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40 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Hatman. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Hatman, often where they are interviewed.

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40 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Hatman. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Hatman, often where they are interviewed.

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X's and O's (with former NFL scout, Dan Hatman)

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In this episode, Griffin and Elijah interview Director of Scouting Development at the Scouting Academy and former NFL scout Dan Hatman. They discuss the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft, what Dan looks for in a QB, and what being a scout is all about.


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Nov 17 2020 · 53mins
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Episode 377: Seminar Series (Part 2) - Le'Veon Bell with Dan Hatman

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In the second installment of our Seminar Series exploring the Movement Marvels of American Football, Matt is joined by the Director of Scouting Development at the Scouting Academy , Dan Hatman (@Dan_Hatman). Dan has held positions with the Eagles, Jets, and Giants. Recently Dan and his team at the Scouting Academy have parlayed their experiences and training into developing an outstanding free resource - the Scouting Academy Youtube channel. In this episode Dan and Matt discuss the movement skill of one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL today - Le'Veon Bell. 

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Scouting Academy


Matt Caraccio (@matty_S2S) Paul Perdichizzi (@paulie23ny)

Editor: David Nakano (@KawikaNakano)

Website: Saturday2SundayFootball (@s2sfootball)

Jul 30 2020 · 46mins

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Dan Hatman Breaks Down Jets Draft

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Former Jets, Eagles, and Giants scout Dan Hatman drops by to break down the Jets draft. Also, if there's college football season, what happen with the NFL Draft? Dan gives us his thought on that.

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May 07 2020 · 12mins
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'Valentine's Views' podcast: Scouting Academy Director Dan Hatman plays role of Giants' GM

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What kind of GM would Dan Hatman be? Well, the Scouting Academy director gives us a glimpse by laying out his offseason plan for the New York Giants. Hint: Things might get a little wild

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Mar 11 2020 · 38mins
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Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Scout Talk with Special Guest Dan Hatman: Digging Into 40 Times and Building Scouting Teams

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Scouting Academy founder Dan Hatman returns to Matt Waldman's RSP Cast for a conversation about Wisconsin WR Quintez Cephus' work out, investigating irregularities with 40-Yard Dash times and why there's room for generalists and specialists in the scouting profession.
Dan Hatman is an excellent resource for the draft community. The former NFL scout for the Giants and Eagles is several years into building the Scouting Academy, a curriculum for those wishing to learn more about studying the game and evaluating football talent. The Scouting Academy has placed several of its students into positions with the NFL and college football.

We begin our podcast where I share a story about Dan's work helping his students earn positions in the league and the initial skepticism people had with the program design that has now won over a significant number of teams in the league. I actually know a college recruiter who missed out on a pair of NFL jobs after making it to the final round of interviews because the teams chose an alumnus of the Scouting Academy.

The majority of our conversation focused on Wisconsin receiver Quintez Cephus, his combine results, and how skilled scouts will investigate his disappointing 40-Yard Dash performance in lieu of strong performances on tape, the 20 Shuttle, the Broad Jump, and the Vertical Jump. You'll learn more about the Floating 20 from Dan and I share some historical data about receivers with Cephus's Vertical Jump and how fast they ran.

We finish the pod with an extended conversation about the skills required to become a scout, how there are generalists, and specialists in the field, and ways teams can leverage these talents effectively. You'll hear a bit of an abrupt ending to the podcast--Dan had his microphone on mute after my last comment and I thought he had to drop out to make an appointment at the top of the hour. Still, you'll find this conversation worthwhile.

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Mar 06 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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Make Yourself Marketable, Dan Hatman- Scouting Academy

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On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, your host Keith Grabowski invites Dan Hatman, the director of the Scouting Academy, onto the show. A former NFL scout for the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants, and the New York Jets, Dan Hatman has a vast amount of experience to share with his students. With 36 alumni currently working in the NFL and 115 alumni also operating in college football, Dan Hartman’s Scouting Academy gives its students the tools to help achieve their dream job in the football landscape by intertwining the skillsets of both scouts and coaches.

0:19 Intro
1:54 Scouting Academy background
4:56 Making yourself more marketable
12:07 Word of mouth
12:57 Research into the job search
15:05 Having a game plan
16:00 What is a successful candidate
21:47 Implementing analytics
28:07 Student Development
30:08 Scouting Academy network
31:39 Curriculum at the Scouting Academy
34:37 Scouting Academy alumni
35:43 Taking the course
36:43 Closing

For all inquiries about the Scouting Academy you can visit scoutingacademy.com or email Dan Hatman at director@scoutingacademy.com
Jan 13 2020 · 38mins
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Interview with The Scouting Academy's Dan Hatman and #FanFriday Q&A

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It's #FanFriday! Tony Wiggins and Filip Prus answer questions from Jaguars fans from social media. What's the plan for linebacker Jake Ryan? What would T-Wigg set the line for Jaguars wins if he were a sports book? Filip also interviews Scouting Academy Director of Scouting Development Dan Hatman about the Jaguars draft class, Yannick Ngakoue holdout, and 2019 outlook.


Intro - "Youth" by Glass Animals

Cut 1 - "Genghis Khan" by Miike Snow

Cut 2 - "Morph" by Twenty One Pilots

Outro - "Modern Jesus" by Portugal. The Man.

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Jun 21 2019 · 37mins
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Locked on Jets 6/4/19 Episode 647: General Manager Basics With Dan Hatman

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The Jets are searching for a new general manager. The first round of interviews is presumably at its end. We will soon find out whether a quick hiring will be made. Philadelphia's Joe Douglas seems to be the overwhelming favorite. Will he get the job? Will he accept? Will the Jets make a surprise offer to somebody else? Will they conduct a second round of interviews? Will they add more candidates to the search? We await the answers to those questions.

In the meantime today's podcast discusses the frequently misunderstood natures of searching for a general manager and the responsibilities of the job.

Dan Hatman is one of the most qualified people to discuss these concepts. He has worked in NFL front offices. He now writes for Inside the Pylon where he studies general manager searches each year. Dan even wrote his masters thesis on the job of an NFL general manager.

Dan joins me today for an extremely insightful look at the way things really work in the NFL.

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Jun 04 2019 · 29mins
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JTTD 162: Scout School With Dan Hatman; NFC/AFC South Draft Recaps

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Fran Duffy catches up with Dan Hatman from The Scouting Academy to dive head first into his evaluation process when it comes to scouting players for the NFL before he sits back down with Ben Fennell to discuss the eight teams in the NFC and AFC South when it comes to the 2019 NFL Draft.
Jun 03 2019 · 52mins
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LockedOn Giants - 05/03/2019 - Giants Rookie Class Review/Minicamp Preview with Dan Hatman

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Dan Hatman, the Director of the Scouting Academy, joins the show to run down his takes on the Giants 2019 draft class. Dan identifies which Giants picks represent ideal value and offers his take on what we can expect from the rookies at this weekend's minicamp.

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May 03 2019 · 38mins