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Grow Your Biz with Webinars Guest Tom Poland

The Sheri Kaye Hoff Show

My guest Tom Poland is the multiple best-selling author of the Leadsology® series and the creator of marketing programs by the same name.His specialty is the generation of a predictable weekly flow of high quality, inbound, new client inquiries.He’s spoken on global speaking platforms alongside the likes of Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Ivan Misner, Michael Port and many other marketing greats.


15 Jun 2022

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Tom Poland, Leadsology

The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast

Tom Poland is the multiple best-selling marketing author with over 37 years’ experience in sales and marketing. He has also started, managed and sold multiple businesses including teams of over 100 and revenue of more than twenty million dollars. At time of writing Tom is currently working with clients in 27 cities and 15 time zones around the world and describes himself as ‘voluntarily married’, living in a house on the sand, next to the blue waves at little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia.www.LeadGenDemo.Livetom@leadsology.guruwww.leadsology.comMentioned in this episode:Get my MP3I have recorded my book in audio form. Get your copy for free at https://www.guywhoknowsaguy.comNetwork without talking to strangersDid you know that you can network without ever talking to a stranger? It's true. Networking is not about awkward conversations and elevator pitches. It is about making connections and creating value. I'll teach you how in a two minute video at https://www.guywhoknowsaguy.com/innercircle


19 Mar 2022

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Marketing with Webinars - Tom Poland

The Fearless Business Podcast

Tom Poland is the Founder of Leadsology and a multiple best-selling author specialising in lead generation for professionals. With clients in over 150 cities around the world he's best known for his marketing with webinars model.  He says that he’s voluntarily married and lives and works from his home on the sunny Sunshine Coast of Australia.What we'll be discussing on tonight's show:The title of a webinar is key to attracting the right audience, any tips for creating titles? You’re best known for your latest best seller Marketing With Webinars, why do you prefer using webinars for your lead generation? Can presenters give away too many ideas when they present a webinar?What's Tom Working on Right Now?The 2nd edition of Marketing With Webinars (free copy) at the start of our launch on March 15th:>>> https://www.GetTomsFreeBook.comHow to Get Hold of Tom:LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/tompolandTwitter:- https://twitter.com/tompolandWebsite:- https://www.leadsology.guruTo find out more about Fearless Business:Join our amazing community of Coaches, Consultants and Freelancers on Facebook:>> https://facebook.com/groups/ChargeMore And check out the Fearless Business website:>> https://fearless.biz


15 Mar 2022

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Tom Poland | Dents & Drinks Impromtu | Dents & Dreams 44

Dents And Dreams a Paintless Dent Repair Podcast

Today I talk to Tom Poland about upgrading his PDR Shop and so much as well being joined by Multi Time PDR Champion Zan Vidic. 👉 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF YOU FIND VALUE AND LIKE THESE VIDEOS AND CHANNEL 👍 ⬇️ 💀 Dent Reaper PDR Tools 💀 ⬇️ https://dentreaper.com/ ⬇️ ⚒ A-1 Tool Paintless Dent Repair Tools ⚒ ⬇️ https://www.pdrtool.com/ 🔽🔵 Dents & Dreams Podcast 🟣🔽 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dents-and-dreams-a-paintless-dent-repair-podcast/id1545792090 ————————————————————- 💀 Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dentreaper/ 💀 Follow us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/DentReaper/ 👉 Join the Facebook Group   https://www.facebook.com/groups/dentsanddreams/

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14 Mar 2022

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Ep #82 ​​How to have all the clients you can handle in one hour a month with Tom Poland

Amplify To 7 Figures Podcast

Today’s guest is multiple best-selling authors specializing in the generation of lead generation for coaches, consultants, and software developers in 27 cities around the world. He’s started and sold numerous businesses over the last 39 years and has led teams of over 100 people generating more than 20 million in revenue. He says that he’s voluntarily married and lives and works from his home which sits on the white sand next to the blue ocean at little Castaways Beach in Australia. Please welcome to the show today’s guest, Tom Poland! Top 3 Amplifiers: How to manage all your clients in one hour a month. How to generate leads with webinars. 70 cents out the dollar is in the headline here’s how to make scalable webinar titles. To listen, find other episodes, access the show notes, and find out more go to www.amplifyto7figures.com Connect with today’s guest: Webinar: www.leadgendemo.live About Tom Poland: https://www.leadsology.guru/creator/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tompoland Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/leadsology

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24 Feb 2022

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It’s Now or…Now! (Tom Poland)

Making It: How to Be a Successful Online Entrepreneur

Welcome to Making It! This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and the path to making it. Tom Poland is the founder of Leadsology, a company that helps professional advisors generate a flow of high-quality client opportunities. After years of struggle, hard work, long hours and being broke, he developed a mindset for balancing innovation with meditation and found the sweet spot for his ideal lifestyle and optimum productivity.     In this episode of Making It, Tom shares the lessons he has learned through decades of trial-and-error entrepreneurship. Using his three-and-a-half-day work week as an example, Tom shows us the wisdom of putting boundaries on weekly work hours and making time for the joys that enrich our lives. “I just encourage every listener to get comfortable with their lifestyle…now.”“Don't buy into the mindset that you've got to use this bureaucratic system where you're working five or six days a week.”– Tom PolandTom Poland is a marketing mentor and the founder of Leadsology. Tom started his first business at age 24 and has gone on to start and sell four others, taking two of them international. In that time, he’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million.     These days Tom’s thing is “Leadsology: The Science of Being in Demand”, a blended learning program that gives professional advisors a model for generating a flow of high-quality, inbound, new client inquiries into their businesses almost every week of the year.     Over 2000 business owners across 193 different industries and 4 continents have been through his programs, and many have gone on to add millions to their earnings.     Tom’s work has been published in 27 countries, and he’s also shared international speaking platforms with the likes of Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame, Richard Koch from the 80-20 Principle, Brian Tracy and many others.Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:Mirasee Tom’s websiteTom’s LinkedInCredits:Guest – Tom PolandAssociate producer – Danny BermantProducer – Cynthia LambExecutive producer – Danny InyAssembled by – Geoff GovertsenAudio Post Supervisor: Evan Miles, Christopher MartinAudio Post Production by Post Office SoundMusic soundscape: Chad Michael SnavelyMusic and SFX credits: • Track Title: The Sunniest KidsArtist Name(s): Rhythm ScottWriter Name: Scott RoushPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION• Track Title: Sweet Loving WaltzArtist Name(s): Sounds Like SanderWriter Name: S.L.J. KalmeijerPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION• Track Title: Catch the SkyArtist Name(s): Alsever LakeWriter Name: Adrian Dominic WaltherPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTION• Track Title: If I FallArtist Name(s): DressersWriter Name: Darren KingPublisher Name: A SOUNDSTRIPE PRODUCTIONEpisode transcript: It’s Now or…Now! (Tom Poland). Coming soon.


14 Jan 2022

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Tom Poland, How to Create, Market, and Deliver Engaging Webinars - InnovaBuzz 446


In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Tom Poland, the best-selling author of Marketing with Webinars and over 37 years’ experience in sales and marketing. He has also started, managed and sold multiple businesses including teams of over 100 and revenue of more than twenty million dollars.Tom is currently working with clients in 27 cities and 15 time zones around the world and describes himself as ‘voluntarily married’, living in a house on the sand, next to the blue waves at little Castaways Beach in Queensland Australia.In our discussion, Tom talked to me about:Webinars as the core of a system to speak to people at scaleHow to get engagement in webinars and presentationsCalls to Action that are authentic and congruent with your values (and that of your audience)Listen to the podcast to learn more.Show Notes and BlogThe Podcasts

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12 Aug 2021

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Building A Community For Your Product By Being Yourself With Tom Poland

The Tribe Builders

Building a community is the best way to sell a product. Imagine having people from around the world, all sharing your product. Then you can give them as much added value as you can. All it takes to build a community is a product and to just be yourself. Learn how to be yourself with your host, Mitch Russo and his guest Tom Poland. Tom is the founder of the Leadsology program, where he helps people generate high-quality inbound leads. He is also the author of several books such as The Million Dollar Ceiling and Leadsology. Learn how to just be yourself so that others can find you. This is one of the most effective ways to building a community. Build a diverse community today!Listen in as we explore the building of a community, the passion behind the mission and the people who go to great lengths to change the world and attract only those who are fully aligned with their vision.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join The Tribe Builders Community today:mitchrusso.comMitch Russo LinkedIn


2 Aug 2021

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Win_Win Marketing with Tom Poland

Mindful Millionaire with Leisa Peterson

My goal is to awaken consciousness particularly around money, business, relationships. Today's conversation is no exception. I'm interviewing my friend Tom Poland who has been a mentor to me over this past year. He has so much good information about things he has covered in his many books that he's written including a more recent one about webinars. But what I love about Tom is his sincerity and his drive for creating consensual sales experiences. And, while we're not going to talk exclusively about that. I just want you to be listening for the fact that Tom wants to be in a relationship, in client relationships with people who are fully showing up in that relationship, who understand that they are coming to him to learn and to grow. There's no funny business. There's no manipulation. There's nothing but the truth. This is the way I feel like all of our sales and marketing needs to be moving in this direction. And Tom is just really inspiring to me when it comes to that. So enjoy this conversation. I'm sure you'll take a lot out of it and I'm just so inspired by Tom's work. Enjoy...


29 Jul 2021

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How Podcaster Clients Sees Podcast VAs Helping Them WIN Business - Interview with Tom Poland

The ValuePODcast Show

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌interview, marketing and leadsology guru Tom Poland shares his own story of podcasting and gives an overview of what potential clients expect from a podcast contractor. Tom is a Marketing Mentor and the Creator of the Proprietary Leadsology® Model, the Science of Being In demand. He works with professionals to embed lead generation systems into their businesses so they enjoy a weekly flow of new client inquiries.Tom lives by the 3 Ps to having an impactful life & business – Passion. Purpose. Profit. Having such an expertise in his field enables him to perform so well in building and growing his podcasting business.Hear how ValuePOD Production supports Tom and his business to WIN, and how you can do  the same. Take a look at the key points we share below.What you will learn from this episode:Explore how Tom incorporates podcasting into his business model and why it is an important asset for his businessThe inner workings of becoming a freelancer and how to get hired even if you're a newbie.Discover the 4R's of psychological allure and why they help him build stronger relationships with ‌podcast‌ ‌guests‌ ‌and‌ listeners“ If everyone in the world did the stuff that they love to do that they could also make money out of, then I think we'd all experience a lot more success. “  - Tom PolandThis is a repurposed content from our Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/ValuePodProductions/Start now by joining our Free Facebook Group.Resources:- Download the free ValuePod skills kit to kick start your podcast production career. https://bit.ly/ValuePODSkillsKitTopics Covered:04:02 - Tom Poland's introduction. Who is he? What does he do?  and what is his business about?05:00 - Tom answers the question that he asks his podcast guests, Q:  "What problem do you ‌ solve? ” A:  We solve the problem of getting regular, high quality new client inquiries inbound. 06:27 - All about OPN: Discover why podcasts are a great way to expand your OPN ( Other People Network) and how you can accelerate business success?07:46 - Learn Tom's 4 R's of psychological allure - Rapport, Respect, Relatability, and Reciprocity, and why it helps him build deeper relationships with his podcast guests and listeners.09:39 - Why ‌ podcasting  is Tom's most valuable business asset.10:13 - Tom ‌ ‌ discusses how it's important to do what he loves and keep the fun part of podcasting while outsourcing the rest of post-production to his team. 13:31 - Learn what is Tom's deciding factor when hiring a contractor, why he won Cecilia's trust, why he onboarded her even as she was a newbie, and why he loves ‌working‌ ‌with‌ ‌Filipino‌ ‌contractors.20:1 - Tom's perspective on how businesses are moving digitally now and how one can stand out when the ocean is filled with big‌ ‌competition.22:35 - Tom's response to Cecilia's killer question, Q: What is one question we should have asked you, but ‌ didn't? A:  How do I know what my destiny is? KEY TAKEAWAYS:“Get your PURPOSE, get your PASSION and get PROFIT- put these three together and you'll get some fuel for a very fulfilling and exciting future and an enjoyable one as well. “ -  Tom Poland“ So what do you do when you wake up in the morning and you go to work? What are you inclined to want to do? Because that's the clues to your destiny “ -  Tom Poland“ Back yourself and listen carefully to your inclinations and your instincts. Pick a strategy. When doubts and fears come up, persist and push through those doubts and fears because your initial instincts are always going to be right to back yourself. “  -  Tom PolandConnect with Ce and Eloi:- Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ValuePodProductions/- Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ValuePodVASchool- Website: valuepodmarketing.comShow notes Beautifully Written by Cherry Rose Valentin. If you are a podcaster, who is having a hard time writing show notes to go with your audio episode and is looking for someone to add a new flavor to your content in a written form. Then, do not fret. Get in touch with Cherry Rose Valentin. . She's highly recommended.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


27 Jun 2021