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The Green Knight, with Annalee Newitz

Failure to Adapt

As Dev Patel is a snack and genius author Annalee Newitz just happened to have done their senior thesis on courtly love in the 14th century poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, Maggie Tokuda-Hall  & Red Scott were ecstatic to have them on to discuss the poem’s adaptation into The Green Knight (2021), directed by David Lowery. Annalee Newitz is most recently the author of Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age, as well as being an incredible Science Fiction Author, Lambda Literary Award Winner, and a writer for most publications you’ve heard of, including the NY Times. Fans of Failure to Adapt will also appreciate Annalee’s podcast Our Opinions Are Correct with co-host Charlie Jane Anders. IT’S OUT!!! Order Maggie’s Graphic Novel, SQUAD !!!! If you like us, you’ll also enjoy: Following the pod on twitter: https://twitter.com/FailureAdapt Supporting Failure to Adapt on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/FailureToAdaptPodcast

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12 Oct 2021

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Why Cities Are Abandoned (w/ Annalee Newitz, Sarah Ramos)

Periodic Talks

Cities aren’t meant to last, according to writer Annalee Newitz. In their book “Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age,” they explore the rise and fall of ancient sites. What can architecture tell us about how we live? What can urban planning tell us about our changing values? And ultimately, why are cities abandoned? Later, we also dive into the story of a scientist who helped us understand the very structure of our DNA. Plus, we get a voice message from actress Sarah Ramos (Parenthood).See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Sep 2021

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Imagining a Not So Grim Post-Apocalyptic Future with Writers Kim Stanley Robinson and Annalee Newitz

KQED's Forum

Confronting the reality of climate change is often a terrifying and paralyzing activity. But, in the right hands, the story of our warming planet can be a tale of human ingenuity, resilience, and adaptability. Humans, for better or worse, find ways to adapt to almost anything, even the collapse of civilizations. Forum brings together two legendary local science fiction writers, Kim Stanley Robinson and Annalee Newitz, to get their incisive perspectives on the question of the long-term fate of humanity. We’ll talk about the future of the climate, past civilizations of the earth and the audacity of imagining that human beings might find ways to thrive later this century.


22 Jun 2021

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Episode 23 - Annalee Newitz

The Feminist Present

Annalee Newitz is pretty much nerd royalty. They are the author of the novels The Future of Another Timeline and Autonomous, which won the Lambda Literary Award. As a science journalist, their work appears regularly in the New York Times and New Scientist, as well as in The Washington Post, Slate, Popular Science, Ars Technica, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic. They co-host the Hugo Award-winning podcast Our Opinions Are Correct, founded io9, and served as the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo. Annalee joined Adrian and Laura to dish about their most recent book, Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age: how its archaeological interpretations hearken back to their Ph.D work in literature, what lessons present cities might learn from ancient ones, and their “polyamorous” approach to working on multiple projects simultaneously.

1hr 6mins

9 Jun 2021

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Four Lost Cities w/ Annalee Newitz

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria

In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by science writer Annalee Newitz to talk about their newest book, "Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age." They discuss the fascinating history of once-thriving metropolises, how/why they were abandoned, and the important contributions of those who were far too often erased from our collective memories.

1hr 5mins

26 Apr 2021

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Ep. 66 - Annalee Newitz

The Page One Podcast

Annalee Newitz writes science fiction and nonfiction. They are the author of the book Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age, and the novels The Future of Another Timeline, and Autonomous, which won the Lambda Literary Award. As a science journalist, they are a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times, and have a monthly column in New Scientist. They have published in The Washington Post, Slate, Popular Science, Ars Technica, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic, among others. They are also the co-host of the Hugo Award-winning podcast Our Opinions Are Correct. Previously, they were the founder of io9, and served as the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo. We had great fun chatting with Annalee about how they managed to juggle their interests in both science and writing to form a unique and successful career. We hear about how the opportunity to found the successful website io9 came about, and how to select which stories to write as fiction and which as non-fiction. We also veer wildly off-topic on several occasions (in a good way!) and discuss how despite appearances, technological advancements over time aren't always the leaps forward we sometimes think they are.Links:Buy Four Lost Cities and Annalee's other books nowVisit Annalee's websiteVisit io9Watch our video panel Page One Sessions as we discuss writing with great authors: https://youtu.be/gmE6iCDYn-sThe Page One Podcast is brought to you by Write Gear, creators of Page One - the Writer's Notebook. Learn more and order yours now: https://www.writegear.co.uk/page-oneFollow us on Twitter: @write_gearFollow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/WriteGearUK/Follow us on Instagram: write_gear_uk See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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2 Apr 2021

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Four Lost Cities with Annalee Newitz

Writers Festival Radio

Join Sean Wilson for a conversation with acclaimed author and journalist Annalee Newitz on their bestselling book, Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age, a quest to explore some of the most spectacular ancient cities in human history—and figure out why people abandoned them.In Four Lost Cities, Annalee Newitz takes readers on an entertaining and mind-bending adventure into the deep history of urban life. Investigating across the centuries and around the world, Newitz explores the rise and fall of four ancient cities, each the center of a sophisticated civilization: the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in Central Turkey, the Roman vacation town of Pompeii on Italy’s southern coast, the medieval megacity of Angkor in Cambodia, and the indigenous metropolis Cahokia, which stood beside the Mississippi River where East St. Louis is today.Newitz travels to all four sites and investigates the cutting-edge research in archaeology, revealing the mix of environmental changes and political turmoil that doomed these ancient settlements. Tracing the early development of urban planning, Newitz also introduces us to the often anonymous workers—slaves, women, immigrants, and manual laborers—who built these cities and created monuments that lasted millennia.Four Lost Cities is a journey into the forgotten past, but, foreseeing a future in which the majority of people on Earth will be living in cities, it may also reveal something of our own fate.Books are available from our friends at Perfect Books.The Ottawa International Writers Festival is supported by generous individuals like you. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter and making a donation to support our programming and children’s literacy initiatives .Presented in partnership with the Ottawa Public Library.

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26 Mar 2021

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Ep 194 - Reading Is… Reading and Annalee Newitz!

Reading Glasses

Brea and Mallory discuss what counts as reading. And interview Annalee Newitz to weigh in! Email us at readingglassespodcast at gmail dot com!Reading Glasses MerchRecommendations Store Sponsors - Skout’s HonorPromo Code - GLASSESComa InducerPromo Code - GLASSES Links -Reading Glasses Facebook GroupReading Glasses Goodreads GroupAmazon Wish ListNewsletter Libro.fm Annalee NewitzFour Lost CitiesOur Opinions Are CorrectBooks Mentioned - Monster, She Wrote by Lisa Kroger and Melanie R. AndersonThis Was Our Pact by Ryan AndrewsDark Emu by Bruce PascoeStormsong by C.L. Polk


11 Mar 2021

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Four Lost Cities with Annalee Newitz

Factually! with Adam Conover

Where do cities… come from? Are they created by committee? Or do they just spring up out of the earth? Adam explores this question with journalist  Annalee Newitz, author of the new book Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age. They take an audio tour from Cahokia, an indigenous city near St. Louis that somehow got left out of American textbook;  the Neolithic city of Çatalhöyük, where people buried their ancestors under their living room floors; Angkor, which declined due to lack of government care of infrastructure; and everyone’s favorite lost city - Pompeii! You can find Four Lost Cities wherever books are sold.

1hr 20mins

10 Feb 2021

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001 Annalee Newitz - Autonomous & The Future of Another Timeline

Exploring Tomorrow: Meaningful Science Fiction and Life's Big Questions

Let's explore the first two novels by Annalee Newitz. From a big-pharma-controlled futuristic world with autonomous robots to a twisted tale of time travel, Newitz is a fresh voice in science fiction literature that is worth check out. Whether addressing corporate greed, ethical questions around human-robot coexistence, or giving us a deep glimpse into a world reshaped by those who would subjugate and silence women, Newitz books are rich with themes worth exploring.Read more at www.mikelwisler.com.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mikeljwisler/support


4 Nov 2020