welcome emails and more What holds most people back from writing isn't the skills, it’s the confidence Zafira shares a website called, 750 Words that helps you commit to writing every single day  How after any event you attend you should then create a mini commitment plan to yourself to catch the information while it’s fresh  If Zafira’s clients are doing the design work themselves she takes that into careful consideration and offers a design audit after she implements her copy  Zafira’s goal is to make sure the design is in a place where it can evolve with the client if they ever work with a designer in the future  If clients are working with a designer, Zafira asks to meet them early on in the project and makes she she knows all the branding elements they’ll be working with  Zafira shares that she tries to make it a team effort so everyone is very involved and makes sure to have meetings at each stage the designer is involved  How making it a team effort will save your client stress because the copywriter and designer are collaborating and communicating effectively  A walk through of what The Intention Infusion is and how it helps entrepreneurs gain clarity and confidence in their voice  Zafira’s signature offer, Launch & Let Go where she works with people on their sales page, strategize their whole launch, and email sequences  The Day Spa, Zafira’s most popular offer which is her copy day rate where she can write up to two pages of website copy or a couple emails in half a day  How some people hire her for a whole day to write a sales page or write an email sequence  How Zafira launched Quiz Funnel in the last year that helps clients create an interactive, high converting quiz, where she writes all their results pages, brainstorms fun topics and writes the follow-up email sequences  How Quiz Funnel will launch again in October  Why Zafira feel that a quiz is the best lead magnet an entrepreneur could have and how it’s a great way to grow your email list   Zafira shares that she’s always treating her business like an experiment and has combined services to lighten her load and limits herself to how many projects she takes on at one time  How Zafira hired a team for the first time this year, which makes her feel really supported and how she couldn’t have launched a program or have managed clients and leads without them  What’s helped Zafira is getting really intentional with her offers and getting clear on her values so she can be her best for clients  One way Zafira has built her audience is by joining masterminds and building a strong referral network  Why Zafira thinks it’s important to have a strategy in place to build your audience in other ways than just referrals  How being a guest on podcasts, teaching in a mastermind group or offering to run trainings can help you build a strong audience  Why you should pick one platform to show up on and do it well instead of trying to be everywhere  Zafira explains that by joining copywriting programs, it helped her niche down and now she primarily works in the personal development and course creation space  Why you should dedicate your energy to building your email list  How through quizzes, Zafira has been able to segment who she’s talking to and uses those segments in her own launches and marketing  Zafira’s advice for designers who are looking to use quizzes as a lead magnet The program Zafira took called Grow With Quizzes with Chanti Zak that helped her learn how to develop a quiz funnel  Zafira recommends using Interact Quiz Builder as a quiz platform because they have a ton of free information and resources  Quiz suggestions for designers and how you should look at what pain points your audience has and pair them with things that make you, you to create a fun topic  Connect with Zafira on her website, take her quiz which will help you discover your brands core essence, or follow her on Instagram and shoot her a DM Links mentioned: The Copywriter Club 750 Words  The Intention Infusion  Launch & Let Go The Day Spa  Interact Quiz Builder Connect with Zafira on her website Take Zafira’s Quiz  Connect with Zafira on Instagram  Like what you heard?  Click here to subscribe + leave a review on iTunes. Click here to download my Sales Page Trello Board Let’s connect on Instagram!


4 Sep 2020

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#060: Building in Authentic Automation Through Quiz Funnels with Zafira Rajan

The Quiet Rebels® Podcast

Prepare yourself, this episode is overflowing with joy and infusing intention into your business my lovely! I'm beyond grateful to be speaking with the amazing Zafira Rajan today, because her work as a Soulful Strategist & Copywriter actually ignited the fire in me to undergo my website rebrand (which, until this interview? I had NO clue about!) And it all started from the moment I was in her orbit with her Authentic Automation process through the power of quizzes. So this is a totally meta-conversation we're having on the show today, and I can't wait for you to infuse all of Zafira's wisdom gems into your life + business today! *Want to learn more about my VIP Spotlight Days, and to see if this is the right next step for you to amplify your voice? For more info on how this could serve you, click here - https://maikeetsang.com/vip-spotlight-day * For all the links we mentioned in this episode to connect with Zafira, head to: www.MaikeeTsang.com/060


16 Jul 2020

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55. How To Uncover Your Ideal Customer's Hidden Needs With Zafira Rajan

The Shine Show

Today on the podcast I’m speaking to the lovely Zafira Rajan.  In her own beautiful words, Zafira is “a strategic launch copywriter and soulful strategist committed to helping coaches and course creators build, grow and scale a meaningful digital empire by wielding the power of their personality and intuition to tell stories only they know how.” Zafira has an incredible way of speaking, sharing, and listening to really hear what someone is saying. She helped me to massively increase my prices and make a much bigger profit because she was able to help me truly uncover who my ideal customer is and how I can best serve them. Listen to today’s episode to discover how to reveal your customer’s hidden needs so you can create more successful ad campaigns, launch with more confidence, and convert your ideal students with ease. Snap a photo of what you’re doing when you’re listening and share it to me on Instagram by tagging @salome.schillack so I can share it with my people!  Links I mentioned on today’s episode: Zafira’s website: www.zafirarajan.com/ @Zafira.Rajan instagram: www.instagram.com/zafira.rajan/ @Salome.Schillack on Instagram: instagram.com/salome.schillack


8 Jun 2020

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024 | Zafira Rajan: Giving Yourself Permission to Experiment in Your Business

The Power in Purpose: A Podcast for Wedding Pros

When Zafira Rajan decided to experiment in her business by niching down, her business exploded. If you’ve been struggling with the idea of niching down -- you know, the anxiety you feel “cutting out” an entire category (or categories!) of customers -- then this episode will have a profound impact on you. Zafira is the founder of Zafira Rajan, Inc., a branding strategy and copywriting consultancy for conscious coaches, health, wellness, and lifestyle entrepreneurs. She supports her clients in the elevation and creation of their brands through personality-driven conversion copy that brings their vision to life and impacts positive change on their audience.  Her mission is to help them find what makes them unique in their industry and sets them apart with strong brand messaging and copy that attracts their ideal clients. She lights up helping them launch their next big thing with brand clarity! The truth is: the marketing world is noisy and personality-driven content wins. Zafira walks us through how to infuse our personality in our copy and why it matters so much. On Today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast: When Zafira started her business, she started out serving everyone but soon realized that was not sustainable for her business or her. She asked herself the question: what’s my end game? That’s when everything changed. Do you feel like your purpose has gotten lost in the journey of just trying to be an entrepreneur? Zafira felt all those feelings, and that’s when she decided to make a change. Does niching down make you feel anxious? Is it true that if you niche down you might lose customers? We talk about the effects of niching down and how much it can change your business and your mindset. The value to niching down is simple: I want to be the go-to person for X who wants to achieve Y.  Treating your business as an experiment is liberating. Learn more about this lesson and Zafira’s advice on how to lay down your perfectionist sword. Learn the 3 ways to discover your niche How important is it to understand who your ideal customer is when you’re writing conversion/sales copy?  In copy, you want to bridge the gap between your voice and the voice of your customer. Learn how important is it to understand who your ideal customer is when you’re writing conversion/sales copy and advice on what to consider as you write It’s true that you might shut the door to some customers the more detailed you get in your personality-driven copy, but it will also draw in closer the people who identify with your offer Why the copy on your homepage is so important, why you’re probably doing it wrong, and how to do it right How to “data mine” for information using your existing and past customers to ring the bells in your audience head Zafira gives you permission to show up and share your story  Copy can only do so much, and the design of that copy can be the final push a customer needs to connect with you. Learn more about how visually presenting your copy is the final step  How to repurpose content rather than starting from scratch (FYI: It’s ok to shout out your message over and over) How paying attention to our purchasing habits can reveal the purchasing habits of our customers Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know -- what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation! BECOME AN INSIDER: Ready to transform your business? Learn more about WeddingPro Insiders and be the first to find out when my coaching program launches! https://weddingproinsiders.com SHOW NOTES: http://www.powerinpurposepodcast.com https://blog.candicecoppola.com/ep24 SHOW SPONSOR: Learn more about Honeybook http://candicecoppola.com/honeybook FREEBIES: Free Business Plan Outline + Guide: https://candicecoppola.com/bizplan Tools I Use to Run My Business: https://candicecoppola.com/access-to-my-tools Goal Setting Workbook: https://candicecoppola.com/goals CONNECT WITH ME: http://instagram.com/candice.coppola http://twitter.com/candice_coppola https://www.facebook.com/thecandicecoppola

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24 Sep 2019