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66: How to Make Music with Data — Featuring Duncan Geere and Miriam Quick

Data Viz Today

Have you heard of data sonification? It’s the process of turning data into sound, and there's a novel podcast out now called Loud Numbers where Duncan Geere and Miriam Quick introduce a data story, explain how they sonified it, and then play the sonification they've created. In this episode, we discover how they created their podcast, what’s the benefit of turning data into sound, and how we can make our own sonifications without sounding like complete amateurs! Show notes: https://dataviztoday.com/shownotes/66

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31 Aug 2021

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Episode 34: Conversation with Miriam Quick and Duncan Geere (Loud Numbers)

Data Journalism Conversations

This episode features data journalists Miriam Quick and Duncan Geere, the co-hosts of "Loud Numbers", the new data sonification podcast. The pair speak to us about what sonification means for data storytelling and what stories work best for this medium.


25 Aug 2021

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The art of data visualization | Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick

Research Comms

This week’s guests are data designer, Stefanie Posavec, and data journalist, Miriam Quick. We talk about their new book, about how constraints can encourage creativity, and they give their tips on how researchers and communicators can improve their own data visualizations. ------------ Presented by Peter Barker Produced by Orinoco Communications www.orinococomms.com ------------- LINKS To buy the book ‘I am a book, I am a portal to the universe’ Stefanie Posavec TEDx Talk Stefanie Posavec Website Miriam Quick website Dear Data Air Transformed necklace project People Like You Visualising Data Our World in Data


7 Apr 2021

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58: How to Turn Data Into an Experience — Featuring Miriam Quick & Stefanie Posavec

Data Viz Today

Have you ever felt frustrated when you're trying to express important data to someone? Do the bars and pies just seem to fall flat? Try turning the data into an experience! In this episode, I try to bottle up Miriam Quick and Stefanie Posavec’s creative genius that they poured into their new book so that we can create data experiences in our work, too. Show notes: https://dataviztoday.com/shownotes/58


13 Oct 2020

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Episode 13: Conversation with Stefanie Posavec and Miriam Quick

Data Journalism Conversations

In this week's Conversations with Data podcast, data designer Stefanie Posavec and data journalist Miriam Quick talk to us about the concept and creative process for their latest collaboration, "I Am a Book. I Am a Portal to the Universe." Dubbed "a love letter to book design", it unlocks an understanding of the world around us through fascinating data measurements.


30 Sep 2020

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93 | OddityViz with Valentina D’Efilippo and Miriam Quick

Data Stories

We have designer Valentina D’Efilippo and researcher Miriam Quick on the show to talk about their recent project OddityViz, a series of data visualizations of “Space Oddity,” the famous David Bowie song. Valentina and Miriam deconstructed “Space Oddity” into multiple data sets to capture different aspects of the song: its narrative, rhythm, melody, and lyrics. Then they used each element to create a a unique data visualization piece. They printed the visualizations as a series of posters and laser-carved acrylic black discs. Beautiful! On the show we talk about their background, the process they followed to develop the project, and the events happening around it. Enjoy the show! Data Stories is brought to you by Qlik. Are you missing out on meaningful relationships hidden in your data? Unlock the whole story with Qlik Sense through personalized visualizations and dynamic dashboards which you can download for free at qlik.de/datastories. Links Project’s website: https://www.oddityviz.com Twitter and instagram: @oddityviz David Bowie’s Space Oddity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYYRH4apXDo Shop: Art prints Valentina’s The Infographic History of the World Wieden+Kennedy: http://www.wk.com/ OddityViz data set Melodyne sonic visualization tool: http://www.celemony.com/en/melodyne/what-is-melodyne Visualized Milan: http://visualized.com/milan/ Miriam: http://miriamquick.com Valentina: http://www.valentinadefilippo.co.uk Help Data Stories get crowdfunded! You can find the details at our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/datastories.


10 Mar 2017