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Interview with Animator Mike Belzer

We Know Jack Show

Mike calls in with fascinating stories about animating Jack, Zero, The Mayor, and his rocky relationship with Sally.


31 Oct 2019

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56: #56 Mike Belzer on Hoplology, The Legendary Donn Draeger and Adrenal Response Training


Jim & Tom interview Michael Belzer, a lifelong martial artist with over 50 years of experience in a variety of fighting arts achieving his 8th Dan in Danzan Ryu Jujutsu, Advanced Instructor in Serrada Escrima and Gomokuroku in Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu. Michael began his training in Shindo Muso Ryu in 1974 at the age of 18 at the Rembukan Dojo under the 25th Headmaster of the art, Shimizu Takaji in Japan. He continued his training in the art in 1979, in Malaysia when he became a student of the legendary Donn F. Draeger, who was the first foreigner ever allowed to study and train in this Classical Martial Art of Japan. In 2008, Michael met Steven Bellamy-sensei, a Menkyo Kaiden (complete Transmission) of SMR and became his Deshi (personal student) to learn the advanced aspects of the art by making regular trips to Japan.

1hr 15mins

11 Jan 2019

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S1. Ep. 6: Meredith Gold & Mike Belzer from RAW Power Self-Defense & Empowerment Training

Managing Violence Podcast with Joe Saunders

Today I am joined by Meredith Gold and Mike Belzer from RAW Power Self-Defense and Empowerment Training. Meredith and Mike were among a select group of instructors who pioneered scenario based training and adrenal stress training for regular women in the early 90's. Meredith is a member of the Blackbelt Magazine Hall of Fame and Mike holds a 9th dan in traditional jujutsu as well as high grades in various Filipino arts. In this episode we talk about self-defence from the perspective of someone who does not wish to undergo martial arts training and why they should seek out Adrenal Stress Scenario Training. 

1hr 28mins

30 Dec 2018