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94. Functional Genetics for Improved Bone and Overall Health | Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP

Happy Bones, Happy Life

Dr. Sam Shay is a chiropractor who helps busy, health-conscious individuals increase their energy, resilience, and "Stop-The-Clock" from the effects of aging, so they can create and sustain a healthy and free life. Dr. Shay has dedicated his life to helping others through functional medicine and functional genetics. He has recently authored a new eBook on Genetics where he goes into how your genes affect vitamin D absorption, immunity support, and so much more. In today’s talk we delve into what can be learned from genetic testing, and even laughter, to improve our bones and overall health. We even discuss a great exercise that Dr. Shay learned from a practitioner who worked with astronauts to help improve their bone density.  Timestamps [03:50] The importance of laughter in medicine [14:33] A transition into functional medicine [20:33] Critiquing western genetics [30:14] Epigenetics and bone health [46:48] Tests for assessing epigenetic changes Links:  Get your free copy of Dr. Sam Shay's ebook: "Your Missing Genes: The Revolutionary Method to find your ideal diet, balanced weight, and help "Stop-The-Clock" of the effects of Aging www.DrSamShay.com/genetics Video of Margie demonstrating Pump, Pump exercise - https://vimeo.com/546628656/c3ccf82dcc In today’s talk we delve into what can be learned from genetic testing, and even laughter, to improve our bones and overall health, with Dr. Sam Shay. Get your free copy of Dr. Sam Shay's ebook: "Your Missing Genes: The Revolutionary Method to find your ideal diet, balanced weight, and help "Stop-The-Clock" of the effects of Aging, available at www.DrSamShay.com/genetics


18 May 2021

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Episode 21, Dr. Sam Shay- Frameworking for Healthcare Providers

With Dr. E.

In this episode, Dr. Sam Shay will answer the following questions. Q1. Why did he choose medicine? Q2. What is functional medicine's role in healing patients? Q3. He will tell us about “The Ten Pillars of Health” Q4. What does health mean to him? How his background in comedy can help him communicate better with his clients and patients. Q5. Where can you find learn more about his work? Dr. Sam Shay, DC, IFMCP helps entrepreneurs and mom-preneurs “framework” their expertise so they can scale their message and impact in the world and achieve personal financial freedom.Dr. Shay also coaches Biohackers, entrepreneurs, and mom-preneurs using advanced functional testing and genetic testing to increase energy, resilience, and creativity.Dr. Shay also does stand-up comedy as a hobby and also a fun educational vehicle.


12 Mar 2021

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Episode #65: How Do Your Genes Affect Your Health, with Dr. Sam Shay

The Functional Gynecologist

Are you doing all the right stuff and not seeing progress in your health journey? Do you gain weight, instead of losing it, when you exercise? Did you know that your genes in your DNA may be sabotaging you?Today's episode is all about epigenetics! Dr. Tabatha has a really cool discussion with Dr. Sam Shay about how your genes influence how you should eat, exercise, sleep, and live your life. Figuring out what your gene expression looks like, may end that frustration and confusion you have about how to reclaim your health! For over 20 years, Sam devoted his life to health and science, learning how to heal himself by cross-training across multiple health disciplines and functional medicine, now using the same principles with his online clients.Sam’s health journey began as a boy, learning to overcome a decade-plus of severe insomnia, gut problems, an inflammatory diet, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and two addictions (video games and sugar).Sam dedicated his life to alleviate physical, biochemical, and emotional suffering and help others reach the highest human potential and creativity. He crossed-trained extensively, including a doctorate in chiropractic, degrees, and certifications in acupuncture, functional neurology, genetics analysis, and functional medicine.Dr. Sam uses advanced functional lab testing and integrative coaching to collaborate with you to help you achieve your health, wellness, longevity, and high-performance goals.Here are some great resources from Dr. Shay: Get your complimentary copy of my new ebook: "Biohack your Biohacking with the Ten Pillars of Health: A common sense guide to functional medicine and functional testing". Health Blog: www.DrSamShay.comYoutube Channel: www.youtube.com/tenpointwellness Interested in genetics? Have a 23AndMe or Ancestry.com? Watch my talk on the 3 Types of Weight Loss: A genetics approachLearn about my unique approach to Functional testing and the 10 Pillars of Health. The Functional Gynecologist's Guide to Balancing your Hormones: https://drtabatha.synduit.com/sueb0001Dr. Tabatha's Website: https://www.drtabatha.com/Dr. Tabatha's FB: https://www.facebook.com/DrTabathaDr. Tabatha's IG: https://www.instagram.com/dr_tabatha/Dr. Tabatha's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFunctionalGynecologist


1 Mar 2021

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25/ Biohacking for Leaders - understanding the real killers // Tech And Startups (Dr. Sam Shay)

Tech And Startups

Something different, something special when it comes to to leadership - and that's hacking your own health. I'm very excited to have my friend Dr. Sam. Some quick tips from Dr. Sam:  + There are functional tests to discover if you are actually able to absorb your vitamins and supplements.  + For intermittent fasting: Skip dinner, not breakfast - skipping breakfast is burning out your adrenal glands  + Most of the benefits of fasting happen after 12 hours  DR. SAM SHAY helps entrepreneurs reverse burnout and improve higher performance through functional tele-medicine.  Learn more: www.drsamshay.com/biohacker ALEX SALINSKY works with CEO's, CTO's, COO's and team leaders who want to expertly manage the work and teams  https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexsalinsky/ ****************************  FREE DOWNLOAD Get The QUadrant Guide to Strengthening Your Team  FIND US ON SOCIAL  Podcast: https://anchor.fm/techandstartups Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechNStartups Instagram: https://instagram.com/TechNStartups LEADER TOOLS Dubsado my favorite proposal and invoicing software - get paid on time! https://www.dubsado.com/?c=tas Get a savings on your first AirBNB provides and easy way to create receipts for business travel  https://www.airbnb.com/c/asalinsky?referral_share_id=48e45c8b-d520-4249-b7e9-a3cbab97cb73 Try Canva For quickly creating YouTube thumbnails, Instagram visuals, infographics and more  https://www.canva.com/join/owner-beech-mime #techandstartups #leaderhealth


15 Feb 2021

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EP3: Fabric Toxin Report by Biohacking Expert Dr. Sam Shay


The history of the dye industry, the toxic nature of dyes and synthetic fabrics and more with Dr. Sam Shay.Dr. Sam Shay, helps Biohackers, entrepreneurs, and mom-preneurs who have behavioral and food addictions to increase their energy, resilience, and creativity, so they can create and sustain a great business to create more personal freedom. Dr. Shay walked his own health journey from being chronically unwell from age 6-18 and overcoming sugar and video game addiction. He dedicated his life to natural medicine get himself and others well, which led him to functional medicine and functional testing.  Dr. Shay helps his clients with custom nutrition and lifestyle plans with his “10 Pillars of HealthTM" framework, the TAME the BEAST® of addiction framework, health coaching, and functional testing. www.drsamshay.com


5 Jul 2020

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104 Ending adrenal fatigue | Dr Sam Shay

Living Fabulously with Bev

12 Jan 2020

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Biohack Your Biohacking with Dr. Sam Shay!

Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro

Dr. Sam Shay guides us through his 10 Pillars of health to "Biohack Your Biohacking." Whether you're chronically ill or looking to optimize performance, mapping and prioritizing these pillars can lead you towards the path of least resistance, and efficiency (yes, it can be easier than we think!). He explains why there is no "magic pill" when it comes to optimizing wellness, the reason he goes to Burning Man, and why many biohackers may miss the mark. Utilizing his "30,000 ft view" approach, Dr. Shay can determine the greatest priorities for YOUR body, and how to use genetic testing to your advantage.SHOW NOTES:1:23 Welcome to the show!2:42 Dr. Shay’s Bio3:29 Dr. Shay’s personal intro4:02 The Temple at Burning Man5:40 What Burning Man is really about6:02 Dr. Shay’s approach to Biohacking7:20 What all chronically-ill people have in common10:15 The big mistake with Biohacking14:00 Attachments to your “insert product here”17:33 Why we are missing the big picture of health19:39 Background of the Ten Pillars of Health21:37 The old model of health vs now23:00 Breaking down The Ten Pillars24:53 Fit Genes analysis & Dr. Paul Beaver27:44 Methylation & Inflammation28:15 The “pharmaceutical approach” to a “natural” intervention32:45 Prioritizing individual genetic needs39:03 Organic foods & toxic exposure40:38 Ending the food wars between Paleos & Vegans!45:12 Anti-inflammatory diets for Fat Loss (and The Biggest Loser)49:12 10 Pillars: RECAP50:18 Why you shouldn’t run and do a “DETOX”56:55 What’s the best supplement?1:01 Dr. Shay’s number one tip to take away from this episode1:03 Thank you for joining us!RESOURCES:http://drsamshay.com/E-Book: Biohack Your Biohackingor text "BIOHACKER" to 33444 to get your free ebook "Biohack your Biohacking”Work With Dr. Shay - Free 15-minute discovery call if you want personal coaching and functional testingCarb Choice - How to genetically determine your optimal dietFacebook pageYouTube ChannelBio:Dr. Sam Shay, DC helps Biohackers, entrepreneurs, and mom-preneurs who have behavioral and food addictions to increase their energy, resilience, and creativity, so they can create and sustain a great business to create more personal freedom. Dr. Shay walked his own health journey from being chronically unwell from age 6-18 and overcoming sugar and video game addiction. He dedicated his life to natural medicine get himself and others well, which led him to functional medicine and functional testing. Dr. Shay helps his clients with custom nutrition and lifestyle plans with his “10 Pillars of Health" framework, the TAME the BEAST of addiction framework, health coaching, and functional testing. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/biohacker-babes-podcast/donations

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18 Nov 2019

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Episode 33: Addiction – Interview with Dr. Sam Shay, DC

Let's Talk Wellness Now

In Episode 33 of Let’s Talk Wellness Now, Dr. Deb invites Dr. Sam Shay, DC, onto the podcast for an incredible conversation about addiction! Dr. Shay and Dr. Deb discuss various forms of addiction (including screen addiction, phone addiction, email addiction, video games, gambling, sugar, social media, TV shows, and more), and the many ways they can negatively impact your physical, emotional and psychological health. Dr. Shay specifically touches on his own sugar and video game addition, and details some of the mechanisms involved in keeping an end user “glued” to a specific vice.Hormonally, you’ve got the adrenal system. So hormonally, what happens is that when you’re engaged in something… you’ve got this kind of excitement or thrill, or it’s shocking, which is what most of TV dramas are… or you’re looking at the news… reading about generally terrible things that are going on… you’re firing your adrenal system. So the adrenal system fires cortisol, and if it’s fired enough it fires adrenaline – and that’s your stress response system…You’ve got the whole loop of when the stress system takes over, then it effects your whole physiology, it effects the way you think, it re-wires your brain, it effects your sex hormones, it effects decision making, it effects short-term thinking, it effects long-term thinking, it effects decision making, it effects your posture, it effects your digestion – all these things because your adrenal system is designed to keep you alive from running away from a wolf or a tiger that’s trying to eat you. Dr. Shay highlights interesting 2018 data regarding screen time usage in the United States, unpacks the B.E.A.S.T. (Believe a stressful thought, Emotional/Physical Stress Response, Anesthetize, SMOLDER in consequences, Terrible (stressful thoughts)) model, speaks on ways to recognize an addiction versus a hobby, and the benefits from breaking free from addiction.When you free yourself of this B.E.A.S.T. cycle, whether it’s sugar, or cookies, or cakes, or sweet coffees… whether it’s you’re checking your emails, or checking the news, or Facebook, or social media, or Netflix, or video games, or any type of screen activity, or any other vice, the good news is – once you free yourself from this cycle, from the B.E.A.S.T. cycle, a huge amount of energy and creativity is released. Connect With Dr. Sam Shay:Website: drsamshay.comFacebook: facebook.com/sam.shay.792

1hr 7mins

16 Sep 2019

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Screen Time and Video Addiction with Dr. Sam Shay

Gene Queen Podcast

We live in the era of technology. There is no escaping it. Our smart phones may be one of our most valuable possessions. We go to bed looking at a screen. Wake up to an alarm clock from our phone. Check emails. Look at social media. Respond to text messages. And even play games on our phones. What is this doing to our brains? Can someone be addicted to their phone, computer and games? Well today I am excited to dive into this topic with my guest,  Dr. Sam Shay. Dr Shay is the ebook author of "Unplug from Gaming Disorder: 7 Simple ways to game less". He helps gamers with gaming disorder unplug from their screens and start to plug into their lives. He is a chiropractor focusing on functional nutrition and functional testing, who has walked his own journey to overcome his 25-year addiction to video games, a 15-year addiction to sugar, as well as overcome his insomnia, fatigue, low mood, chronic pain, and gut problems. Connect with Dr. Shay and get a hold of his awesome resources a  http://drsamshay.com/


11 Feb 2019

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009: Betrayal, Moral Injury, and Addiction: Roadmap to Recovery w/ Dr. Sam Shay

From Betrayal To Breakthrough

Dr. Sam Shay has battled his own health and addiction journey and has come out the other side inspired to help others who struggle with the same issues. An expert on a hodgepodge of situations like childhood betrayal, video game, and sugar addictions, and overcoming high-stress environments, Dr. Sam Shay is here to help you get over your own betrayals too. Everything from moral injury to adrenal fatigue and being a child of divorce is on the table today. If you are looking to increase your resilience with functional medicine so you are not as vulnerable to vices, learn the skills of how to deal with and reverse the cycle, and understand improve your outlook, Dr. Sam Shay has the medicine you are looking for. Get ready for some much-needed inspiration and hope to overcome and heal from your pain and addiction. What are your thoughts about what Dr. Sam Shay shared today? Do you have any burning questions for Part 2? Let us know in the comments! In This Episode PTSD, moral injury and the connection to betrayal How harm, exploitation, and humiliation can be being used against you Why stalking your partner's social media might be a form of hypervigilance Finding gratification in addiction by shielding yourself from the war zone at home How you can tame the BEAST of Addiction Quotes “The topic of betrayal is actually a really close theme, not only in my life personally but also in my clinical life. And as you said, it's also generational” (2:11) “When someone is betrayed in that high stakes situation like a marriage, by the other person that has authority, then there is a loss of trust… And when you lose trust it's not simply left with a vacuum” (6:37) “Moral injury, instead of striking first, hiding or becoming a brilliant liar, is instead attaching oneself to a person or an organization for protection. So people who have experience moral injury like to leech themselves onto organizations or people.” (17:08) “It sounds kind of petty, three decades later, but it hurts and we’re social creatures and if we feel marginalized socially, we are hardwired genetically as social creatures to feel like that is generally life-threatening.” (20:12) “There's more to dealing with betrayal than just looking at stressful thoughts. Because there is a definite impact on the physical body. That’s why I created the frameworks that I did, in order to help people whether they are dealing with something like that’s chronically unwell or they are dealing with an addiction.” (28:05) Links Free “TAME the BEAST®” of addiction worksheet Free 15-minute discovery call to see if you are a right match for Dr. Shay’s online functional approach Learn The Work of Byron Katie online Tame The Beast of Addiction10 Pillars of Health & ending fatigue courseGaming Disorder Ebook Dr. Sam Shay’s Website Check out the full show notes for this episode Women Hacking Betrayal Facebook Group Have you taken the Post-Betrayal Quiz yet? Keep up to everything From Betrayal To Breakthrough Follow Dr. Debi Silber on Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | LinkedIn


14 Dec 2018