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Eating Disorder Recovery, Healing & Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Sarah Ball

The Wabi-Sabi Well Podcast

Healing, recovery, eating issues, body love, trauma sensitive yoga and art therapy are some of the topics explored on today's episode with Sarah Ball. Sarah is a Trauma sensitive and mental health-focused Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Mentor. She's also a Body-Positive Counsellor & Social Worker specialing in eating disorder recovery. She's also one of the women instrumental in my own healing journey. You can find her offerings: workshops, courses, retreats, therapuetic groups, counselling etc at or on instagram @sarah.yoga.counselling. For the current Wabi-Sabi Well offerings: The Art of Alchemy, Spiritual Gym, 1:1 Mentoring, Wild Alchemy pop ups etc head to the bio link on instagram @brieann_delasol

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6 Jul 2022

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06 - Recognising the perimenopause and menopause in patients with existing health conditions with Dr Sarah Ball

Newson Health Menopause Society Podcast

In this episode of the NHMS podcast, host Lauren Redfern is joined by Menopause Specialist Dr Sarah Ball to discuss the ways in which the perimenopause and menopause may be missed in patients with other long-standing health conditions. Drawing upon her own experience as a GP, Sarah outlines how a commitment to asking simple and straightforward questions can prove important in helping to distinguish between the re-emergence of an existing condition, and the onset of perimenopause and menopause. Using a number of interesting examples, this episode urges clinicians to keep menopause on their minds, even in instances where it seems an unlikely culprit. Dr Sarah Ball is a GP and Menopause Specialist currently consulting as part of the Newson Health team. Dr Ball has extensive experience in working with perimenopausal and menopausal patients. She finds the process of empowering women to understand their menopause journey and access appropriate care and treatment highly rewarding. You can follow Dr Sarah Ball on Instagram @drsarahmollyball and find her on Twitter @sarahball14


1 Apr 2022

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14. Sarah Ball - Surviving Suicide

Fire Through Fog

Sarah explains the internal darkness and heaviness during depressive times that can ultimately lead to suicidal thoughts and attempts. This conversation is powerful and helped me understand why someone would choose death over life and how we can help by simply reaching out. Connect with Sarah:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WhiskeyTacoJoin the FIRE THROUGH FOG Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/firethroughfogFollow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/firethroughfog


10 Aug 2021

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Menopause with Dr Sarah Ball

WomenKind Collective

This week we have a special edition of the Womenkind Collective podcast it’s all about Menopause!Jinty and Lou talk to the amazing Dr Sarah Ball who answers all your questions on menopause, symptoms, HRT, and everything else we could fit into our hour with her. Do you know where your oestrogen receptors are in your body and why we need oestrogen? You will find all the answers in this podcast, Dr Sarah is fun and factual and we learned so much. There’s no book collective this week but Jinty let’s us know how she got on with her WI. Dr Sarah Ball is a GP with a special interest in menopause (both personal and professional), she works alongside Dr Louise Newson at Newson Health and has helped so many women understand their menopause journey & gain them access to treatment. We learn that in peri-menopause our ovaries are up and down like toilet seat, so blood tests do not show a true representation of what a women’s body is going through, we should instead look at our bodies especially our periods. We talk about risks and benefits of HRT, the different types, and who can take HRT.We find out that peri-menopause is actually the best time to replace our depleting hormones - there is a window of opportunity to take HRT that will massively help our bodies and brains. Dr Sarah kicks the myths out of the pitch with HRT and the study that caused the great debacle and caused so many women to walk away from treatment and suffer for years but the sex hormones we use today are the gold standard, body identical HRT made from wild yams. This really is a one-stop podcast for menopause! Jinty’s WI from one of the collective was to make sourdough with the starter, which she did, and it’s delicious! We learn some fabulous facts on sourdough and the benefits of eating this type of bread. The Book Collective is having a week off because we didn’t want you to miss anything Dr Sarah had to say, but we will continue with ‘A year of Marvellous Ways’ by Sarah Winman next week. So if you haven’t already, then turn the pages and start this enchanting book.  Our 3 brilliant tips this week come from Today’s guest, Menopause Specialist Dr Sarah BallFind out more about The Balance app for menopausehttps://apps.apple.com/gb/app/balance-menopause-support/id1503345959Menopause Doctor free resources https://www.menopausedoctor.co.uk/aboutSour dough https://foodbodsourdough.com/about-my-recipe/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/womenkindcollectivepodcast/message

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4 Jul 2021

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Ep. 15: Creating Humour Out Of Anxiety with Sarah Ball

The Hustle But Healthy Podcast

At Bodzii, we love to talk about all aspects of health; nutrition & physical health is at the forefront due to the nature of our coaching, however mental health is a HUGE piece of that puzzle. I am so excited to have our guest here today. Her name is Sarah Ball, she is also a current Bodzii member, being coached by Michelle. Yaaaay Sarah! Sarah is an award winning blogger, speaker, and award winning author of Fearless in 21 Days. 16 years ago she was a single mom of 2 small children, living in poverty, abandoned, and really afraid.  5 Years later, she graduated with honors, met and married her husband, bought her first home, became a writer, and had 3 more children! As Sarah describes, just when life was beginning to catch up with the Jones’ –  she got tired, really tired. That tiredness turned into burnout, and that burnout turned into depression, and then one day, after a season of trials… she couldn’t get out of bed, she couldn’t drive her kids to school, or cook dinner, or shower,  because she was mentally ill. She began having panic attacks that turned into a full-blown panic disorder. Then she developed a life changing anxiety disorder, OCD, and deep depression. She went from “how does she do it all” to stuttering, faint spells, heart palpitations, irrational fears, and despairing and suicidal thoughts. She started looking up ways to “cope” with it, and her identity became tangled in my mental illness, and she was accepting my fate. She doesn't remember a specific moment, but that internal stubbornness in her rose up. That stubbornness that had gotten her through many hard times. She rose up in me and said, “No way!” and here she is today. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/fgb-podcast/message


10 May 2021

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4 - Self-Deprecation Nation with Sarah Ball

Brainstorming: The Podcast

We reconnect with our former classmate and friend Sarah Ball and discuss  the importance of 3D Doritos and Sarah's relationship with social  justice work through arts leadership. Plus, we have our largest MASH spiral to date! Sarah also reads an excerpt from the book “Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive  Eating” by Christy Harrison and shares her experiences as the Board President of the Renton Civic Theatre, a non-profit organization in Renton, Washington. If you are interested in making a donation to  support the theatre and ensure they have a space to create art post-pandemic, visit rentoncivictheatre.org.

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23 Mar 2021

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer (with Sarah Ball)

Dessert Before Breakfast

Into every generation, a Slayer is born! One girl in all the- er, two girls... I mean three.  Wait, how many slayers ARE there?? Listen to Super Buffy Fan Sarah Ball dissect her favorite series of all time as she and Mike go head to head to see who is the bigger Buffy nerd!  Are you team Spuffy or team Bangel? Let us know who your OTP is by dropping us a voice message or an email at us at dessertbeforebreakfast@gmail.com! Hosted by Mike Dorval and Melanie Germain. Editing by Callyn Dorval. Music by the Brass Action.  You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/dessert-before-breakfast/message

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19 Jan 2021

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Sarah Ball - How to Optimize Your Body and Mind to Become Unstoppable in Your Business


About Resilient 365: Our bodies are resilient. After years of fighting autoimmune disease, hormone imbalances, leaky gut, and mystery symptoms with no answers, I took matters into my own hands. After 7 years of trial and error, I’ve learned that we can bounce back and heal with the right tools and support. My life’s work is to help you identify the splinters, dig down to the root causes, and bridge the gap between your own power to change and your bodies ability to heal. After working with thousands of people over the last decade, specificially in weight loss, I have seen life-changing transformations. Yet, I had gut feeling (no pun intended!) that I could dig deeper and help my patients with every aspect of their health; not only exercise and nutrition, but get to the root cause of symptoms that were blocking them from living to their fullest potential. That is when my journey  started as a Duke Integrative Medicine Certified Health coach and 3-years later, a Functional Medicine Practitioner. My speciality is the mind-body and gut connection, gut health, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, blood sugar regulation, PCOS, HPA Axis Dysfunction, IBS/IBD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and mindful movement! Also, weight loss...but now knowing that it is a byproduct of removing triggers and balancing your bodies systems...this has been a game changer! I now work with patients virtually, in person (at the Pennridge Wellness Center) and I teach/mentor future health coaches all over the world through the Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach Professional Training program. ~ You can find Sarah Ball on...Website: https://www.resilient-365.com/sales-page-ca78572b-dfef-4f1e-8d79-716ff3cb6529Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beresilient365/ --- Connect with Kamie Lehmann!Website: https://www.kamielehmann.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kamie.lehmann.1LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamie-lehmann-04683473


8 Jun 2020

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Sarah Ball - William the Telus Pony - Episode 42

Miniature Horsemanship Stories

Sarah Ball tells us all about her experience filming that adorable Telus commercial with very special Miniature Horse William! classroom.miniaturehorsemanship.com/42 patreon.com/MHStories


12 Mar 2020

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030 - Early Menopause and POI - Dr Sarah Ball and Dr Louise Newson

The Dr Louise Newson Podcast

In this week's podcast, Dr Louise Newson is joined by Dr Sarah Ball, a GP with a special interest in the menopause. Together, they talk all about early menopause and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) which affects women under 45 years. In the UK, around one in 100 women under 40 experience an early menopause yet many of these women are not diagnosed nor do they receive evidence-based advice and treatment. It is essential that these women receive replacement hormones at least until the age of 51 (the average age of the menopause) unless there are medical contra-indications to taking hormones. Dr Newson and Dr Ball discuss the health risks of untreated early menopause and POI and also the different ways in which women can receive individualised help and treatment.  Dr Sarah Ball's Three Take Home Tips: Early menopause is a different experience - it is essential to replace your hormones Your fertility still does need to be considered Don't feel isolated! Find some support, there are others out there experiencing the same thing. Click here to watch Dr Louise Newson discuss early menopause and POI.


14 Jan 2020