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James Bond: Casino Royale (Graphic Novel Adaptation) by Van Jensen, Ian Fleming, and Dennis Calero

Lit Society: Books and Drama

This week we're discussing the real-life men and agents who inspired the fictional James Bond. These folks jumped out of planes fought Nazis while enduring chase and torture—incredible stuff. A suave super-spy with both daddy and mommy issues must use his skill with the cards to play his way out of death in a fancy French casino. His goal? Stay alive and gain victory for his country. His game? Baccarat. His weakness? Fast cars and faster women. The AGENT? James Bond The book? The graphic novel adaptation of Ian Flemming's Casino Royale by Van Jensen and Dennis Calero. LET'S GET LIT! Favorite line: "The scent and smoke and sweat of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning." Sources for our theme: Business Insider Meet The Spy Who Inspired The Creation Of James Bond https://www.businessinsider.com/the-inspiration-for-james-bond-2012-9 Esquire Magazine:  The Real Spies Who Inspired James Bond Are Far More Fascinating Than the Big Screen 007s https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/a30533681/james-bond-true-story-real-life-inspiration-ian-fleming/ History Extra:  James Bond in real life: where did Ian Fleming's inspirations come from? https://www.historyextra.com/period/20th-century/james-bond-who-based-on-inspiration-ian-fleming-villains-q-m/ Find Alexis and Kari online:  Instagram — www.instagram.com/litsocietypod;  Twitter — www.twitter.com/litsocietypod;  Facebook — www.facebook.com/LitSocietyPod;  Website — www.LitSocietyPod.com

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20 May 2021

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Issue #184: Van Jensen(Flash, Green Lantern)

The Comic Chronicle Podcast

Writer van Jensen joins the show this week as we talk inspiration in the arts, taking on Green Lantern and Flash, how comics are always changing and so much more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for NEW episodes.  -STORE: dakotamorgan.store -TWITCH: Kotarex97 -INSTAGRAM: @dakota_morgan97  -TWITTER: @dakotamorgan3  STAY CREATIVE! 


19 May 2021

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Episode 1 (featuring Finley Van Jensen)




14 Mar 2021

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65. It's Been a Year... (Nate Powell & Van Jensen)


So, it’s been a year! I mean, 2020 has been “a year”…but I mean it’s been one year since the debut of the Wits’ End Podcast. November 14, 2019 saw the first episode of the podcast come out where I talked to cartoonist Nate Powell and writer Van Jensen. As someone who followed Nate’s work for years and respects Van’s writing, I could not have asked for better guests for this debut. Despite all the ranting I’ve been doing (and, well, it’s been a lot), I'm taking this episode to look back at the debut of Wits’ End. I haven’t listened to the first episode in a long time. It’s been an education to see where the podcast start and where it went. And a year isn’t a long time. So here are my conversations with Nate Powell and Van Jensen. And here’s to another year. Chaos ensues! Follow Shah & the Wits’ End Podcast: Twitter: @_shahcomics Wits’ End Twitter: @witsendpod YouTube: Wits’ End YouTube Instagram: @shah_comics Support the podcast on ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/witsendpodcastwithshahemami


14 Nov 2020

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Dynamite Comics "Live and Let Die" from Van Jensen and Kewber Baal

The James Bond Complex

Hello dear listeners!It wasn't that long ago that Mathieu and Edgar took a look at the first graphic novel adaptation of Fleming's work, Casino Royale, published by Dynamite Comics. Well, since there are only 2 adaptations to speak of at the moment, the boys figured they'd complete the duology before heading back to stories about the modern 007 in comics for future reviews.Live and Let Die sees writer Van Jensen return to adapt the script, although this time Fleming's prose is brought to visual life by Kewber Baal. Just as the first graphic novel produced unparalleled intellectual criticism, so too does the sequel. Among the bountiful number of topics broached are comparisons between the two graphic novel styles, too much ready read and not enough looky look, not enough grey colour on a black man (we explain this, trust us), shorts skirts in January in New York, Mathieu and Edgar possibly working on the next adaptation,  3 cheers for Fay Dunaway - uh, we mean Fay Dalton, and Casper Van Dien.Oh, and the return of James Bond Jr. Are you excited yet?!?So sit back, relax, crack open your copies of the Live and Let Die graphic novel and tag along for another thrilling instalment of The James Bond Complex!


7 Oct 2020

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Ian Fleming's Casino Royale Graphic Novel Adaptation by Van Jensen & Dennis Calero

The James Bond Complex

Hello dear listeners! This week Edgar & Matt are going back to Fleming! We are covering Casino Royale (again) ! The book has been adapted as a film, a radio play and even a Tv show. But it had never been adapted as a graphic novel until 2017 when Dynamite Entertainment published a Graphic Novel Adaptation by Van Jensen & Dennis Calero. Join us as we discuss this fascinating look at Ian Fleming's first James Bond story!


9 Sep 2020

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0034 Interview Van Jensen And Kewber Baal

The 00 Files

Dynamite Comics continues their series of graphic novel adaptations of the original Fleming novels with Live And Let Die. Don interviews author Van Jensen (from the US) and the new artist Kewber Baal (from Brazil). As of yet the book isn’t available yet, but Don was one of the lucky bastards who managed to get a digital proof copy. Especially after the extensive book review (podcasts 0028 - 0030) Don feels he knows everything there is on Live And Let Die. So he asks Van and Kewber some intelligent questions like “do you prefer drawing action scenes of naked women?”If you enjoy our podcasts, please share them with others! If you want to get in touch, please email us at moneypenny@the00files.com, go to our website www.the00files.com or look for The 00 Files on social media!Van Jensen http://twitter.com/van_jensenKewber Baal https://twitter.com/kewberbaal Casino Royale https://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?PRO=C1524112720 MUSICPaul McCartney & Wings - Live And Let Die (live in 1976) https://youtu.be/BEBP7LgBROI Vic Flick Performs the James Bond Theme (live in 2012) https://youtu.be/eeuhXwvb3V8

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22 Nov 2019

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0033 Interview Van Jensen And Dennis Calero

The 00 Files

In May 2018 Don interviewed writer Van Jensen and artist Dennis Calero on their graphic novel adaptation of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. This was still done under the name of James Bond Netherlands. Now, in anticipation of the recent graphic novel adaptation of Ian Fleming’s second book Live And Let Die, Don again interviewed author Van Jensen and the new artist Kewber Baal. That second interview will be published next week. This seemed like a good opportunity to republish the old interview under the wings of The 00 Files.Don talked to Van and Dennis on James Bond in general, on their work on Casino Royale, on some of the challenges they had in creating their adaptation and about continuing the series.If you enjoy our podcasts, please share them with others! If you want to get in touch, please email us at moneypenny@the00files.com, go to our website www.the00files.com or look for The 00 Files on social media!Van Jensen http://twitter.com/van_jensenDennis Calero http://twitter.com/DennisCaleroCasino Royale https://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?PRO=C1524100684

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15 Nov 2019

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The Comics of Bond: Dynamite Comics Van Jensen Interview

James Bond Radio: 007 News, Reviews & Interviews!

For the latest episode of The Comics of Bond, Jack Lugo interviews writer Van Jensen. We talk about Dynamite Comics' Live & Let Die adaptation, we find out Van’s answers to the 007 quickfire questions, and learn all about his work on the Bond comics.


8 Nov 2019

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Ep. 5 - Productivity: Work/Life Balance with Van Jensen

ScriptBlast Screenwriting Podcast

Hudson interviews comic book writer, filmmaker, and multi-hyphenate Van Jensen about balancing work and home alongside your dreams, the importance of protecting your mental energy, and maximizing your productivity. 


11 Mar 2019