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#47 With Brian Meeks

Were You Still Talking?

Episode #47 This week I had so much fun talking to author Brian Meeks on how to sell your book on Amazon, we talked about things we know nothing about, telling great stories, living to 350 years old, and how important copywriting is when selling books, or anything really. Brian is a full-time author. He has 19 novels under his name and a pen name. He has 6 non-fiction titles, including Mastering Amazon Ads and Mastering Amazon Descriptions, which are the books that led to speaking at author conventions including Kevin J. Anderson's Superstars, and all of the 20BooksTo50K events. Brian has built two FB author groups with over 11,000 members. For six minutes of behind the scenes bonus material check out YouTube version: https://youtu.be/nU-UkK3Xk_I https://www.facebook.com/groups/MasteringAmazonDescriptions Mastering Amazon Descriptions: An Author's Guide: Copywriting for Authors: https://amzn.to/32QF31Y Music for all episodes by Jon Griffin. My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCugOLERePPuD4nwtZO-Zwnw?view_as=subscriber My Instagram: @joelyshmoley and @slidesofjohn FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/wereyoustilltalking/ Twitter: @JoelAAlbrecht

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17 Nov 2020

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Author Marketing by the Numbers with Brian Meeks

Self Publishing Insiders

Author and Numbers Guru, Brian Meeks, sits in with the D2D team to talk about his career, and how he uses data to propel the success of his books.Find more about Brian and his work at http://extremelyaverage.com //Draft2Digital is where you start your Indie Author Career//Looking for your path to self-publishing success? Draft2Digital is the leading ebook publisher and distributor. We’ll convert your manuscript, distribute it online, and support you the whole way, and we won’t charge you a dime. We take a cut of royalties on each sale you make through us, so we only make money when you make money!• Get started:  https://Draft2Digital.comGet insider info on indie author success from our blog.• Visit: https://Draft2Digital.com/blogTune in to our monthly livestreams and ask us anything!• D2D Live: https://D2DLive.comPromote your books with our Universal Book Links!• Books2Read: https://books2read.com//Get ahead of the Self-Publishing game with our Amazing Partners//Findaway Voices || Find a narrator, produce your audiobook, and distribute it to retailers worldwide, including Audible.com and Apple Books.• http://findawayvoices.com/d2dReedsy || Assemble your team of publishing professionals! Find editors, cover designers, marketing experts, ghostwriters and more.• https://reedsy.comBookBrush || Build graphics and video that help you market and promote your books.• https://bookbrush.com/d2d-mockups///Join the D2D Community Online//Facebook || https://facebook.com/draft2digitalTwitter || https://twitter.com/draft2digital


2 Jul 2020

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Episode 025 - Mastering Book Descriptions with Brian Meeks

The Indy Author Podcast

Brian Meeks talks through his revision of one of Matty's book descriptions to illustrate the copywriting methods that have enabled him to turn browsers into buyers on the online retail platforms.


6 May 2020

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An Interview With The MASTER of Amazon : Brian Meeks!

Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast

[Get the new Authority Podcasting book at the PRE-sale price: http://bit.ly/AUTHORITY-PODCASTING] Damn! That was more than I expected... The Master of Amazon is making us an OFFER. But before I get into that, you know that Brian Meeks is a professional DATA Analyst right? So when he "whips out the data" , the HARD data from Amazon -- you know it will be FRUITFUL! This is a crazy deep dive! Longest interview I have done yet - a full 2 hours! In this interview I get to pick Brian's Brain (say that 5 times fast!)  and get into the real nuts and bolts of HOW TO BE A PROFITABLE AUTHOR ON AMAZON. We talk about his first book "Mastering Amazon Ads" and his second book "Mastering Amazon Descriptions." You will LOVE this long form interview! Among other things we talk about: How important your Copy is  Amazon Ads The Law of Diminishing Returns 20BooksTo50k Michael Anderle Going WIDE What METRICS you MUST monitor What metrics are Stooopid! Man he hates the Amazon dashboard! And much much more! Oh, yeah, about that offer :-) He's offering us 30% off of his ADVANCED Course! https://meeks-master-classes.teachable.com/p/mastering-amazon-ads-an-author-s-course/ Use the code "Chicago" on checkout to get the awesome DISCOUNT! This is a time sensitive offer so get it now while it lasts. P.S. I am NOT an affiliate of his course (there is no aff.program but I wish there was). Have you noticed? There are no commercials or advertisements on this podcast! Please help keep the podcast free from annoying advertisements! Become a SUPPORTER of this Podcast for as low as ONE dollar :-) https://gumroad.com/l/zbooks Learn Selfpublishing the right way - get my new book while it's still FREE! https://bit.ly/Get-Your-Power I'M SUPER DUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE NEW CALL-IN FUNCTION OF THIS PODCAST!!! Go to the link below - ask your questions and I will answer it in the next podcast!!!

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14 Aug 2019

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Better your book descriptions and copywriting with the author of Mastering Amazon Descriptions, Brian Meeks.

Book Faces Live

Facebook Episode


26 Apr 2019

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Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing EP 068 - Mastering Book Descriptions and Amazon Ads with Brian Meeks

Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

In this episode, Mark interviews Brian Meeks, author of Mastering Amazon Ads and Mastering Amazon Descriptions. The interview was recorded during a Facebook Live video on the Stark Publishing Facebook page. Prior to the interview, Mark shares a word from the episode's sponsor, Findaway Voices . . .You can learn more about how you can get your work distributed to retailers and library systems around the world at starkreflections.ca/Findaway. In the personal update area, Mark talks about a recent 40% off Box Set promotion that he and author Sean Costello had with Kobo, how they added their own push for the promo, and how it helped them sell more copies not just on Kobo, but also on Kindle, Apple and Nook. Mark talks about the detailed analysis of the promo which he published for Patreon supporters of the podcast and thanks them for their ongoing support. In their chat, Mark and Brian talk about: How Brian once put off launching a fiction title for 60 days because he wanted to avoid the task of writing the product description How a description done correctly will convert at about 1 in 10 (1:10) - ie, ten views of an ad will result in a click through to the product by a potential customer The most common problems that authors face when trying to write their book product description The idea of using previous or existing reviews of a book to find hints and clues to what made the book special to readers Ways authors can practice writing or creating compelling product descriptions The ultimate goal of a product description, which is to get a potential reader to READ your book Creating a log line that can be used as an "elevator pitch" How formatting of a description can be as important as the words used in that description How the main goal of the FIRST line (or opening hook) of a product description is to get the reader to read the SECOND line The concept of the call to action to request the reader to "buy" or "get" the book today Brian's story of the "miracle product description" How customers don't care so much the difference between $2.99 or $4.99 and that their TIME in reading the book is something they consider more valuable, more precious The concept of variance, and how it can take 1000 clicks before you have enough data to accurately measure the results of a data set Amazon Ads for authors who are published exclusively to Kindle (KDP Select and part of Kindle Unlimited) VS authors who publish their books "wide" to all retail platforms Why an author shouldn't spend more than 90 seconds writing up their advertising copy What is a good place to start or to learn how Amazon Advertising works for you The critical importance of patience and setting expectations and how much investment of time and energy it takes to perfect the process How "Bid Plus" is a terrible idea for authors to use in Amazon Advertising How Brian gives about 7 to 10 days for an ad to see if they are "getting turned on" and, if it isn't, he kills it The differences of playing within the Amazon Advertising world today compared to how it used to be In his post-interview reflections, Mark talks about three things from the chat that stuck with him. The idea of NOT using the "Bid Plus" option when creating Amazon Advertising Ads The concept of having a first line / log line of 4 to 6 words to grab the attention of a potential reader in your book description The methodology of incorporating elements from reader reviews of your book when revising your book's blurb Links of Interest Brian Meeks Website Mastering Amazon Ads Facebook Group Mastering Amazon Descriptions Facebook Group Brian's Amazon Page The Facebook Live video for the interview segment of this podcast Findaway Voices Patreon for Stark Reflections Stark Reflections Survey Brian D. Meeks is an author who writes under his name and the pen name Arthur Byrne. The music for this podcast (“Laser Groove”) was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod of www.incompetech.com and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

1hr 6mins

29 Mar 2019

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP180 – Book Descriptions with Brian Meeks

SPA Girls Podcast

Ever wondered if your book description could be better?Ever thought it should sell more books? Then this is the episode for you. Brian Meeks, description-writer extraordinaire, talks with us about how to write a kick-ass description that will sell more books, and help amp up your advertising sales. Turns out, it’s all about copywriting. And writing the best hooks you possibly can. Lucky for us, Brian takes us through every aspect of writing hooks to help you write your next description. In fact, we get him to do it on the fly, by giving him a description to fix, on air, as we listen. Thanks to Cheryl and her newly released book, Doughnuts and Disaster, Book Four in the Maple Lane Cozy Mystery series. Cher was brave enough to give Brian her description for him to have a go at re-writing – and believe me, he didn’t pull any punches!! This is raw, honest, and exciting copywriting at its best, and you can listen in as the master creates a new blurb in less than 30 minutes! Here’s the original description for you to read as he re-writes it: Maddie’s best friend is in danger!A killer on the loose makes hairdresser, Angel, lose her appetite and because we’re talking a batch of her favourite jelly doughnuts this means the gloves are off for Maddie and her friends.Wanting to make amends in theory sounds like a positive thing, but when someone who is part of Angel’s past arrives in town, that’s why things begin a slippery slope into disaster.An ugly murder has Maddie, the Sheriff, Big Red – her faithful Maine Coon cat – and the Girlz back in action as they try to protect Angel from a mystery stranger.Or is it someone she knows?There are clues a-plenty and maybe a few red herrings in the fourth book in the Maple Lane Mysteries.The new version written by Brian Meeks LIVE on the show: The threat was real.Her best friend could die.Can Maddie save her in time?The call surprised her. Maddie had been baking jelly donuts for her best friend’s salon for years. Now, the order has been cancelled. What does this mean? Is it the first sign of the apocalypse? Her friend adores the donuts and now Maddie must get to the bottom of this mystery.What is going on?Angel loves her days in the salon and her clients enjoy sweet treats she orders from her best friend, Maddie, but there’s just one problem, the stress of a killer in town has taken her appetite.And this isn’t the only thing worrying her.Why would Angel’s ex-husband be back in town?Maddie’s boyfriend, the sheriff, hasn’t been able to crack the string of murders. She may need to give him a gentle hand with this one.You’ll love the clues a plenty in this cozy mystery, because everyone enjoys figuring out the riddles. Get it now.Click this link to check out Brian’s book on writing descriptions.

1hr 1min

27 Mar 2019

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Brian Meeks, Becky’s Hate Speech on Facebook, Destroy A Man Now Book

Deadman's Tome Podcast

If you wish to donate to us, use the links below Streamlabs donation (your donation will appear on the stream) … More

21 Mar 2019

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SFFMP 198: Mastering Amazon Ads with Brian Meeks

Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast

Jo and Lindsay talked with the famous (not infamous!) Brian Meeks today, author of Mastering Amazon Ads, as well as thrillers, satire, and science fiction (under a pen name). He started tinkering with Amazon ads a couple of years ago when they first came on the scene, and they turned into a game-changer for him, allowing him to sell a lot more books and eventually quit the day job. Now, he spends a lot of time in his Amazon ads Facebook group helping other authors, and he’s also got a course you can sign up for if you want more than is in his book. If you want to check it out, he’s offering our listeners 30% off — throw in the coupon code of SFFMP30. Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author’s Course Here are some specifics we covered in the show: The basics of Amazon ads and how they work. The difference between product display ads and sponsored product ads (and why Brian is a big fan of the former even though most people jump on the latter). How long you should wait to see if an ad is going to catch and run well. How recent changes to the ad system (August 2018) have got everyone bidding higher right now and authors may want to wait until things settle down again. Why you should be patient and give everything time before raising the bid or selecting the new option to increase your bid up to 50%. Whether it makes sense to advertise books that are wide and that can’t make money from page reads in Kindle Unlimited. Whether it’s possible to pay for ads on a free ebook and come out ahead (i.e. when it’s a series starter). How good copywriting is important, not just for the ads but for your book description. Having an effective hook and drawing the reader to click more on Amazon. How much time it really takes to get Amazon ads to move the dial for you — it’s not a quick fix or a set-it-and-forget-it method. Once you get some success, scaling it. Don’t forget to check out Brian’s Mastering Amazon Ads book, and you can also take a peek at his fiction. He’s written some scifi under Arthur Byrne starting with The Magellan Apocalypse. http://traffic.libsyn.com/marketingsff/SFFMP-198_-_Mastering_Amazon_Ads_with_Brian_Meeks.mp3 | Open Player in New Window Click to download the mp3. Subscribe to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast on iTunes. Subscribe to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast on YouTube. Subscribe to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast via RSS. Like us on Facebook.

12 Sep 2018

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The art of Amazon advertising with Brian Meeks!

Book Faces Live


15 Aug 2018