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CYF Ep 42: Impending student loan repayments - with Debt Free Millennial’s Tara Miller

Capitalize Your Fridays!

Our guest this week is Tara Miller of Debt Free Millennial, who currently works in Fintech as an underwriter for student loans. Taylor, Mike, and Tara talk about the recent updates to the Student Loan Forbearance and answer other questions about options to pay off student loans, refinancing, and the possibility of student loan forgiveness.


15 Apr 2022

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Quilter Tara Miller of the Quilt District catches up with us about her new projects

Just Wanna Quilt

Tara Miller of the Quilt District joins us to talk about her new projects including the Quilt District on the Road and the series Six Know It Alls (quilters of course). Her website: http://www.quiltdistrict.com. She also talks about American Quilt Study Group, which is she very involved. https://americanquiltstudygroup.org/.


9 Sep 2021

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Episode 34: Bryony Littlefair's Tara Miller

Poetry Koan

So I had this idea for a new strand on PK called Voice Noets With Poets. An audio gratitude (delivered as voice note) to some of my favourite makers about their work. In each episode you might hear my voice-note to them, and their voice note back, accompanied by other pleasant bleeps and bloops as part of the sonic package. I did one of these with Bryony Littlefair, and then ran out of steam, but I still like this one! — TOPICS COVERED (In Order of Appearance): Tara Miller (poem); “hooks” in songs and poems; the workings of desire (what is desire using us for?); interruption in poetic narrative; affectionate abuse / ambivalent intimacies; the (un)blemished truths about ourselves/others; long-legged vs short-legged happiness; Jane Hirshfield’s giraffes (Articulation, An Assay); many-jointed expressive structures in poetry; conceptual untidiness; Colette Bryce’s giraffes (The Hopes); random influences & unhinged delight; the post-depressive giraffe of serendipitous happiness; Tully (spoilers); suburbia (no spoilers); “I could speak and I was happy. / Or: I could speak, thus I was happy. / Or: I was happy, thus speaking." (Louise Glück; nostalgic anxiety; the joy of inconclusiveness; terrible at pub quizzes; And it was at that age … / Poetry arrived / in search of me." (Neruda poem); identification with Dorianne Laux's After Twelve Days of Rain; I have always loved too much, / or not enough; hatless in the rain; the freedom of writing from a place of unknowing; making it as someone who makes it simple and sad. This episode is proudly sponsored by the poem CHANCE DARKENED ME: Chance darkened me as a morning darkens, preparing to rain. It goes against its arc, betrays its clock-hands. The day was a dark-eyed giraffe, its unfathomable legs kept walking. A person is not a day, not rain, no gentle eater of high leaves. I did not keep walking. The day inside me, legs and lungs, kept walking. -Jane Hirshfield

1hr 32mins

11 Feb 2021

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Episode 10: Joe & Tara Miller

BC Worldwide

Joe and Tara Miller explain their roles in OIC and what OIC is doing in the Pacific Rim. 


14 Nov 2020

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Deep Dive with Tara Miller and Beth Junge

Vir Vulnerabilis Vir

In this episode, Adam and Albert talk with Tara and Beth about online integrity, gender differences, and vulnerability.  Tara and Beth offer their insight with an honest conversation that promotes awareness and listening.    Season Two of the Vir Vulnerabilis Vir   Podcast is sponsored by our good friends at Standard & Strange -   where the clothes and the people are anything but ordinary and the  motto  is own fewer better things! Be sure to follow us on Instragram   @virvulnerabilisvir @denimmindset @upstateguystyle @standardandstrange  @cmbladyraw @the.urbanhippie 


21 Oct 2020

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Ep 75: What Is Self-Regulation Therapy? - PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, & Mental Illness - Tara Miller

Health Solutions With Shawn & Janet Needham

Are you suffering from PTSD, depression, or anxiety? Then you don't want to miss today's episode with Psychotherapist and advanced Self-Regulation-Therapy specialist, Tara Miller! She's a survivor 💪 and her personal story is a source of inspiration no one can top! On this ep of Health Solutions with Shawn & Janet Needham, live show & podcast... You'll Learn:• How self-regulation therapy (SRT) calms the body and mind!• How Tara Miller used SRT to overcome serious trauma in her life• How fight vs flight factors into our mental health • Why patients who show optimism and resilience tend to heal better • Why lifestyle changes are essential for treating mental illness ~Episode Resources...https://taradawnmiller.com/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/067003830X/?tag=normandoidgec-20~#TaraMiller #Psychotherapy #PTSD #SRT #PTSDAwareness #SuicideAwareness #DepressionAwareness #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #Anxiety #Suicide #Depression #Selfhelp #Therapy #TheResilientMind #Trauma #MosesLake #OptimalHealth #EducateandEmpower #NeedhamHealthSolutions #TeamNeedham #ActiveLifestyle #HealthyActiveLife #ActivePeople #ShawnNeedham #HealthSolutions #MosesLakeProfessionalPharmacy #MLRX #SickenedTheBook #ShawnNeedhamRPh #ThinkOutsideTheSystem #OptimalHealthMatters #ItsTime~*** #BenShapiro & #DaveRamsey Fans. Learn how to be in the driver's seat for your healthcare choices {not the system or doctors!} 💪 http://mybook.to/Sickened_The_Book~Follow Shawn on Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/health_solutions_shawn_needham/~#SickenedTheBook Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/SickenedTheBook~Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/MosesLakeProfessionalPharmacy/~SoundCloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/healthsolutionsshawnjanet~iTunes ~ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/healthsolutionsshawnjanet/id1482969218~Spotify ~ https://open.spotify.com/show/2hcL38IQWGXMIAb4dSpGxT~Google Podcasts ~ search Health Solutions with Shawn & Janet~iHeartRadio ~ https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-healthsolutionsshawnjanet-61216231~Subscribe to our YouTube channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jgpI1BcHaHmpxw0bXuVDA


8 Sep 2020

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Regulating the Nervous System with Tara Miller

Life Well Dunn Podcast

Welcome back to the Life Well Dunn Podcast! Tara Miller, a psychotherapist out of British Columbia, Canada, joins Brian to talk about all things nervous system, therapy, and how we can develop and expand our minds to become better, both in health and in performance. Tara has a more unique way or working with her clients. Traditional therapy practices coach people into reliving their traumas. Although Tara gets you there, she finds it much more effective to treat your nervous system, and not necessarily reliving deep traumas through a practice called self-regulation therapy (SRT). Check this episode out, see how it jives with your beliefs. If you are a practicing therapist, have been or are in therapy, or even thinking about getting a therapist, listen to this and find out what might be best for you! You can find Tara on her website, taradawnmiller.com as well as on Instagram @tarashrink. You can find Brian on Instagram @lifewelldunn. Please subscribe, share, rate, and share a comment! Enjoy!

1hr 36mins

28 Jun 2020

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Tara Miller: Psychotherapist, Author, and Advanced Self-Regulation Therapy Trained

The Nishant Garg Show

Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker. Tara Miller has her Master's degree in Counselling and is trained in Advanced SRT (Self Regulation Therapy). With a decade of private practice work as a clinician specializing in trauma, Tara continues her work worldwide as a consultant for resilience, mental performance, burnout prevention, and more using a neuroscience-based approach to regulating the nervous system. Her articles and research have been published across North America where she is regularly invited to speak to professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, educators, and health care professionals on her approach to building lifelong resilience and agility. Please enjoy! Please visit https://nishantgarg.me/podcasts for more info. Follow Nishant: Instagram: instagram.com/garg_nishant Facebook: facebook.com/nishant.garg.5245 https://www.facebook.com/NishantMindfulnessMatters/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nishant-garg-b7a20339/ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Nishant82638150


9 Jun 2020

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49. Tara Miller, Psychotherapist. Resiliency During The COVID-19 Pandemic & During Other Times of Hardship.

The Dr. Madeira Show

Tara Miller discuses how to stay resilient during this COVID-19 pandemic and during all times of hardship and suffering.In detail she discusses with Dr. Madeira: - How the Nervous system can be altered and re-conditioned for resiliency.- How our brains are activated by stressors and how this becomes a habitual reaction.- How we can re-wire and regulate our nervous systems and prevent longterm impact from traumatic events whether they be a pandemic, physical trauma, or other psychological traumas. - And much more. More about Tara:Tara Miller is a psychotherapist, author, and speaker who specializes in trauma and resilience. Her articles and research have been published throughout the country and she is regularly invited to speak on her science-based, whole-brained, nervous system regulating approach to wellness and resiliency.Where to find Tara Miller: @tarashrink for instagramFacebook.com/taradawnmillerTwitter @taradawnmillerE-Book: The Resilient Mind.

1hr 46mins

11 Apr 2020

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073: Healing with Self-Regulation Therapy with Tara Miller, MC, RCC

The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Has there been an event in your life in the past that has caused trauma and it is holding you back when it comes to healing?When you are overwhelmed with a situation – what is your usual reaction? Fight, flight or freeze?Healing is not only physical but it requires for you to address the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of your wellbeing.In this episode, learn how the power of neuroscience based self regulation therapy from psychotherapist Tara Miller, MC, RCC and how it can help heal the mind from traumatic life events that brings you towards achieving brilliant health.Key Notes:What is Self Regulation Therapy and how it can help heal?What is trauma, how it is identified if someone has trauma?Quotes:“Our brain likes to look for something familiar or known, even if it is not good for us.” – Tara Miller“Mental health needs functional medicine.” – Tara Miller“For maximum health, you really need to address the whole thing – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.” – Dr. KyrinLinks Mentioned:Tara Miller’s website – www.taradawnmiller.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


7 Jan 2020