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#3 Rob Stephenson

Leadership Letters

In this episode our guest is mental health campaigner, founder of The InsideOut Leader Board and CEO of Formscore, Rob Stephenson.Rob is on a mission to help create happier, healthier and higher performing workplaces. As a consultant Rob works with Boards and senior leadership teams on the design and implementation of an integrated wellbeing strategy and through Formscore’s revolutionary technology helps employers with real time well-being analytics, and employees become more intentional about their wellbeing. The InsideOut Leaderboard is a charity with the mission of smashing the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace by showcasing senior leader role models with lived experiences of mental ill-health. Rob experiences bipolar disorder personally. If you would like to learn more about Rob and connect with him, you can find him on LinkedIn. During our conversation, we talked about:Leadership through the lens of followshipSetting aside time for recoveryThe role of the leader in creating the conditions for wellbeing at workWellbeing as a strategic priorityCreating environments where people feel as psychologically safe as they do physicallyWork Well Podcast by Jen FisherThe Master and his Emissary by Ian McGilchristIn the Leadership Letters Lowdown, we covered:Auditing the questions that you askUseful questionsRising Strong by Brené BrownAsk Better Questions To Build Better Connections by Amber L WrightLex Fridman Podcast with Tony FadellThe Leadership Letters Podcast is produced by Anything But Footy. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Acast, or wherever you get your podcasts. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 Jul 2022

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Ep. 1 - Bipolar Disorder | Rob Stephenson

Emotions At Work

Rob Stephenson is a father, husband, founder and CEO, speaker, traveller, DJ - and he also suffers from Bipolar Disorder. In this episode, Rob and I discuss the process of arriving at his diagnosis, the challenges of bipolar on his work and personal life, and the organization and product he's created to empower others to track and manage their emotions.  https://inside-out.org/ https://www.formscore.today/


2 May 2022

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EP15 -Living Positively with Negative Mental Health with Rob Stephenson

The Purpose-Led Leadership Podcast

Rob Stephenson. TEDx speaker, mental health campaigner and founder of FormScore - The real-time wellbeing analytics app that allows businesses to track and measure their employee's wellbeing. But Rob isn't just a campaigner; he's someone who experienced the depths of what negative mental health can do to your life. From being diagnosed with Bipolar in his twenties to attempting to take his own life, in this week's episode, Rob takes us along his journey to discovering his purpose and gives tips and advice to help leaders and the like do it for themselves. Find Rob here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robstephenson/Find Vincere here: https://www.vincere.io/chrisoconnell


23 Aug 2021

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Rob Stephenson discusses how his bi-polar diagnosis kickstarted his wellbeing journey

The 12 Minutes of Workplace Health Podcast

How Rob Stephenson broke the silence on his bi-polar disorder and became a campaigner for mental health. Rob is a TEDx Speaker, CEO of FormScore and Founder of the InsideOut LeaderBoard.


5 Jul 2021

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Rob Stephenson - How to improve mental wellbeing in workplaces and life

42courses Podcast

Today you’ll hear tips to help normalise the conversation around mental health and smashing the stigma, to reach Better mental wellbeing Rob Stephenson is a mental Health campaigner He’s the founder of the InsideOut LeaderBoard, which showcases senior workplace leaders, who are open about the fact that they have a mental health challenge. Rob always speaks openly about his own diagnosis of bipolar disorder and how that affected his life story. He is also the founder of FormScore which is a movement, website and mobile app which helps youth Keep track of how you’re feeling and connect with those around you during tough times. Rob is a fantastic keynote speaker and was a stand out hit at Nudgestock2021. July's 30-day well-being sprint, The Form Booster https://mailchi.mp/formscore/30-day-form-booster FormScore, where you can also find a link to the FormScore App https://www.formscore.today/ The Inside Out Leaderboard https://inside-out.org/ Rob recommends the book, The Lonely Century by Noreena Hertz --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/42courses/message


2 Jul 2021

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The Coaching Cast | Season 2 - Episode 9 Rob Stephenson on Wellbeing and Mental Health

The Coaching Cast

S02 EP09: Rob Stephenson on Wellbeing and Mental Health In today’s episode we are privileged to welcome Rob Stephenson, mental health campaigner, CEO and Founder of FormScore - a movement and technology solution, that helps us be more intentional about our wellbeing by answering the question "How are you today?" with a score out of ten - and founder of the InsideOut Leaderboard, a social enterprise with a mission of ending the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace. Timestamps: 0.00   Podcast Intro 01.16 Episode Intro 01.50 How are you? 07.57 Main discussion – Wellbeing and Mental Health with Rob Stephenson 49.14 Bullshit Bingo 51.00 Our top tips this week 52.00 Summary and close of episode Contact us, we would love to hear from you! Connect with the podcast on Instagram @the_coaching_cast Email the podcast at hello@thecoachingcast.co.uk Connect with Lisa - https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-robyn-wood-836a5827/?originalSubdomain=uk Connect with Suzy - https://www.linkedin.com/in/suzy-hunt-24a7a788/ The Coaching Cast YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJQVRsZMqb30-5lcfISZSw This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast providers You can download FormScore and find out more about Rob's work here https://www.formscore.today/


29 Jun 2021

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#44: A chat with Rob Stephenson, CEO at FormScore


A Chat with Rob Stephenson, CEO at FormScore: Episode Notes In this episode we are joined by Rob Stephenson, CEO and Founder at FormScore. Rob is not only a phenomenal entrepreneur, but is also a very inspiring human being, set to build a well-being movement backed by technology.  During our conversation we talk about the struggle of dealing with bi-polar disorder, as well Rob’s plans for FormScore. Here are a few takeaways:  Bi-polar disorder is characterized by extremes of mood. People affected by this condition may jump from depression to mania. While depression may have individuals feel like they are in a lethargic state, manic episodes could lead them to take irrational decisions and take huge risks, among other things. Sometimes, Rob sees his own condition as a superpower, as it leads to moments of great creativity inspiration. Unfortunately, these usually come at a cost. Being open about his own situation has helped him a great deal. FormScore is first and foremost a movement to help people become more intentional about their mental well-being, and help them facilitate peer support with people they care about. To have a blend of different people in your FormScore circle may help generate enough resilience to deal with whatever life throws in your direction. FormScore can be very effective for companies to aggregate insights at a team level, and therefore identify mental well-being trends in real time. Our Guest: Rob Stephenson Rob Stephenson is an international keynote speaker, campaigner and wellbeing consultant who is on a mission to help create happier, healthier and higher performing workplaces. He experiences bipolar disorder personally. Rob is the founder of InsideOut, a social enterprise with the mission of smashing the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace by showcasing senior leader role models with lived experiences of mental ill-health. This is done by virtue of a published annual list – The InsideOut LeaderBoard.  As a consultant, Rob works with Boards and senior leadership teams on the design and implementation of an integrated wellbeing strategy. Rob is the CEO of FormScore, a revolutionary technology start up helping people to monitor their mental health using a score out of ten with a mobile app to help friends, family and colleagues support each other. Rob is co-founder of the InsideOut Awards and G24, the world’s first global 24-hour mental health summit. In his keynote talks, Rob inspires audiences to think differently about mental health and wellbeing. References: Rob Stephenson Linkedin profile www.formscore.today www.inside-out.org Listen to the next Episode All Podcast Episodes


28 Apr 2021

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82. Rob Stephenson talks Mental Health

Matt Holman Talks Mental Health

In this episode I chat with Rob about his journey with Mental Health.  Rob and I chatted about his bipolar diagnosis, getting to the point of a suicide attempt, recovery and building up FormScore ® and the Inside Out Leaderboard.    You can download the FormScore ® app: https://www.formscore.today/   or Find out more about the Inside Out Leaderboard here: https://inside-out.org/ This episode is unscripted and unedited.


26 Mar 2021

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Episode 27 | Smashing Mental Health Stigma | w/ Rob Stephenson

Beyond the Checkbox

Rob Stephenson is the founder and CEO of FormScore and InsideOut LeaderBoard and has had personal experience living with bipolar disorder, where he was first diagnosed at the age of 30. Rob lived through mental health stigma throughout his career, where he hid his mental-ill health from colleagues and said he was attending physio appointments when he was in fact receiving regular mental health therapy. Upon disclosing of his illness, Rob became a public speaker and mental health thought leader, where he's also become an entrepreneur to chase his passion of smashing the stigma of mental health through his work. 


16 Mar 2021

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Rob Stephenson, CEO & Founder, InsideOut LeaderBoard | Diary of a mental health campaigner

The Workplace Wellbeing Podcast

Rob is a veteran mental health campaigner who is CEO of InsideOut LeaderBoard a social enterprise with a mission of ending the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace as well as being CEO and founder of FormScore which evolved organically from a tool given by a therapist to an idea of improving mental health within our workplaces and communities by means of self reflection and support for one another. We talk about Rob’s experience and involvement in mental health campaigning as well as the impact on one’s form score of watching Spurs lose at football.Rob is looking for beta testers for his formscore app, if you would like to help please follow this link https://www.formscore.today/join-betaThe flexible and ethical wage app Give your employees the ability to access just a little of their earned wages early.


16 Feb 2021