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The Bourbon Daily Show #2,064 – The Bourbon Talk Show: Episode #23 / Lisa Wicker and Heather Bean

The Bourbon Daily

Steve and McNew interview Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane and Heather Bean of Syntax Spirits. TBD music is by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Important Links: ABV Barrel Shop: abvbarrelshop.com Steve Akley’s New Book, Bourbon Assignments: https://amzn.to/2Y68Eoy ABV Network Shop: https://shop.abvnetwork.com/ YouTube: https://bit.ly/3kAJZQz Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/theabvnetwork Check us out at: abvnetwork.com. Join the revolution by adding #ABVNetworkCrew to your profile on social media.

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2 Jun 2022

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The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias – Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane Distillery – 2022Ep14

The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias

This time around on The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we chat with Lisa Wicker, president and master distiller for Widow Jane Distillery, a terrific craft whiskey producer in Brooklyn, New York. We discuss their rapid success, the great expressions they make, and Lisa’s and the distillery’s story. In our podcast-only segment, “Another Shot with NOLADrinks,” we touch on her role as a female leader in the whiskey world.Pictured above – Lisa Wicker, president and master distiller of Widow Jane Distillery along with their Rosendale Mines water source, the distillery, and blending whiskey.The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias – Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane Distillery – 2022Ep14We’re thrilled to welcome Lisa Wicker, president and master distiller of Widow Jane Distillery, back to the show (you can catch her first appearance back in 2018 here)!Lisa and Widow Jane have been on a tremendous success streak since that time garnering well-deserved accolades and attention for their craft whiskeys. We talk a bit about Lisa’s background (you can hear more of that on her previous visit) and Widow Jane’s story. And, in “breaking news,” we talk about Lisa taking on the merited title of “Master Distiller” recently!We discuss the positive changes and growth they have experienced in recent years, including their recent acquisition by Heaven Hill Distillery. Of course, we sip on a couple expressions and chat about those along with the other whiskeys they make. We talk about their production, their use of a special water source, and much more. Also, we let you know how you can connect with them and visit their cool space in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn.Lastly, in our podcast-only segment, “Another Shot with NOLADrinks,” we continue our conversation with more on Widow Jane. We also talk about Lisa’s experience, namely, participating on a “Women in Whiskey” panel, at the recent New Orleans Bourbon Festival. She also shares some thoughts with us on being a leader and role model as a female distiller in the whiskey world!Cheers and Be Well, You All!~ BryanThe post The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias – Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane Distillery – 2022Ep14 appeared first on The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias.

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5 May 2022

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Bourbon Distiller Legacy Series: From Wine to Whiskey with Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane

Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

If you've not heard her name before, you're going to be shocked with all of the projects Lisa's been involved in - from George Washington's Distillery at Mount Vernon, to Preservation Distillery in Bardstown, to Huber's Starlight Distillery in Indiana, and the Beam Brother's Limestone Branch - and she also works as a consultant. We'll talk about the whiskey and the name Widow Jane, I'll get to sample the 10 year, we'll hear how Lisa moved from blending wine to blending whiskey, and learn a little more about one of her distilling heroes - a woman who ran the last bourbon distillery outside of the United States.

1hr 32mins

23 Mar 2022

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Distillers Talk #91 - (DT Rerun) Lisa Wicker, Widow Jane

Distillers Talk

We're deep in a long recording week on-site, so're taking you to DT Blockbuster with a rerun of our interview/blending party with Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane.

1hr 28mins

3 Mar 2022

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312 - From Grapes to Grains with Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane

Bourbon Pursuit

Lisa Wicker should be a household name to any bourbon enthusiast. You will get to learn about her pedigree of industry and blending experience in this episode. Before ever meeting Lisa, people in the industry would tell me she had one of the best palates. She has been involved with lots of brands from the very beginning and played a critical role to their future success. Now, she leads Widow Jane and gives us some tricks on her blending techniques.Show Notes: This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick (@fredminnick) talks about bottle modifications. What is the craziest fashion trend you've ever worn? How did you get into working in whiskey? How did you end up at Widow Jane? Was it a big change moving from the Mid West to NYC? Who is Widow Jane? What is the history of the brand? Do you store barrels in the mine? Why do you use the mineral water for proofing? How do you decide which distillate goes into each product? Do you enjoy the challenge of putting a unique spin on a sourced whiskey? Do you have a whiskey blending playlist? @widow_jane @lbwicker Support this Podcast on Patreon

1hr 3mins

1 Jul 2021

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022: Lisa Wicker Meets You Where You Are

Unlabeled Leadership

I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 22, Lisa Wicker shares two of her guiding principles. In a story, Lisa describes how she connected with and championed a difficult employee. Also, she advises us to think critically about why we would want to enter and advance in management. 00:14 Prologue: Standing on the Shoulders of Mentors and Guides From working for an automotive foundry to becoming the Chief Executive Officer of Career Mastered and publisher of Career Mastered Magazine, Lisa has mentored, lead, and even cheered for the people in her life. Of all the people I know, Lisa illuminates what empowering women means. Her hard work in celebrating women publicly, providing networking events, and developing girls and women has opened opportunities for women to flourish professionally. 01:26 Part 1: Showing Respect for Who You Are New managers who rely on authority and trying to control their situation and others hurt their ability to lead. Lisa shares two of her guiding principles that make a difference in how she leads. 11:05 Part 2: Why Do You Care? When someone starts at a new company, employees already have made assumptions about who you are and what to expect from you. Mostly unconscious, these assumptions are not based on the new employee’s personality but come from job typecasts (to name one source). Lisa illustrates how to overcome role typecasting. 18:58 Part 3: Why Do You Want a Promotion? Lisa challenges us to critically think about why we would want to change careers and shift to a managerial role. _________________________________ How You Can Support the Show Unlabeled Leadership is a free service for people to learn about leadership. If you want to support the show, you can make a $0.99 donation. Your support reduces production expenses. https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/support No transcript available (future enhancement) Episode links Lisa’s LinkedIn Profile The Dr. Lisa Wicker website Linwick & Associates, LLC. (LWA) Career Mastered website Lisa’s Twitter Lisa’s Facebook page Excel Village Lisa’s books Capacity: Women Shattering the Limits - NOW! (preorder link) The Winning Spirit: Building Employee Enthusiasm Power Play: Discover the Secrets to Spirit-Winning Success Gary DePaul's website Background Music You can find all the musical tracks at Envato Elements. 00:00 Theme music: Inspiring Uplifting Corporate by mixer_drummer 01:08 Casual Acoustic Folk by pinkzebra 10:47 Emotion by Tonydrumer 18:40 Soundtrack for Your Life by pinkzebra 22:45 Fun and Flirty by BrownHouseMedia Lead on! Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/message


23 Feb 2021

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Distillers Talk #47 (Talk about Bourbon, Whiskey & More) - Lisa Wicker, Widow Jane

Distillers Talk

Christi Atkinson and Alan Bishop talk to Lisa Wicker of Widow Jane about her background and current projects

1hr 43mins

18 Feb 2021

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Lisa Wicker, President and Head Distiller/Blender at Widow Jane Distillery

Women & Whiskey: Stop Mansplaining Me

In this live podcast and tasting, we enjoy Widow Jane 10 year, American Oak Rye and Lucky 13. Lisa Wicker, President and Master Distiller/Blender regaled us with her history and the future plans at Widow Jane.Support female musicians too… click here to learn more about the band Snarls:takethistoheartrecords.limitedrun.com/produc…-burst


29 Jan 2021

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Episode 6: Lisa Wicker - Widow Jane Distillery

Wealth Empowerment State of Mind

Linda Ruffenach sits down with Lisa Wicker, President & Head Distiller at Widow Jane Distillery. Lisa shares what she believes is true wealth, shelter, food, family, and friends. Being poised for growth and navigating Covid, Lisa and Widow Jane have also managed to help raise money for the United States Bartenders Guild and Children of Restaurant Employees. Being raised to let common sense guide her, Lisa has passed on to her children how to be "self-sufficient with or without money." "Don't be so hard on yourself. Take that energy and turn it into something positive." -Lisa Wicker @widowjane on FB a nd Instagram https://widowjane.com/ https://www.execuity.com/ https://www.usbg.org/home https://coregives.org/ 


26 Jan 2021

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Episode 37: Lisa Wicker - Widow Jane

The Bourbon Life

In this Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast, Matt and Mark spend some time hanging out with Lisa Wicker, Lead Distiller of Widow Jane.   The guys talk with Lisa about her extensive experience in the wine and whiskey worlds, the challenges that she and her team face operating a fully functioning distillery in Brooklyn, New York, and the changes that she has implemented at Widow Jane that has led to some pretty major accolades for the Distillery and their products. And they also get to taste and review 3 different expressions from Widow Jane, including the Rye aged in American Oak, the Rye aged in Oak & Applewood, and the 10-Year Old Blended Bourbon. This Episode of The Bourbon Life Podcast is sponsored by The Stave Restaurant in Millville, KY and Pinhook Bourbon. Check them out online at www.thestavekentucky.com and www.pinhookbourbon.com.

1hr 28mins

23 Oct 2020