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S1 EP 13: Mums Know Best Show featuring Martine De Luna

Mums Know Best

We are very excited to have Martine De Luna @martinedeluna on another special episode at @mumsknowbest.show!


19 Jul 2021

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Episode #8: Martine De Luna, Transformational Coach: Stop Hustling. Lean Into Your Femininity.

Rise Of The Goddess Collective

Martine De Luna is a wife, mother and certified transformational coach. At the heart of her work, she helps women who are leaders, founders, and creatives to STOP HUSTLING and lean more into their femininity. Through 1-on-1 mentoring, or through her group programs, she guides women to “co-create” with their heart and God, and cultivate an internal peace within, so that they can discern more clearly and live with more intention. Her community is filled with women, life coaches, authors, consultants, teachers, fitness coaches, writers, creatives, executives, network marketers and freelancers who would like to live in true femininity, rather than force and hustle. Show Topic Notes: How to’s of applying of Masculine & Feminine Principles: Feminine- Expression, Structure of Desires of abundance Masculine- Structure, Strategic, Planning Stop the Hustle Law Attraction Pivoting 2020-2021 Being & Becoming: Creative Being= Expansion Shifting, change, expansion Vision, Expansion is the Pivoting #1 Expansion for Martine, building her membership portal to Guide others to Pivot for Expansion Martine De Luna shares her own process of integration of Feminine & Masculine Energies: “So, when you have that mindset of expansion, you will receive the direction from the masculine . I consider the masculine to be accessing the divine God, you know inspiration or imagination, right, then that will support that feminine desire if yours is a feminine desire, she desires to help, she desires to nurture she does is to provide space for people. People can be heard feminine has a very nurturing energy. But you, but if you have a business, you want that masculine structure. To do so that that feminine desire can be expressed. So a very wise man, and one of my mentors and coach and Bob Proctor says we are made for expansion and fuller expression, the masculine and the feminine is present over there, expansion is what the masculine is, it's the structures, it's the business plan, it's the progress forward, and the feminine is the expression, feminine is the essence. When I express myself as a mentor or a teacher now, right, how can I expand into that right so when you are desiring to be more fully expressed, and that is when expansion, becomes the container for you the system the structure, the architecture for you” Martine De Luna Resources: www.martinedeluna.com/radiant-membership/ www.martinedeluna.com/awaken-the-leader-mentorship-mastermind www.martinedeluna.com/vip-coaching www.instagram.com/martinedeluna/ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/michelegoddessguide/message


25 May 2021

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IHP Show Ep:14 featuring Martine De Luna

In Her Purpose Live

Martine De Luna is a Feminine Leadership Mentor and certified transformational coach. She is your Guide as you unravel the wonderful, already-beautiful and magnetic You. She have created her consulting haven as a safe space for women like you, who are at a pivot point in their lives: You want to BE IMPACTFUL and CREATE CHANGE in the world, whilst still honoring yourself in body, mind and soul. She help you do this, as a — A CERTIFIED Transformational Coach  A Creative Consultant for Women Coaches and Leaders A FEMININE EMBODIMENT FACILITATOR IN-TRAINING See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 1min

21 Apr 2021

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Authentic Conversations About Feminine Embodiment and Imposter Syndrome with Martine de Luna

Your Brand, Your Story

Martine started her online presence as a lifestyle blogger, then a brand ambassador and a blog/brand coach. She was also a writer and a social media content producer. Today, she is a TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH, a CREATIVE CONSULTANT: specifically, a Performance Coach for women leaders, and a Mindset Mentor in the area of feminine embodiment. She believes that making a life of fulfilling experiences and contributions — even from one’s failures and the school of hard knocks — is a gateway to limitless creativity and possibilities in today’s emerging workplace and entrepreneurial world. In her words, she said, "My brand story has been riddled with both pain and pleasure, and yet I am truly grateful for each chapter I've lived. I hope that my brand story will help people to awaken to the idea that they are the Source and Cause of everything they wish to be and have. I'll focus on my "H.O.N.E" Approach to personal self-expansion, radical self-belongingness, and how these apply in life, relationships, and yes, at work." Find out more about Martine, her life, her work, her thoughts on imposter syndrome, and who she is as a human being. 


2 Sep 2020

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700: Develop New Ideas With Martine De Luna

The Tao of Self Confidence

Martine De Luna is a personal brand coach.  She guides women as they create changes in their lives, so that they can truly be blissful, peaceful and free, no matter what stage of life or business they are in. Together, she works with a client to reinvent her self-image, or perceptions about herself and her limitations.  Martine is in love with helping people turn their “I Can’t” into “I CAN”!Martine shared what she struggled with and how learning to develop new ideas help her get back on her feet and become the powerhouse woman that she is today.  Check out her episode to listen to her story.Check out https://thetaoofselfconfidence.com for show notes of Martine's episode, Martine's website, resources, gifts and so much more.


8 Nov 2019

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Embrace Oneness with Martine De Luna

Coach Magic

When my path crossed with Martine De Luna, I knew immediately she was a superstar. One of my jobs as a coach is to spot talent. And Martine’s got it. I’ve had the good fortune of coaching Martine - a mindset coach and personal brand strategist - in a few of my programs and helping her step more fully into her great work. Hailing from the Philippines, Martine has a uniquely global perspective. On today’s show, she gets raw and real about letting go of her martyr mentality, questioning everything, stepping away from the traditional path and finding your bliss. Martine’s story proves that even when tough experiences are thrown your way, you don’t have to stay broken. You can break through. Come and hear what Martine is taking a stand for in her work (this had her tossing and turning until she was ready to claim it). It’s powerful! Tune in to discover: Why she gets up in the morning Her international upbringing as a third culture kid How she followed her intuition and learned to question everything to follow the aligned path How applying for a freelancer position that she found on Craigslist really paid off Her journey as a blogger and a consultant to bloggers Why she consistently seeks out and invests in mentors to help her grow The series of events that broke her and caused her to shift her plan of action, and the business that got her back on her feet The power of repetition About Our Guest: Martine is a Mindset Coach & Blissful Personal Brand Strategist for freedom-minded women who are hacking life to create a lifestyle of bliss and abundance in all areas. xoxo Jenny P.S. Subscribe to the podcast + leave a review + rating to spread the GET GUTSY message far + wide. Means to world to me! We are all in this together.

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15 May 2019

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How to be a Successful Transformational Life Coach With Martine de Luna

Let's Talk Business

Business is a team sport.  If you want to achieve greatness in anything, you must be able to work with others.  This principle is massive, and just recently I have started to appreciate how important team is.  A part of teamwork is accepting help from others.  Others can help you build your business, overcome your struggles, and transform your life.  Today I am proud to bring you my interview with Martine de Luna, a successful transformational life coach who has been working to change the lives of others.  Success and fortunes are creating by delivering massive value to others and helping them solve their problems.  Many people think those who desire financial freedom or amass fortunes are the greedy ones, but to reach this point you must be willing to help others and put aside your own fears and beliefs.  The more you can help others, and the more value you provide, the more success you create.  Today Martine will show you how to start doing this and how to build the life you always wanted to live.  If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a rating and subscribe.  Also, make sure you check out Martine's website and social media to learn more about what she has been up to: http://www.martinedeluna.com http://www.instagram.com/martinedeluna--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lets-talk-business/support


10 Mar 2019

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FBP 008: Create a Happy Work-at-Home Life, Blog, or Brand with Bliss-Maker & Work-at-Home Blog Coach – Martine de Luna

Freelance Blend Podcast

1 and a half hours of bliss.  That is what it felt like interviewing Martine de Luna of MakeItBlissful.com (formerly DaintyMom.com) and MartineDeLuna.com.   I must admit that I was a bit nervous and anxious at first.  I believe that is what everyone feels when they first meet their idol or somebody they look up […] The post FBP 008: Create a Happy Work-at-Home Life, Blog, or Brand with Bliss-Maker & Work-at-Home Blog Coach – Martine de Luna appeared first on Freelance Blend.

1hr 39mins

16 Feb 2014