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Mike Claudio - Running your House like a Business & Being Complete as a Man

Free Mind with Dave Hurt

If you're married or in a relationship...OR if you want to be one day - you NEED TO LISTEN to this one. In this episode I sit down with Mike Claudio - husband, father, business owner, and host of The Big Stud Podcast. Mike and I discuss his approach to finances and having a shared vision with his wife, as well as steps they take to ensure they're staying on track in all areas (including intimacy). We also discuss masculinity in the modern era, and being complete as a man. Mike and I are also both doing Adam Smith's Savage Freedoms Training Group and also reflect on the importance of being better protectors of our households.You can find Mike on IG at @winrateconsulting or at winrateconsulting.com, and The Big Stud Podcast can be found on all podcasting platforms. Purchase our apparel at justworkco.com1stphorm.com/hurt for free shipping on 1st Phorm products@thefreemindpodcast on IG@iamdavehurt on IG, Twitter, TikTokUse code HURT at upfreshkitchen.com

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13 Sep 2022

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Hard Truth About Coaches - with Mike Claudio - EP 268

365 Driven

The coaching industry sometimes gets a bad rap due to the fake coaches out there, but that is because a lot of coaches are chasing money and not actual impact. So many of them are targeting the wrong audience and can’t deliver the guidance and results that their targeted audience is looking for. Maybe they have the answers to a certain problem but are placing their offer in front of the wrong people, overcharging, and then not delivering. With the industry having a low barrier to entry, there are going to be people out there not operating ethically. This in turn makes them look like a fraud. Operating in ethics and integrity is what separates great coaches from the rest.  In this episode, Tony talks to fellow business coach Mike Claudio all about how to find the right coach for you. Mike Claudio is a husband, father, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who focuses on making an impact with every conversation he has. He is the owner of WinRate consulting, a business coaching and consulting company focused on the construction industry, and the founder of A Champions Shoes, which is a nonprofit with a mission to foster confidence in children by providing new, name-brand shoes to kids all over the country. He is also the host of The Big Stud Podcast, and author of #TooStrong: How to Win Fast and Win Often in a World Full of Obstacles. Mike and Tony are both coaches that do not shy away from the honest and hard truth of what it takes to build a successful business. Mike has coached over 300 companies successfully by operating with a “help first” mentality and emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and accountability. Tune in to learn the truth about the coaching industry. Key highlights: Why people don't get big results from a $1000 course Lack of self-awareness is what costs and wastes so much time and money How Tony and Mike attract the right people into their coaching programs How the most effective leaders operate Why the coaching industry gets a bad rap at times Mike’s turning point of when he decided to coach other people in their businesses What makes a great coach? You don't have to have the "normal" business hours of everyone else Tony’s morning routine and why he doesn't work out in the morning  Tony’s advice for structuring your day the way that is best for you  Mike explains why coaching costs what it does: It's not about what it costs now, but where you want to be in 12 months How to find the right coach for you For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit: 365driven.com/episode268


13 Sep 2022

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How To Get Paid w/ Mike Claudio - Episode 101

Attagirl Podcast

Mike Claudio, CEO & Head Coach at WinRate Consulting, works with companies that have 1M in revenue or more. His expertise helped Meredith change the entire course of her business (and life) by asking one simple question when it comes to pricing. We’re excited to have our first Attadude on the show! 

Work with Mike: winrateconsulting.com Follow Mike on Instagram: instagram.com/winrateconsulting Listen to his podcast: bigstudpod.com


7 Aug 2022

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The Big Stud, Mike Claudio

Life Changing Money with Barbara Schreihans

Background -  B2B Sales  to Taking a Chance in the Remodeling IndustryFailing Forward - Figuring out Selling, Marketing,  Closing, Estimating, Building a Brand, and Growing BusinessesHelp First Mentality and Monetizing"What makes me so good at ME?"  Prospecting to AppreciationIn April 2018 WinRate Was Born!Set the Agenda, Problem Solve WITH the ClientPre Covid, Covid, and Maintaining  a Positive Presence OnlineEnter the Subject Matter ExpertsMoney Mindset Hurdles  - It's Real and Sustainable Now!Vision Board and Quarterly SWOT AnalysisCharge What You're WorthEarn It and Execute the Power List!You Can't Replicate the Confidence That Comes From a  Brand New Pair of  Shoes!Blessings and Burpees!Connect with Mike:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/winrateconsulting/Champions Non-Profit: https://www.instagram.com/a_champions_shoes/?hl=enFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/winrateconsulting/Website: https://www.mikeclaudio.com/Podcast: https://www.mikeclaudio.com/podcastYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86r4_wMGU5M1-dVovjxf1w


3 Aug 2022

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Episode 34: Mike Claudio: The Honest Truth about Building a Successful Business.

The Tactical Empire

Suffering is an inevitable part of success. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling the whole truth. Creating success in any endeavor in life will involve either suffering or sacrifice. The fine line between both rests on the purpose of the work. Keeping in mind the goal of the task will define whether you are intentionally sacrificing time and energy as an investment or suffering through the completion of a project for the sake of finishing. Learn more about growing your business to its best potential with this episode's guest Mike Claudio! Mike Claudio is a personal friend, mentor, and confidant to Jeff! He is the owner of WinRate Consulting, founder of A Champions Shoes non-profit, and the legendary host of the Big Stud Podcast. Mike and Jeff talk about building your business from all points and in all aspects while remembering to integrate corporate social responsibility into your work.    What you'll learn: Alignment of goals and missions of employees to your business How to ignore the fear of missing out on trends Sacrificing vs Suffering Accepting inevitable suffering or sacrifice to achieve your goal How to avoid getting distracted by new shiny objects Freedom in making business decisions A Champions Shoes' advocacy Who deserves the best version of you How to get involved: Mike’s Website WinRate Consulting’s Website Mike and WinRate Consulting’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram A Champions Shoes Instagram, and Website The Big Stud Podcast If what you heard resonated with you, you can find Jeff on Instagram, Facebook. And don’t forget to visit us on Apple Podcasts to leave a review and let us know what you thought! Your feedback keeps us going. Thanks for helping us spread the word! 


13 Jul 2022

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Goal Process looks like with Mike Claudio

It Ain't Rocket Surgery Podcast

Owner and founder of Winrate Consulting, Mike Claudio, is here to talk about goals and the process of achieving them.  It all starts with being very intentional, and ends with giving yourself time to acclimate to your new level of success.  Coaching mostly companies in the home construction space, Mike takes it a step further by offering free advice via his podcast, the Big Stud Podcast Placing everything into 3 main categories (things for me, things for the business, things for others), Mike reverse engineers everything into a daily plan.  He’s a firm believer in taking the time to look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished.  He says it’s the fuel that keeps him going. What You’ll Learn: What Mike’s goal process looks like. Why people are afraid to dream big. How to get the highest level employees. How to select the right coach for you. Favorite Quote: “People try to solve immediate problems without considering how the solution they put in place plays out in 2-3 years.” -Mike Claudio


14 Apr 2022

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Mike Claudio - Rising to the Occasion

The Business, Cars & Cigars Podcast

Today’s guest has a long list of titles: CEO and head coach at WinRate Consulting, founder of non-profit A Champion’s Shoes, host of the podcast Big Stud, best selling author of Too Strong, and many more. As a personal development coach, Mike Claudio is passionate about helping people overcome their fears of being great. He’s a big believer in manifestation and can usually be seen repping his ‘Win’ or ‘Champion’ swag. Mike’s been obese, broke, a womanizer, you name it. So he knows what it’s like to come from the bottom and rise to the top. On today’s episode of Business, Cars, and Cigars, he’s here to share what he’s learned and what he practices every day to make sure he stays on top. One lesson he’s sharing is, never play small to accommodate other people. If, like Mike, you’re larger than life, you need to tune in today to get rid of your fear of failure and your desire to conform. You’ll come away with the confidence you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams. What You’ll Learn: The psychology behind virtue signaling How to identify and defeat imposter syndrome Why we lose ourselves when we cater to others What works–and doesn’t–when you work with your spouse And so much more! Favorite Quote: “You don’t get big then get swag, you get swag so that you can get big.” Mike Claudio How to Get Involved: Find Mike on his website. Keep up-to-date with Brandon by adding him on LinkedIn. The aftermarket automotive industry is thriving and growing. Business, Cars, & Cigars invites you to pour a drink or pull out a cigar and talk business.  With a diverse lineup of guests from all industries, we’re looking for ideas that we can incorporate into our automotive businesses.  With 25+ years in the automotive industry and 10+ years owning his own business, your host Brandon Greene knows which questions to ask to give you the insider edge.


4 Apr 2022

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Putting Yourself First To Serve Others W/ Mike Claudio

Never Stop Building

We had the absolute pleasure of having Mike Claudio on the pod to talk about creating boundaries, leadership, business and life. Mike is the CEO of WinRate consulting, host of the Big Stud Podcast, author and overall Mr. Discipline. Mike breaks down how simple it truly is to be the most elite version of yourself. He never says its easy though. Enjoy!


28 Mar 2022

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Mike Claudio, Founder of WinRate Consulting, Author of #TooStrong, and the host of The Big Stud Podcast

The Burn Podcast by Ben Newman

Sometimes you come across people in life that you just KNOW have battled through adversity and come out STRONGER because of it…This week’s guest on #theburnpodcast is the walking and breathing example of that kind of person.Mike Claudio @winrateconsulting, has seen the ups the downs and all the obstacles in between. Mike is the founder of WinRate Consulting, author of #TooStrong, and the host of The Big Stud Podcast.Buckle your seatbelts this episode is INTENSE!Full episode live on Youtube and all podcast platforms.Get Mike’s book here👇🏼https://www.amazon.com/TooStrong-Fast-Often-World-Obstacles/dp/0578950103A Champion’s Shoes Charityhttps://achampionsshoes.orgThe Burn Podcast, ignited by Punch’d Energy.https://www.puchdenergy.com************************************Let’s work TOGETHER https://www.bennewmancoaching.comOrder my new book UNCOMMON LEADERSHIP: 11 Ways the Greatest Leaders Lead: www.bennewman.net/preorderConnect with me everywhere else:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/continuedfightFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Continuedfight/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ContinuedFight https://www.bennewmancoaching.com The Burn Podcast, ignited by Punch’d Energy. https://www.puchdenergy.com ****** Let’s work TOGETHER https://www.bennewmancoaching.com Order my new book UNCOMMON LEADERSHIP: ...


25 Mar 2022

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How to Master Your Craft and Become Unstoppable With Mike Claudio

Beyond The Tools

In this episode, Mike explains how specializing in one niche, having personal branding as a top priority, inspecting past solutions, and more can revamp businesses!For the full show notes, head on over to: https://reflectivemarketing.com/podcast/How-to-Master-Your-Craft-and-Become-Unstoppable-With-Mike-Claudio


8 Mar 2022