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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mandy Walker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mandy Walker, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mandy Walker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mandy Walker, often where they are interviewed.

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Ellen Kuras, Kira Kelly, Mandy Walker, & Rina Yang, moderated by Maria Prieto

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These four powerhouse cinematographers discuss their rise in the business and the shared as well as different experiences they have had as women.  They talk about bringing more inclusivity in the camera department and how to bring true apprenticeship/mentorship back into the film business.

Sep 21 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS on Mulan, Hidden Figures, Australia, Tracks, Shattered Glass, working with directors Niki Caro and Baz Luhrmann

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Mandy Walker believes that her job as a cinematographer is not just to make pretty pictures, but to enhance an emotion with lenses, camera placement and lighting. She works on a gut and emotional level for films, getting across the feelings of the characters- a DP's arsenal of tricks should only help convey what's going on in the scene. For Mulan, Mandy and director Nikki Caro wanted to take a different approach from the Disney animated version, and were free to interpret the film as they wished. Mandy watched several Chinese action films such as House of Flying Daggers and went on location scouting trips to China to find the look and inspiration for the film. Mandy grew up in Australia and always loved photography, film and art, so she felt a passion to become a cinematographer right from the beginning. She skipped film school and began as a production assistant and loader in Australia, learning as she went on films such as Lantana, which was shot using almost only available light. Shattered Glass, which tells the true story of a journalist who made up the majority of his articles, was her first American film. Working with Baz Luhrmann on Australia was a huge jump into bigger budget movies, and she learned how to organize and delegate an entire camera department with multiple cameras. For the film Hidden Figures, Mandy worked closely with the costume designer and makeup artists to ensure that how the characters were dressed and what they looked like matched the feel of what each scene is meant to convey. She watched a lot of archival footage from NASA, some of which was used in the film, and was thrilled to meet Katherine Johnson, one of the real-life subjects of the film.

Mandy Walker is currently working with director Baz Luhrmann again on a forthcoming biography film about Elvis Presley.

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Sep 08 2020 · 1hr 18mins

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Mulan Cinematography (with Mandy Walker ASC ACS) GCS237

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Disney's highly-anticipated live-action remake of Mulan is here! Cinematographer Mandy Walker ASC ACS gives us a behind the scenes look at making the film.

Mandy and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, break down Mulan's epic battle scenes, gender roles in cinematography, the perfect camera and lens combination for the film, using custom specialty lenses to draw focus, and more!

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What you will learn in this episode
  • Having this version be different from the animated classic (03:23)
  • Visual inspiration from Chinese culture and films (08:56)
  • Filming the great battle avalanche scene (14:46)
  • Filming Mulan differently as a man vs woman (26:08)
  • Filming the locked-down tracking shots (30:32)
  • Prep to film battle scenes (34:27)
  • Crafting and testing custom lenses (35:19)
  • Lighting in a quick but effective way (42:07)
  • Benefits of using a base LUT (50:05)
  • Challenge of lighting for moonlight (53:19)
  • Returning to work during the pandemic (56:07)
  • And more!

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Sep 04 2020 · 1hr 1min
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The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #215 – Mandy Walker ASC

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We have a great one today with cinematographer Mandy Walker ASC.  She just wrapped up shooting Mulan and is on to chat about the incredible process behind the film, the extensive testing, her approach to prep on a film this big and more. It was great chatting with Mandy and I look forward to checking out […]

The post The Wandering DP Podcast: Episode #215 – Mandy Walker ASC appeared first on Cinematography Podcast & Tutorials.

Feb 18 2020 · 54mins
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Mandy Walker ACS ASC - An Artist and a General

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Mandy Walker ACS ASC talks about shooting the new live-action "MULAN" for Disney on the ALEXA 65, "HIDDEN FIGURES" on 35mm, collaborating with great directors like Niki Caro and Baz Luhrmann and how she prepares for a big film including camera and lens testing and  creating custom LUTs.

Aug 02 2019 · 54mins
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Mandy Walker: Life as a DP- "Hidden Figures" and beyond

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Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS spent some time talking with us for this week’s episode. Mandy is a seasoned cinematographer, shooting from behind the lens on many films like Australia, Tracks, and the recently Oscar Nominated film Hidden Figures. We focus on what it took to shoot Hidden Figures and what she faces as a cinematographer daily, on any project.
Mar 22 2017 · 28mins