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Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

1:16 - What has inspired Matt to talk about the topic of mental health services?3:23 - In the late early 2000s how often were mental health services being used in sports departments?5:51 - Why can it be problematic when different specialists with different career names are all categorized under the same umbrella of sports psychology?7:23 - Can anyone with a degree ranging from a high school degree to a PhD become an MPC (mental performance consultant)?10:57 - If a college program could only afford the services of one professional, which one would be the most helpful in NCAA athletics?13:37 - What events have indicated to Matt that there is a mental health epidemic?15:38 - Would researchers consider social media relationships to be a part of “connectedness”?17:12 - What effect has the increase in mental health coaches had on teams that have access to their services?18:31 - What are the most effective ways and settings to implement mental health coaches?21:38 - What is the most difficult but important psychological need for coaches to satisfy, and why?22:54 - What is the zeitgeist of sports psychology in America, and if we are moving in the right direction, what could be still improved?24:04 - Even if many know that sports psychology and mental health are so important, why are they still stigmatized?25:03 - Fun Fact: learn about the impact the Indiana Jones trilogy had on Matt’s pursuit of his doctorate.Learn more about Matt's work at:https://www.extramileinstitute.com/BooksCoach Your Brains Out: The Art and Science of Coaching VolleyballThe Inner Knight: Train and Compete Like a ChampionContact us for bulk orders: coachyourbrainsout@gmail.com Become a Patron to support the show.


10 Nov 2022

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Coach Your Brains Out, by Gold Medal Squared

1:27 - Introducing the Extra Mile Institute, and how Matt is involved with the program.Learn more at the website here:https://www.extramileinstitute.com/3:40 - How many universities do Matt and the Extra Mile Institute team work with and what are their plans in terms of expansion?4:26 - Introducing today’s topic: self-determination theory.6:39 - Why does extrinsic motivation not meet the same kind of demands that intrinsic motivation does?10:39 - In what environments can “competence” be best developed within athletes?12:06 - Explaining the difference between competence and confidence.12:56 - Which would be more important to prioritize in development: confidence or competence?13:42 - Is self-driven development equally effective as feedback from coaches?15:59 - How can competence be effectively developed in players with little motivation?19:02- Why is the concept of connection/relatedness important in finding motivation?21:22 - When writing, does Billy find that connections are relevant to his motivation, or is he purely being fueled by intrinsic motivation?23:16 - Do people work better when connected rather than just working as purely business partners?24:31 - How does Matt foster the development of connection between players on teams that he works with?26:15 - Describing an environment where the connection between the three components of self-determination theory are the greatest.32:08 - Explaining the frequency that coaches should implement these activities/exercises.33:02 - Has Matt observed coaches implementing self-determination theory into the development of mental skills?BooksCoach Your Brains Out: The Art and Science of Coaching VolleyballThe Inner Knight: Train and Compete Like a ChampionContact us for bulk orders: coachyourbrainsout@gmail.com Become a Patron to support the show.


3 Nov 2022

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"In the Trenches with a Performance Nutritionist" featuring Matt Jones MSc SENR

We Do Science - The Performance Nutrition Podcast

Episode 179 of the Institute of Performance Nutrition's "We Do Science" podcast! In this episode, I (Laurent Bannock) discuss "In the Trenches with a Performance Nutritionist" with featuring Matt Jones MSc SENR,  Nutrition Consultant with West Ham United FC and the Scottish FA (UK).Discussion Topics Include:Matt's unique education pathway and career journey to his current role as a Nutrition Consultant with West Ham United FC and the Scottish FA.Reflections on standout moments over the years , that have helped shape him as a practitioner today.Insight into the role of a nutrition consultant working with elite men's football clubs and national teams.Thoughts, reflections, and advice to current and aspiring performance nutritionists.Podcast Episode Transcript: Download PDF CopyKey Paper(s) & Resources Discussed / Referred to:N/ARelated Podcast Episodes:#168: "In the Trenches" with Aimee-Ellen O'Keeffe MSc SENR#166: In the trenches: How to build a career in professional sport with Dr James Morehen#161 - "In the Trenches" with Charles Ashford MSc SENR#157 - "In the Trenches" with Rich Chessor MSc SENR#120 - "American Football: In the Trenches - Performance Nutrition Practice Insights" with Pratik Patel MS RD#85 - 'High Performance Science & Practice: In the Trenches' with David Joyce MScCheck out our other podcasts, publications, events, and professional education programs for current and aspiring sports nutritionists at www.TheIOPN.com and follow our social media outputs via @TheIOPN


28 Oct 2022

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Matt Jones

The Dr. Jeff Show

Matt Jones, who teaches the Bible at Colorado Christian University, offers ways to explore the Bible to form our character and faith and engage the world with its amazing story. Pre-order Dr. Jeff’s new book Truth Changes Everything and email your receipt to jeff@summit.org for a free signed booklet. The Dr. Jeff Show on YouTube Summit Ministries Summit Student Conferences Reflect: Christian worldview commentaries on popular movies and songs


11 Oct 2022

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Episode 115. Matt Jones. From selling a multi million pound business to becoming a new start-up.

The Life Of KG

Matt Jones was born in Newport and now resides in Cardiff. Having over nineteen years of experience in the Advertising & Creative Industry and thirteen years as an entrepreneur, Matt has employed more than one hundred staff during his time founding, developing, and launching his award-winning businesses. Matt has held senior positions in the UK advertising industry and founded the creative advertising agency, S3 Advertising in 2011. He then grew his agency from a start-up into a multi-million-pound national business which he sold via a management buyout in 2019. Recently featured on Dragons Den seeking a Dragon as a business partner for his male skincare brand MESOA Skincare, Matt successfully secured retail tycoon Touker Suleyman. All five Dragons were incredibly impressed by Matt with Peter Jones describing him as an “absolute inspiration” after detailing his mental health battles which inspired the creation of the brand itself. Despite Matt deciding not to continue the journey with Touker, the two remain friends. Being an advocate for men's mental health, Matt created MEOSA Skincare with a vision to create a safe, non-judgmental place for men to share their stories in the hope that it helps both them and other men. He wants to encourage men to open up and share their experiences in the hopes that it can provide the confidence for men to seek the help they need. Over the past decade, Matt has won and judged several national awards in business and entrepreneurship communities, including the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018, with hopes to grow the list in 2022 and beyond. For further information or press queries, please contact Jen or Ashley at info@moda-pr.com Sponsors for SeptemberOsome Accountancy I want to tell you guys about Osome, they’re the experts in organising your business accounts so you don’t have to worry about filing company reports or paying your taxes on time.Osome accountants take care of all your finance admin through the app and are always on-hand to answer your questions and give advice based on your company accounts.Track your finances while managing your payments and invoices, all in one place. So you can focus on doing more, like reaching new customers and building your brand.Get a finance manager at a lower cost, with Osome.Click the link and get 2 months FREE accountancy.https://stay.osome.com/KatieGodfreyDiscount code: KG100Buddha BeautyAt Buddha Beauty we manufacture vegan and cruelty free skincare perfect for in salon use and retail. Our products have been developed alongside our Manchester salons to create a results driven skincare range. Our range of skincare is available in your own brand, which is the perfect way to offer your customers great home care products that keep bringing the back to your salon, time and time again. Visit us at www.ownlabelskincare.com to request more information on how you can be selling your own products within 4 weeks.Socials: Insta - buddhabeautyskincareFB - The Buddha Beauty CompanyQuote: KGPodcast to get half price design fee


5 Sep 2022

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Behind the scenes of the ‘Silver Spitfire – The Longest Flight’ expedition with pilot Matt Jones

The Convex Conversation

Pilot and founder of Spitfires.com Matt Jones shares extraordinary stories with Helen from his record-breaking and risky circumnavigation of the globe in G-IRTY - a beautifully restored 1943 Mk IX Silver Spitfire. Matt and his team flew 22,138 nautical miles around the world in just four months, crossing deserts, red mountains, barren areas of Russia, fields of ice and stunning cobalt lakes - climbing “a pilot’s Everest”. They aspired to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the iconic single-engine aircraft, honouring its role in history, and succeeded.  A stunning documentary of the expedition is out soon.


4 Sep 2022

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Four Pillars Gin Co-Founder Matt Jones wants you to obsess over aesthetics

How I Work

Three men walk into a bar, and see a huge gap in the market - while wine, whiskey and beer were all receiving the craft treatment, gin was largely being ignored. And even better, these three men lived in Australia, and knew the land down under was the perfect place to create not just great gin, but the world’s best gin. Matt Jones, one of the three co-founders of Four Pillars Gin, is also the Brand Director, and brought to the new company decades of experience in marketing and branding. Matt shares his obsessions with aesthetics and storytelling, and his goal to approach branding with the same level of meticulous craftsmanship as the distillers who make the drink itself. Connect with Matt on Twitter or on the excellent Four Pillars website***My new book Time Wise is out now. You can grab a copy here. Connect with me on the socials:LinkedinTwitterInstagram If you’re looking for more tips to improve the way you work, I write a fortnightly newsletter that contains three cool things I have discovered that help me work better, which range from interesting research findings through to gadgets I am loving. You can sign up for that at http://howiwork.coVisit https://www.amantha.com/podcast for full show notes from all episodes.Get in touch at amantha@inventium.com.auCREDITSProduced by InventiumHost: Amantha ImberProduction Support from Deadset StudiosEpisode Producer: Liam RiordanSound Engineer: Martin Imber


24 Aug 2022

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EP16: From Military Discharge To Investment In The Dragon's Den: Matt Jones: Founder Mesoa Mens Skincare

Branded by Amelia Sordell

Matt Jones had a tough start in life and like so many kids before him turned to booze, drugs and trouble to escape it. After a successful stint in the Army, Matt was discharged when his demons caught up with him once more. Now a successful businessman, Dragon's Den alumni and Great British Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Matt sat down to speak to me about having nothing and earning success - to going back to 0 and starting again. Matt is an incredibly inspiring yet humble guy - and the brainchild behind not 1 but 2 successful advertising agencies. And whilst I'd love to have spent hours talking to him about campaigns, the real soul of this conversation was in Matt's personal story. 

1hr 2mins

1 Aug 2022

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WS1244: Utilizing the Power of Networking in Syndication with Matt Jones

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Networking is a great way to help your business grow. Today, we speak to Matt Jones of Hawkwing Capital and he shares how he uses networking in his business and how this has helped him close deals.Matt starts by sharing how he started investing in real estate. He then talks about the opportunities in doing larger multifamily, finding the right mentor, and transitioning from being passive to an active investor. He also talks in detail about his superpower: networking. Click the play button now and learn how you can utilize the power of networking in syndication!


18 Mar 2022

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Transitioning Into Property Investment with Matt Jones

Australian Property Investor

Joining us on this episode of Property Investory is Matt Jones, who made the transition from lighting technician to full-time property investor. We’ll explore how he achieved this and how you too can become successful in property investment!Steve McKnight's book, From Zero to 130 Properties, is the inspiration behind Jones’s property investment career. We’ll go back to the beginning of his journey and he will share the challenges he faced surrounding his self-worth. We will explore how Jones invested into changing his mindset and was able to overcome what was holding him back from success.Jones will discuss how he achieved his family’s dream of living in France, the importance of having a good mindset, the strategy he used to enter the market and how you can transition from a traditional 9-5, to being a full-time property investor. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


10 Feb 2022