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Greg Doucette's Main - Gaining - Is It The Best Way To Build Muscle?

The Sustainable Self-Development Podcast

In this video I'll address whether "main-gaining", as popularized by Greg Doucette is the best approach to building muscle, and whether it can really replace traditional cutting and bulking cycles. Coaching and consultations:https://ssdabel.com/Angles 90 grips: https://angles90-the-first-dynamic-training-grip-worldwide.myshopify.com/?rfsn=5301938.a3640b0:00 - intro2:38 - Bulking is silly because it just makes you fat?5:30 - Using bulking as an excuse to eat like an a**shole6:56 - What main-gaining actually means in practice10:59 - This is not about staying shredded all year13:35 - The issue with tracking down tiny surpluses15:58 - How people can interpret main-gaining in the wrong way17:29 - My criticism: the issues I have with the main-gaining approach


14 Jul 2021

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WORLDS COLLIDE - Greg Doucette And MPMD Talk YouTube

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26 Jun 2021

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Remington James - YouTube Drama, Greg Doucette, Steroids, Addiction

Making A Man

Remington James (@theremingtonjames) is a YouTube star, fitness entrepreneur, Cookbook Author, and Anabolic Recipe Connoisseur. The RJF Anabolic Cookbook has helped thousands of people enjoy their favorite foods like crispy fried chicken, french toast, ice cream blizzards, and pizza while getting jacked and lean.    Rem also is the founder of Final Boss Performance which sells the Anabar - a delicious, filling, and honest bar which doesn’t cause digestive issues, as well as other supplements.   In this episode we cover: - YouTube drama with Greg Doucette - moving on and reflections - Getting through very dark times and feelings - Rem's past with addiction - Using MDMA - Anabolic steroids vs. TRT - Building YouTube and addiction to success - Body image   Where to find Rem: YouTube Instagram Final Boss Performance   Who would you like to see on the Making A Man podcast or what topics would like to see covered?   Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or email me at scott@makingamanpod.co.


15 Jun 2021

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Chef Rush Vs. Greg Doucette Goes Nuclear - My Response

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28 Mar 2021

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Dissecting Greg Doucette's Blood Work After Coming Off HRT - Is He Secretly Still On Something Else?

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10 Mar 2021

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Phil Vs Greg Doucette, Grandmas On OnlyFans and Testicle Talk | Sunday Sauce EP69

Sunday Sauce Podcast

Posting on the internet is an infinite time capsule - where on day we will see our grandmothers twerking on TikTok. The guys are back on discord and discuss different types of interrogation techniques, advancements in tech, new accomplishments, goals and so much more. This is Sunday Sauce Episode 69.


28 Feb 2021

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Vigorous Steve (Part 1) - Greg Doucette vs More Plates More Dates, Fasting, Neck Training

Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi

Vigorous Steve, a Youtuber and bodybuilding coach who helps those focused on health while achieving physique goals, is back on the podcast. Part 2 will be on his channel linked below, part 1 here will cover the following topics: 0:00​- Intro 1:30​- Feeling connected to YouTubers 3:30​- Similarities with Leo and Derek from More Plates More Dates 7:00​- Jason Blaha vs Greg Doucette vs MPMD natty or not videos 13:20​- Targeting certain populations as clients 15:20​- Using / reusing old videos 19:20​- Speaking with Jason Blaha and Leo Rex 22:00​- John Meadows / being liked by all 23:30​- Update to Vigorous Steve’s health / Fasting 31:00​- Elevated liver enzymes are not normal / bodybuilders justifying health issues 36:00​- Not training when coming off super supplements 42:30​- Neck size/neck training 47:20​- The risk of online pharmacies and unregulated “research chemicals”Steve's YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vigorous...​Steve's IG: https://www.instagram.com/vigoroussteve/​Steve's Website: https://vigoroussteve.com/​Website and Coaching: https://drdavemaconi.com/​


21 Feb 2021

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I tried Greg Doucette Anabolic cookbok.

Intricate Yarns

In this episode I share my experience as I try out Greg Doucette Anabolic cookbok recipes. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ashokekr-guha/message


21 Nov 2020

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LIVE with Rob Arroyo & Greg Doucette

Weightlifting Talk



24 Sep 2020

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26: #26 - Nick Trigili on Addiction, Life Choices, GH Head, and Greg Doucette

Leo and Longevity

This week, I was delighted to be joined by IFBB Pro Nick Trigili.

2hr 15mins

16 Sep 2020