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Day-By-Day (Ft. Emily Prokop)

I Like To Like Things

Emily has been a pod-friend for MANY years and it was such an absolute JOY to have her on the show. There's a good chance we could have recorded 3 hours of content, THAT'S how awesome and enjoyable she is. We know you'll like her "thing" and we're curious how it'll change your life. Please go to https://www.epodcastproductions.com/ for all of Emily's services! Follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/like2likethings or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/like2likethings/ Support us Via Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Iliketolikethings Call The LikeLine at (661) 279-0130 Thank you to Bensound.com for our music 


19 Apr 2021

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Emily Prokop: Analysis paralysis and intermittent fasting

Women & ADHD

Episode 13: Emily Prokop. "I absolutely love my hyper focus as long as I can harness it." Emily is a speaker, author, podcaster, and journalist. She’s been podcasting since 2015 and a podcast listener even longer. She has two podcasts: The Story Behind, which was nominated for a Webby Award in 2019 and has since turned into a best-selling book, and Hate to Weight where she and her cohost discuss their weight loss journeys together. In addition to all this, Emily became a podcast editor and consultant in 2017, and helps podcasters start their shows and continue podcasting. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and two cats. Emily was diagnosed 7 years ago at the age of 30, and we talk about the symptoms she had as a girl that went unnoticed.  We also talk about the tendency to “over study” which leads to analysis paralysis, as well as the importance of structures and systems to harness all those idea gnats that are constantly buzzing around your head. Emily shares how she got into podcasting (spoiler alert: it was a hyperfocus) and it will come as no surprise that most podcasters she has encountered and worked with also have ADHD. TRIGGER WARNING: We talk about her weight loss journey, intermittent fasting, and scale numbers are mentioned. If you have a history with an eating disorder or disordered eating, you’ll want to skip this interview. Website: Epodcastproductions.comInstagram: @emilypeckprokop - - - - - Finally ... you've found your people! Now come join us in the Women & ADHD online community: www.womenandadhd.com - - - - - Work 1-on-1 with Katy: www.womenandadhd.com/coaching - - - - - Women & ADHD listeners can now receive 10% off your first month of BetterHelp. Click here to get started! - - - - - If you are a woman who was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood and you’d like to be a guest on this podcast, please reach out to Katy via email womenandADHDpodcast@gmail.com. Instagram: @womenandadhdpodcastTwitter: @womenandadhdFacebook: @womenandadhdTiktok: @womenandadhdpodcast


8 Feb 2021

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S4: E2 New Year, Same Us (feat. Emily Prokop of E Podcast Productions)

Do You Even Podcast?

We're thrilled to welcome 2021 with an incredible round of recommendations! This episode features an uplifting interview with Emily Prokop, podcast consultant and host of The Story Behind and Hate to Weight. Also, Alex's BYOP of the month is Floodlines, an insightful and sensitive show about Hurricane Katrina. And we can't forget January's Calendar Corner which rounds up plenty of podcasts for starting the new year on the right foot.Find out more on Twitter and Instagram (@doyouevenpod), as well as on Facebook. Find show notes and links to the pods we covered at doyouevenpod.com.

1hr 25mins

4 Jan 2021

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134: The Story Behind The Story Behind, with Emily Prokop

Podcastification - podcasting tips, podcast tricks, how to podcast better

https://podcastfasttrack.com/You’ll benefit from listening to this episode if you...>> Are eager to know what podcasting is and how it can benefit you personally>> Love hearing stories of everyday people who make a life for themselves they never dreamed possible>> Might want to start a podcast of your own someday>> Long to make genuine connections online>> Are trying to find "your people">> Need a good podcast editor to take on your next podcast project>> Wonder if you could make a living as a podcast editorIt's not every day that an Independent media producer in any genre or type of medium gets the opportunity to stand toe to toe with the big names in their space. But Emily Prokop did.Emily's podcast, "The Story Behind" was nominated for a 2019 Webby Award and was up against shows like "Serial," "After Dark," and other big name shows produced by professional production houses. She doesn't like to position it as a "David and Goliath" type story but that's exactly how it seemed to those of us looking on from the outside.Emily's journey into podcasting is pretty typical. But the results of her involvement in podcasting are extraordinary. She's not only been nominated for awards, she got a book deal, build a career for herself, and more. Listen to get the whole story. FIND THE FULL SHOW NOTES HERE: WWW.PODCASTFASTTRACK.COM/134Subscribe to Podcastification here!


29 Apr 2020

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168 -- Checklist -- with Emily Prokop from The Story Behind and Hate to Weight

Ignorance Was Bliss

Friends in common, podcasting, anxiety, ADHD, synesthesia... just listen. You'll hear why I'm fangirling.Guest: Emily, The Story Behind and Hate to WeightDisclaimer: Believer/Skeptic PodcastPromos: Cryptid Technical and Twisted BritainNetwork: Himalaya (presented by Heather, Sunshine & PowerCuts)Facebook group: The AsylumSponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off)Merch: bit.ly/iwbpodcastmerchPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/IWBpodcastMusic: DFA by OnlyMeithArtwork: Tosha Crow

1hr 43mins

4 Sep 2019

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From Podcast to Indie Book Author w Emily Prokop (The Story Behind Podcast

Podcasting 101

Emily Prokop, of the Story Behind Podcast, sits down to discuss the Crazy Random Happenstance from going from Podcaster to Indie Book Author.

1hr 5mins

10 Aug 2019

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Odd Dad On Fire- AKA Talking Shop w/ Emily Prokop: ODO 150

Odd Dad Out

May’s guest of the month is one of my oldest podcast friends. She’s a podcaster, podcast editor, consultant, and author. From The Story Behind, Hate to Weight, and E-Podcast Productions, it’s Emily Prokop.I really didn't know where this "interview" was gonna go. But, Considering we are both passionate about podcasting and are podcast editors, I should have expected we would have spent so much time talking shop. What can I say? You put a couple of podcast editors together and all we can talk about is plugins and breath noises. We gripe about people who want the "podcast franchise" handed to them. Also, we discuss some of our favorite podcasters. What would happen if Apple made a podcast creation app? The difference between Apple vs Android users in podcasting, and why I can't go to the She Podcasts Live conference. Of course there's also Emily's podcast recommendation, "Girl In Space."Find Emily athttp://thestorybehindpodcast.com/https://www.epodcastproductions.com/http://hatetoweight.com/Emily’s RecommendationGirl In Spacehttps://www.girlinspacepodcast.com/"Abandoned on a dying ship in the farthest reaches of known space, a young scientist fights for survival (and patience with the on-board A.I.). Who is she? No one knows. But a lot of dangerous entities really want to find out."Join the Facebook Group Oddballs: Friends of The Odd Dad Outhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/odddadoutDonate on Patreonhttp://patreon.com/join/odddadoutFollow Along on Social athttps://www.twitter.com/odddadout/https://www.facebook.com/odddadout/https://www.instagram.com/odddadout/

1hr 39mins

29 May 2019

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Emily Prokop - PodLords 7


She's been nominated for a Webby Award, she is a published author and her success is the result of a podcast that started with a Rock Band mic! Emily Prokop talks to us about the story behind her hit podcast The Story Behind on this edition of PodLords. You can find Emily's website here: thestorybehindpodcast.com And, her book here: The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects Thanks Emily!


22 Apr 2019

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PES 125: Emily Prokop

The Podcast Engineering Show

Hang out with me and Emily Prokop. She is the host of The Story Behind podcast, a podcast editor and consultant, and author of The Story Behind: The Extraordinary History Behind Ordinary Objects! We discussed Emily's equipment and workflow, and lots more: Blooper track: She copies clips onto a dedicated track for bloopers. Handling loud breaths: She moves all the loud breaths onto a dedicated track where she lowers their volume! Noise reduction Hi-pass filtering In her "studio": Moving blankets around her desk and curtains to dampen room noise, white shears Reaper and Reaper templates iZotope RX 6: De-plosive, Mouth De-click ATR2100 microphone Sony MDR-7506 Headphones Publishing a 96kbps mono MP3 for her show Auphonic leveling to -16 LUFS (! her mono track!) Hardwired to internet Previously Emily was on Dave Jackson’s show discussing structuring and presenting good content on podcasts because she has more than 10 years editing experience in print journalism. That episode is titled Journalism 101 For Podcasters. Thanks for sharing so much great info, Emily! DID YOU KNOW........We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. We appreciate you listening. Want to Start a Business or Have a Career as a Podcast Producer/Engineer? Listen and Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Android, RSS, Email


11 Apr 2019

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How to Repurpose a Podcast into a Book with Emily Prokop

The Content 10x Podcast

My special guest Emily Prokop talks about turning her podcast into that book, something that she always dreamt about and it all happened because one person loved her podcast…and that person happened to be a publisher!We discuss the following:How you can repurpose a podcast into that winning bookWhy repurposing content created a ready-made audienceThe importance of knowing the right tools for the jobTo read the full blog post, head on over to content10x.com/71.To listen to previous episodes click here.


21 Feb 2019