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Episode 91: Become More "Referable," with Joshua Baron

The Thought Leadership Project

Referrals don't happen by luck or happenstance. Lawyers who are "referrable" are purposeful and intentional about how they interact with clients and other professionals in order to generate new opportunities. In this episode, attorney Joshua Baron joins Jay to discuss:What it takes to be referrableThe importance of client experienceHow a narrow niche helps generate referrals Reading & ResourcesConnect with Joshua on LinkedInCheck out the Business of Criminal Law PodcastConnect with Jay on LinkedInConnect with Tom on LinkedInLooking for more? Subscribe today! Listen wherever you cast. And don't forget to rate and review The Thought Leadership Project! Want to be a guest on a future episode?Share your thoughts directly with our show hosts by emailing Jay Harrington or Tom Nixon. Hosts of The Thought Leadership Project Jay Harrington Tom Nixon Jay Harrington is a lawyer, author, executive coach, and marketing consultant for law firms and lawyers. Tom Nixon has more than 25 years of experience helping experts become thought leaders. Both are prolific content creators whose work has been featured in leading publications in the legal industry. Introducing a New MembershipCommunity for Lawyers The Thought Leader Collaborative (or the “Lab” as we like to call it) is created for lawyers and those in the professional service industry. Learn how to build your brand, become a thought leader and grow your practice on LinkedIn. learn more

3 Aug 2021

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How to build a practice you and your clients will love with Joshua Baron (ep 83)

Doing Law Differently

Joshua Baron is an Attorney at SB Legal, a criminal defense practice, based in Utah. I connected with Josh on LinkedIn a few months ago and two things instantly stood out about him. First, his friendliness and genuine interest in the people he connects with (try it for yourself and see!), and second, how upfront and honest he is about his own experience building a law practice – from starting with very little experience, competing on price and working for next to nothing, to building a practice that he and his clients love and charging premium prices for the privilege! Like many of the people I speak with on the podcast, Josh is definitely not afraid to share where he has gone wrong in the past and the lessons he’s learnt along the way. Listen in to learn about Josh’s experience with building a criminal law practice that both he and his clients love. Thank you once again to Legally Yours and LawCPD for sponsoring this episode and making it possible for me to keep bringing these episodes to you. About Josh Baron Josh Baron is a criminal defense attorney at SB Legal based in Utah. He started his criminal defense practice in 2009 after leaving a job as a city prosecutor and since then has gone on to build a business that both he and his clients love.  Josh is proactive in sharing the lessons he’s learned from building his practice, including by publishing his book, The Business of Criminal Law: How to build a practice you and your clients will love. He loves building referral relationships for SB Legal business and consulting for other attorneys to do the same. Josh and his wife have 12 children, so of course that gets a mention in the episode too! Find out more about Josh at SB Legal, connect with him on LinkedIn or get a copy of his book on Amazon.  Quotes from Josh Baron “There’s not a cookie cutter / everybody should follow these steps, but I hope that my firm reflects my personality, my values and my interests. We need more weird law firms that reflect the practitioners values. We don’t need more identical firms, we need firms that are weird.”“There’s a place for all kinds of weirdness, especially in this solo, small firm practice where you can lean in to what makes you unique and attract customers and clients that are looking for that. And maybe they don’t know that they’re looking for it, they just haven’t liked what they’ve gotten from every other legal experience that they’ve had.”“I shouldn’t just try to achieve a generic best outcome, I should try to figure out what this client needs and then make an outcome for them.”“Instead of having a preconceived idea of exactly what the fee is gonna be, what the strategy’s gonna be, all that trying to fit the client into this container that I have in my mind, going into the conversation with the client and being really open and present and listening and trying to figure out what’s best for this client, helps a lot in creating the connection that leads to wanting to work together.” Are you ready to Do Law Differently?  If you’re serious about reshaping your firm, The Productise and Profit Program provides all the guidance and tools you need to improve your law firm.     Learn how to move from a traditional practice to a productised ecosystem and as a bonus, you might just get that quality lifestyle that you’ve been craving.   Find out when the next program starts at www.lucydickens.com.au/program Thank you to Legally Yours This episode is brought to you by Legally Yours, an online legal marketplace that connects clients to fixed-fee and value based pricing lawyers across Australia. For lawyers, Legally Yours also helps innovative legal professionals connect and grow by providing business support services, education, leads and connections to other lawyers who operate beyond the billable hour.  To find your legal tribe, head here.  For more information about membership, head here.     Your $25 discount from LawCPD Are you a lawyer who needs CPD? I’ve teamed up with LawCPD to help make that task easier for you. LawCPD provide premium CPD for Australian lawyers and they offer much more than just another webinar. LawCPD‘s courses are online, on-demand interactive learning. LawCPD are offering Doing Law Differently listeners $25 off their first purchase using the code DLD25. There are over 100 courses across all competency areas. Visit lawcpd.com.au to find your next CPD course and make sure you use the DLD25 code for $25 off.   Like this show? Learn more about Doing Law Differently in my new book, It’s Time to Do Law DifferentlyPlease leave me a rating and review on Apple Podcasts – even one sentence helps other people to find out about the show!  Never miss an episode – subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or SpotifyIf you’re doing law differently and want to share your insights on the podcast, get in touch here.Connect with me on LinkedIn The post How to build a practice you and your clients will love with Joshua Baron (ep 83) appeared first on Lucy Dickens.


25 May 2021

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Ninon Speaks with Joshua Baron & Dennis D'Satchmo Keating

Ninon Speaks!

Ninon welcomes Joshua Baron known as Karaoke Baron and he's the National Director of the 'Karaoke World Championship'. Dennis D'Satcho Keating also joins the fun, He's a Las Vegas Headliner and musician who can count like the famous Louis Armstrong. You want to listen to this one:-)


15 May 2021

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You Have To Be Bad Before You're Good: Joshua Baron, SB Legal

That One Case

In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Joshua Baron, criminal defense lawyer and founder of SB Legal in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joshua has been practicing law since 2007, and, after working as a prosecutor, started his own firm to pursue the more personally fulfilling work of criminal defense.On today's show, Joshua tells us what drove him to switch disciplines and go from a prosecutor to a criminal defense lawyer. He shares with us what it is that attracts him to criminal defense and he recounts the key cases that marked the turning points in his career. Joshua also tells us what he thinks are the key characteristics of prosecution and defense lawyers, the realities of the early days of a new law firm, and why your calling might not necessarily be something you're good at straight away.Have you got a story about your legal career that you’d like to share? Get in touch with us over at That One Case.For more information about Joshua, check out his LinkedIn. Or to find out more about his work, head over to the SB Legal website.


31 Mar 2021

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Episode 83 - Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus featuring Joshua Baron

Next Lawyer Up Podcast with Attorney Ron Sykstus

Josh Baron is an attorney with the Sharifi and Baron law firm in Salt Lake City Utah.  Josh is a graduate of the J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University.  After a stint at the Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s office, Josh founded his law firm in 2009 and has focused on and practiced exclusively in the area of criminal defense throughout the State of Utah ever since.  Josh has an interesting path as to how he got here, to include becoming fluent in Spanish from his mission trip in Chile.  I became aware of Josh from his book that is available at Amazon, The Business of Criminal Law.  As you’ll hear on this podcast, Josh has graciously offered a free copy of his book to the listeners of the Next Lawyer Up podcast.  If you are a young lawyer practicing in the area of criminal law, you would be well advised to get this book and read it cover to cover.  Like me, I am sure that you’ll find Josh humble, gracious and engaging on this podcast.  It is no wonder why he has a thriving law practice! 

1hr 2mins

18 Jun 2020

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Joshua Baron Criminal Defense Lawyer

Work Passion Fit

In speaking with Joshua Baron criminal defense lawyer I immediately realized the strong sense of integrity and humanity that exists within him. Joshua is not only an engaging guest but is also an authentic human being.


1 Oct 2019