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George Murphy - Opposition Leader David Brazil, MHA Paul Lane, & Newfound Taxi Owner Albert Newell

VOCM Shows

George Murphy - Opposition Leader David Brazil, MHA Paul Lane, & Newfound Taxi Owner Albert Newell by VOCM


7 Jun 2021

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559K Jobs Added in May // Paul Lane of AAG // Apple's New Hybrid Schedule - 6/4 (Hour 1)

The Financial Exchange Show

(1:05) - The jobs report for May was released at 8:30 Friday morning, and while it was an improvement (559K jobs added) from April, it still fell short of expectations of 661K jobs added.(13:07) - Paul Lane of the Armstrong Advisory Group joined the show to give us a more detailed look at the jobs report.(23:46) - Markets are in rally mode following the jobs report as investors feel reassured that the Federal Reserve won't be moving interest rates anytime soon. If inflation continues to run hot, can we expect to be able to buy CD's at a good rate in the near future?(35:57) - Apple has informed its employees that they will be moving to a hybrid schedule, with employees required to come in Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. What is their logic behind this decision?


4 Jun 2021

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Independent MHA Paul Lane introduced a Notion of Motion in the HOA surrounding Election

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Independent MHA Paul Lane introduced a Notion of Motion in the HOA surrounding Election by VOCM


20 Apr 2021

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Paul Lane (AAG) - February Jobs Report

The Financial Exchange Show


5 Mar 2021

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Paul Lane (AAG) - January Jobs Report

The Financial Exchange Show


5 Feb 2021

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#52: Podcast Party - “It All Started With a Blog: Detangling the Wide Web of Disney Bloggers” by Paul Lane (ft. Special Guests Victoria Wade of Tea with V, Nikky J of Theme Park Hipster & Lou Mongello of WDW Radio)

Book of the Mouse Club

While it may have started with a Mouse for Walt Disney, for many theme park and film fans, it started with a blog. Our current Instagram and TikTok culture is most associated with content creation, but Disney fans have been spreading the magic over the web since the 1990s. Join your hosts Courtney and Emily for a podcast party about “It All Started With a Blog: Detangling the Wide Web of Disney Bloggers ” by Paul Lane. Lane traces the history of Disney internet content creation from its humble beginnings on AOL discussion boards to modern platforms. The episode kicks off with a discussion with three featured content creators, Nikky J from the ThemePark Hipster, Victoria Wade from TeawithV, and “the godfather” of Disney podcasting, Lou Mongello of WDW Radio. The episode concludes with an interview with author Paul Lane about his interest and research into the world of Disney content creation.  Review Book of the Mouse Club on iTunes and Google Play and send any questions, comments, or suggestions to the hosts at bookofthemouseclub@gmail.com Follow Our Reading Journey On Social Media! Official Twitter and Instagram: @BookoftheMouse Courtney: Instagram @greatguthsby and Twitter @Courtney_Guth Emily: Instagram and Twitter @emily_mickde  Author Paul Lane: Twitter @AuthorPaulLane Amazon Book Link : It All Started With a Blog: Detangling the Wide Web of Disney Bloggers Podcast Party Guests: Nikky J: Twitter @DrNikidaV and Instagram @themeparkhipster The Theme Park Hipster Podcast on iTunes and Spotify Blog: https://www.themeparkhipster.com/ YouTube Channel: The ThemePark Hipster Amazon Book Link: The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide Lou Mongello: Twitter and Instagram @LouMongello WDW Radio Podcast on iTunes and Spotify Blog: https://www.wdwradio.com/ YouTube Channel: WDW Radio Website: http://www.loumongello.com/ Amazon Book Links: The Disney Interviews and 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World: Bonus! 40 Free Things to Enjoy, Eat, Do and Collect! Victoria Wade: Instagram @HeCallsMePinapplePrincess and Twitter @hecallsmePP Disney Tea with V Podcast on iTunes and Spotify Blog teawithv.squarespace.com

1hr 7mins

26 Jan 2021

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Paul Lane (AAG) - December Jobs Report Misses Forecasts

The Financial Exchange Show


8 Jan 2021

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Politics as Usual – w/ MHA Paul Lane


Graydon and Rudy are joined by Independent MHA Paul Lane. Recorded April 29, 2020

1hr 4mins

29 Apr 2020

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Episode 6-Paul Lane

Camology, The Cambridge Podcast

Paul Lane from Skills and trade Swap Cambs. Weblink's relating to the podcast;https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/business/cambridge-skills-and-trade-swap-service-opens-for-business-9106204/ https://www.skillsandtradeswap.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/SkillsAndTradeSwapCambs/?epa=SEARCH_BOX https://www.cambridgefruitcompany.com/ https://uk.linkedin.com/in/neil-bharadwa-0b80aab


10 Apr 2020

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Start Now- How To Stop Overthinking and Making Excuses from Michael-Paul Lane, Founder of Qiaroskuro

Hello Beauty

Whether it be starting a new diet, getting on a fitness routine, or even trying to muster enough courage to be more assertive at work, we usually overthink and experience some sort of "analysis paralysis". Michael-Paul Lane, Founder of Qiaroskuro, is this week's guest and talks about the key tactics that he uses as a business consultant to help many clients of his (as well as friends and family) to believe in themselves and follow through with their passion. He believes that life is too short to dwell on the heavy things we put on ourselves and that who you are is already great. In this episode, he expresses that overthinking is just a hurdle and is an excuse we give ourselves when we try to start a business.Starting his first business at 18, Michael-Paul gives important takeaways that you don't want to miss. Leading by example and walking the walk is also one of the reasons why he's a driving force and influence to others to quit their job that makes them unhappy and follow their dreams. This unique personality is translated in all the work he creates, including his latest venture, Qiaroskuro. Qiaroskuro is a luxury brand for those unique individuals that choose to live a life of contrasting experiences. When one experiences Qiaroskuro's unisex fragrance, "in the absence of darkness...", you'll quickly discover that there has been a side of you that's waiting to be explored. FOLLOW QIAROSKUROQiaroskuro's WebsiteQiaroskuro's InstagramFOLLOW HELLO BEAUTYHello Beauty's InstagramHello Beauty's FacebookHello Beauty's YouTubeFOLLOW JOYCE PLATONJoyce Platon's Instagram


29 Nov 2019