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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chris Oakley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chris Oakley, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Chris Oakley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Chris Oakley, often where they are interviewed.

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#104: In Memory of Chris Oakley

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My heart is heavy as I watched the memorial service for my dear friend, Chris Oakley, who tragically passed away at 37-years of age in a hunting accident this month.  I worked with Chris for the past 4 years. Our relationship started as Chris was assigned to me as my business coach, but he quickly became my friend.

I would talk to Chris every week and went to visit him in Nashville once a year. He also came to Denver to visit me. After a day of business strategy for Calibrate Real Estate, he visited my home for dinner with our family, played with my children, and laughed with us all.

Chris genuinely believed in me. Each time I talked to Chris he was there to help clarify what I was confused about... and as a budding leader and entrepreneur, I have needed a lot of guidance. 

Chris believed that business is a platform for ministry. In his 20s, he was part of a mentoring group that did a book study on the Principal of the Path by Andy Stanley which led him to write his own obituary. The idea was that you should live God's calling daily.

What I learned about Chris, while watching his friends deliver his eulogy today, was that he has been impact on countless people's lives. 

Here are a few of the great lessons that were shared when reflecting upon the life of Chris Oakley today: - he was a gift which is why this pain is so real - encourage others - tell the people that you love that you love them out loud - have the courage to chase your dreams - his memory will never go away, he was truly one of a kind

God used one man to change the trajectory of a lot of people, and we are all thankful for Chris and the way he lived out God's calling in his life. I'll miss you, Chris. 

Written & Hosted by Kyle Malnati | Produced by Kayla Davis

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Dec 27 2019 · 52mins
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Season 2 Episode 6: Doing More of What Matters with Chris Oakley

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In this episode, Chris Oakley tells us about the importance of doing things that matter more and the value of delegation. Listen to this episode and don't forget to subscribe!

Oct 28 2019 · 36mins
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14: How To Build A Successful Team For Your Franchise With Chris Oakley

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If you’re looking to build a successful team of employees for your business, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Do you hire based on the education and experience of the candidate? Or do you consider their work ethic and their personality? There are many ways to assess whether or not you’re hiring the right person. In this episode of Franchise Secrets Chris Oakley and I talk about building the right team from the top down. 

Chris Oakley is my guest for this episode and is a wealth of knowledge in the coaching industry. He has over 5 years of experience working at Dave Ramsey as an All Access Business Coach and a background in a wide range of businesses. Now the owner of his own coaching firm, his personal mission is to help Christian business owners win in the marketplace and help them leverage their influence and resources for Kingdom impact.

Outline of This Episode
  • [0:40] Introduction of Chris Oakley
  • [4:30] Go against the grain and make different choices
  • [8:50] Hiring your key employee
  • [13:00] Character traits to look for in a manager
  • [16:30] Favorite interview questions
  • [19:15] Bringing personality assessments into the mix
  • [23:00] What do you do when you’ve hired the wrong person?
  • [28:15] You win with relationships
Go against the grain to build a successful team

One of the best things you can do is think about the big picture, right? As a business owner, you know that teams are successful when they have good leaders. So hiring the correct management for your franchise location can be the key to growing your business. The right leadership also allows you to focus your attention where it needs to be.

One of the top things you can do is hire someone who is humble, willing to learn, and understands and is passionate about the vision of the company. 

Go against the grain of what other businesses are doing and give yourself time to vet the applicants. Find an employee you trust to sort through applications, conduct initial interviews, and summarize the choices for you. Then take your time with the interview process, getting to know the candidate, and do not make hasty decisions. Let other companies make rash decisions and hire the person desperate for a job. 

Work ethic or experience: which is more important?

Obviously, experience and the skill-set for the job are something to look for in a potential hire. But is it the most important factor?Not necessarily. Experience in the field is great, but someone who is teachable and eager to learn is even better. A huge factor for Chris is simple: he has to really like the person he’s interviewing.

His hiring motto is that they need to be “hungry, humble and (people) smart”. 

Take this opportunity to get to know the people you’re interviewing. What are their dreams? What is their higher purpose? Are they good with people? It’s important to gage who they are and what drives them. Continue listening as Chris and I cover some of the best types of questions to ask, and the responses to look for.

Bring personality assessments into the mix

So how do you know the right questions to ask? How do you draw out stories and examples that you want to see in a key employee? This is where we highly recommend utilizing a personality assessment. One that I use is Color Code—but there are many others. You can use Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, or whatever assessment of choice.

Just don’t choose one that is too time-consuming. You want applicants to be able to do it quickly and not feel pressured for time. You also want to choose something where you’re able to understand the results and use them to decide what questions to ask. It’s a good look at their strengths and weaknesses. Use that knowledge to your advantage to hire the right person for your team

What do you do if you’ve made a poor hiring choice?

It happens, and when it does—I’m not gonna lie—it sucks. When you hire the wrong person, productivity can tank. The output of your time can be affected, and your business may suffer. Our gut instinct is to immediately remove the person immediately. But this is where you need to take responsibility. If someone wasn’t the right fit for the team, you’re the one that made the decision. So what do you do?

Take the steps towards corrective action. You can’t just fire them without giving them the chance to rectify the situation and make steps towards change. Develop a plan with them, communicate along the way, and wait. You may still end up letting them go—but it will not be a surprise. It also shows your whole team that if a mistake is made, they have a chance to redeem themselves—as long as they are willing to learn from those mistakes.

Listen to the whole episode as Chris and I dole out some great advice, some of our favorite interview questions, and some funny personal stories you don’t want to miss!

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Jul 17 2019 · 31mins
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Chris Oakley, Guest Speaker (10/21/18)

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Chris Oakley, AG World Missionary to Hungary, shares what God is doing in Hungary and how God can destroy the giants in your life by relating the story of David and Goliath in a sermon form called, "Character Development".
Jan 07 2019 · 41mins
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Episode 22 - 2017, and the League of Blogacta, with Chris Oakley

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Jay, resident blogger on, chats to his old friend Chris Oakley (The Football Attic, Kitbliss...), about what the world of football design - and particularly kit illustration and fantasy kit design - has in store for us in 2017. After another brief look back at what 2016 gave us (pssst. Nike Vapor), Jay and Chris discussed what there is to look forward to, including an exciting new project on DF, combining the cult hit League of Blogs from The Football Attic and, well, the cult hit LOGacta, from the 70s. When board games and kit design combine - take a listen! Music:

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Jan 10 2017 · 1hr
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Episode 15 - Football Kit Design in the 1970s, with Chris Oakley and John Devlin

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With Jay away, Chris Oakley of The Football Attic, KitBliss and countless others chats to John "True Colours" Devlin about times of yore, namely the 1970s. Get your nostalgia hat on and buckle up (despite seatbelts not being required by law back then). Music:

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Jun 30 2016 · 1hr 13mins
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Chris Oakley

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Chris Oakley came on the SoccerNomad podcast to talk kit design and West Ham United. Chris was one of the creators and contributors of the fabulous Football Attic blog, which can be found at Check out his other projects at Kitbliss, Beyond the Last Man and his alternakits at the twohundredpercent website.

Companion post on SoccerNomad blog.

Additional resources

  • Chris’ video blog at the Football Attic with some of the kits he has owned over the years.
  • The Football Attic podcast on badges.
  • Check out Historical Football Kits for a good look at West Ham home shirts through the years.

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Special thanks to Ryan Apple who composed and performed the music.  You can find out more information on his Facebook page Ryan Apple Guitarist.

Jun 24 2016 · 39mins
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Episode 4 - A Review of 2015 and Look Ahead to 2016 with Chris Oakley

Read more blogger Jay is this time honoured by the presence of The Football Attic's Chris Oakley, to look over some of the big football design events of 2015 and speculate on what might happen in the year to come. Music:

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Jan 07 2016 · 1hr 2mins