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Arab Women: Carrying the Burden of Our Family's Honor feat. Alya Mooro

Unswtnd + Unfltrd

Growing up, I can't tell you how many times I used to hear the words 3aib, haram or the most triggering of all: "What will people say." But in today's episode you're going to hear what Alya Mooro, my special guest, has to say about navigating the many facets of her identity as an Arab woman.It was just last year when I had picked up Alya's book, 'The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes', and I found myself devouring every word of hers. In her book, I had seen myself, my struggles, my identity crisis and the many obstacles I had faced trying to figure out who I truly am.As a first born and the daughter of immigrant parents, I've come to realize that my life path was already written for me by my parents, extended family and members of the community before I ever had a say in it.Navigating life as an Arab woman meant that I was responsible for carrying the burden of my family's honor on my shoulders. I was always paralyzed by the fear of making any wrong decisions that could jeopardize the reputation of my family name. I never understood why this huge responsibility was placed on us women and never on our male counterparts until Alya Mooro directly said this in her book:"Women hold the burden of their family's honor and that honor lies between their legs."It's this obsession and constant policing of women that dictates our every move. As an Egyptian born and London raised Arab woman, Alya shares the struggles she had faced and is still facing as she is trying to figure out who her authentic self truly is.In this episode we discuss how our identities can dictate how we behave, the East vs West mentality (haram vs halal), juggling different versions of ourselves, halal dating and how to deal with rejection in life.It's important to note that all of us still have our own unique experiences growing up as Arab, Muslim or as women in general, and the obstacles we faced as women isn't limited to only our Middle Eastern culture, these issues are also very prominent in Western societies.I hope that we can continue to have these conversations and for us to continue providing spaces to do so. We all have a voice and we all have the right to be heard.Enjoy and follow the pod on Instagram:@unsweetenedandunfilteredFollow Alya Mooro  on Instagram:@alyamooroTune into Alya's 'Talk of Shame' podcast here:Talk of ShamePurchase Alya's book here:The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes


29 Jun 2021

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Alya Mooro - Journalist and author of The Greater Freedom

She's Creative with Claire Hutchison

Alya is a journalist and author of the bestselling non-fiction book The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes. She is a columnist at Restless and has written for the likes of New York Magazine, The Telegraph and Refinery 29.She discussed using social media as a tool to get your foot in the door, doing shifts at Grazia and The Debrief, trying your hand at different jobs as a freelancer, her pitching process and how she finds stories, the importance of doing lots of reading, writing a column for Restless Network, building a social media following, her book The Greater Freedom and how it came to fruition, and her newsletter The Greater Conversation.Follow the podcast: twitter.com/shescreativepodinstagram.com/shescreativepod/facebook.com/shescreativepodko-fi.com/shescreativepodFollow Alya:https://twitter.com/alyamoorohttps://www.instagram.com/alyamooro/https://linktr.ee/alyamooro See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Jun 2021

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Alya Mooro: Let's Talk About Shame

The Goodness Podcast

Alya Mooro is an Egyptian-born, London-raised freelance journalist and author of the bestselling non-fiction book The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes.Alya is also the host of a new podcast, Talk of Shame, in which she speaks with guests from across the MENA region and its diaspora in an effort to dig deeper into concepts of '3aib', or shame in Arabic, and figure out how we can free ourselves from it. https://www.instagram.com/alyamooro/


11 May 2021

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Author & Freelance Journalist Alya Mooro [afikra Conversation]

The afikra Podcast

We enjoyed discussing with Alya her bestselling non-fiction book The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes and the recently launched newsletter "The Greater Conversation", centering female Middle Eastern stories with an aim to de-stigmatize through honest storytelling.Created & Hosted by Mikey Muhanna, afikra, https://www.instagram.com/mikey_mu/‎ Edited by: Ramzi RammanTheme music by: Tarek Yamani https://www.instagram.com/tarek_yamani/About the afikra conversation series:Our long-form interview series, hosted on Zoom, featuring academics and arts ‎and media experts who are helping document and/or shape the history and culture of the Arab world through their ‎work. Our hope is that by having the guest share their expertise and story, the community still walks away with newfound curiosity - and maybe some good recommendations about new nerdy rabbit holes to dive into headfirst. ‎Following the interview, there is a moderated town-hall-style Q&A with questions coming from the live virtual audience ‎on Zoom.‎ Join the live audience: https://www.afikra.com/rsvp Follow afikra:‎Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/afikra/Patreon: https://patreon.com/afikraInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/afikra_/‎Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/afikra.official/‎Twitter: https://twitter.com/afikraWebsite: afikra.comAbout afikra:‎afikra is a grassroots movement that has evolved into a global community dedicated to exploring the history and ‎culture of the Arab world. Starting in 2014 in NYC, our mission has always been two-pronged: cultivate curiosity and ‎build community. We've hosted intimate salon-style events all over the world that feature in-depth presentations on ‎topics related to the Arab world, given by members of our community. What makes afikra different is that our ‎programs and platform is designed to engage our community to ask their own questions, and provide an open ‎community of peers who support each other as we all look for the answers together. Our vision is to build a global ‎community of curious minds who are interested in promoting intellectualism and deepening our communal ‎knowledge of the Arab region.‎


22 Feb 2021

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73 | Living In A Patriarchal World With Alya Mooro

Arab-American Psycho

This week’s guest is Alya Mooro (@alyamooro), an Egyptian born and London raised journalist, bestselling author of ‘The Greater Freedom: Life As A Middle Eastern Woman Outside The Stereotypes’, and co-host of Bootleg Magic. We chat about her book, not feeling Arab enough, shame culture, marriage, and so much more. I seriously love this episode, enjoy psychos!Sign up for Alya’s newsletter: https://www.alyamooro.com/newsletterBuy ’The Greater Freedom’: http://mybook.to/TheGreaterFreedomFollow Alya @alyamooro: https://www.instagram.com/alyamooro/?hl=enFollow me @noore: https://www.instagram.com/nooreFollow @arabamericanpsycho: https://www.instagram.com/arabamericanpsychoNew episodes every Sunday, and if you made it this far please rate and review on iTunes. Okay love you, bye!

1hr 12mins

30 Aug 2020

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Alya Mooro: The Greater Freedom

The Radical Contemporary Podcast

In this episode our co-host Yasmine Kenawi speaks to Alya Mooro an Egyptian born, London raised freelance journalist and author of the bestselling non-fiction book The Greater Freedom: Life as a Middle Eastern Woman Outside the Stereotypes. Alya is the co-host of the podcast Bootleg Magic, and, with over 20,000 followers on social media, has guested on numerous national radio stations, spoken on panels across the UK, US and Middle East and worked with brands the likes of Keds, Nike and Absolut. In 2019, Glamour Magazine called her one of 20 Nu-Gen Feminists to know. Alya and Yasmine speak about cultural stereotypes in the Arab world, feminism, and the art of being unapologetically yourself. Follow Alya Mooro on Instagram @alyamooro or www.alyamooro.com.This episode is brought to you by The G Hotel at SEASHELL. Our partner for the summer and a space where holistic living meets opulent art, design, music, gastronomy, and more. For more information and bookings visit www.thegseashell.com or @thegseashell. 


12 Aug 2020

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Episode 09: Alya Mooro

Crazy Sexy Food

It’s the last episode of Season Two! Where has the time gone?! This season has got us through lockdown, long days and strange moments. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed speaking to everyone this season during what has been a bizarre and challenging time! So, thank you to all the guests for keeping me sane, and you lovely listeners for standing by me! This week I chat with Alya Mooro, the Egyptian born – London raised journalist and author of the ‘The Greater Freedom’. We cover everything from lockdown cooking, some baking disasters, growing up as a Middle Eastern woman in a Western world and the struggles and pressures that come with it. Alya delves into the reasons she wrote her brilliant book, and how it’s made her and her mother’s relationship stronger! We bond over our favourite pasta dish as well as hearing about her favourite Egyptian dishes. Whilst I work behind the scenes to bring you a bigger and better SEASON THREE, head on over to the Crazy Sexy Food YouTube channel to check out all the offerings over there! Social Media: @alyamooro @crazysexyfood @hannahharley Music by @casnova____ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


11 Aug 2020

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Living Freely As A Middle Eastern Woman With Alya Mooro

Women Power Podcast with Wafa Alobaidat

On this episode we go through the process of writing and publishing Alya Mooro’s book and the business side of things like finding an agent and a publisher. We navigate through her work as a freelancing journalist, which includes pitching ideas to editors and sourcing steady work. We also talk about her best selling book, “The Greater Freedom: Life As A Middle Eastern Woman Outside The Stereotypes”, why she decided to write a book that speaks to Arab women and we cross into topics of sexuality, identity, the importance of financial independence and the pressure of getting married and toning things down as women.

1hr 12mins

18 Jun 2020

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16 | Alya Mooro | Let's talk about the expectations placed on women!

Yalla Bye

on this episode, we talk to alya mooro, author of the greater freedom: life as a middle eastern woman outside the stereotypes, about her book and about the often ridiculous expectations placed on arab women specifically (and women in general). we go from talking about how women are expected to look, behave and make decisions to discussing alya's writing career. BUY THE GREATER FREEDOM: https://amzn.to/3aOev2cALYA'S THE GREATER CONVERSATION NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2VKXfGNOUR SA2AFOLOS: alya's sa2afolo: misbehaviour - amazonshe's beautiful when she's angry - amazonhager's sa2afolo: brainpickings.org and @brainpicker


29 Apr 2020

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Alya Mooro

Bull and Bear

The guys sit down (via conference call of course) with Alya Mooro, Egyptian born, London raised journalist. We discuss her new book: The Greater Freedom: Life As A Middle Eastern Woman Outside The Stereotypes, and what it looks like to feel a pull from two very different cultures… how that might build a person up, or make things difficult as they try and find their own path in this big world we all live in.


7 Apr 2020