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EP261: Nikki Rausch - 5 Steps in a Sales Conversation Every Bookkeeping Business Owner Should Know

The Successful Bookkeeper Podcast

First impressions. Bookkeeping business owners know that establishing a meaningful relationship with their customers is paramount for long-lasting success. Nikki Rausch, sales expert extraordinaire with over 25 years of selling experience and author of The Selling Staircase, joins us this week to share her 5-step process for taking control of sales conversations.  During this interview, you'll also learn... How to feel comfortable selling How to identify what step you’re at & successfully move forward in any sales discussion Key conversation techniques to close the deal Learn more about Nikki on her website. Listen to her podcast, Sales Maven Podcast, here.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.  Download her free eBook here.  To buy her book, The Selling Staircase, click here.  This episode is sponsored by our friends at Synder accounting software. To start a FREE TRIAL and get a 20% discount visit https://synder.me/SuccessfulBookkeeper. You can also check out Synder on social media! Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Time Stamps 1:48 - Nikki’s career journey - from working in tech sales to studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) & empowering women to be comfortable having sales conversations 5:04 - Client success story 8:56 - The Selling Staircase - Step 1: the introduction 11:24 - Step 2: creating curiosity 17:53 - Step 3: the discovery call 25:56 - Step 4: the proposal 28:24 - Step 5: the close


7 Sep 2021

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How to Develop and Sell VIP Days with Nikki Rausch


When I was first starting out, the thought of selling VIP days was very scary to me. Now I laugh about it because it’s not that hard. But it’s not something that comes easy to people. Nikki Rausch is the CEO of Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling. She joins me to talk about her story, how she works with entrepreneurs to help them get better at sales conversations, and how to offer, deliver and price a premium VIP Day.  Nikki explains that selling is not something you do to somebody but with somebody. You are not trying to convince them that what you have is the right solution for them. Rather, you’re having a conversation to find out whether what you offer is right for their particular problem and needs. For the last half of the episode, we talked about how to create and structure a VIP day to best suit your ideal client. Nikki shared how she structures her VIP Days, what you should keep in mind and how to approach pricing and how to close your discovery call with prospective clients.  This was a great conversation and Nikki’s approach is very much aligned with how we do things on Team Sigrun.  In this Episode of The Sigrun Show: How Nikki came to start Sales Maven and working with entrepreneurs (3:12) How she sees sales (7:05) Why sales calls are important to your prospective clients ( 11:54) How not to end your sales conversations and how to end them instead (12:48) What to say and do when someone says “I need to time to think about it” (13:40) How to structure a VIP Day and what to consider including as content (14:53) How Nikki does her own VIP Days and leaves the structure flexible  (17:54) What she does to make VIP days a premium experience (20:53) How to close off the VIP day and how to keep your VIPs working with you (22:46) Laying out your offer in your VIP Day discovery call (28:00) How to price your VIP Day (31:16) Sigrun’s first VIP Days (34:34) Connect with Nikki Rausch Free ebook: Closing the Sale


25 Aug 2021

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103: Relationship Selling with Nikki Rausch

Podcast Strategies for Growing Your Business, Community, and Influence While Profiting

CEO of Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”. With 25+ years of experience selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA, Nikki shattered sales records in many industries, receiving multiple “top producer” awards along the way. Today, entrepreneurs and small business owners from a wide range of disciplines hire Nikki to show them how to sell successfully and authentically, without being pushy or salesy. Her podcast, Sales Maven, can be found on your favorite podcast platform. Nikki's eBook - https://yoursalesmaven.com/growing Consider joining my new membership site for $27/month. Go to https://dannyozment.com/pod Use code JOINPODPOD to get a 1-month free trial. Check out SaneBox today. Customers who click on my exclusive link will automatically have a $25 credit applied to their account on top of their 14-day free trial.   Head to https://www.sanebox.com/danny TextExpander (affiliate) - https://dannyozment.com/textexpander My Recommended Resources - https://dannyozment.com/resources 


25 Aug 2021

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How to Create Content That Generates More Sales and Better Clients with Nikki Rausch

The Content 10x Podcast

Does your content actively help you sell your products and services? Does it attract ideal clients? If you need help with either of these, Nikki Rausch has some tips to help.Nikki is the Founder and CEO of Sales Maven, an organization helping business owners facilitate strategic and effective sales conversations. She’s got more than 25 years of sales experience under her belt, has written three stand-out sales books, and hosts the Sales Maven podcast.She joins me in this episode to share actionable tips and advice for selling successfully without being pushy. We also talk about how to reach your best clients and craft content that smooths out the sales process.Find out about:How a podcast can help you generate better leads and clientsWhy your approach to “sales content” could be hindering your ability to sellNikki’s tips and advice for demonstrating your value using content Important Links & Mentions:Sales Maven’s websiteSales Maven’s FacebookSales Maven’s InstagramNikki’s LinkedInDownload the free eBook: Closing the Sale eBookMy book: Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum ResultsJoin hundreds of business owners, content creators, and marketers and get content repurposing tips and advice delivered straight to your inbox every week https://www.content10x.com/newsletterTo watch the video, or read the blog post, click here.


29 Jul 2021

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How To Sell Using NLP Techniques (W/ Nikki Rausch)!

The Shane Sams Show

Today’s guest on the Shane Sams Show is Nikki Rausch - the founder of yoursalesmaven.com! Nikki Rausch is Shane Sams’s go-to source for all things conversations and sales. Nikki Rausch specializes in helping you close more sales and helping women make more money! In this week’s episode you’ll learn: - The power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - How NLP can help you find what your customer actually needs so you can close more deals - Nikki Rausch’s 5-Step Selling Staircase


15 Jul 2021

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EP78 - Nikki Rausch on overcoming the fear of sales

Chasing The Insights

In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to sales guru Nikki Rausch. Nikki talks to us about how we can overcome the fear of sales. CEO of Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling, Nikki Rausch has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling”.


18 Jun 2021

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The Selling Staircase Sales Conversation with Nikki Rausch #374

Sales Babble Podcast

The Selling Staircase Sales Conversation with Nikki Rausch #374 In this episode guest Nikki Rausch helps listeners tackle sales more confidently.  Nikki shares her framework, the Selling Staircase, a five step approach to a selling conversation. This systemized and super simple process has been refined so listeners know step by step how to build rapport, create curiosity, qualify a prospect, propose a solution and close the deal.  Nikki's advice is practical advice sellers interested in entering every sales conversation with confidence.  This is a production of Habanero Media


25 May 2021

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Moving from connection to client on LinkedIn with Nikki Rausch

LinkedIn with Louise

Have I got a treat for you this week! I’m so excited to share this week’s podcast where I catch up with the absolute queen of sales, Nikki Rausch.   Nikki is the founder of Sales Maven where she teaches tangible skills that, when you take action and implement them in your own business, will give you massive results. Not only is she a sales strategist, she’s also a successful author of multiple books, podcaster and founder of the online Sales Maven Society.   In this episode we talk about how to pick up buying signals before you get a sale, and the right (and very wrong – clue: don’t mention Darth Vader) ways to connect with your targets on LinkedIn.   Nikki is a real fount of knowledge for all things sales and being confident. We talk about how to be assertive (but not pushy) and even how to deal with the knock-backs. Here’s just a taste of some of the other advice she shares…   1.     How to be a resource to people and offer them real value 2.     The importance of ‘pre-framing’ a first video or face-to-face conversation 3.     Why you need to have pricing on your website   I hope you enjoy listening to this one.     About Nikki You can find Nikki on LinkedIn or have a look at her website yoursalesmaven.com Exclusively for listeners of this podcast, Nikki has also shared her new e-book ‘Closing the Sale’ which you can download here: https://yoursalesmaven.com/ebook/


12 May 2021

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How to Land Clients from Speaking Events Without Being Slimy with Nikki Rausch

The Wealthy Speaker Podcast – Jane Atkinson

Do you ever feel a little icky when asking for sales from the stage?  I know that many speakers don’t like to “sell”, but let’s face it, that’s our main goal and we’re hoping that pretty much everything we do leads to creating more business and landing more speaking gigs.  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome the Sales Maven herself, Nikki Rausch to share some great tips to initiate spin-off without sounding salesy. If you could use some new strategies to help you feel more confident creating business from the stage (and feel good while selling), you simply can’t afford to miss this episode! For access to FULL SHOW NOTES including links, visit https://www.speakerlauncher.com/category/podcasts/


15 Apr 2021

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#0033 TPD Chats with “Sales Maven” Nikki Rausch on Selling Authentically

The Productive Designer

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson with fellow podcaster and sales expert Nikki Rausch.  Nikki is an expert on sales with more than 25 years of selling to such prestigious organizations as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA. Nikki is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners to sell successfully authentically, without being pushy or “salesy”. As Design professionals our job is not only to sell our services but our ideas and concepts too. Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of being a Designer requires us to know how to communicate and convince our Clients to buy-aka “Sell”.Nikki suggests asking a lot of questions, the more you get a potential client to talk the more you can learn about their particular needs. As you begin to build a rapport, you are establishing a relationship with them, so that they can get to “know, like and trust” you, because people will buy from people they “know”, they “like” and someone they can “trust”. So, join Crystal and Nikki as they talk about how to change your mindset on your sales approach. And then, do something today that your future self will thank you for, by listening to this episode. Grab Nikki's free resource below. Free Resource: yoursalesmaven.com/designer How to reach Nikki:Website - yoursalesmaven.com/podcast/ Amazon- Nikki-Rausch LinkedIn- nicolerauschInstagram- @your_sales_maven Recommended podcastsUnlocking Us, The Brainy Business and Andy Stanley Leadership podcast


14 Apr 2021