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Lauren Herrera schools us on reclaiming our sacred, sexual power and energy.

The Powerful Creator Show | unscripted interviews with visionaries creating lives and businesses they love.

On this episode of The Powerful Creator Show, I speak with Lauren Herrera about reclaiming your sacred, feminine, sexual power. Lauren schools us about how to claim our sexual power, how to love your body and love yourself in the process.This video DOES contain adult content so you may want headphones if you have sensitive ears around.You can find Lauren online:https://www.laurenherrera.com/https://www.facebook.com/herrera.lauren laurenmichelleherrera 


30 Sep 2019

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TDS 45. Reframing Failure, The Cycle of Performance, and Creating Results with Lauren Herrera

The Daily Sweat with Ariana

In today’s episode of The Daily Sweat Podcast, I’m chatting with Lauren Herrera, fitness and lifestyle coach and host of the Love, Abundance, Trust, and Flow Podcast. We take a deep dive into what it means to fail and how we can reframe it, the science behind the idea that our thoughts create our realities, […] The post TDS 45. Reframing Failure, The Cycle of Performance, and Creating Results with Lauren Herrera appeared first on Ariana Fotinakis Coaching.


11 Sep 2018

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104: Personal Growth & Universal Laws with Lauren Herrera

Stellar Life

I met Lauren Herrera when I was on her podcast Love Is a Verb, and I just knew that she had to be on my podcast. Lauren is the founder of Eat Like a Boss, a process that helps women break away from their destructive habits with food. In this conversation, however, we’ll barely touch on food. Instead, we’ll focus on universal laws, including the law of attraction and many others. Lauren and I have both used these laws to manifest such incredible things in our lives, and we’ll show you how to do the same! Connect With Lauren: Lauren Herrera Lauren Herrera on Facebook lauren@laurenherrera.com Lauren Herrera on YouTube @laurenmichelleherrera on Instagram The Mission Log: [03:04] - Orion and Lauren start things off by talking about an incredibly good acai bowl that they had together. [04:42] - What does Lauren do, and what is her passion in life? [05:48] - When you pinpoint the emotion at the root of a particular eating pattern, you can unlock the pattern. [06:16] - We hear more about Lauren and her history, and what brought her to her current place in life. [09:04] - Lauren talks about the moment that she had the epiphany that she had to learn how to podcast. [09:57] - Orion discusses the amount of attention one of her Facebook posts got. Lauren then shares her thoughts on social media. [13:01] - What did Lauren do after her gym failed? She answers, then Orion discusses her own experience working in a gym. [15:28] - Lauren shares the impressive list of things that she does these days, including coaching, podcasting, and consulting. [16:31] - What’s Lauren’s spiritual belief, and how did that help her to get to where she wants to be? [18:13] - Orion discusses a conversation she had with Donny Epstein. [21:49] - We hear the story of how Lauren stumbled across universal laws, and how her path has progressed. [23:53] - What did Lauren learn from The Master Key System? [26:34] - The book that really changed things for Orion when she was still a teenager was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. [27:54] - Orion and Lauren talk about what they did when they were lost in Malibu. [31:42] - Let’s talk about the law of attraction! This is the universal law that gets the most traction, Lauren explains. [36:58] - We hear some of the things that Orion does to guard her mind. [38:34] - Lauren brings up the topic of people who may have experienced trauma or sexual assault, sharing how the law of attraction relates to these events. [41:29] - What are some of Lauren’s favorite universal laws other than the law of attraction? [44:12] - We hear about how Lauren used universal laws to attract her beloved. [47:51] - Orion just made three more universal laws: the law of “I don’t care,” the law of “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and the law of “noticing the signs.” [48:37] - What are Lauren’s three top tips for living a stellar life? 1. Be internally motivated, not externally. 2. Look for something that feels good, even in horrible situations. 3. Take care of your body. [49:35] - Where can listeners learn more about Lauren? In her answer, she offers listeners a free gift, which you can find at this link! Links and Resources: Lauren Herrera Lauren Herrera on Facebook lauren@laurenherrera.com Lauren Herrera on YouTube @laurenmichelleherrera on Instagram Love Is a Verb Lauren Herrera’s free offerings for everyone Lauren’s free gift exclusively for Stellar Life listeners Zig Ziglar Abraham-Hicks Donny Epstein The Secret The Master Key System by Charles Haanel The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy Frank Kern Tony Robbins


20 Feb 2018

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A real world approach to unraveling anger and resentment to ignite your business with Lauren Herrera

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Lauren is the host of Love is a Verb podcast where she teaches women how to change the thoughts that change the habits that change the results. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Your unconscious plays a role in your everyday life — learn how to involve it. 2. Make impacting people part of your goals. 3. Love and heal yourself first. Visit Lauren’s website Sponsors: I Love Franchising: If you’re tired of Corporate America and want to step into owning your own business, then the time to make a move is NOW. …And why not make that move into franchising? Erik of I Love Franchising has personally helped over 1,000 people transition out of Corporate American and into Franchise Ownership, and you can take your first step towards doing the same today. Visit ILoveFranchising.com/fire to download Erik’s free eBook, The Franchising Playbook, today! Go To Webinar: My BEST marketing strategy? Hosting LIVE WEBINARS. And Go To Webinar has the reliability and the features you need to deliver webinars your audience will love. For more information, visit GoToWebinar.com/fire!


1 Feb 2018

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NBC 472: Lauren Herrera: Love Is A Verb

Natural Born Coaches

Lauren Herrera is a love abundance and happiness coach helping men and women in over 100 countries create a more meaningful and loving relationship with themselves, others and their finances. She does so using one-on-one and group coaching, and she hosts the Love Is A Verb podcast.


17 Oct 2016

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030 Love Happiness And Abundance With Lauren Herrera

The Big Movement Podcast

Lauren HerreraLauren Herrera is a love, abundance and happiness coach helping men and women in over 100 countries create a more meaningful and loving relationship with themselves, others and their finances through one on one, group coaching and her world-renowned podcast, Love is a Verb. She’s a Navy and Law Enforcement wife, Step-Mom and Dog Mom of 3 pups who she’s naturally obsessed with.Lauren is the host of the Love is a verb podcast which was born out of a journey that began back in 2010. At that time, she created a brick and mortar strength training gym around her passion for health & fitness. However, just a few years later the business had failed. It resulted in her opening herself up to the law of attraction. She fully immersed herself into the concepts and systems as to what it takes to embrace a lifestyle built on attracting the things you desire in life.She started the podcast as a way to discover what is love in peoples lives and how is it helping them. What better way to seek out the answers you seek than to ask people and share what you find. In 8 short months, she has grown her podcast to over 100,000 downloads around the world. There are 3 things that she has based what she has done so far one.The #1 way to obtain more power in life is to give more. Create content to serve and help people in their livesBuild a community with the people she interviews.These principles has resulted in a transformation in her world, as she now surrounds herself with people who embrace the law of attraction in their lives.During our conversation we discussed abundance and how it truly can be an amazing concept. First, we are inately abundant as we lack nothing. We have to be open to receiving it and push through the struggles to create what we desire. To put this in perspective, plants are able to grow through concrete. You have to want something bad enough that you will push through concrete walls to make it happen. Secondly, we learn from our environment. The belief system that we are operating with is not necessarily our own. If it is not serving you, change it. A simple way to change how you are feeling is to use a thesuarus. Whatever you are feeling at the time, look up the antonym of the word that best describes it and focus on the new word to change your state.Happiness is a result of focusing on the now instead of the future. If someone is unahppy, often it can be from comparing and keeping things in a future state. Learn to focus on being present in the now by utilizing "I am" statements. Utilize these every day to change your state of mind.To learn more about Lauren visit www.laurenherrera.com or to book a session to talk with her 1:1 visit: bit.ly/chatwithlauren


7 Sep 2016