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Case File 218 with Ian Erickson

Thought Cops

Why's all the rum gone, you may be asking yourself. Well, have a seat on the bisexual couch and get Sparrow-pilled-- everything will be 100% clear when you listen to this episode with Chicago comedian Ian Erickson. Support the show on Patreon Field NotesThis week we're all in "the studio" together and we get personal as we reflect on our flop eras and social media regrets. Football is gay, and so are couches. GETTR fails to get 'r done, and we wrap it all up by watching some videos of parrots just doing stuff, as well as listener voicemails of course.Join the Thought Cops Deputy PatrolSupport the show on Patreon Join the Thought Cops Discord! Click here to buy Thought Cops shirts, hoodies, stickers, and mugs. Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick Leave the show a voicemail at 312-788-7361 or thoughtcopspodcast@gmail.com

2hr 11mins

6 Jul 2021

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Ian Erickson

Joke Quest 200

It's Funtubes, Steven Seagull, and for this joke remember "Aloha" means both goodbye and hello. It's a new episode of Joke Quest 200 with Chicagoland comedian, Ian Erickson. Check out Ian on twitter @MrIanOnline


25 Jan 2021

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Case File 174 with Ian Erickson

Thought Cops

Now stepping up to the plate, Ian Erickson of Punching Up is back on Thought Cops for round two. Frick, now I'm confusing my sports metaphors. Support the show on Patreon Field NotesWe start the episode by cutting into each other, and it turns out that we were all cake. The whole time. Overrated joke, sure, but if we have to keep dredging on throughout this stupid ass culture war go ahead and stick our heads in the oven, because fuck it. This week we have an update on the Harper's "Cancel Culture" Letter (turns out they cancelled someone who signed it), blue checkmarks went to the Twitter version of a gulag, Taco Bell turns old menu items into cake, Goya Beans turns into a can of cake, and Cake Computers tells cakesumers not to put cake on their caketop camera, or else it will cake your cakecake. Cake.Join the Thought Cops Deputy PatrolSupport the show on Patreon Click here to buy Thought Cops shirts, hoodies, stickers, and mugs. Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick Leave the show a voicemail at 312-788-7361 or thoughtcopspodcast@gmail.com

1hr 42mins

22 Jul 2020

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Episode 53: Ian Erickson

Education Schmeducation

Comedian Ian Erickson throws his hat in the ring to be one of Mike’s groomsman. Will this Chatty Cathy yack his way into the Bologna Boys? Only one way to find out.  Check out Ians podcast Punching Up: https://twitter.com/podcast_punch Follow Ian on his socials: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ianerickson Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAErickson Follow Mike O'Keefe: Website: https://themikeokeefe.wordpress.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themikeokeefe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikeokeefesukkah Twitter: https://twitter.com/themikeokeefe Email: michael@okeefe.net If you want to start a podcast in Chicago, reach out to Aaron at JAZZFUZZ http://jazzfuzz.com

1hr 11mins

31 Oct 2019

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Case File 120 with Ian Erickson

Thought Cops

Do the thing, this week we have Ian Erickson of Punching Up on Thought Cops. He does the thing. iTunes: Listen, subscribe, leave a review Support the show on Patreon Field NotesSPOILER ALERT. We put all the things we talk about in the episode IN THIS POST. Lurkers beware. This week, we challenge Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise to a pizza roll eating contest, and NEITHER of them take us up on it. Bad news for clown frogs everywhere, the "honk honk" meme got banned on Facebook. Also though, it didn't. Looks like FAKE NEWS is a... REAL PROBLEM! Also, hold off paying off your student loans until you're at the end of your life (65), because if you do, it will only cost you TEN DOLLARS. Looks like instead of food, my generation will be eating the old. Click here to buy Thought Cops t-shirts and mugs. Click here to buy some Thought Cops stickers. Click here for tickets to see us live on Thursday, August 22nd at the Crowd Theater in Chicago.Join the Thought Cops Deputy PatrolSupport the show on Patreon Episode produced by Commissioner Zwick

1hr 29mins

18 Jun 2019

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Neighborly Dicks (w/ Ian Erickson)

Please Make This

Tim and Jim have never really gotten along. Neighbors since the births of their sons, they’ve felt a competitive spirit between them that has, over the years, started to erode their sanity. On the eve of their sons joint 21st birthdays their competition reaches a fever pitch, with both men spending and scheming to make sure their respective party is the most memorable 21st. As the parties devolve into a chaotic night of high-end electronics, fancy liquor, and famous bands, will Jim and Tim learn anything? Or will they just keep being Neighborly Dicks?

1hr 37mins

8 Mar 2019

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ep.31 - Christmas Caper (ft. Ian Erickson, Naomi Spungen, Lindsay Lucido, Meggie Gates, Zach Phelps)


THE AUDIO IN THIS EPISODE IS VERY BAD.It's Christmas time! Baby Jesus has been stolen from a Cook County Community Center nativity scene in Chicago, Illinois. Five community members have been implicated in the crime and will plead their innocence on today's special Christmas episode of AOKOKAOKOKAA. The microphone sucks on this episode and I'm sorry for that.Featuring:Ian Erickson,Naomi Spungen,Lindsay Lucido,Meggie Gates,Zachary Grey Phelps


23 Dec 2018

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1.07 Are You Watching Closely with Ian Erickson

Please Save Me

Abracadabra, this show will grab ya! Sarah and Ben welcome Ian Erickson, a great-grandson of intellectual-property royalty, onto the podcast to explore the secrets and surprises of a magical episode of Chicago Heroes. The most magical think of all is that they learn a little bit about the show's history along the way.

1hr 4mins

25 Jun 2018

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#36 Correction: Al Capone & Prohibition with Ian Erickson

Adam Asks Chuck

In the first ever correction episode, Ian Erickson joins Adam and Chuck to revisit some of what the boys got wrong on Episode #16. For best listening experience, go back to episode 16 first!Follow Ian on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAEricksonand Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ianerickson/The AACP is hosted by Chicago and Madison based stand up comedians Adam McShane and Charlie Kojis.www.kojis.co/ www.adammcshane.com/


12 Feb 2018

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NMC Nightly News w/ Ian Erickson & Pat Dixon 10/26/2017

New Media Central

Host Ian Erickson has guest Pat Dixon on and they go over the opioid epidemic & an FBI source having a gag order lifted so they may speak to congressional panels about Obama era Russia linked uranium deals.


25 Oct 2017