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Summits in Strange Times: Mountaineering Marvel Adrian Ballinger

The GearJunkie Podcast

‘Everyone is literally dying!’ — Adrian Ballinger Adrian Ballinger does things for fun and for a living that most of humanity wouldn’t dare attempt. He’s done it all, from repeated ascents of the world’s highest and most challenging mountains to summits of the world’s deadliest peaks, and even alpine ski descents from 8,000 m high. He’s toiled through oxygen deprivation, survived avalanches, and climbed volatile, unstable ice walls. But as the last year-and-a-half has proven, there’s a limit. Ballinger has remained outspoken on the dangers of climbing amidst the pandemic. A renowned extreme adventurer and guide, he’s repeated calls for caution, safety, and restraint. And still, he’s hopeful about the future of alpine expeditions.


21 Oct 2021

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Mountaineering Training with expedition guide Adrian Ballinger

Uphill Athlete Podcast

Scott Johnston is joined by Adrian Ballinger and the two discuss the training and preparation process for attempting big mountains, and having realistic expectations while on expedition.. Adrian is an IFMGA certified mountain guide and the owner of Alpenglow Expeditions. Adrian has lead over one-hundred fifty international climbing expeditions on six continents, and made seventeen successful summits of 8000 meter peaks.  


18 Oct 2021

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EP 113: Adrian Ballinger - Founder of Alpenglow Expeditions

Inside The Adventure

Adrian Ballinger is a world class mountaineer, skier, business leader, and professional speaker. As founder and head guide of the internationally acclaimed Alpenglow Expeditions, Adrian envisioned a more holistic climbing experience for his clients than the status quo. This vision, with a focus on small groups and client education, continues to change the way big mountains are climbed. What started in 2004 with three trips on one continent with one lead guide has grown into a thriving company running 30 trips annually on 5 continents with six lead guides. In 10 years, Alpenglow has helped more than 100 clients successfully summit Everest, Lhotse (the 4th tallest mountain in the world), Manaslu (8th tallest), and Cho Oyu (6th tallest). How was Alpenglow able to expand to 10 times its size in 10 years all while setting new industry standards and expectations? Adrian believes running a business is a lot like climbing a mountain and attributes his extensive mountaineering experiences to his company’s success. In his forthcoming book, “Why Everest Matters – Lessons Learned from the Roof of the World,” Adrian explains essential business concepts such as leadership, teamwork, and risk management from a climber’s perspective. Adrian’s inspiring stories from the amazing places he’s traveled embolden audiences to integrate these important concepts into their own lives and businesses. As a professional athlete first and foremost, Adrian is the only American who has skied two 8,000 meter peaks, was the first person to ski Manaslu, the 8th tallest mountain in the world, and in 2011 became the first person to summit three 8,000 meter peaks in only 3 weeks (Everest twice and Lhotse once). He is the only American guide to have both AMGA/IFMGA guide’s certifications and has achieved more than 10 summits of 8,000 meter peaks (including 6 summits of Mt. Everest). Adrian is a sponsored athlete for Eddie Bauer, La Sportiva, Kaenon, Goal Zero, Hypoxico and Alpenglow Sports and welcomes new sponsors who are committed to aligning with high altitude achievement.

1hr 44mins

15 Sep 2021

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Adrian Ballinger - Mountaineer, Skier, Business leader, and Professional speaker.

Tales from the Road

Conquering big mountains Mindset, Fitness, and Humility with Adrian Ballinger.  Adrian,  is a world class mountaineer, skier, business leader, and professional speaker. In the last 12 years h he has achieved 17 successful 8,000m summits, reaching the summit of Everest 8 times, Manaslu 4 times, Cho Oyu 3 times, and both K2 and Lhotse once. Adrian is also the founder of guiding company Alpenglow expeditions. Most recently Adrian was only the 4th American to summit K2 without Oxygen.  Adrian and I spoke about life lessons from mountaineering the importance mindset, training and nutrition, failure and the importance of humility. 

1hr 16mins

26 May 2021

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27. Adrian Ballinger

Out and Back

Learn more about how you can explore in the mountains with Ballinger’s company Alpenglow Expeditions. Follow Ballinger on his Instagram page and watch his and Emily's YouTube channel DangerstikTV for some real-life Adrian/Emily entertainment. Watch Breathtaking, a documentary about Ballinger’s climb on K2 without supplemental oxygen. Finally, make sure to check out the Out and Back Instagram Page!Remember, podcast listeners can get UP TO 50% OFF ON A GAIA GPS MEMBERSHIP!Episode Highlights: 4:05: Adrian was born in England and grew up in Massachusetts. 5:15: Adrian credits luck, mentors, and his cool mom for getting him into climbing. 7:00: His parents taught him and his sister to be willing to try anything, but they weren’t too excited about Ballinger taking up rock climbing at a young age. Even still, Ballinger’s mom bought him his first rack.9:45: Adrian graduated from Georgetown University and was poised to go to medical school, when he put the breaks on and took a gap year, to get the “mountains out of his system.” 13:10: He never went back to school, picked up some sponsors, and kept climbing mountains.15:15: Mount Everest caught Adrian’s attention when he was a teenager, and he read everything about it and was totally obsessed.17:10: Guiding was the only way Adrian could afford to summit Everest, and he has now summited Mount Everest eight times — once without oxygen supplementation.21:00: Many challenges can interrupt an Everest expedition, including icefall, earthquakes, politics, and even the Olympics. 23:45: It costs $85,000 to go to Everest with Adrian Ballinger and his qualified guides with Alpenglow Expeditions.25:15: Cheaper trips skimp on experienced guides, safety equipment, and extra oxygen.28:20: The crux of Everest lies in the sustained effort it takes to climb the mountain over 30 days.31:30: Adrian wasn’t sure if he could summit Everest without supplemental oxygen, and that unknown drew him to try. 33:45: The first attempt without oxygen didn’t go well and Adrian had to retreat just 600 feet from the summit.37:40: Adrian went back and summited without oxygen, but doesn’t remember it because he was blacked out from the lack of oxygen.38:22: Adrian went on to summit K2 without supplemental oxygen, and just being 600 feet lower made all the difference. 41:30: K2 is a more remote, technical, and dangerous climb than its taller sister, Everest. The team ran into all kinds of troubles, but pushed through and summited in perfect conditions.51:20: Adrian describes the effects of climate change on the world’s tallest mountains, and here’s what we can do to make a difference. 57:15: Adrian Ballinger is engaged to professional climber Emily Harrington. 57:45: Last fall, Emily became the first woman to climb El Capitan’s Golden Gate route in a 24-hour period. She joins the very short list of climbers -- Tommy Caldwell, the late Brad Golight, and Alex Honnold — who have accomplished this feat. 59:00: Adrian had the honor to belay Emily on a portion of the route, and he describes a big fall she took and how she got through that and pushed on. 1:04:30: Emily and Adrian manage the risks of being professional climbers by talking through their objectives very carefully. 1:06:20: When Adrian and Emily are home in Tahoe City, Calif., life is filled with laundry and chores, and they cherish the “normal” times because they rarely get them. 1:07:15: Adrian tells the story about how he first met Emily at 21,000 feet on Mount Everest. He offered her a coffee. 1:10:05: What’s next? Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington are planning a wedding in December. 

1hr 12mins

4 Mar 2021

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Adrian Ballinger - Climbing Mt. Everest & K2 Without Supplemental Oxygen

The SnowBrains Podcast

Adrian Ballinger - Climbing Mt. Everest & K2 Without Supplemental Oxygen | Brought to you by Alta Ski Area "I was heli-ski guiding in Alaska, and through a series of communications breakdowns between me my co-guide and my pilot, we ended up getting out of a helicopter my 6 clients me and a co-guide, and it turned out we were on top of a cornice. The cornice broke 18 feet back as the helicopter lifted off. Me and 2 clients were on the wrong side of that break and took an 1800- foot fall. The first 200 feet over cliffs, and then through a huge avalanche runout zone, two people buried, a bunch of broken bones between all of us, and really bad injuries. Took a long time to get comfortable around cornices again." - Adrian Ballinger "Made it really close. I was probably 400 vertical feet from the summit, at well over 28,500 feet. I got to the point where I couldn’t feel my hands to behind my wrists, So I could no longer clip devices onto the fixed rope. So then I had to solo because I couldn’t use the rope. I was still going up, and Im soloing, and I cant feel my hands, started to think about the consequences of frostbite when I have a girlfriend who is a professional rock climber. It still took a long time, but I did ultimately decide to turn around… Im sure thats what saved my toes and fingers." - Adrian Ballinger Adrian Ballinger's list of accomplishments is over-the-top. It's too much. Here are some of his career highlights. First person to ski Manaslu from the summit (6th tallest peak in world) Only American with 3 complete 8000m ski descents 4th American to summit Everest and K2 without supplemental oxygen (first in 25 years) 8 summits of Mt Everest, 13 seasons on the mountain, over 100 clients on top 17 total 8000-meter peak summits  6 total 8000-meter peak ski attempts Summited Mt. Everest twice within 3- weeks on 2 separate occasions Guided/led more than 150 international expeditions Founder of Alpenglow Expeditions, in 2004 Guided on Kilimanjaro (14 times by 4 different routes), Denali (by the West Rib), Alpamayo (14 times by 3 different routes), Cotopaxi (more than 30 times), and many other expeditions on many other high peaks all over the world. Ballinger has also led successful expeditions to more than 25 Himalayan summits over 6000 meters, including twelve ascents of Ama Dablam, which is a highly technical 6800m peak next to Everest. In this episode, Adrian & Miles discuss extreme skiing at extreme altitude, the best stories from Adrian's insane high mountain guiding and climbing career, summiting Everest without Oxygen, summiting K2 without Oxygen, avalanches, getting the IFMGA full certification in only 3 years, Alpenglow Expeditions, and much more. Adrian Ballinger answers these mountain-y questions: You were the very first person to ski 26,781' Manaslu from the summit - this is the 6th tallest peak in the world. What was that experience like and why had no one ever skied before you? In 2016 you decided it was time to try Everest without supplemental oxygen. You failed and you said you almost got yourself killed only hours from the summit. What happened there? How are you able to climb above 26K feet without supplemental oxygen? Is there something genetic or biologic about you that helps at altitude? You've spent so much time on Everest - I'd love to hear your perspective on the overcrowding of Everest and the effects that it's having. Please tell us a bit about the Sherpa people. What are they like and please explain exactly what they do. It sounds like without the Sherpa, climbing Everest would nearly be impossible. Why did you decide to climb K2 without supplemental oxygen? What are the Pakistani people like? What's the craziest or funniest thing you've seen on Everest? What's the scariest accident you've had in the mountains? Where's your favorite place to ski? Favorite place to climb? Favorite mountain ranges? What evidence of climate change have you seen in your lifetime? What challenges you most intellectually on a daily basis? What's your favorite book? More Please enjoy! *** This episode is brought to you by Alta Ski Area - home of the deepest average annual snowfall in the Rocky Mountains. *** If you enjoyed this podcast, please share with friends & family, and please subscribe. Follow SnowBrains: SnowBrains.com Facebook: facebook.com/snowbrains Instagram: instagram.com/snowbrains Twitter: twitter.com/snowbrains The SnowBrains Podcast Episode #13 - Adrian Ballinger - Climbing Mt. Everest & K2 Without Supplemental Oxygen Recorded on January 3, 2020, in Jackson Hole, WY (Miles Clark) and Moab, UT (Adrian Ballinger). This episode was edited by Robert Wilkinson. Music by Chad Crouch. Host, producer, and creator = Miles Clark.

1hr 24mins

9 Feb 2021

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88: Emily Harrington, Adrian Ballinger, Angel Collinson, & Caroline Gleich

The Stokecast

Coping with Rapidly Changing, Challenging Conditions! Big mountain climber and Alpenglow Expeditions founder Adrian Ballinger, professional rock climber Emily Harrington, ski mountaineer and activist Caroline Gleich, and pro skier Angel Collinson discuss the adventurer’s perspective on coping with rapidly changing, challenging conditions as it relates to the outdoors and the world as of 2020.    This is a replay from the Stoked From Home online summit by The Stokecast. Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland. (Watch the episode at youtube.com/c/jonathanronzio)


24 Jun 2020

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Episode 52: Adrian Ballinger (Mountaineer) On Taking On The Worlds Most Dangerous Mountains: Everest & K2

Great Adventures

Adrian Ballinger summited Everest without supplemental oxygen in 2017, and then set his sights on a new challenge, taking on the world's most dangerous mountain, K2 of the Karakoram Range.Check out the trailer for a film on the endeavor "Breathtaking: K2", done in partnership with Eddie Bauer, here.Please support more conversations like this by hitting the subscribe button, checking out our sponsors, and leaving a quick review on Apple Podcasts.[Our usual home Smile To Go has been forced to shut doors during this current pandemic, support their staff during this difficult time by visiting here][Great Adventures is proudly fueled by WhistlePig Whiskey and Hanah One.]Let me know who you want to hear from next. Look out for upcoming episodes with survivalist Mykel Hawke, Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, photographer Chris Burkard, actor Jeremy Irvine, actor Nat Wolff, CEO of Conservation International Dr. M Sanjayan…CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Charles’ Instagram / Charles’ TwitterGreat Adventures Instagram / Great Adventures TwitterAdrian's Instagram / Adrian's TwitterRELEVANT LINKS:Adrian's Company Alpenglow ExpeditionsAdrian's WebsiteAdrian's Page With Eddie Bauer*Our world is going through an unprecedented event with the Coronavirus, but we at "Great Adventures" and our sponsors believe that it is not a time to go quietly into the night, we must continue to dream and explore while staying safe, social distancing and isolating when necessary. There are still adventures to be had, and for some, getting outdoors is the best thing for our mental and physical health right now. The episodes will continue to drop, please send us any feedback, and anyone that you would like to hear from.*Thanks for listening.Charles.


22 May 2020

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E5 - Adrian Ballinger - Climbing Everest, K2, patnership, failure, and triumph.

Wild Common Podcast



31 Mar 2020

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Adrian Ballinger on Everest & Life

Choose the Hard Way

7x summiter, 1x without supplemental oxygen, on the sacrifices made to fulfill a lifelong dream. Adrian Ballinger has summited Mt. Everest seven times. He attempted Everest without supplemental oxygen in 2016 as part of the Everest No Filter expedition with national geographic photographer Cory Richards. Cory made the summit. Adrian didn’t. They went back in 2017, and Adrian achieved his goal of summiting without oxygen. It wasn’t easy. In 2011 Adrian and two Sherpa partners became the first people to summit three 8,000 meter peaks in only 3 weeks (Everest twice and Lhotse once). He’s the first person to ski Manaslu, the 8th tallest mountain in the world, from its summit, and the first American to successfully ski two 8,000-meter peaks. You can follow Adrian on Instagram @adrianballinger, through his website and if you’d like to climb with him, check out Alpenglow Expeditions. If you like this episode, please subscribe, share with your friends and give us a positive rating. You can find more at www.choosethehardway.com and you can get in touch @hardwaypod on Twitter or send an email to choosethehardway@gmail.com. MORE ABOUT ADRIAN: He is also the founder and CEO of Alpenglow expeditions and has led expeditions where more than 100 clients have successfully summited Everest, Lhotse (the 4th tallest mountain in world), Cho Oyu (6th tallest) and Manaslu (the 8th tallest mountain in the world). He climbs, guides and skis all over the world including North and South America, the Himalayas and Africa. Adrian has been a sponsored climber since he was a teen. His current sponsors include Eddie Bauer, La Sportiva, Petzl, Kaenon, Goal Zero, Hypoxico, Alpenglow Sports and High Altitude Fitness. One of my favorite musicians is Bob Mould. And one of my favorite Bob Mould songs is Wishing Well. I’m not great at is remembering song lyrics. But a Bob Mould lyric that I do remember, is this--There’s a price you pay for a wish to come true--trade a small piece of your life. In this episode you’ll hear about what Adrian Ballinger has had to trade to be who he is and achieve what he has achieved.


19 Nov 2018