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Episode 20: Steve Woodruff – The King of Clarity – His Secret Weapon for Generating the One Revenue Source that Will Most Effectively Fuel Your Business

Family Business Today

*Airdate 2/5/2019 In today’s episode, Steve will share his secret weapon for generating the one source of revenue that will most effectively fuel your business: referrals What are the two “moments of truth” in your message? Why clarity is so important at radio station WIIFM? Why do you need to define and embrace your “pigeon-hole”? Why are stories so important?  What are the best kinds of stories? How do you identify your “super-power”? To learn more about Steve Woodruff, visit his website at: www.clarityfuel.com. To purchase or download a copy of Steve’s book Clarity Win$. Get Heard. Get Referred, go to: www.claritywins.org To learn more about growing your family business and planning for a successful transition, check out our website at www.tncfb.com Podcast made with help provided by Visual Media Co. https://www.visualmediaco.com/


15 Jan 2021

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Steve Woodruff: Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails

The Marketing Book Podcast

Author Steve Woodruff returns to The Marketing Book Podcast for a special episode of "Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails." Previously on The Marketing Book Podcast to discuss his book, Clarity Wins: Get Heard. Get Referred, communication expert Steve Woodruff joins the (hopefully) limited time series, Authors in Quarantine Getting Cocktails to talk about being quarantined in Franklin, Tennessee, his son the social media whiskey influencer, how his consulting and coaching business has adapted for the better, why communicating with clarity is so difficult for organizations, why he despises the word "solutions," and much much more! Cheers! Click here for show notes... https://www.salesartillery.com/authors-quarantine-cocktails/steve-woodruff


22 Jun 2020

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Own Your Keywords (with Steve Woodruff)

The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

You have a business name. You have a product or service you offer. You probably have a website and a logo. But do you know your keywords? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable tool that communicates how you help people. A little while back, I came across an insightful post on LinkedIn by my friend Steve Woodruff, who is known as the King of Clarity. Steve was talking about the value of keywords for your business. I wasn’t sure what he meant, so after a brief explanation, I invited him back on the podcast to give us some insights on using keywords for our business. (If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, you might remember Steve’s first appearance back on Episode 74.) Steve is a consultant who helps businesses, as well as individuals in career transition. In this conversation, Steve explains what keywords are, why they are important, how to decide on your keywords, and how to use them well. This is a fantastic episode that is packed with insights you can put into practice immediately! You can find out more about Steve on his website, https://www.stevewoodruff.com, as well as LinkedIn and Twitter.  You can find the full show notes here: https://kentsanders.net/170 Need a ghostwriter for your next project? Learn more here: https://inkwellghostwriting.com.  *** If you enjoyed this episode, we’d love for you to leave a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps more people discover the show, which helps us create better content and resources. Subscribe and grab your free gift: https://kentsanders.net/subscribe Follow Kent: Facebook: https://facebook.com/kent.sanders Instagram: https://instagram.com/kentsanders Twitter: https://twitter.com/kentsanders 


23 Apr 2020

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116: Clarity Wins: How to Improve Patient & Practice Communication, with Steve Woodruff

Medical Practice Trends

Steve Woodruff (The King of Clarity) provides expert advice for doctors and practice administrators on how to improve their communication skills. Whether you're a doctor trying explaining complex health problems to a patient, or a manager trying to get employee alignment around patient satisfaction, Steve gives tips and tricks you can use to take your communication to the next level.   ClarityFuel.com Steve on LinkedIn Steve's Book, Clarity Wins Building a StoryBrand


27 Feb 2020

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041: Be Clear, Get Heard! with Steve Woodruff

The Bill Perry Show

Today it’s my honor to have a new acquaintance on the show with me. Steve Woodruff has a really interesting title. He is known as the “King of Clarity.” If your organization needs some guidance on getting through all of the “noise” that is out there, this is the episode for you! BREAK THROUGH THE GRAY MATTER OVERLOAD We live in an age of information that is everywhere, all the time. Everywhere we turn there is more noise; it is coming from all angles and from companies of all sizes. There is so much out there competing for our attention. So companies are faced with the challenge of breaking through gray matter overload (“GMO”). Steve points out that everyone out there is suffering from GMO, and companies need to find a way to reach their audiences. Does your company have an effective way to cut through all that sensory input and get your message heard? Steve has ways of doing that, and he shares some valuable information in this episode. CLARITY HAS VALUE Steve describes clarity as being characterized by a memory dart, a way of cutting through the clutter and making people understand you. He thinks of the memory dart as “a way to get a message across into people's brains very quickly.” That is important when you consider all of the information people process each day. Clarity has a great deal of value for every organization. How do you effectively get your message across to others? He also discusses the core value of organizational clarity both internal and external to the organization. We all know to prioritize connecting with our customers for branding and growth, but there is also great value to be had internally. After all, it is essential to have everyone on the same page with regards to internal communication, collaboration, networking, branding, and vision. So we also discuss this huge need for internal clarity. Episode Highlights: What a memory dart is and how it can help your business GMO - gray matter overload - what it is and how to cut through it What the human brain reacts to and how even small companies can be competitive “It’s not our audience’s job to figure us out” - the importance of truly understanding that and moving beyond it The huge need for internal, as well as external, communication and some insight on developing that Keywords to communicate identity and value within an organization The 5 elements on the approach to clarity Referral readiness - what it is and why it’s important Until next time, lead well!  Bill Episode Resources: Connect with Steve Woodruff: https://clarityfuel.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/swoodruff/ FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/kingofclarity/ Book: Clarity Wins Connect with Bill: Book a time to speak Web: https://www.theinnovatusgroup.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bill-perry/ Twitter: @innovatusgroup Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebillperryshow/ *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at https://emeraldcitypro.com


15 Oct 2019

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1844: Get Your Ideas Heard with Steve Woodruff

Inside LaunchStreet with Tamara Ghandour

I’ve always believed that communication is critical to innovation. If you have the best ideas in the world but nobody is listening, you can’t make a difference. Steve Woodruff, a.k.a., King of Clarity, joins me to dive into how best to get your ideas heard AND the science behind why it works. Steve Woodruff is the Founder and CEO of ClarityFuel, a company that helps individuals and teams communicate with power. His new book, Clarity Wins: Be Heard. Be Referred. helps people of all levels get their message heard above the noise. And why does clarity win? Because being able to communicate coherently is one of the things that makes or breaks whether a business succeeds. Sometimes, we think we’re being clear, but the other person doesn’t get the message. Why? The truth is we are competing with noise. Steve explains what this noise is, and why it is so important to get people on the same page and arrive collaboratively at a shared meaning. We also dive into the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and how making your message relevant to your listener can help grab their attention. Steve shares some shortcuts to help you cut through the noise through symbolic language and simple language, and the five elements of clarity to narrow down into a micro-niche. He also has insights about how clarity improves collaboration and teamwork, and why it’s critical to position yourself as different and wonderful, rather than just better. If you are ready to: get buy-in from key decision makers on your next big idea be a high-impact, high-value member that ignites change foster a culture of innovation where everyone on your team is bringing innovative ideas that tackle challenges and seize opportunities… Join us on LaunchStreet — gotolaunchstreet.com Mentioned in This Episode: Steve Woodruff ClarityFuel Steve Woodruff on LinkedIn Apple Clarity Wins: Get Heard. Get Referred., by Steve Woodruff Steven Pinker, Harvard, “The Curse of Knowledge” CrossFit Peloton


27 Sep 2019

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CLARITY WINS$. Get heard. Get referred. With Steve Woodruff

The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff

Steve Woodruff is known as the King of Clarity. In a world full of noise and distraction, Steve helps businesses craft a message so clear that they can be heard. remembered, and referred! BIGGEST COMPLIMENT I can give to an author and a Business Builders Show guest is that I changed what I do in my businesses based on what I learned from them!Learn more about Steve at clarityfuel.com. Of course buy his book CLARITY WINS$. Get heard. Get referred., so you too can learn and apply the lessons Steve shares. Steve's goal is to make businesses "referral ready" through clarity. Thanks for listening. You can learn more about me, your Business Builders Show host at martywolffbusinesssolutions.com. Call or text me with your questions or comments at 570 815 1626. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


27 Aug 2019

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Getting Clarity of Your Story with Steve Woodruff (#81)

The Storytellers Network

Steve Woodruff. Steve is known as the King of Clarity. He is a consultant and author who has helped many professionals - from solo consultants to Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies - with their brand identity and messaging. He is best known for his intensive clarity sessions, which, in less than a day, unlock a company's DNA and market positioning, and produce crystal-clear messaging to generate sales and referrals. He also helps people find their professional purpose with Clarity Consulting.The author of Clarity Wins, Steve loves to help people and businesses find clarity. In our conversation you’ll hear how Chris Brogan gave him his nickname, how a Russian oligarch and his French chateau plays a part in Steve’s story, and so much more.Connect with Steve:Steve’s websiteClarity FuelClarity Wins (book website)LinkedInInstagramTwitter


17 Jun 2019

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Get Clear, Get Heard, and Get Referred with "King of Clarity" Steve Woodruff

Between Now and Success

I'm convinced that one of the keys to success is to have extreme clarity. But clarity can be difficult to define, and even harder to achieve. In our business, many advisors don’t do a thorough enough job defining themselves to an ever-more-crowded marketplace. “We help you achieve your financial goals” might fit well on your website’s masthead. But does a phrase like that really say anything meaningful about who you are as an advisor, what kind of value you bring to the planning process, and who your ideal clients are? To help us all achieve some … well, clarity on these important issues, I sat down with the “King of Clarity.” My guest today is Steve Woodruff, who is in the business of helping people discover their fit and then craft the words that become their verbal business card. He's also the author of a great book called “Clarity Wins: Get Heard, Get Referred.” In our conversation, Steve discusses the five questions he believes all business owners need to ask themselves about their branding and messaging, especially when it comes to your website. And make sure you listen to the whole episode, because at the end we hold some advisor websites up to the King’s clarity standards. Steve’s feedback on the good, the bad, and the ugly of clarity will make you look at your own marketing in a whole new way. (Don’t worry. Names have been disguised to protect the innocent. And the guilty.)


3 Jun 2019

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173. Steve Woodruff, the King of Clarify

Unleashed - How to Thrive as an Independent Professional

Our guest today is Steve Woodruff, also known as the King of Clarity. Steve is the author of Clarity Wins. He helps individuals and businesses discover their professional DNA, define their offerings, target their ideal clients, and articulate their differentiating message. You can learn more about Steve’s work at https://www.stevewoodruff.com/ Never miss an episode of Unleashed - sign up for our weekly email at askunleashed.com


13 May 2019