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522 - LifeChanger Podcast: Alex Charfen & Sterling Griffin

Archive 2 of Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT)

This is a first for the Momentum Podcast...Recently I recorded an interview with one of my clients, Sterling Griffin, on his podcast, LifeChanger. It was SO good that I had to share it with you guys too. I thought it would be interesting for you to hear me on the other side of an interview, answering questions. I hope you enjoy it! To give you a sneak peek, in this episode we go over: -The Entrepreneur Personality Type (EPT) -Sterling’s growth in our coaching program -How to surround yourself with the right tribe -Eliminating pressure and noise in your life -The Billionaire Code Resources mentioned: Billionairecode.com


6 Aug 2020

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Ep99 Create Opportunity with Sterling Griffin

Mentor In The Mirror


15 Jul 2020

Similar People

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#22 Sterling Griffin

The People Podcast

faith, life, COVID, grace

1hr 33mins

12 Jun 2020

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Episode #9: Why You’re Failing As An Online Coach & How To Succeed with Sterling Griffin

Leaders Create Leaders

1hr 2mins

24 Feb 2020

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EFR 276: Why Your Environment and Self-Belief Matter Most for Your Success with Sterling Griffin

Ever Forward Radio

This one is for all the health and fitness coaches out there looking to have a reminder of just how important your work is, but more importantly how, and why, you should adopt more of a growth mindset. Your work transforms lives and yours should not be left out of the success, success in your business! Sterling Griffin rose to be the successful online coach he is today through two key concepts that he talks about in today's episode; environment and self-belief. Connect w/ Sterling @sterling Connect w/ Chase @chase_chewning Ever Forward Radio is made possible by our proud partners! Shop using the link/code below to save you money and to further support the show - THANK YOU!  Save 15% on FOUR SIGMATIC reishi hot cacao at https://www.foursigmatic.com/everforward or use code "EVERFORWARD" at checkout  Episode resources: Reishi article with referenced journals  Learn more about starting your own podcast in Chase's free "Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Podcasting" at OperationPodcast.com Join the EF Nation private Facebook group! Connect and engage with other listeners, expand upon this episode and more at https://www.facebook.com/everforwardradio Watch full-length interviews at https://www.youtube.com/chasechewning For any other questions about how to live a life EVER FORWARD through our coaching services at EF Coach, podcasting consulting and production services, EF Radio guest requests or to have Chase as a guest on your podcast please email him directly at chase@everforwardradio.com.

1hr 16mins

30 Jan 2020

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Why Not Me, Why Not Now? | Sterling Griffin

Health Coach Radio

Today we welcome Sterling Griffin to Health Coach Radio.  Sterling is one of the most energic, passionate and impactful guests that we have had on this show in quite some time. He will get you passionately fired up to do whatever it takes to transform your health coaching business into a business that earns 6, or even 7 figures a year in the health and fitness space. Sterling himself went from being broke and homeless, living in his Honda Accord, to making tens of thousands of dollars a month in an incredibly short amount of time.  Sterling swears that a strong shift in mindset, a solid belief in himself, and a few daring leaps of faith with some solid business tactics layered over top have completely changed his life.  Sterling is the creator of the Life Changer Academy, which is a business coaching community for health, fitness and nutrition professionals who are ready to change lives.  During this episode we talk about the idea that successful people aren't special and that you can do exactly what they are doing, the "givers are getters" mentality, how to stop making excuses and take action and so much more.  Be prepared to be inspired by this episode! To learn how to become a health coach or to up-level your skills and credentials as a health coach, visit primalhealthcoach.com.

1hr 10mins

20 Dec 2019

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From Homeless to Millions with Sterling Griffin

Listen Up! with Natalie Jill

Sterling Griffin and I run in a lot of the same circles. Many similar friends and we are both in the fitness industry. But, it wasn't always like that. When I heard Sterling's story I HAD to interview him. Sterling has the ULTIMATE story of leveling up. Homeless with absolutely nothing just four years ago. Now, he is running a 7 figure business and teaching countless people how to build a 6 and 7 figure fitness business.  What seemed like he came from now where to now, tune in and find out how Sterling Leveled Up and Created Everything from Nothing. In this episode, you will learn: Why an identity crisis can lead to good and bad things How you're able to grow a following and build a business Why consecutive failure doesn't mean you're a failure


12 Dec 2019

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201: Sterling Griffin | Challenge Your Beliefs to Get to the Next Level

Work Hard Play Hard

Resources:sterlinggriffin.comIf you seriously want help building your business: sterlinggriffin.com/gainzLifeChanger podcastInstagram: @sterlingMastermind: workhardplayhardpodcast.com/mastermindConnect with us on Instagram: @kimmurgatroyd | @robmurgatroydRead: The Success PrinciplesRead: MindsetSterling Griffin’s whole personal development and entrepreneurial journey really started to take off in 2015. In October of that year, instead of spending his last few dollars on rent, he went to a Tony Robbins seminar. His key takeaway from the event was that he had to start spending time with successful people so he found a community of coaches and spiritual people in Encinitas near San Diego. His big breakthrough came when he was complaining to one of those coaches about how he wasn’t selling enough of his online fitness programs. She asked him who his business mentor was but he didn’t have one. Despite the fact that he was living in his car and on his friends’ couches, he borrowed some money and got a coach. That turned out to be the missing piece in his success. He went from being homeless to making over $100,000 in seven months and other fitness coaches wanted to learn what he was doing right so he began teaching them. Now his business is focused on helping struggling fitness professionals create 6-figure coaching businesses in 90 days or less.In This Conversation We Cover: [8:03] Are entrepreneurs born or made?[11:13] The impact of Tony Robbins[20:26] Sterling’s dream to make transformation accessible to more people[22:11] Why his coaching program has such a high success rate[34:41] How the average personal trainer in America makes $24,000 a year [39:39] An employee versus an entrepreneurial mindset[43:59] How cognitive behavioral therapy has had a massive impact on Sterling[49:42] Living in Austin versus living in L.A.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: workhardplayhardpodcast.comWork Hard Play Hard is a production of Crate Media

1hr 4mins

2 Dec 2019

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189 | Burning the Boats - with Sterling Griffin

Mommy Millionaire

Sterling Griffin started his business when he was homeless and living in his Honda Accord. For five months he lived in his car trying everything to get people to buy his fitness coaching packages, but he wasn’t selling many. Then he was talking to a friend who was a successful coach and she asked who was mentoring him. Sterling borrowed money from his dad, invested in a coach, and that turned out to be the missing piece for Sterling to make $4,000 that month. He rented a place to live and was thrilled to get back to three meals a day, but didn’t have enough left over to pay for a second month of coaching. Instead of going back to trying to figure things out on his own, Sterling looked at his car and sold it to buy more coaching. Today Sterling helps other fitness coaches create six-figure businesses within 90 days or less. He is a firm believer that you have to burn the boats (cut off your escape routes) or you will just stay where you are.You Will Hear About:[3:23] Resilience that comes from grief or being abandoned[5:47] The mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur[9:26] Using debt to invest in yourself and acquire skills[22:06] Brainwashing yourself to be successful[28:32] The importance of messaging and adding value[34:25] Empowering a team to scale your businessResources:Learn more at: sterlinggriffin.comIf you want help building your business: sterlinggriffin.com/gainzLifeChanger podcastInstagram: @sterlingThe Mommy Millionaire branding questionnaireAre you enjoying the show? I want to know! Click here to leave a review on Apple Podcasts.Mommy Millionaire is a production of Crate Media


25 Nov 2019

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From Homeless To A 7-Figure Coaching Business With Sterling Griffin

The CreateU Experience

What would you do if you know you could not fail? Lifestyle entrepreneur Sterling Griffin opens up about his motivation that comes from experiencing homelessness that drove him to success and become a seven-figure health coach. He reveals his initial setbacks in entrepreneurship and the series of changes he had to make, including his mindset on self-love and confidence which paved the way for clarity and vision. Learn about overcoming negative dialogue and how your genuine desire to help people bring strategies to your business that are so effective that money just comes naturally to you. Review this podcast on iTunes using this link — http://www.createuagency.com/podcast-giveaway — and receive 7 FREE gifts—


15 Oct 2019