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098: Ben Ryan on culture

Supporting Champions

This week’s guest is Ben Ryan. Ben coached the England Rugby Sevens team between 2007 and 2013. Ben then took a big leap of faith in taking up the head coach role with the Fijian team, leading them to Olympic gold at the Rio Olympics. In recognition of these achievements the IOC named Fiji as the best male team performance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and Ben was awarded the Companion of the Order of Fiji, the highest order attainable on the Islands. Ben’s book documenting his journey, Sevens heaven won the Telegraph’s sports book of the year. Ben is a thoughtful, observant coach. He has a level of calm consideration for the environment he is in and the people he interacts with whether they’re a prop or a prime minister, which all manifests itself in an unambiguous focus on how he works, how he leads and how he creates the conditions for others to succeed. This approach makes him one of the most compelling coaches to listen to.  *** Applied Pro Practitioner Courses *** https://www.supportingchampions.co.uk/onlinecourse Notes Talking in different languages Resources, foundations & communication Independent views is added value The commitment to Fiji Massaging egos Sausages! What did you learn and still reinforce whilst in Fiji? Ben’s North Star Links https://benryan.co.uk/ https://benryan.co.uk/podcast/ https://twitter.com/benjaminryan Steve Ingham on Twitter www.twitter.com/ingham_steve Supporting Champions on; Twitter www.twitter.com/support_champs Linkedin, www.linkedin.com/company/supporting-champions Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/supportingchampions You can get bonus content from me at Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8W3kvAsvtDDsEayex-1i5A


6 Oct 2021

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Dirty Jokes and FCC Complaints with Ben Ryan

The Funky Panther

Have you heard of the FCC? Did you know that the right dirty joke said on the radio can land you with a complaint filed with the FCC? Neither did we! We are joined in the studio with The Sound of Texas himself @theben_ryan from Fort Worth's 95.9 The Ranch and Panther Island Brewing! In this episode. We talk music, find out that Chad isn't great with name that song(especially if it's prime country or 90's alternative/rock). Javier is pretty tame surprisingly, Ben brings the dirty jokes and might have made Chad a believer in ghosts. Did I mention that we have new merch????? Check out our instagram and DM us with your order!Click here to vote for us as Best of FW - Radio PersonalitySo sit back, relax, enjoy, and Stay Good!CALL OR TEXT OUR HOTLINE AND LEAVE US A MESSAGE! 817-677-0408Drinking in this episode.@liquiddeath@blacklanddistilleryfw@pantherislandbrewingShow LinksThe Funky PantherMerchTwitchYouTube 

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23 Sep 2021

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#130 Ben Ryan - World leader in performance and the most successful men’s rugby sevens coach in the world

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Today we spoke with Ben Ryan - World leader in performance and the most successful men’s rugby sevens coach in the world. Brought to you by Hauora - a whole person performance wellbeing growth partner. Visit www.HauoraLife.com Ben Ryan is the only coach to have won Continental, World and Olympic titles, and has been named in the top 50 most influential people in World Rugby. Ben has been working at the top end of international sport for over a decade, is an ambassador for HSBC and Fiji Airways, and consults for many world class organisations in the business and sporting world. He hosts his own podcast which includes interviews with Owen Eastwood, Nemani Nadolo and Greg Barden. Today we speak about trust, success and a story about people. We ask Ben about what he means when he proclaims - "the things we know best are the things we were never taught". Ben shares his upbringing, how Brentford will fare in the Premier League - and lessons learnt from his time spent in Fiji - check out his book "Sevens Heaven". This podcast focuses on high performing individuals - Ben has brought that energy wherever he's been. Lean in...


26 Jul 2021

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Rugby, Coaching And Winning Gold With Ben Ryan

Leadership Revealed

In this special episode, John talks to Olympic gold winning Rugby Sevens coach, Ben Ryan. Ben is the most successful men’s Rugby Sevens coach in the world and the only coach to win continental, world, and Olympic titles – how amazing is that! Ben has been working at the top end of international sport for over a decade. Many of you will have heard of Ben’s name and his story is nothing short of amazing. After working as a professional rugby player, Ben’s eventual move to Fiji saw him coach the Fijian 7s team to winning gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Ben was later named Ratu Peni Raini Latianara in Fiji, became Chief in the province of Serua, and was awarded the Companion of the Order of Fiji, the highest order attainable on the Islands. There are even talks about having his story made into a film! During John’s time with Ben, they talk about Ben’s remarkable sporting career, his well-received book, ‘Sevens Heaven: The Beautiful Chaos of Fiji’s Olympic Dream’ as well as leadership parallels between sport and business. Tune in to this episode for a great back and forth on all things sport and leadership. Follow Ben on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/benryan7s/Listen to ‘The Ben Ryan Podcast’ - https://benryan.co.uk/podcast/#episodesVisit Ben’s website - https://benryan.co.uk/Buy Ben’s book - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sevens-Heaven-Beautiful-Chaos-Olympic/dp/1474608272/ KEY TAKEAWAYS It’s important for everyone in the team to have a say. Values are extremely important. Creating values and the right working culture changes the way people work. Work hard together to achieve a common goal. Trust in people’s abilities and you can achieve anything. BEST MOMENTS “Our competence levels were high, but our culture kept everyone in tow. Not one got too big-headed, and no one would run away with any thought that they were better than they were”. “Be a leader that you can still win when you are not there”. VALUABLE RESOURCES Leadership Revealed Podcast Castledene Sales & Lettings ABOUT THE HOST John has several Estate and Letting Agencies in the North-East of England. He also has a consultancy business, in which he teaches other agents how to grow and scale a sustainable business. John is recording podcasts to grow in the estate agency space, but also to try and break into other industries. The formula John has developed for estate agency success, is transferable into other SME industries. CONTACT METHOD https://www.instagram.com/johnpaulmentor/ https://www.facebook.com/agencyconsulting/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-paul-14167211/ johnpaul@agency-consulting.co.ukSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Jul 2021

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Happiness Is... Ben Ryan [Ep 23]

Happiness Is with Bruce Aitchison

When Sean and I started talking about doing a podcast, the original list of potential guests was topped with this man, a history maker, a role model and a bloody good human. Someone I was desperate to speak to!I was delighted Ben Ryan agreed to give me some of his precious time. I loved talking to him and I hope you enjoy listening.Happiness is Egg Shaped #veilomani See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 11mins

21 Jun 2021

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Ben Ryan - Always Striving to Learn

The Winning Mentality

Ben is a quite extraordinary character with an amazing story, which seems to have been made possible by his determination and no-nonsense desire to succeed in his chosen profession. By his early 40s, he’d already gone from PE teacher to head coach of England Rugby 7s, resigned from that job and was hunting for a new challenge. He found one in Fiji, where Ben eventually took a group of spectacularly skilled but unfit and disorganised rugby players from underperforming in 2013 to Olympic Gold in 2016.


13 Jun 2021

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"What It Takes" with Ben Ryan - Olympic Gold Medal Winning Coach of Fiji Rugby 7's

Champion Minded

in this episode of 'What It Takes", Allistair gets to chat with Ben Ryan, the Olympic gold medal winning coach of the 2016 Fiji Rugby 7's team. Ben shares with us how he built the teams culture and shares his philosophies on leadership and high performance environments. 

1hr 9mins

13 May 2021

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Ben Ryan

The Great Coaches: Leadership & Life

Our Great Coach on this episode is rugby coach Ben Ryan. Ben is the most successful men’s rugby sevens coach in history, he is the only coach to have won Continental, World and Olympic titles. He started his international career in 2007 with England 7’s, coaching them in over 300 matches. In 2013 he took over as the coach of Fiji 7’s, and led the team to the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The gold medal was the first ever medal of any colour, won by Fiji at any Olympics. As a result of that victory he was awarded the Companion of the Order of Fiji and is depicted on the reverse of a circulating 50 cent coin, and on the front of a circulating commemorative $7 banknote. Ben has written a wonderful book about his experience with the Fiji 7’s called Sevens Heaven. Avail on Amazon UK here He is also the host of his own terrific podcast The Ben Ryan Podcast. Listen on Apple here In this interview he talks about: How great coaches create a safe psychological space, within an agreed set of guardrails, that let people be the best versions of themselves and that they create psychological safety within a team, by giving the members a voice in defining the expectations they aspires to. How his core philosophy is not making people ever feel that they're the runt of the litter, or they're anything other than valued. The story of the Fiji 7’s team, his role as the leader and how the team was able to embrace cultural change to transform their mindset and their performance. And wanting to leave a legacy of redefining what is possible for the small nations, and teams, on the world stage. Video Links: Rugby sevens team takes first ever gold for Fiji Mercurial, Adaptable, Box Office | Fiji's Gold Medal Story | Olympic Day If you would like to send us any feedback or if you know a great coach, who has a unique story to share, then we would love to hear from you, please contact us at thegreatcoachespodcast@gmail.com You can also follow us here Twitter @CoachesGreat Instagram  @the_great_coaches_podcast YouTube The Great Coaches Podcast channel page LinkedIn    The Great Coaches Podcast showpage


11 Apr 2021

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Ben Ryan: The Olympic gold medal winning coach on becoming the best version of ourselves

The Creative Condition Podcast

When Ben Ryan, one of the most innovative coaches in world sport left his position as England rugby 7s coach, he was all set to take a comfortable role at a sports consultancy company.Then he saw a tweet advertising a vacancy for the national Fiji rugby 7s job. With twenty minutes to accept or decline the role, he listened to his raging instincts and set out on one of the all time great sporting stories, taking them, through countless challenges, to an Olympic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.Ben shares the mind-bending story, his valuable insights to human empowerment, tips for adapting to adversity and why it's vital to establish the right conditions for creativity and happiness to flourish in and around us.This episode of the Creative Condition Podcast is supported by Illustration X and the Association of Illustrators. http://illustrationx.com // http://theaoi.comThe Ben Ryan Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-ben-ryan-podcast/id1553400216Ben's Sevens Heaven book: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/39102941-sevens-heaven https://www.instagram.com/benryan7s/ https://twitter.com/benjaminryan http://bentallon.com http://bentallonwriter.com

1hr 29mins

2 Mar 2021

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Ben Ryan, 24, on music, media career & public perception.

The Troy Farkas Show

My TV star friend joins me to talk about our shared passion of music and also our similar professions. We discuss getting taken seriously, the changing media landscape, balancing our public and private lives, the importance of mental health and so much more.


18 Nov 2020