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Ex Urbe Ad Astra Ep. 5: Writing The Near Future, With SF Writer Naomi Kritzer

Ex Urbe Ad Astra

Note to Patreon backers: You received this episode on November 10, 2021, but due to an oversight, it was never posted here. Normally you hear episodes a week in advance, but this one you received eight months in advance! Thank you to everyone for your patience. This episode is brought to you by Perhaps The Stars, the fourth and final novel in the Terra Ignota series, available now from (referrer links) Amazon, Barnes And Noble,  Books-A-Million, Apple Books, and Indiebound. Naomi Kritzer has been publishing her science fiction and fantasy for the last twenty years. She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, US, and likes to think about ways to describe the future both near and far. Her new book is Chaos on CatNet, the sequel to Catfishing on CatNet published by Tor Teen. Naomi Kritzer's homepage Naomi Kritzer's Twitter

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13 Jul 2022

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The Dragon Project by Naomi Kritzer (audio)

Clarkesworld Magazine

This episode features "The Dragon Project" written by Naomi Kritzer. Published in the March 2022 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine and read by Kate Baker. The text version of this story can be found at: https://clarkesworldmagazine.com/kritzer_03_22 Support us on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/join/clarkesworld?


1 Mar 2022

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Naomi Kritzer, Election Profiler and Award-Winning Sci Fi Author

Wedge LIVE!

John is joined by co-host Elissa Schufman for a conversation with Naomi Kritzer, noted local election profiler and award-winning author. We talk about why Naomi got into writing about elections, her most and least favorite candidates over the years, if she has any candidate endorsement regrets, how scam candidate Mickey Moore actually got much weirder than the last time he ran for office. Somehow we got Naomi talking about rural broadband. We try to answer questions like: Who is the Captain America of Minneapolis? What is it like to win prestigious awards? Which fellow author does Naomi have beef with in the rough and tumble world of science fiction? Does she feel self-conscious about having so much influence over people's votes? Why did she file an amicus brief in opposition to the Don Samuels lawsuit to knock the public safety charter amendment (Question 2) off the ballot in Minneapolis? And much more. It's our longest episode yet. The truest indicator of quality. Join the conversation: twitter.com/wedgelive Support the show: patreon.com/wedgelive Wedge LIVE theme song by Anthony Kasper x LaFontsee

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28 Oct 2021

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Mad Max-Style Hellhole ft. Naomi Kritzer

Renegade Feminist

Municipal elections are going down in Minneapolis and St. Paul right now, and sorry boutcha, Ren Fems: you have to care even if you don’t live here. We’ll tell you why, and then get into a deep dive conversation with political writer Naomi Kritzer. She breaks down what’s at stake with these ballot questions, gives smart advice, and provides a sneak peek at her Minneapolis Mayoral rankings. Plus, a foray into Ranked Choice Voting and a primer on all the ways it's good for women and candidates of color. Let’s go! SHOWNOTES Naomi Kritzer  Minneapolis Redistricting Group Calendar Ranked Choice Voting explained - FairVote How Ranked Choice Voting Elevates Women and People of Color Seeking Office EPISODE SPONSORS Just The Pill 2021 Wellstone Fundraiser to Support St. Cloud Contribute to the SD14 DFL - St. Cloud Democrats --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/renegadefeminist/message


25 Oct 2021

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The Minneapolis Department of Public Safety charter amendment, AKA "defund the police," with Naomi Kritzer

Leif Pettersen Makes a Podcast Podcast

In this episode, I talk to Naomi Kritzer about the Minneapolis Department of Public Safety amendment to the city charter, AKA “defund the police,” that the people of Minneapolis will be voting on in November. We get into the history and the details of the proposed amendment (and why the Minneapolis city council currently can't share those details) and straighten out the misconceptions being paraded through the media as the country watches. Naomi Kritzer is a science fiction writer who's also been writing about politics since sometime in the early 2000s. She started out just researching her own ballot, then sharing her notes with her LiveJournal friends, and expanded because people were interested in her opinions. She emphasizes that she has no particular qualification for this beyond strong opinions, solid skills at Internet research, and a blog. She lived in Minneapolis from 1995 through 2012, and now lives in Saint Paul. She has two children, one in high school and one in college, and currently has four cats. Naomi's books: Catfishing on CatNet Chaos on CatNet Both books are usually available from Dreamhaven and from the current mail-order-only incarnation of Uncle Hugo’s.


18 Oct 2021

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Books are Magic: an interview with author Naomi Kritzer

The Bookshelf Odyssey Podcast

It’s all about science fiction today on The Bookshelf Odyssey Podcast! Sci-Fi takes up a significant portion of my bookshelves, how about yours? Today I interview a very special guest, the Hugo award nominated (and winner!) author Naomi Kritzer. She has two stories up for nomination this year at the Hugoes - “Monster” and the marvelous “Little Free Library”. Join me today as I talk to her about her writing journey (persistence pays!), science fiction, and some of her favorite stories. In the episode I also talk about what I’m reading, how I found science fiction (thank you Star Wars!) and we learn a tiny bit about Little Free Libraries. Books by Naomi KritzerCat Pictures Please and Other Stories (Amazon) (Bookshop.org)Catfishing on Catnet (Amazon) (Bookshop.org)Chaos on Catnet (Amazon)Other Books Mentioned World of the Five Gods Trilogy by Lois McMaster Bujold https://amzn.to/3ER3AoX (amazon)The Curse of Chalion https://bookshop.org/a/56283/9780061134241 (Bookshop.org) Paladin of Souls https://bookshop.org/a/56283/9780380818617 (Bookshop.org) The Hallowed Hunt https://bookshop.org/a/56283/9780060574741 (Bookshop.org) Timothy Zahn Star Wars series https://amzn.to/3kBQQtX (amazon) Affiliate links mean I earn a commission from qualifying purchases. This helps support my channel at no additional cost to you. Ways to Support the Show:Buying a book? I have a Bookshop.org Affiliate Link: https://bookshop.org/shop/bookshelfodyssey (Affiliate links mean that any purchases you make with the above link, I get a small percentage at no extra cost to you!)Enjoy Coffee or Tea? Great Expectations Coffee Mug: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1081083637/miss-havishams-satis-house-coffee-mug?ref=shop_home_active_1Buy Me a Coffee? https://www.buymeacoffee.com/bookshelfpodFind me OnlineFacebook Group Page: @thebookshelfodysseyTwitter: @odyssey_podcastInstagram: @bookshelfodysseypodcastYoutube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtdYVC7SKy5_cHwSV8i-XgEmail: bookshelfodysseypodcast@gmail.com    #starwars #reading #podcasts #amreading #amwriting #books 


24 Sep 2021

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S1E32 - Review - Little Free Library by Naomi Kritzer

Short Story, Short Podcast

Episode Notes The story itself on Tor.com Find out more at https://short-story-short-podcast.pinecast.co


7 May 2021

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Episode 114 : Naomi Kritzer on Cats, Personhood, & CATFISHING ON CATNET

The Imaginaries Podcast

Our apologies for the slightly late upload on this one! We blame internet connectivity issues, warped audio, and a cat who just. won't. leave. the. keyboard. alone.Come ye, come all, and welcome our fabulous guest Naomi Kritzer to the podcast! Kritzer is the author of the 2019 Nebula Award nominated young adult novel, CATFISHING ON CATNET, as well as the 2016 Nebula nominated and Hugo and Locus *winning* story CAT PICTURES PLEASE. We discuss everything from Kritzer’s own cats to the parameters of artificial intelligence (catlike or otherwise) to the building blocks of personhood, and basically fall even more in love with this author’s fantastic words.You can read CAT PICTURES PLEASE on the Clarkesworld website at http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/kritzer_01_15, and you can find out more about Naomi Kritzer's work at www.naomikritzer.com or by following her on social media under the handle @naomikritzer.Like our content? Our website is www.imaginaries.net, and you can drop us a line (maybe about that reading rut-busting trick?) at imaginarypod@gmail.com or find us on Twitter at @imaginary_pod. You can listen to our episodes on - iTunes (https://apple.co/3aFR64l) - Spotify (https://spoti.fi/2tERDTD) - Stitcher (https://bit.ly/38ukyZc) and- SoundCloud (https://bit.ly/2TVno5i)as well as find our oldest episodes on YouTube once they have shuffled off these other earthly coils.If you would like to help support our work, you can give us a rating or review on whatever platform you use to listen to your podcasts, and if you would like to offset the costs associated with our podcast, you can support us financially at www.ko-fi.com/imaginaries.


1 Mar 2020

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Monster by Naomi Kritzer (audio)

Clarkesworld Magazine

This episode features "Monster" written by Naomi Kritzer. Published in the January 2020 issue of Clarkesworld Magazine and read by Kate Baker. The text version of this story can be found at: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/kritzer_01_20 Support us on Patreon at http://patreon.com/clarkesworld

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31 Jan 2020

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Episode 44 – Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer

Mangum Reads

This episode we have pretty much our first just lighthearted short story. What does a sentient AI do with it’s time while yearning after more cat pictures? What rules should it follow when dealing with humanity? This won the Hugo in 2016 and was nominated for the Nebula. Next up Observations About Eggs from the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa by Carmen Maria Machado Observations About Eggs from the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

23 Jan 2020