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50. 3 September 2021 with Eric Meyer

Let's Chat Markets

Welcome back to Let's Chat Markets by HighGround Dairy! HighGround's very own Eric Meyer joins Alyssa Badger to discuss this week in dairy, including extreme weather across the country, SME Spot Market price activity, and July export data. Eric Meyer also gives some insight on key factors that could affect the dairy markets throughout the remainder of 2021. Don't forget to subscribe to hear next week's episode! Website: highgrounddairy.com Twitter: twitter.com/HighGroundDairy Free trial request form: highgrounddairy.com/free-trial


3 Sep 2021

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DOANE!T Episode 90: The Blue Print For 2021 With Eric Meyer

Fight Laugh Feast Network

Darren joins Meyer the Company Man Podcast to discuss the blueprint for 2021 for every brand and company.


18 Aug 2021

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DOANE!T Episode 31: Container Talk With Eric Meyer

Fight Laugh Feast Network

Darren sits down with “company man” Eric Meyer for insights on national meetings and keynote talks.


24 Jun 2021

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Eric Meyer: Changing the Way the World Meets the Web

The TEN7 Podcast

SUMMARYA presentation at a conference in Paris led Eric Meyer into a new world as he dove into the early days of CSS and helped transform the way we interact with the web.GUESTEric Meyer, CSS pioneer and authorHIGHLIGHTS Eric started as a “hypermedia systems specialist” at Case Western Reserve University, essentially going to departments, explaining what the “web” is, and offering to hook them up with FTP sites. While presenting a paper at a conference in Paris, Eric got his first exposure to CSS and he knew right away he had to be a part of it. Eric developed a series of test pages that led to an invitation to join the CSS working group. The teamwork and open ethic of the working group was inspiring to Eric, who was determined to do great work and also to reach a hand out to others to help them build on the work to move it forward. LINKS Meyerweb An Event Apart  CSS Discuss  Rebecca Purple


24 Jun 2021

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Brew World Order Ep.47 - Cahaba Brewing Co. - Eric Meyer

Brew World Order

Welcome to Brew World Order with Mike Kurtin. This is an informative podcast that gets inside the minds of brewery owners. In this episode, I sit down with Eric Meyer, owner of Cahaba Brewing Co. in Birmingham, AL. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podbean, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Podcast, SoundCloud and Youtube, so you never miss an episode.


20 Jun 2021

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The Pulse Vol. 2 #3 : Robinson à Pékin, raconter le journalisme en bande dessinée, avec Eric Meyer et Aude Mas

First Print - Podcast comics de référence

The Pulse, le podcast du journalisme culturel, nouvelle fournée ! A chaque épisode de The Pulse, on essaie de renouveler la formule, de trouver un angle différent, et en étant composante du podcast First Print dédié à l'art séquentiel, on a profité de la sortie de l'album Robinson à Pékin pour mêler notre amour de la BD à celui du journalisme.  Eric Meyer est un journaliste qui a en effet passé 32 ans en Chine et qui relate son vécu des premières années avec Robinson à Pékin, avec l'artiste Aude Massot. C'est notamment le 4 juin 1989, soit pile 32 ans avant que l'on enregistre ce podcast, qu'il a assisté aux terribles évènements de la place Tian An Men. Comment était-ce le journalisme il y a trente ans ? Comment le pratiquer en Chine ? La place du culturel là bas ? Et surtout : comment utilise la bande dessinée comme une autre forme de journalisme ? Voilà tout le programme que l'on vous propose dans cette émission ! The Pulse est un podcast qui nous tient particulièrement à coeur, et on espère que vous l'aimerez autant que nous aimons à vous le proposer, à intervalles les plus réguliers possibles. Alors plus que jamais, si vous pouvez le faire connaître en le partageant sur les réseaux sociaux, ce sera d'une aide vitale ! Commander Robinson à Pékin à ce lien ! Découvrir le podcast Les Chroniques d'Eric par ici ! -- Soutenez nous sur Tipeee : https://fr.tipeee.com/first-print Ne manquez aucun rendez-vous : https://podcast.ausha.co/firstprintfra Retrouvez nous sur Facebook : https://facebook.com/FirstPrintFRA et sur Twitter : https://twitter.com/FirstPrintFRA 

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9 Jun 2021

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Tale #4: Eric Meyer

Tales from the Plinth

Eric Meyer joined us at the plinth this week to share his tale!  Eric is a 2016 DPT graduate from Gannon University and holds a McKenzie certification.  Tune in to hear us chat about his experience as a PT in a busy outpatient orthopedic clinic, how to adjust to major changes in your life and career, and how the PT profession plays a major role in primary care.


23 Apr 2021

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94. Energy, Opera Singing, & Our Nuclear Future with Generation Atomic Executive Director Eric Meyer

Empathy Media Lab

Welcome to the Harmony of Interest series where we will explore ideas that positively shape our world. Eric Meyer is the founder and executive director of Generation Atomic with a mission to energize and empower today’s generation to advocate for a nuclear future. We discussed Eric's background growing up in Minnesota, training as a classical singer, founding Generation Atomic, and what we need to do to expand the use of the cleanest, most energy dense fuel human history has ever successfully deployed.  You can follow Eric’s work on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/EricGMeyer.  Empathy Media Lab is a proud member of the Labor Radio Podcast Network. Support media, authors, artists, historians, and journalists, who are fighting to improve the prosperity of the working class.  #HarmonyOfInterest #PoliticalEconomyMatters #LaborRadioPod #1U #UnionStrong


30 Jan 2021

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THE DOANE CAST Ep 92 - The Blueprint For 2021 With Eric Meyer

The Doane Cast

Darren joins Meyer the Company Man Podcast to discuss the blueprint for 2021 for every brand and company. 


5 Jan 2021

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Eric Meyer: Generation Atomic

The Power Hungry Podcast

Eric Meyer is the founder and executive director of Generation Atomic, a non-profit based in Minneapolis that aims to “energize and empower today’s generations to advocate for a nuclear future.” In this episode, Robert talks to Meyer about how he went from aspiring professional opera singer to pro-nuclear activist, the “stigma” and “dogma” used by nuclear opponents, the environmental sacrifices required to scale up renewables, and why the late nuclear physicist Alvin Weinberg is among his personal heroes.  

1hr 2mins

27 Oct 2020