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Leading By Example with Dave Scott! 158

Boundless Body Radio

Dave Scott is a true inspiration! Who learns how to play rugby at age 45??? Dave is a rugby player, coach, mentor, strength and fitness geek, mechanic, gardener, learner, and sometimes teacher! He has been a small business owner for over 20 years. He has been married for over three decades and has five adult sons! Dave uses his free to time help others along the way. His personal focus is especially on helping men - young and old - to aim toward personal, relational, and spiritual health. He has a tremendous and very useful blog which is where we got connected. You can also find him on Twitter at that same handle, @davidscottsblog. We are so grateful for Dave and his willingness to share his story and speak his truths!Find David at-https://davidscotts.blog/TW- @davidscottsblogSpecial love to-Dr. Phil Maffetone and his MAF Heart Rate Zone Training! 

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6 Sep 2021

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#61: Dave Scott - How Wildlife Tracking Changes the Mind & Perception

The Mansal Denton Podcast

Dave Scott is the founder of Earth Native Wilderness School east of Austin, TX where he teachers thousands of children and adults primitive skills, survival, and wildlife tracking. He is one of the best wildlife trackers in the world. His background as a child participating in search and rescue, his military experience, and his immersion into the wild have given him a new perspective on life in modern civilization.


17 Aug 2021

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Disclosure Rant: Grant Cameron joins Dave Scott on Spaced Out Radio

The Paranormal UFO Consciousness Podcast

This disclosure discussion took place just days before the Pentagon issued its UFO threat declaration encouraging study and more taxpayer money to deal with the threats of UAPs, Russians, and Chinese. Spaced Out Radio is a radio, podcast, and Youtube channel that looks at all aspects of the paranormal. It is run by Dave Scott from his studio in British Columbia Canada. Link https://spacedoutradio.com/ Other Links https://linktr.ee/whitehouseufo

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8 Jul 2021

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The Best Nutrition + Strength Formula for Endurance Athletes with Dave Scott / ENDURANCE

Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

“Usually people are reactive because they’ve got an injury and really they should be addressing it beforehand,” says Dave Scott, 6x Ironman World Champion.  Spartan Up Endurance Series host, Johnny Waite, talks with Dave about the best formula for nutrition + strength for endurance athletes.  In this episode, you’ll learn... -Never skip a strength or mobility workout, even if it means sacrificing a run, bike or swim -What is strength and why it’s important for the endurance athlete -Dave’s current philosophy on nutrition -What foods to avoid when training -You can’t eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want Dave Scott is known as the Roger Bannister of triathlons as the first person to go under 10 hours at Kona.  In 1980, Dave Scott went to the island of Oahu to race the third ever Ironman Triathlon. In both 1978 and 1979, there were 15 starters and 12 finishers. After an article on the event appeared in Sports Illustrated in the spring of 1979, the number of entries ballooned up to 108 in 1980, which would be the last year the event was held on Oahu. Dave Scott was an unknown that day in February of 1980, but after ABC’s Wide World of Sports showcased Dave’s journey around the island of Oahu where he led the entire day and broke the existing course record by nearly two hours, that changed pretty quickly. In many sports, the winners from the early years quickly become yesterday’s news as faster athletes bypass the trailblazers. Not Dave Scott. He was the Roger Bannister of triathlon. Over the next 16 years he won five more Ironman World Championship titles, became the first athlete to go under 3:00 hours for the Ironman marathon, then the first to go under 2:55 and the first to go under 2:50. SPONSOR This episode of Spartan Up is brought to you by Brightside. Get anxiety and depression treatment online from licensed psychiatric providers and therapists. Get a free mental health assessment and a $100 credit towards your first month of treatment at Brightside.com/Spartan.  SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpShow YouTube: http://bit.ly/SpartanUpYT Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1pYBkk1T684YQg7CmoaAZt FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/spartanuppodcast/ Spartan Up on Twitter https://twitter.com/SpartanUpPod CREDITS: Producer: Ryan Warner Hosts: Johnny Waite Sr Producer: Marion Abrams © 2021 Spartan


19 Jun 2021

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Sunday Chat #1 Shag Harbour UFO & Disclosure with Dave Scott & Chrissy Newton

Conflict Radio

With an eye on the cosmos, it is the world beyond our own has always been a fascination for Chrissy. From UFOs and secret societies to ancient civilizations and modern conspiracies - her curiosity is as limitless as the universe. By day she's an owner of VOCAB Communications and an award-winning PR professional with a knack for getting people talking and by night she co-hosts a podcast called Alt.Pop.Repeat, where she "syncs" counterculture & subculture with pop culture trends and movements. The show can be found on all major streaming platforms or you can listen in every Friday at 3pm EST and Saturday at 11pm EST on Dash Radio's Dash Talk X in Los Angeles. By night Chrissy’s an investigative conversationalist challenging her audience to consider an alternative way of thinking.With a love for traveling, cultures, fashion, astronomy, counterculture, sci-fi and art, Chrissy wanted to create a podcast that captures both pop and counterculture worlds and convey how closely they’re synced. With an end goal to show listeners that everyone is connected in some shape or form and differences are merely only perceived by the lexicons and bounders we create for ourselves.Over the past 10 years working within the PR industry Chrissy has worked with all different businesses from entertainment, finance, music, consumer brands, technology and so many more. With her head in the clouds and her feet firmly grounded to the floor, Chrissy finds herself searching for passion and creativity in all different forms.Follow Chrissy on Instagram at @missvocab.https://altpoprepeat.com/​​https://vocabcommunications.com/​Dave Scott is the creator and host of Canada’s ‘Spaced Out Radio. Dave’s personal quest into the unknown started in December of 2011, when he had contact from what he calls The Angel of Death, that he saw in his mother’s eyes, which led to his first channeling experience. After this incident, Dave’s personal experiences started becoming more frequent. Paranormal experiences. Premonitions started coming true. A Big Foot sighting with two of the creatures within 100 feet of him. UFOs started appearing anytime he wanted, even though Dave had no idea what “summoning” was. Personal sightings of five extraterrestrial species, one who he’s nicknamed ‘Carl’.On November 30th, 2014, Dave launched ‘Spaced Out Radio’. Dave’s near decade as a journalist helped him craft his style of interview, making it comfortable and personal for his guests and listeners alike.Tonight, I speak with Dave Scott about UFOs, Alien Abductions, & much more. Be sure to check out Spaced Out Radiohttps://spacedoutradio.com/​​https://www.youtube.com/SpacedOutRadio


5 Apr 2021

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Podnutz Pro #332: No Marketing Marv Presents… Dave Scott

Podnutz Pro

Guest: Dave Scott, Scott Digital Marketing Be Clear, Not Clever. Dave and I discuss the mistake that a lot of companies make by not having a plan. Instead of trying to copy what others are doing, create your own Mission Statement, Tagline and Elevator Pitch. Have a “hub and spoke” process, where all of your marketing “spokes” point back to your hub. Your “hub” is your website where website optimization is much more important than SEO optimization. ======= Web Links in today’s show Scott Digital Marketing (https://scottdigitalmarketing.com/) Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing (https://amzn.to/3cg3o6d): A no-nonsense plan to earning positive returns on email marketing! Building a StoryBrand (https://amzn.to/31fOtCP): Clarify your message for customers will listen The Entreprenuer Equation (https://amzn.to/31gjvdM): A definitive guide to help any would-be entrepreneur objectively assess whether or not to venture into business ownership. Business Jesus and Sweet Tea Podcast #191 with Dave (https://lnns.co/K5LPWBuoUIb) Florida Man arrested after pulling gun on cop that drove him home 5 Things to know about the Synnex – Tech Data Merger Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Video) ======= Show Information Web Page: www.podnutzpro.com Host: Marvin Bee (marvin@podnutz.com) ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podnutz-pro/id404500656?mt=2# RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/podnutzpro ======= Affiliates, Sponsors and more Freedom Voice, A company that makes selling, supporting and managing VOIP easy. Check out their Partner Program or email partners@freedomvoice.com. Need remote support options for your clients during the pandemic? Set them up with Free Subaccounts from Instant Housecall. Help Eric Arduini and his family during his fight with cancer. Go to the GoFundMe page created by his sister and donate something. Need a service that streams to multiple locations like YouTube and the Facebook? Sign up for Streamyard. Podnutz Pro and MB Systems participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. ======= Show Music Whip Game, Artist C.J. Harris ASCAP Account 400007549

25 Mar 2021

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Life Lessons from an Ironman Champion with Dave Scott

With Tamara Ghandour

What do the Ironman Triathlon and life have in common? A lot, it turns out, and there are so many lessons we can take away from the Ironman competition that also apply to life. When I decided to try my hand at the Ironman Triathlon, all my research led to Dave Scott, six-time Champion of Ironman Hawaii who is the Ironman Hall of Fame. Dave started doing triathlons in 1976, and first competed in Ironman Hawaii in 1978. He won six times in the ’80s, came in 2nd thrice as well, and finally ended his Ironman career in 1996. The Ironman Triathlon is not a short race — it takes stamina and mental fortitude, in addition to physical strength and conditioning to complete it, much less win. To me, this is a great analogy for life — which is why Dave’s lessons from his experiences with the Ironman Triathlon are so relevant. Dave and I discuss why we need more than motivation to do something tough and succeed over and over again, and dissect the definition of failure. Dave shares some of his strategies for getting over the fear of failure (hint: Recognize that it's mostly in your head!). We also explore why changing your perspective on obstacles is key to tackling them — and how Dave does it, as well as how to avoid letting external conditions dictate how you behave and perform. Dave also has some insights on the importance of being spontaneous, and why worrying about things that haven’t even happened yet can be a huge hindrance. If you are ready to: get buy-in from key decision-makers on your next big idea be a high-impact, high-value member that ignites change foster a culture of innovation where everyone on your team is bringing innovative ideas that tackle challenges and seize opportunities… Join us on LaunchStreet — gotolaunchstreet.com Mentioned in This Episode: Dave Scott Train with Dave (Training Program) Ask The Man Ironman Hoka One-One Shoes Mark Allen, Ironman Triathlete


16 Mar 2021

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Dave Scott | "Spaced Out Radio" host and Paranormal experiencer | Arcane Radio - Jan.22.2021

Arcane Radio

Join Lon as he welcomes "Spaced Out Radio" host and supernatural experiencer Dave Scott to Arcane Radio on January 22nd 2021 at 9PM Eastern. Dave is the creator and host of Spaced Out Radio 'casting 7 nights a week on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/SpacedOutRa... and the website at http://www.spacedoutradio.com. Spaced Out Radio is an entertaining online radio program and website dedicated to talking about intriguing topics from UFOs, to the paranormal, to Sasquatch, and more! A former radio journalist, Dave graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Communications from one of Canada’s top Broadcasting Schools, BCIT, in 1998. Dave then spent nearly 10 years in radio, mostly working in sports, before leaving the field to pursue other interests. Dave’s personal quest into the unknown started in December of 2011, when he had contact from what he calls The Angel of Death, that he saw in his mother’s eyes, which led to his first channeling experience. After this incident, Dave’s personal experiences started becoming more frequent. Paranormal experiences increased. Premonitions started coming true. A Bigfoot sighting with two of the creatures within 100 feet of him. UFOs started appearing anytime he wanted, even though Dave had no idea what “summoning” was. Personal sightings of five extraterrestrial species, one who he’s nicknamed ‘Carl’. On November 30th, 2014, Dave launched ‘Spaced Out Radio’. Dave’s near decade as a journalist helped him craft his style of interview, making it comfortable and personal for his guests and listeners alike. He looks at himself as one of the only trained and experienced radio journalists, who is also an multiple experiencer of the unknown. Phantoms & Monsters Homepage - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Team - https://www.cryptidhunters.org Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters - https://www.cryptidhunters.org/p/media.html Books by Lon Strickler - https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B009JURSD4 Lon Strickler - Fortean Researcher / Author - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/p/lon-strickler.html Please Support Phantoms & Monsters / Arcane Radio - https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/p/donate.html 'Beyond Explanation' is a YouTube presentation of 'Phantoms & Monsters' first-person encounters. Subscribe today! Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/c/BeyondExplanation

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24 Jan 2021

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Dave Scott: An honest conversation about depression

Inside Tri Show

Dave Scott is a 6x Ironman World Champion and I thought this interview was going to be all about mindset and a winning mentality. What evolved was a completely unexpected conversation about depression. You'll hear:20:40 "All the way through my 20s and when I was competing, I wrestled with depression and the depression that I had would consume me sometimes. I had many periods when this depression would manifest itself."31:08 "I thought if I was depressed, that is a huge psychological weakness and there is no way I can race Ironman and win it again. It scared me that I could never dig myself out of it, because really it was just denial."34:10 Dave offers some advice to stay focussed in a race: "Do what you can do in the moment, be in the present." 42:08 Dave gives his reaction to losing the World Championships in 1989 to Mark Allen, in Iron War. "I was mad! I hated losing that race." 52:48 Dave Scott reveals who he believes to have the best winning mind sets in triathlon and why. ALSO THIS WEEK:02:17 Helen meets the remarkable Rosie Swale-Pope who's in her mid 70s and is currently running from Lands End to John o'Groats to raise money for Phase Worldwide. If you want to hear the full interview with Rosie, then sign up to be one of Helen's vino or training buddies on patreon and you'll receive two exclusive episodes a year.Find out more about this week's guest - Dave ScottSign up to Dave's regular FREE newsletter for training tips, video content, information about physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, the opportunity to ask Dave training questions and loads more.Dave Scott websiteDave Scott InstagramDave Scott TwitterLike what you heard?Let me know! Connect with Inside Tri Show across Social Media, just search Inside Tri Show or click on the icons belowGET YOUR HANDS ON AN EXCLUSIVE EPISODE!Sign up to be a vino buddy or a training buddy on Patreon and get your hands on the latest patrons-only exclusive episode, including a wonderful interview with Rosie Swale Pope PLUS unheard bits with Joanna Rowsell and Hannah Grant. You can still support me and support the show by clicking here to buy me a coffee every so often by becoming a Patron of the Inside Tri Show.Show sponsorsLONG RANGE FUELLong Range Fuel is a phenomenally tasty nut butter, enhanced by cutting edge science, to boost your stamina, keep you calm and alert and bolster your resilience. Get 10% off by using the code insidetri10 or go direct via this link.Supporters of the show33 Fuel – natural and very yummy sports nutrition. They are shipping as usual, so grab some of their daily Greens, fill your boots with delicious natural, nutty Italian style energy bars and Use the code INSIDETRI33 for a discount at checkout at www.33fuel.com.KomfuelLike a pic' n mix of sports nutrition through your letterbox! Listeners can get 20% off all orders or advance sweat tests using the code: INSIDETRI at www.komfuel.co.ukFind out more about HelenHead over to Helen's website to find out more about her.This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy

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7 Oct 2020

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306 Dave Scott

Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast

I think this might be my current favourite of all the 306 episode interviews we’ve put out over the last 6 years!Dave Scott is already well known for his achievements - 6 time winner of Ironman Hawaii between 1980 and 1987, successful coach to champion athletes like Chrissie Wellington, Craig Alexander, Tim Don and Julie Dibens.What is less well known is his ongoing battle with depression that has, at times, left him unable to get off the couch. Dave is open and honest about the challenges he’s faced - how, despite the World regarding him as ‘The Man’, and his countless race successes, striving for perfection and falling short often left him feeling worthless. And he also shares about how, with time, he’s come to see things differently, how his children have helped him, and how, in turn, he’s managed to help other highly driven and obsessive athletes find a little more balance - as well as World Championship victories.The PTOSign up for Dave’s free fortnightly newsletter covering a wide range of topics from health, ageing, diet and training physiology to swim, bike and run biomechanics in both video and written form by visiting https://davescottinc.com/Additionally, you can also ask questions directly to Dave by going to https://davescottinc.com/ and find him on social media here:Twitter https://twitter.com/davescott6xInstagram https://www.instagram.com/davescott6x/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/davescottinc/LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/davescott3/Show Sponsors:https://www.precisionhydration.com/ - Leaders in triathlete sweat testing and hydration, with multi-strength electrolytes that match how you sweat. Get 15% off your first order With the code OXYGENADDICT15You can book a 20 minute free hydration strategy video call with a hydration expert here: https://precisionhydration.as.me/schedule.php?appointmentType=14563677Mention you heard about it on the Oxygenaddict Triathlon Podcast and you’ll be entered in a free draw to win a £50 Precision Hydration bundle !Thriva.co - Take health tracking to a new level with your personalised at-home finger-prick blood test. Use code OXYGENADDICT10 for %10 off all subscriptionshttp://team.oxygenaddict.com - Start planning your post-Covid racing season, and get fit the right way :) Any questions? You can book a skype call with Rob or the Team hereJoin us for our Zwift - OxygenAddict Triathlon Podcast Power Hour interval training session, Tuesdays at 7.15pm UK time. Check the Zwift listings for details!You can download the free Race Preparation Document that we use with our Team Oxygenaddict athletes here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12_h9oirHqC4c0e08BUXfki1ZIsjjUQxUkkkLf7CPKKw/edit?fbclid=IwAR0TRDJs4p-DR1qPqFk8EtU6LwKrfs6FqbsfYbX_Gfu0Q1XU_WdgKHkWEqEOur Patrons : Support the show with a monthly or one off donation - thanks so much for your support!Join the Oxygenaddict Triathlon Community page on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/666558563716897/Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/OATriPodSpotifyListen on iTunes: http://bit.ly/OATriPodiTunesSome links are affiliate links, which mean that we may get paid commission if you make a purchase via the link, or using the code, at no extra cost to you.

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23 Sep 2020