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35 Healing Narcissistic Trauma with Caroline Strawson

The Explored Life: More Than Yoga

Caroline Strawson is a multi-award winning Trauma Informed therapist and coach specialising in healing narcissistic trauma. She helps her clients to move from complex post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth. Listen to hear how her own story of recovery from narcissistic abuse and trauma led her to help others olive a more joyful and connected life free from the past. You can find out more about the work Caroline does at https://www.carolinestrawson.com * You can get a FREE copy of my shorter Guided Relaxation recording here. And join my Happy Healthy community here.


5 Mar 2021

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Episode Short featuring Caroline Strawson from Episode #54

The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast

Episode Short for Caroline Strawson's Episode (#54): Introducing a new type of episode - the "Episode Short"!  In this bite-sized episode format, tune in to hear an audio snippet from one of our favorite episodes of the season.For this next featured Episode Short, we are pleased to feature a snippet from Caroline Strawson's episode (#54).  You'll hear Caroline talk about her journey to self-healing, and how realizing that she could "rescue herself" was one of the greatest and most empowering realizations of her life.To listen to Caroline's full episode, click here.Buy Caroline's Book on Amazon - "Divorce Became My Superpower"Join the Self-Healer's CircleContact CarolineCaroline's WebsiteCaroline's Facebook pageCaroline's LinkedIn profileCaroline's Instagram pageCaroline's Twitter profileCaroline's YouTube Subscribe to The Courage to Change: A Recovery PodcastApple Podcasts |  Google Podcasts | SpotifyStitcher | iHeart | TuneIn | Overcast | SoundCloud Looking for Online Support?Click here to view Lionrock.Life's online support groups and meetings (12-step and other) Connect with Us:Podcast Website | Podcast Instagram | Podcast FacebookLionrock.Life Facebook | Lionrock.Life InstagramQuestions, comments or feedback?  Email us at podcast@lionrock.life


28 Jan 2021

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Episode 7: #7 Narcissistic Abuse Recovery With Expert Caroline Strawson

The Evolving Lover Podcast by Heart Initiation

In this podcast, we speak to Caroline Strawson. Caroline is a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified High-Performance Coach specialising in narcissistic abuse, childhood trauma, relationships, anxiety, PTSD, codependency, and depression.Who Wants To Fire Up Their Soul To The Next Dimension Of Interacting With Reality. Is That You? Join Our FREE 14-Day Self-Love Initiation Course at www.HeartInitiation.com now!

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28 Oct 2020

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How to recognise and recover from a narcissist with Caroline Strawson

Mpower Podcast for mums in business

What we coverWithin the space of a year Caroline suffered the devastating sudden loss of her mother and then her husband walking out on her and their two childrenHer abusive marriage left her with severe PTSD which caused her to self harm and suffer from panic attacks.How masking the pain with a big smile left Caroline feeling lost and brokenAfter having her home repossessed in 2013 Caroline decided only she could rescue herself.How after starting a very successful Network Marketing company led Caroline to realise her passion to help facilitate changeHow Caroline re-trained in various therapeutic modalities to help people overcome and manage their traumatic pastsMentionned in the episodeDivorce Became My Superpower - www.amazon.co.uk/Divorce-Became-Superpower-Caroline-Strawson/dp/1726255549www.facebook.com/groups/thriveafternarcissisticabuse/More about CarolineCaroline Strawson is a multi-award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Coach and Therapist. She uses a unique integration of brain-body based therapies such as Brainspotting, EMDR and Rapid Transformational Therapy and positive psychology coaching to help clear past trauma to help people find meaning in their trauma and to live a more connected life because of their trauma whether that be childhood trauma or domestic abuse. Having been through an abusive marriage culminating in over £70,000 debt and having her home repossessed, Caroline was suffering with complex PTSD, depression, anxiety and self-harm. She hit rock bottom and had truly dark days and it was only her two children that gave her meaning to continue living. She has since built 3 successful online six figure businesses and now is a multi-award-winning therapist and coach in her field and #1 bestselling author of Divorce Became My Superpower. She has appeared on national television, newspapers. Magazines and BBC Radio and supports thousands of women to create a life she knows they deserve both personally and professionally helping them move from trauma to transformation just as she hasContact details: www.carolinestrawson.com www.facebook.com/carolinestrawson/www.linkedin.com/in/carolinestrawson/www.instagram.com/carolinestrawson/www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcWydDGQLbRM_gGIM20w1Q?view_as=subscriberMpower resourcesDiscover Mpower’s free Bounce Back resources here - www.mpower.academy/freeresourcesFor more information on Mpower and your host Nicola Huelin Mpower founder, business coach & mentor, TEDx speaker and author of The Invisible Revolution visit www.mpower.academy/aboutIf you’re interested in being a guest on the show visit: www.mpower.academy/podcastguest In collaboration with...Bounce - Living today, protecting tomorrowWhen I met Ashley, the CEO of the insurance company Bounce, and Rachel Brookes, the Network Development Manager, it was clear from the start that Bounce and Mpower share similar values around empowering others (particularly mothers) and creating opportunities to flexibly combine earning a great living with motherhood.Bounce not only proivdes people with the right insurance products to potect their families, health and business they are also hugely passionate about providing flexible opportunities for mums to earn additional income. With zero risk and zero investment, Bounce empowers mums in business to make a difference to the lives of others with their insurance services and enables them to transform their own lives through becoming part of a supportive and vibrant Bounce network and community and building a primary or additional source of income by becoming a Bounce referal partner.So, I’m really excited to be bringing you this podcast series in collaboration with Bounce. I know how difficult it can be to earn a great living while your building your startup, particularly in those first few years. So the Bounce referral opportunity for a product which is all about essential peace of mind and protection could be a perfect business opportunity or compliment to your existing business. - you can find out more about creating an additional Bounce income by visiting the Bounce Nework website


4 Aug 2020

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Caroline Strawson: 'Divorce Became My Superpower' Author Talks About Recovery from Narcissistic  Abuse While Co-Parenting with Her Abuser

The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast

Caroline Strawson is a multi- award winning EMDR & Rapid Transformational Therapist specializing in self-healing the trauma after narcissistic abuse. She is the author of the best-selling book Divorce Became My Superpower, and she is a leading international authority and expert in narcissistic abuse and trauma. After going through her own devastating divorce from a narcissist where she had over £70,000 of debt ($85,000) and her family home repossessed, she was diagnosed with C-PTSD and suffered with depression, anxiety and self-harm. Her personal journey to not just bounce back but bounce forward quickly turned into a personal mission to want to help others through the trauma of narcissistic abuse. Caroline is passionate about raising awareness about psychological abuse, and is helping thousands of people thrive after abuse.  She holds individual therapy sessions with clients all over the world with her unique methods to rapidly heal others after narcissistic abuse healing the inner wounds associated with narcissistic abuse and trauma. Subscribe to The Courage to Change: A Recovery PodcastApple Podcasts | Google Play | Google Podcasts | SpotifyStitcher | iHeart | TuneIn | Overcast | SoundCloud Resources Mentioned:Buy Caroline's Book on Amazon - "Divorce Became My Superpower"Join the Self-Healer's CircleContact CarolineCaroline's WebsiteCaroline's Facebook pageCaroline's LinkedIn profileCaroline's Instagram pageCaroline's Twitter profileCaroline's YouTube Our Sponsor:  Lionrock Recovery Connect with Us:Podcast Website | Podcast Instagram | Podcast FacebookLionrock Facebook | Lionrock InstagramQuestions, comments or feedback?  Email us at podcast@lionrockrecovery.com

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7 Jul 2020

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102 Podcast Party with Caroline Strawson and Catherine Morgan

Entrepreneurs Get Visible with Anna Parker-Naples

As part of my 100th episode celebration, I’m joined by two of my closest friends and amazing entrepreneurs Caroline Strawson and Catherine Morgan for a podcast party. In this episode we are showing you the inside workings of our business, and how and why building a business that touches people’s lives is important.  Caroline Strawson is a multi-award winning therapist who helps women overcome trauma by using a combination of techniques such as Rapid Transformational Therapy, positive psychology and EMDR. Catherine Morgan is a multi award-winning financial coach, qualified financial planner, bestselling author and host of In Her Financial Shoes Podcast. What You Will Learn In This Episode: How the three of us met and became besties in business and life How to communicate your vulnerability in order to connect with other people Why we choose podcasting as a channel to communicate our messages How a working day looks like in the lives of busy women entrepreneurs How we balance being mums, being humans and running businesses What winning awards and receiving recognition means to us What is the one thing we need to succeed What we learned from our least successful launches The best and the worst investments in business that we’ve made Don’t forget that the doors to my next 6-month mastermind are now open by application only. So if you know that you are an action taker and you want to accelerate your results apply for the Action Taker Mastermind at https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/mastermind/   Resources: 053 Catherine Morgan: How to Create Financial Foundations https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/catherine-morgan-how-to-create-financial-foundations/ In Her Financial Shoes Podcast  https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/in-her-financial-shoes-podcast/id1449065629 Catherine Morgan’s website https://catherinemorgan.com/ 059 Caroline Strawson: How Your Inner Child Sabotages Your Success https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/caroline-strawson-how-your-inner-child-sabotages-your-success/ Caroline Strawson’s website https://www.carolinestrawson.com/ 068 JoJo Graham: Why Storytelling Matters in Content Marketing https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/jojo-graham-why-storytelling-matters-in-content-marketing/ 061 Carrie Green: How to Build an Online Business https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/carrie-green-how-to-build-an-online-business/ 051 Lisa Johnson: Passive Income Growth https://annaparkernaples.co.uk/lisa-johnson-passive-income-growth/

1hr 5mins

2 Jul 2020

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S5 1 - How to Stop Self Sabotaging Yourself Financially with Caroline Strawson

In Her Financial Shoes Podcast

Today we're focusing very much on the concepts of financial behaviours and one of the topics is about self sabotage and how to stop self sabotaging yourself financially. In this episode: What is self sabotage How our unconscious belief systems work Ways that we self sabotage How trauma presents physically in the body How you can change and stop self sabotaging beliefs The difference between EMDR and RTT therapies Resources: Join The Money Circle membership Join the next FREE Plug Your Money Leaks Challenge Book in a complimentary call to discuss how financial coaching can help you move from financial overwhelm to confidence and control.  Join Catherine’s Facebook Page and FREE Facebook Group My Website My Online Courses – Investing for beginners from £1 My YouTube Channel  Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  Follow Caroline on her Website  Follow Caroline on Facebook Caroline’s book Divorce Became my Superpower.


13 Apr 2020

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Healing Virtually with EMDR, RTT, and Hypnosis with Caroline Strawson (Part 1)

Healin Podcast

On the importance of different treatments in the treatment of trauma - Rapid Reprocessing, EMDR, Hypnosis and how all of them work with Caroline Swanson.


10 Apr 2020

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Healing Virtually with EMDR, RTT, and Hypnosis with Caroline Strawson (Part 2)

Healin Podcast

On the importance of different treatments in the treatment of trauma - Rapid Reprocessing, EMDR, Hypnosis and how all of them work with Caroline Swanson.


10 Apr 2020

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Episode #16 Caroline Strawson talking all things Trauma and how we can heal the body with Rapid Transformation Therapy

Your vibrant Life Podcast

I'm joined today by Caroline Strawson is a multi-award-winning Rapid Transformation Therapist, EMDER practitioner, High-Performance coach and specialises in helping women health from Narcissistic abuse after dealing with and healing from her own personal experiences with a narcissistic partner. It can take many many years to realise that you are living with a narcissist but with the right support it doesn't have to take years to undo the trauma from the experience, CAroline shares with us how you can notice the signs and seek the right help to help you to heal. You can connect with Caroline Strawson here: You can follow Carolin on Youtube for many free pieces of training info:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcWydDGQLbRM_gGIM20w1Q FACEBOOK: facebook.com/groups/thriveafternarcissisticabuse/?ref=share  OR https://www.facebook.com/carolinestrawson/?eid=ARAY8_yjgHPqTx_NexSnA6kOgkoGd_JyDlDc4X4Z7AVc_j14QtZc5x3Je_N9RXphfNCG6ZcPEMJxWBHI INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/carolinestrawson/ WEBSITE: https://www.carolinestrawson.com/

1hr 13mins

13 Feb 2020