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Slow Burn (Co-Written by Ryan Summers)

The Writers Room Game Show

GENRE: Body Horror / TONE: Non-Stop / DEMO: Fans of Pixel Art / MANDATE: One word– Chalamet.SPONSORED BY MUSICBEDMusicbed Challenge is back! In this year’s competition, Musicbed is challenging you to make the film you’ve been dreaming about. That idea you haven’t been able to shake. With winners in each category, plus a People’s Choice winner, there’s a pool of over $100K in grants + gear. Submissions open April 12, so head click here to download your starter kit and get all the details! A Weekend Video Production in association with Plot DevicesCREDITSHosts/Contestants: Ryan Polly (ryanpolly.net) and Seth Worley (sethworley.com) Edited by: Rene Gomez (renegomez.net)Key Art: Meg Lewis (meglewis.com)Original Music: Ben Worley (benworley.work)Executive Producers: Grant Wakefield at Weekend Video and Anne Fogerty at Plot DevicesGot a better idea? We now have a Notes Hotline! Call 1 (866) HEY-WRGS and leave your name,  which movie idea your notes are regarding, and your notes! We want to hear how you would do the assignment better. By leaving a message you're consenting to us possibly playing your recording live on the air.Join the WRGS Discord! https://discord.gg/uxqAxybWJjCheck out writersroomgame.show to listen to all of our episodes and keep in touch. You can even submit some of your own studio mandates for us to add to the generator.And don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple Podcasts!

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23 Mar 2022

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Ep 97: Pain, Injuries and Discovering Your Peak Performance with Dr. Ryan Summers

Rebel Performance Radio

Managing pain and injuries can be tricky. Sometimes we get banged up; we have hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, etc. BUT, we still want to maintain our training and push the gas pedal. Joining me on the show today is Dr. Ryan Summers, a doctor of physical therapy and certified strength and conditioning specialist working with fitness professionals from around the world. He is the Vice President of Coaching Operations at Active Life, a company aiming to bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare.Managing pain in your training becomes especially complex when we’re looking at it from a fragile mindset. Humans are not fragile, and our goal at Rebel Performance is to help you find your peak performance so you are living your most active life even in the midst of training setbacks. Ryan and I dive into the general principles behind pain and how you should modify your training before you eliminate your training. We then steer the conversation to passive strategies versus active strategies you can use to manage pain and injuries. Ryan shares his hierarchy of needs methodology breaking down active and passive range of motion. Listen in as we unpack the different strategies and tactics you can use to empower yourself and put you in a position where you can be really successful.What You'll Learn in This Episode: [04:12] An introduction to Dr. Ryan Summers[09:50] General principles behind pain[12:48] Modifying training before eliminating training[15:44] The spectrum of uncertainty[18:30] Passive strategies versus active strategies[21:05] The relationship between rehab and training[34:03] The hierarchy of needs[41:24] Blood flow restriction training[42:44] Principles over methods[51:35] Where to find Dr. Ryan SummersLinks:Explore our free training samples here: https://www.rebel-performance.com/training-templates/Follow James Cerbie here: https://www.instagram.com/jamescerbie/Follow Dr. Ryan Summers on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/dr.ryan.summers/Follow Active Life on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/activeliferx/Explore Active Life here: https://www.activelifeprofessional.com/Want to learn more about the Rebel Performance Training Team? Click here to chat with our team: http://m.me/rebelperfPLUS: Whenever you're ready... here are 3 ways we can help you unlock total package strength, physique, and athleticism (without being in pain or getting beaten down by injuries).1. Listen to the podcast. We release a new episode every Sunday evening where we break down what to do in and outside the gym to help you become the total package (and perform pain-free) - Click here to listen.2. Buy a pre-made program. Looking for an expertly crafted training program minus the coaching and camaraderie? Then go here.3. Claim your 90-day risk-free trial.Want to work directly with me and my team to find your peak performance, train pain-free, and become a total package athlete in 90 days? Then reply "trial" to this email and I'll send you all the details. Oh, and here's a bunch of reviews if you want to know what real humans think of working with us. 


31 Oct 2021

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Ep 299: Ryan Summers

Mograph Podcast

Ryan Summers Topics Ryan Summers joins us again to talk about the state of the industry & changes we’ve faced over the last few years working for ourselves and/or studios. Links What is Camp Mograph? Beeple on digital art and making $69 million from a single NFT | British GQ MONTERO THE ALBUM OUT TONIGHT Dry Ink: the newest Surface Imperfections to hit Plus. Nifteby's LuchoPoletti Osinachiart x done jazzy Anthony Azekwoh TOM MORELLO x PETER MOHRBACHER TYLER GORDON x COMMONSPIRIT HEALTH SGT_Slaugtermelon Sen3paul NFTs in List Format

2hr 6mins

27 Sep 2021

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Chemical & Biological Engineering with Dr. Ryan Summers

Project Research

Hosts: Nicholas Elwing and Anika Cho Guest: Dr. Ryan Summers In this week's episode, Anika Cho and Nicholas Elwing interview Dr. Ryan Summers, a researcher and assistant professor from the UA Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Dr. Summers applies engineering principles to biological and chemical systems. His lab is working on metabolically engineering bacteria and yeast cells to produce chemicals, fuels, and pharmaceuticals. Learn more about Dr. Ryan Summers and his work at https://rmsummers.people.ua.edu/


22 Sep 2021

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072: The Future of the Motion Design Industry w/ Ryan Summers

Motion Hatch: Helping Motion Designers Do Better Business

There’s certainly a lot of unknowns in the world these days. This is true for the motion design industry as much as anything else. Long-term survival is likely going to involve both adaptability and keeping focused on your priorities. About Ryan Summers As 2D creative director at School of Motion, Ryan is busy making courses to help other motion designers move forward in their career. This allows him to keep a close eye on trends in the motion design world and get ready for what the future brings to this industry. The New Landscape of Motion Design The world is changing fast. While many of these changes bring new challenges, they also involve new opportunities for motion designers. Ryan shares his observations and predictions for what this means for us. For one thing, remote work is more accepted and widespread than ever. It also presents more opportunities for individuals and small studios which can operate without the massive overhead required by the big studios. Specialization as a Key Elements of Success In the crowded field of motion design, it’s crucial to set yourself apart. With all the generalists put there, Ryan sees the importance of specializing in something that shares your unique voice. It may weed out some potential clients, but it will make sure that you work with the right ones in the end. “There’s great opportunity when the world changes as fast and as all-encompassing as it has.” [5:14] “That’s the part of every artist’s challenge and every studio’s challenge; You have to redefine yourself while the world changes around or you’ll get lost.” [7:43] “You have different processes on the creative side based on your needs at the moment. Why shouldn’t you have the same thing business-wise?” [28:49] How new trends are affecting the world of remote work [4:30] The importance of agility during unpredictable times [10:03] Why specializing will not only set you apart but also keep you focused on your passion [18:55] What it takes to set your portfolio apart from the competition [24:55] Creating long term connections by passing work off to others and having partners [28:36] Maintaining your own passions and taking care of yourself as a necessary part of staying in business [35:43] The business and creative world is quickly changing. Being adaptable and agile in order to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of new opportunities is a must. This means being creative about how you operate your business. Even though how you run your business may need to change, maintaining your creative passions as priorities will give you the drive to keep going. Just as you cultivate your artistic skills, you need to tend to your own wellbeing. Your work can be a great way to feed your own creative self. However, getting caught up in just the money-making aspect is not sustainable in the long run. The Motion Designer Client Challenge Follow Ryan on Twitter School of Motion Episode 22: Art School vs Online Courses: The Pros & Cons Episode 64: How to price your work as a motion designer Podcast production & marketing support by the team at Counterweight Creative Podcast music licensed by Big Waves sonosanctus.com dankoch.net


22 Sep 2020

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Turning Pro 35 | The Numbers Don't Lie with Dr. Ryan Summers (From our Vault)

The Active Life Podcast

(Note: This episode originally aired in October 2019 on a separate feed) Do you know how much should you back squat if you can deadlift 300 pounds? What about how much you should front squat if you back squat 200 pounds? How about this… do you know your 6-rep max strict press on your right arm compared to your left? Or how many 1-arm high pulls you can perform with 33% of your body weight on your right arm compared to your left?  If you are scratching your head wondering why we are even asking these questions, listen up! In this episode we’re talking to Dr. Ryan Summers about how a small bias, repeated over and over, could be the reason you are still getting that annoying [insert body part] pain that hasn’t gone away. Plus, Dr. Ryan gives you his top 6 tests to easily assess your strength-balance right from your own gym.  About Our Guest: Dr. Ryan Summers is a Physical Therapist, co-owner if Pure Physio and a staff member at ActiveLife. As a DPT, 1-on-1 Coach and ActiveLife seminar staff member he has worked with hundreds of people to get them out of pain without going to the doctor or missing the gym.  Connect with us! Dr. Sean @DrSeanPastuchDr. Ryan Summers: @dr.ryan.summersActive Life Professional @activelifeprofessional


13 Jul 2020

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EP 127 - Staying Ahead of The Curve with Dr. Matt Stevens and Dr. Ryan Summers of Pure Physio

Black Flag Radio

A couple of close friends of the Fam join us for episode 127 of Black Flag Athletics Black Flag Radio. This week we are joined by Dr. Matt Stevens and Dr. Ryan Summers of Pure Physio. We explore their growth and evolution during the pandemic, demonstrating value, filling the gap, staying ahead of the curve, developing coaches, and determining the future of the physical therapy profession. Can you have your cake and eat it too? Tune in to find out.


21 Jun 2020

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031 Turning Pro | How to Make an Online Coaching Business Work with Dr. Ryan Summers

The Active Life Podcast

Personal trainers and coaches are facing a new world post-COVID-19 and many are looking to switching to a remote system.  What are the challenges in changing a brick and mortar business to an online only system?  How do you build trust in remote clients?  How do you transition a "local" client to a remote client? Dr. Ryan Summers joins the Turning Pro podcast today to talk about just that.  In his role as an Active Life 1-on-1 coach while also treating patients at his PT practice, he has had to navigate those challenges. As you look to your own business' future, there are many takeaways you can get from this conversation between Dr. Sean and Dr. Ryan. Podcast Resources: Are you ready to Turn Pro? Connect with us! Dr. Sean @DrSeanPastuch Active Life Professional @activelifeprofessional Dr. Ryan Summers @dr.ryan.summers


15 Jun 2020

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Wolfpack Radio with Rocco Mansueto and Ryan Summers

Wolfpack Radio

2x AA Ryan Summers and former assistant Coach Rocco Mansueto join the wolfpack.


8 May 2020

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If You Don't Design Your Career with Ryan Summers


"The entire lifeline of this whole industry… no one has finished it yet… so we are all imposters, to a degree." – Ryan SummersIn this episode of the RevThinking podcast, Joel Pilger speaks with Ryan Summers, Creative Director at School of Motion. Ryan is a creative leader whose career has spanned major brands as well as top studios such as Digital Kitchen, We Are Royale, Blur Studios, Oddfellows, Midnight Sherpa, and Imaginary Forces.The field of motion design is still relatively young yet our industry has undergone substantial changes in a short period of time. Since no single individual has lived out an entire career – much less a lifetime – in our industry, how can anyone know what to expect? So while some are thriving, others are frustrated or disillusioned. Why?Ryan challenges motion designers to view our industry in a more entrepreneurial way and consider opportunities to own what we create.

1hr 5mins

31 Jan 2020