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How This Marketing Mastermind Helps Scale Startups Quickly to $100M with Greg Head

Ecommerce Insights by Wicked Reports Podcast

Resource Links: Visit the Wicked Reports Website (https://www.wickedreports.com/) Greg Head Website (https://greghead.com/) Gregslist Website (https://gregslist.com/) Reaching great growth moments in a business, whether you’re an ecom or a SaaS startup, is an amazing experience. But growth isn’t easily attained as we have seen other companies who have struggled. To help with this, I’ve decided to invite the marketing mastermind behind Infusionsoft’s fast-tracked growth. Greg Head, who is now running marketing consulting business Scaling Point, and SaaS community resource, Gregslist, is here with me today to talk about marketing strategy and tactics for achieving scale. If you want to be on your way to hyperfast growth, then this episode is perfect for you. So tune in.  Episode Highlights: Greg’s vision for Gregslist [01:12] His experience of growing companies to $100M [03:04] The biggest challenges for marketers [05:08] The secret to scaling is by narrowing in [08:51] Marketing is about deliberately pushing things forward [10:42] Buyers want a special point that hits them hard [13:20] How Greg’s dashboard looks like [17:05] Which numbers are most important? [19:53] What to do when marketing isn’t working [24:25] To scale, you have to sharpen and focus [28:10] About Our Guest: Greg Head is the CEO of marketing consulting company Scaling Point and also runs Gregslist, a curated up-to-date list of local software companies. Greg is most notably known as Greg Head from Egghead, a software retailer where Greg started his sales career. In his 30-year career in the software and technology business, he has been part of 3 great startups that have scaled and cumulatively created over $2B in total revenue.   Feel free to connect with Greg through his LinkedIn. Thank you for tuning in! If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to subscribe, tune in, and share this podcast. Connect with E-Commerce Insights by Wicked Reports: Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtHcqeadfhEzvN_zbQfEzdg Like us on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/WickedReports Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wicked-reports/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 47: How Do You Ask in a Saturated Market with Greg Head

What's Your Ask? with Stephanie Sims

Today, I’m excited to talk to Greg Head, the CEO of Scaling Point and the founder of Gregslist. Greg Head is a 30-year software industry veteran who was part of the startup-to-scale journeys of three different software companies in the CRM industry, including one IPO.  He is now an active mentor, advisor, consultant, and speaker helping founders of early-stage software startups all over the world.  At Scaling Point, Greg works with startup tech founders on positioning strategy, product-market fit, messaging, and scalable marketing execution.  Gregslist.com is the curated and up-to-date list of local software companies used by thousands of founders, tech leaders, investors, and job seekers each month.  Gregslist is now available for tech communities in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, and more.  Greg and his wife live in the Dallas area. They spent 23 years in Phoenix before returning to her Texas hometown in 2019.  Welcome Greg! In this episode… Greg Head talks about how going full circle from selling software to running a software company was a natural progression. He further explains how the way he was asked by a partner, and that it was a logical step in his progression. He knew the journey was still evolving and was a commitment. He embraced being a leader of a large team and a large company. In shifting through the development of the software arena, Greg found that the way companies and entrepreneurs made asks changed. It became a more mature market than a frontier market.  To stand out in a “noisy” environment of start-up, you need to be a specialist. Yes, you heard that right. With the market being so much more saturated, you need to specialize in order to make an impact. Buyers want to know you are the “Best” at what you do, your specialty. And, finally, getting traction is how you validate your specialized service. With so many choices, you need to stand-out. Listen in to see how you can stand-out in your specialty. Resources Mentioned in this episode Connect to Gregslist Greg Head on LinkedIn Visit Greg’s Website Finance-Ability Stephanie Sims Stephanie Sims LinkedIn Sponsor for this episode... Finance-Ability is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping business owners and startups find their best options for growth funding. Founded by financial strategist and transaction expert Stephanie Sims, Finance-Ability can help any business owner identify the right funding partners and get through fundraising as painlessly as possible. Visit their website to take their online assessment test to help you find out which kind of funding is the best fit for your business right now. They also have a ton of resources to help you understand business processes and financial decision-making that can help you start and build your own empire so be sure to check them out. Stephanie has over 20 years of experience having worked with companies like Goldman Sachs and CSFB. If there’s anyone with their heart in the right place when it comes to championing the dreams of small business owners and startup companies, Stephanie is that person. Let Finance-Ability help you get the funding you need and deserve to get your dreams soaring high towards your own brand of success.


3 Feb 2021

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Scaling Software Companies with Greg Head

Infosys Knowledge Institute Podcast

Starting a business has never been easier, but growing and scaling a startup is harder than ever. Greg Head, founder of Scaling Point and Greg’s List and 30 year veteran of the software industry, shares how he helps software companies navigate changing consumer expectations, funding opportunities, experimentation and product/service innovation as they scale… or fail.


27 Jan 2021

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Greg Head: Determining the Right Category for Your Startup with CEO of Scaling Point, Founder of Gregslist.com

Organize Chaos

In this episode, Chris talks to Greg Head, CEO of Scaling Point which provides consulting and workshops to early-stage tech companies, and the Founder of Gregslist.com, a curated, up-to-date list of software companies and tech jobs in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Boston. What I liked about this episode is we talk in-depth about how to create a category, what that means and examples from Trainual, because this is an active conversation we're having right now about creating the category for playbook software. He’s had an amazing career so far with early-stage experience at ACT!, the contact manager millions of people used in the 90s. Then cofounding SalesLogix, the first mid-market CRM software that went public in 1999. Then as the CMO at Infusionsoft where he helped them grow from $15m to $100m. In Arizona, he’s a legend in our startup scene here in Arizona and I’ve been fortunate to learn a lot from him. Find the show notes for this episode here! Watch this episode on Youtube here. Host: Chris Ronzio


17 Jul 2020

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102: Marketing Your SaaS System in Today's Ecosystem - with Greg Head

SaaS-Story in the Making

Greg Head and Matt Wolach discuss how sales and marketing need to work together and be in sync in order for a software system to thrive. We discuss:Greg's "The Myth of More"How marketing and selling software has changed over timeWhat you need to do now in order to winGreg is world famous for his marketing talent, and he has the resume to prove it. Not only has he created, built, and scaled globally, he has several exits to his credit including going public.His extremely popular and growing list of US software companies, Gregslist.com is a terrific database of information. Find out more about how Greg helps companies go from startup to scale up at https://scalingpoint.com/.------For more about how host Matt Wolach helps software companies achieve maximum growth, visit https://mattwolach.com/.As part of the founding team in his first SaaS product, Matt owned the sales & marketing processes. But he struggled to sell and gain traction for the company. It took years of learning and tweaking before Matt created The Perfect DEAL Process, an innovative yet easy to implement method for closing more software deals. To find out more, visit https://mattwolach.com/about-matt. 


13 Apr 2020

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066 - Greg Head (Gregslist) On Scaling to $100M in revenue

Forward Thinking Founders

Basic information:Greg Head is the CEO of Scaling Point and founder of Gregslist. Greglist is a network of lists that map all software companies in different geographies (Phoenix, Dallas, Utah , etc.). It's important to note that Greg was also the CMO that scaled Infusionsoft from the low millions to over $100M+. Listen to this episode if you:- Want to learn about how tech hubs outside of the coasts can improve their scene and presence on a national scale.- Want to hear about early days of growth at Infusionsoft- Are curious to learn about the stages of growth of a scale-up, and what changes need to be made at each stage- Are interested to hear the perspective of an accomplished tech leader, but outside a traditional tech hub.- Want advice on how to think about growth as an early (or late) stage founder- How to scale exponentially with your company, not linearly. An ask from MatJoin the Forward Thinking Founders community via our email list here. If you are enjoying the podcast, please help support it by buying me a coffee. It helps the show run and keeps me focused on finding and interviewing great guests.★ Support this podcast ★


8 Dec 2019

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Episode 21 // Greg Head on Arizona’s Tech Ecosystem

AZ Brandcast

The post Episode 21 // Greg Head on Arizona’s Tech Ecosystem appeared first on AZ Brandcast.


31 Aug 2018

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Greg Head, Founder/CEO at Scaling Point

#yesphx Presents

CEO/Founder at Scaling Point Greg Head talks to hosts JP Taxman and Raz Yalov about his history, his view of startups in the area and how to grow a business over time. Check out how Scaling Point helps companies go from startup to scale-up here. Recorded live at Techstars Startup Week PHX 2018 powered by Chase. Head to phxstartupweek.com for more details. Major props to Raz Yalov and his team at ZCast for producing the entire show live all week in near-real time! And a huge thanks to 48 Startups for sponsoring the show. This is #yesPHX Presents: a podcast produced by, for and about entrepreneurs and startups in the Valley of the Sun. #yesPHX is the world's most generous startup community for entrepreneurs. For more information and updates from the #yesPHX community: Visit our website - yesphx.com Join our active Facebook Group Follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter, and/or Instagram Read our Medium publication Join our Slack group Follow the #yesPHX hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram


19 Feb 2018

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Greg Head - Gregslist and Greg Head Consulting

Arizona Originals

Greg Head has spent most of his professional life in the world of software, including being part of the startup and growth stages of two major Arizona companies and as the chief marketing officer for Chandler-based Infusionsoft.  Today, Greg consults founders and CEOs, curates Gregslist (an active list of Arizona-based software companies...over 300 strong), and has more projects and initiatives on the way. In our conversation, Greg shares thoughts on not only marketing, but focus, intensity, scaling your business, Arizona's technology mindset, and what it means to transition your business from being ADD to OCD.  You will want to take notes! SELECT LINKS FROM THE PODCAST Greg Head - LinkedIn Greg Head Consulting Gregslist Clate Mask podcast interview Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Contact us at the podcast at contact@azoriginals.net

1hr 4mins

12 Sep 2017

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Episode 439: How to Transform Your Processes for Sustained Growth w/ Greg Head

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

In this episode, we unearth the meaning of personal productivity in ways that most sales reps have not considered. Greg Head, CEO of Greg Head Consulting, and former CMO of Infusionsoft, joins me on this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


22 Apr 2017