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Thriving Under Fire & Emotions In The Workplace With John Faisandier [279]

Growth to Freedom™ - Transform Your Life, Business, and Relationships with Clarity, Confidence, and Direction

Have you ever wondered how you could better manage those moments when the other person is difficult and emotional? They could be customers, colleagues, friends, or family. There’s always someone in your life that’s a challenge. My guest today has spent a lot of his life researching, teaching, and practicing the skills that could help you to manage your own emotions and emotional people. He’s taught these skills to thousands of grateful people in many countries and he’s here with me to share a little of his story as an author, trainer, and entrepreneur. Please welcome John Faisandier from Wellington, New Zealand.


6 Jul 2020

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731: Thrive Under Fire: Turn Difficult Customers into Business Success And Conquer Your Inner Demons with John Faisandier

Marketer of the Day with Robert Plank: Get Daily Insights from the Top Internet Marketers & Entrepreneurs Around the World

Have you ever wondered how you could better manage those moments when the other person is difficult and emotional? They could be customers, colleagues, friends or family. There’s always someone in your life that’s a challenge.My guest today has spent a lot of his life researching, teaching and practising the skills that could help you to manage your own emotions and emotional people.He’s taught these skills to thousands of grateful people in many countries and he’s here with me to share a little of his story as an author, trainer and entrepreneur.Resource John Faisandier's Facebook  John Faisandier's Site


24 Jun 2020

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TTLP 058 : "Leading and Thriving Through Emotional Intelligence" - An Interview with John Faisandier

The Transformative Leader Podcast: Culture Transformation | Corporate Coaching

In this ep., Amir speaks with corporate trainer and emotional intelligence expert, John Faisandier, about the role that emotions play at work and at home, and how relating to them more effectively is the key to thriving in all areas of life. For more: theghannadgroup.com/blog/ttlpodcast-058


6 Feb 2020

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Episode 521 – How To Deal With Psycho-Drama In Business with John Faisandier

The Bacon Podcast with Brian Basilico | CURE Your Sales & Marketing with Ideas That Make It SIZZLE!

John Faisandier – speaker, author, trainer, counsellor, educator, entrepreneurVolunteer teaching in Tonga, Catholic priesthood, psychodrama training lay the foundation for compassionate Emotional Intelligence Expert John Faisandier.His work in a drug and alcohol treatment hospital and over 20 years as an entrepreneur and corporate trainer give him a unique perspective on managing emotions in business and personal life.John has taught thousands of people in many parts of the world and he willingly shares these secrets with you and your listeners.About John:Early Entrepreneur• Grew up in a working class family of nine• Worked a range of jobs throughout his childhood• Meet many adults and developed a keen interest in people• Aged 18 volunteer teacher in Tonga immersed in family & village lifeFirst vocation• Eight years cloistered seminary training for Catholic priesthood• Eleven year ministry in teaching, parish work, and chaplaincy to a primary school, hospital, prison and university.• Short stint as chaplain with US Airforce in Antarctica• Completed degrees in anthropology, theology and adult educationTransition• Experiential psychodrama training ignited his journey to wholeness, healing and intimacy.• After 19 years of celibate religious life stepped out into the world in search of real connection and deeper love• He soon met his future wife and they now have one adult son.Second vocation• Race relations educator in government agency• Psychodramatist in a drug and alcohol treatment hospital• Trainer in psychodrama• Business owner, corporate trainer and conference speaker• Co-founder of training academy in Bangladesh• Property investor and manager• Volunteer in migrant communities• Author of acclaimed book Thriving Under Fire• Lifelong learner, husband of 27 years, proud father of grown son, cook, hiker, skier and general nice guy.Learn More About John's Training - CLICK HERE


20 Nov 2019

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AME Radio Show - Sloan De Forest & John Faisandier

AME Radio Show

Sloan De Forest - Sloan is a writer and film historian, you could say she's a pop culture queen! She recently wrote a book called "Dynamic Dames: 50 Leading Ladies Who Made History". This book is a wonderful collection and inside look into some of Hollywoods most dynamic starlets that graced the silver screen from the 1920s to 1980/90s. The book has a lot of stars from the movies she grew up with but she still loves the ladies that paved the path for these talented women!John Faisandier - John is a former Catholic Priest who left the church so that he could impact more people. He is the author of Thrive Under Fire. John’s teachings for managing emotions, difficult people and situations are shared in workshops and e-learning across the globe. We all face difficult situations and people which can lead to poor decisions, stress and downright physical conflict. He tells us how to handle these situations to walk away a champion!


11 Nov 2019

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Ep151 John Faisandier – speaker, author,counselor, and entrepreneur

Advance Your Art: From Artist to Creative Entrepreneur

[caption id="attachment_2871" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] John Faisandier[/caption]Meet John FaisandierJohn Faisandier has worked as a teacher, pastoral assistant, university chaplain, counselor, Race Relations mediator, Life Skills tutor, psychodramatist and trainer of counselors in a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility. For the past 14 years he has run his own business TUF: Thriving Under Fire, a training company that assists people to communicate well in a business context.As well as these experiences John has Bachelor degrees in Anthropology and Theology, and a Masters in Adult Education (with Distinction).John Faisandier is a Fellow of the New Zealand Association of Training and Development to which he has belonged for over 25 years, including holding office at regional and national levels. He is a member of the New Zealand Human Resources Institute (HRINZ) and the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association (AANZPA), as well as a qualified psychodramatist and a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner in Psychodrama (TEP). He was chair of AANZPA’s Ethics Committee for seven years and a trainer in the Wellington Institute for Training in Psychodrama for 10 years; an accredited speaker member of The National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ); and formerly a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) for 10 years where he also served on their Ethics Committee.Publications:Faisandier, John (2009) Thriving Under Fire: turn difficult customers into business success. Wellington: Steele Roberts Publishers.John has written a variety of articles in HRINZ, NZATD and AANZPA magazines and journals over the years.Awards:2010 – NZATD Education Trust Award for Innovation2008 – NZATD Education Trust Award for Facilitation.CONTACT:https://tuf.co.nz/FREE EBOOK:https://tuf.co.nz/Yuri/SUPPORT THE SHOW BECAUSE I LOVE PUPPIES!https://www.berglearning.com/Use coupon code:Yuri10 If you're looking for a high-quality CBD Oil click on the link and try out zilis. I've been using them for a few weeks and I'm sleeping better and have less joint pain.Zilis CBD OilThis podcast is brought to you by Audible. I have used Audible for years, and I love audiobooks. Click on the link to get a 30-day free trial, complete with a credit for a free audiobook downloadAudible.comThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy


1 Nov 2019

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace—John Faisandier (Ep 29)

Morning Tempo

John Faisandier of Thrive Under Fire (TUF) is an emotional intelligence expert. He and his team specialize in helping teams, managers and frontline staff to better deal with customers both internal and external. We talk about what emotional intelligence is, how it works, and why it’s so important in the workplace. John shares with us how psychodrama and neuroscience feed into the running of a business, how leaders support their teams, the impact it has on the end customer and more.  Episode Highlights We start by talking about John’s new book, Thriving Under Fire, and go on to discuss: Mind mapping as a form of working on your business Psychodrama therapy to help work through challenges How to support staff who are customer-facing Tools for leaders to manage their emotions The long-lasting value of internal rewards Key Points Take the necessary time to think about your business (not doing tasks).  Good relationships in the workplace are rooted in internal rewards and clear purpose. For full shownotes go to Partner4Leads.com


18 Oct 2019

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284: John Faisandier: Emotional Intelligence - Thriving Under Fire

Leaders Of Transformation | Conscious Business | Global Transformation | Leadership Development

In 1998 John Faisandier had a vision that he could help people manage emotions at work. He saw that people in organizations did not deal well with angry and upset customers or colleagues, and he believed that people could learn to manage their own emotions and respond well to others when they were being difficult. He wanted workplaces to become more effective and satisfying places to work. Over the past twenty years since then, John has worked with thousands of people around the world, studied research and thought deeply about this topic which has led him to write a book, create stimulating workshops and develop interactive online training through his New Zealand-based company TUF: Thriving Under Fire. His volunteer teaching in Tonga, the Catholic priesthood, parish ministry, primary school, hospital, prison chaplaincy and Race Relations mediation work lay the foundation for him to become a practical emotional intelligence teacher. He has trained and worked as a psychodramatist in a drug and alcohol treatment hospital, ran several businesses, served briefly as a US Navy chaplain in Antarctica, led psychodrama workshops in a motorcycle gang pad in Christchurch, and worked with bank executives in Bangladesh. In today’s conversation with us, John shares the common reactions to feelings and emotions that we have, how to improve our ability to respond, how to stay safe when others are upset, the distinction between empathy and sympathy, and how to apply these practices and build better relationships at work and at home.    Key Takeaways Using psychodrama, rather than just talking about what’s on their mind, participants can act it out. Most people haven’t learned to manage their own feelings. Feelings are neither good nor bad, they are simply feelings and they tell us something about our values. Emotions are like the fingerprints of the soul. Anger is quite often a secondary emotion, behind which we hide other emotions that make us vulnerable. As a leader, it may not be appropriate for people to see your underlying emotions but it is important that you know what they are. Attempting to name your feelings out loud (labeling them) can actually be counter-productive because the other person may not be able to cope with what you’re feeling in that moment. True leaders can be with other people in their distress. Stories are full of emotion so the stories we tell ourselves affect who we are and how we are. We have a desire to change people partly because they make us feel uncomfortable Free Gift & Resources Free eBook: How To Make An Effective Apology Thriving Under Fire: How To Turn Difficult Customers Into Business Success Connect With John Faisandier Website: https://www.tuf.co.nz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.faisandier LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnfaisandier


7 Oct 2019

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Thriving Under Fire with John Faisandier

podcast – Ready For Love Radio

Thriving Under Fire, on this show, I’m interviewing John Faisandier, the author of Thriving Under Fire. It’s an interesting title,

30 Sep 2019

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🎧 How to Ask Loaded Questions ⁉ with John Faisandier

Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

In any decent persuasive conversation lies a deep undercurrent of a range of emotions that go with making a big decision –a high-ticket investment, for example, or a decision to hire an employee. Thriving Under Fire founder John Faisandier joins us from New Zealand for this episode to share his knowledge and understanding of when that moment comes – and how so many people in the role of persuader or sales botch it because they can’t consciously sense it or respond appropriately. John and I got introduced by Kathleen Gage, a previous guest on the show. Be careful to note John’s overriding theme here of turning difficult customers into business success; the objective is to become unflappably good at converting emotionally charged exchanges into sales, renewals and referrals. Get John’s TUF Online Course HERE: 👇 https://tuf.co.nz/online-course/ Get John’s book “Thriving Under Fire” HERE: 👇 https://tuf.co.nz/product/thriving-under-fire-the-book/ Get John’s “15 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’” Pamphlet HERE: 👇 https://tuf.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/TUF-15-Ways-To-Say-Thank-You.pdf 👉 FOLLOW John 👉 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThrivingunderfireTUF/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tufnz LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnfaisandier/ 📘  Get Your Copy of My Bestselling Book, “Business Beyond Business” HERE: 👇 https://amzn.to/2KrD6C3 SUBSCRIBE ✅ to my E-mail List! Text 📲 the letters “RGE” to 66866 or go to: http://thepaulsedwards.com 👍 Follow me: Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thepaulsedwards 👍 InstaGram: https://www.instagram.com/thepaulsedw... LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thepaulse...

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21 Aug 2019