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Uncovering the Nitty-Gritty Details of a Client-Consultant Dynamic | Sandra Finch

You're Doing it Wrong with Mark Henderson Leary

As someone who coaches business leaders, I feel directly responsible for the leadership teams I work with. Today, I sit down with Sandra Finch CPA, who is as passionate as I am when it comes to getting businesses out of trouble and helping them make diffiult decisions to help their companies stay alive. We talk about the struggles that businesses are facing right now because of the pandemic, the measures we are implementing to try to keep these businesses alive and how these businesses react to the help we're giving. We also get down to the nitty-gritty of how much of ourselves we give to our clients and if breaking down our walls, letting our guards down and giving them a sneak peek into who we are as a person helps or damages the client-consultant relationship we've forged. 04:11 - The comparison between the pandemic's effect on entrepreneurs and its effects on employees07:19 - How are you managing the all the ideas flowing through you as a visionary?13:42 - Helping clients out by finding ways to make them eligible for PPP21:13 - "I think the worst is over"27:23 - New financial options for people who are thinking of starting, expanding or closing their business during these difficult times33:14 - Look at data to keep yourself grounded40:09 - Flat is the new hockey stick46:00 - Yale University's "The Science of Well-Being" online course by Dr. Laurie Santos52:55 - Self-comparison leads people to think they're stuck when they're really not59:43 - If you spend time working on your weaknesses, you can improve 3-5%, but if you work on your strengths, you can improve 95%1:05:22 - If your co-workers can't provide you with honest and helpful feedback, you can count on kids to do that1:06:01 - Sally Hogshead "How To Fascinate" Test1:12:46 - Determining how much of your true, personal self should you share and show to clients1:17:19 - Finding your specific role and purpose is a lifelong journey and is always changing1:21:28 - Struggling with your personas - who you are in the business and who you are outside of it1:31:04 - Sandra's passionate plea for entrepreneurs REFERENCED MATERIALS:Yale University's "The Science of Well-Being" online course by Dr. Laurie SantosSally Hogshead "How To Fascinate" Test GET IN TOUCH:MARK LEARY:www.linkedin.com/in/markhlearywww.leary.ccSANDRA FINCH:www.linkedin.com/in/sandrafinch/www.finchcpafirm.comwww.finchstrategies.comPRODUCTION CREDIT:Engineering / Post-Production: Jim McCarthyArt / Design: Immanuel Ahiable

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8 Jul 2020