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Side Effects of Redemption (with Shaka Senghor) Part 2

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

This week, we continue our conversation with author and criminal justice reform advocate Shaka Senghor, who shares his path and empowers us on our own paths to glowing up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 May 2021

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Side Effects of Redemption (with Shaka Senghor) Part 1

Small Doses with Amanda Seales

This week, author and criminal justice reform advocate Shaka Senghor joins us to share his path and empower us on our own paths to glowing up. Come back next week for part 2! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


5 May 2021

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Building Trust and Diversity with Shaka Senghor on Boss Talk #7

a16z Live

Ben and Ali are joined by guest Shaka Senghor, who after 20 years in prison, became an author and activist for prison reform, an entrepreneur, and most recently, head of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Tripactions. Shaka shares what prison taught him about building trust in a team, as well as what he sees as the path — and the obstacles— to meaningful diversity in the workplace. Boss Talk is the Clubhouse show where a16z cofounder Ben Horowitz and Ali Ghodsi, the Founder/CEO of Databricks, discuss CEO stuff, leadership stuff, management stuff... boss stuff. Live every Tuesday 5-6pm on Clubhouse. 

1hr 2mins

25 Mar 2021

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EP 30 | Defying the Odds: Reinventing life after Prison with Shaka Senghor

Tech Unlocked

In 1991, Shaka Senghor entered prison for committing second-degree murder. Today, he’s a best-selling author, a lecturer at universities, and leading voice on criminal justice reform. Raised in a middle-class neighborhood on Detroit’s east side during the height of the 1980s crack epidemic, Shaka was an honor roll student and a natural leader who dreamed of becoming a doctor. But at age 11, his parents' marriage began to unravel. The beatings from his mother worsened, sending him on a downward spiral that saw him run away from home. On the streets, he quickly turned to drug dealing to survive, running crack houses and getting caught up in the hopelessness of the life that surrounded the epidemic. At 18, he was shot in an altercation in front of his home. By 19, he was in prison for murder, fuming with anger and despair. During his 19 years incarcerated—including seven in solitary confinement—Shaka began a journey of self-reflection, inspired by reading and writing as a means of understanding his past, his present, and his future potential. By embracing forgiveness, hope, and everything that’s possible when you refuse to be defined by your past, he’s become a leading voice on the potential inherent in us all when given support and a second chance.  In the decade since his release, he’s garnered awards and fellowships, lectured at universities, started and worked with nonprofits seeking to lift people up, visited the White House, been interviewed by Trevor Noah and Oprah Winfrey, given award-winning TED talks, and tirelessly worked to help create the personal and societal change we need for a more inspired, just, fulfilling future. Key Takeaways: How Shaka found himself in prison at the young age of 19 Transferable skills formerly incarcerated folks can bring into the Tech world  What tech companies can do to have a positive impact on the US Criminal Justice System. How we reimagine our current education system 3 tips for protecting your mental health during challenging times Article: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/mar/30/shaka-senghor-interview-prison-reform-incarceration-book-writing-my-wrongs-cut50 Help us raise $2000 in scholarships for Black/African American students studying Computer Science or STEM by buying a t-shirt or donating directly here: https://www.bonfire.com/techunlocked/ We appreciate your support!! Follow Tech Unlocked for updates and career tips: Twitter: https://twitter.com/techunlockedpod Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/techunlockedpod/ Connect with Shaka: Twitter Website Instagram YouTube Connect with Grace: Twitter: https://twitter.com/GraceMacjones LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gracemacjones Enjoyed this episode? Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes and Spotify. Tag us @techunlockedpod on Instagram or Twitter too! Questions about sponsorship? Email us techunlockedpod@gmail.com


23 Jan 2021

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Book Convo - Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor

Afros 'N Convos

This week, we discuss the New York Times Bestseller, Writing My Wrongs by Shaka Senghor. The book describes his experience within our country's prison system and his extraordinary journey to redemption through reading and writing. We are excited to bring you our perspectives.  Subscribe to the podcast Follow us @afrosnconvos on IG Email us at afrosnconvos@gmail.com www.afrosnconvos.com

1hr 16mins

1 Oct 2020

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United We Slay - Episode 17 - Shaka Senghor

United We Slay

Episode 17 of Maisha Dyson's talk show, "United We Slay".


29 Sep 2020

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Shaka Senghor: The Power of Storytelling

This Is A Collect Call from Sing Sing

Author / lecturer / former inmate SHAKA SENGHOR shares his journey from an abusive home in Detroit to spending seven years in solitary confinement to having his book listed on Oprah's Super Soul 100.


10 Jun 2020

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Life, Death and Redemption In An American Prison - Shaka Senghor

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

‘I spent my time reading and writing, using books to free my mind and expand my thinking’ We’re honored to have a pioneering voice in American criminal justice reform, Shaka Senghor, on the Mindvalley Podcast. Tune in to hear the awe-inspiring journey of a man who used a 40-year prison sentence to expose the untold stories of life behind bars in his NYT bestselling book Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison. Listen out for: His harrowing journey of escaping an abusive household only to be lured in by the streets of Detroit. How a promising medical student ended up spending his best years in prison. The inhumane realities he faced over 7 years in solitary confinement. How he found redemption and a higher calling through storytelling. The shocking link between Slavery and the American Prison System. The 30-day challenge Shaka took on to write his first book while in confinement. 5 Tips for anyone feeling isolated at home right now. Like this episode? Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes and Spotify. Tag us @Mindvalley on Instagram or Twitter too! Mentions: To find out more about Shaka’s incredible work or to purchase a copy of Writing my Wrongs, visit Shaka’s website here - https://www.shakasenghor.com/


4 Jun 2020

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Season 1 Episode 1 | "I AM" with Shaka Senghor

MEN THRIVE with Jeff Johnson

Often times as people we struggle with wholeness and living for others instead of living for ourselves. The theme for today’s episode of Men Thrive is “ I AM”.  Jeff Johnson & Kevin Dedner interview Producer, Father, Social Architect, and the author of the book “Writing My Wrongs”  Shaka Senghor. Shaka dives into his early years and the trauma of being rushed into manhood. He also discusses his 19-year incarceration, 7 years of solitaire confinement, and most importantly his redemption that soon followed. As a NY Times  Bestseller, Shaka has found a way to stay in a place of gratefulness and gives us the ins and outs of his journey to remain human in the midst of so much inhumanity.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeff-johnson95/message


4 May 2020

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12. 8 Ways You Can Transform Social Isolation Into Personal Opportunity with Shaka Senghor

Trauma Camp For Teachers

NYT best-selling author, Shaka Senghor, reflects on the eight practices and activities that helped him transform his time in solitary confinement from meaningless isolation to a personal journey of self-discovery and creativity that would change the rest of his life. Important Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: The 8 practices that can transform your social isolation into personal opportunity for self-discovery, enlightenment, creativity and fueling your personal vision. Why this is truly an opportunity to fall in love with ourselves, and work on developing a deeper, more connected relationship with our inner experiences.  Insights on talking to your children about this experience realistically and about the world they (actually) live in (as opposed to a fantasy / wishful world that is solely aspirational). Why considering our ancestors - and their plights, persistence and perspectives - can provide us a grounding perspective when we need it most.  Episode Page: www.traumacamp.com/12 Want to Join Our Community? Instagram: www.instagram.com/traumacampforteachers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TraumaCamp/ Get Our Special Podcast Email Updates Every Week: www.traumacamp.com/podcast Trauma Camp Website: www.traumacamp.com

1hr 8mins

22 Apr 2020