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286: The Train of Opportunity with Eric Trules

BeTheTalk with Nathan Eckel

ERIC TRULES is an Associate Professor of Practice at USC’s School of Dramatic Arts, a multi-disciplinary artist, and was recently a Fulbright Senior Specialist in American Studies (2008-13). He is a native of New York City and has been a professional in the performing, literary, and filmic arts for over 45years. He began his professional artistic career as a modern dancer with Shirley Mordine’s Dance Troupe in residence at Columbia College Chicago in 1970, and then co-founded Mo Ming, the nationally renowned Dance-Theater in Chicago. Trules was one of the first federally funded CETA grant recipients in America for his dance work, which also received support from the Illinois Arts Council and the NEA. CONNECT with Eric HERE LISTEN to Eric's TEDx talk HERE BeTheTalk is a 7 day a week podcast where Nathan Eckel chats with talkers from TEDx & branded events. Tips tools and techniques that can help you give the talk to change the world at BeTheTalk.com !


11 Nov 2018

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Improv and the power of living spontaneously with Eric Trules

Travel Wisdom Podcast -travel and learn languages for success and money

After many months of planning and a failed recording attempt, I was finally able to talk to fellow podcaster, Eric Trules. Instead of becoming a doctor he instead became a clown who performed on the street and followed wherever life took him. That ended up taking him to a position as a professor at USC teaching improv classes. Eric sees many parallels with travel and clowning in that it is really important to stay spontaneous and to always say yes! Finally, I want to give a shoutout to the Brave Era 100% Silk Travel Sheet. They sent me their sleeping bag liner and I really enjoyed it. It is very compact and can be used instead of a sleeping bag if you will be sleeping indoors. Check it out!


29 Aug 2018

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153 Eric Trules | Rebelling Against Conformity and Finding Freedom Through the Arts

Podcast Junkies

Trules is the host of e-travels with e. trules. He's lived an incredibly interesting life and recently discovered the world of podcasting. He's an artist, “self-producer and self-initiator”, an amazing storyteller and has taught theater at USC for 31 years. He's been a performer for almost five decades as a modern dancer and a clown, of all things! Going into his last year of teaching he was offered a grant from the school for a project of his choosing and he chose a podcast. And we're lucky he did! Full show notes: http://pjnk.es/153★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

1hr 26mins

16 Dec 2017

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503: Sound Immersive Podcasting wtih Eric Trules

Podcasting Experiments

We will be talking with Eric Trules and his podcast is e-Travels with E. Trules, and it’s unique in that it combines travelogue storytelling with an aurally immersive experience of sound, effects and music that take you right to the destination. We’ll talk about his podcasting journey, his publishing schedule with alternating formats, and the beauty of travel. MetaMoment: Now, before we jump into the interview for today, let’s pause for a MetaMoment. This is where we review one or two podcasts about podcasting on this podcast about podcasting. Today’s podcast MetaMoment is…Podcast Talent Coach with Erik K. Johnson. His podcast focuses primarily on the content of your podcast and how to improve it. In episode 175 of Podcast Talent Coach, Erik shares his journey as a hockey coach and how it relates to determining the “why” behind your podcast. The concept of knowing and following your “why” is not new, but Erik’s story and explanation do a great job at exploring the topic. Check it out at PodcastTalentCoach.com. This MetaMoment has been brought to your by Libsyn. They are the media host I use and the number 1 place I recommend as I work with new podcasters. I’ve been recommending them for several years now. They are not a sponsor, but I have recently become an affiliate for them, so if you sign up with Libsyn and use the coupon code ‘JOSH’ you can receive a free month of hosting. In fact it’s more than a month because you’ll get the rest of this month and next month free - just make sure you don’t change your hosting level before the free month ends. Again, go to Libsyn.com and sign up using the code ‘JOSH.’ Eric’s podcasting journey Eric has been podcasting for a relatively short time. He releases a show every other week and there are 17 episodes now. It’s taken effort, work and collaboration because podcasting is all new to him. However, he has been an artist, storyteller and performer for almost 50 years. He started as a modern dancer and also spent many years as a professional clown. He’s just retired from his 31 years as a Theatre Professor at the University of Southern California. It was actually a student who suggested that he start a podcast, after hearing him speak. He was fairly confident with the storytelling side of things, however it was a steep and fast learning curve for the tech. Eric initially got a grant from USC, and found both his sound engineer, Alysha Bermudez, and music composer, Amanda Yamate, through the University. He found his producer, Harry Duran from Podcast Junkies, at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Harry taught Eric everything he needed, and with the help also of Amanda and Alysha, he has been insulated and prevented from making a lot of mistakes early in his podcasting journey. About Eric’s unique travelogue podcast E-travels with E.Trules is available on iTunes and Stitcher and is unique in that it combines travelogue storytelling with an aurally immersive experience of sound, effects and music that take you right to the destination. The episodes are stories of off-the-beaten-track, once-in-a-lifetime type trips, told with insights, humor, perspective and an artistic point of view. The listener of the story gets the treat of both the story and being taken there aurally because Eric chose not to go with royalty-free music but instead have a composer recreate sounds that are very site-specific and original. For example, for a story about Bali, the composer Amanda recreated Balinese gamelan music. However, because of the style of the podcast, the episodes are time consuming to make, so Eric planned to only release one episode per month. Extending the podcast without creating twice as many travel episodes Harry convinced Eric to release more regularly than the once-per-month schedule originally intended, and the idea of a behind-the-scenes episode was born. These are interview-style episodes that supplement the travelogue episodes. So every other week, the even-numbered episodes, there is a behind the scenes episode which alternates with the sound-immersive travelogue episodes which are the odd numbered episodes. Episode 0 is the welcome episode, which is the best one to start if you’re new because there are excerpts, examples of different places around the world and a nice introduction. Harry Duran, Amanda Yamante and Alysha Bermudez have all been interviewed as behind-the-scenes episodes of the podcast. But Eric also likes to feature people who are kindred, artistic spirits, either foreign born or who have traveled a lot. On occasion he has been solicited to be on the podcast by someone he doesn’t know, but he finds those conversations a little anti-septic. He prefers the episodes where the guest is someone he knows, because the medium of podcasting can capture the energy and chemistry of the relationship. Some examples of people Eric has interviewed are Liz Femi, a solo performer born in Nigeria, Debra Ehrhardt, a solo performer and storyteller from Jamaica, and Morlan Higgins, an actor and musician who is a fellow traveller on the path of life. His episode was also special because it is punctuated with Morlan’s own mandolin music. Storytelling that makes foreign people and cultures human Eric likes asking people he knows well about the complications in their countries. What’s interesting to him in human natures and in cultures is not what’s great about them, but the vulnerabilities or flaws that may be present under the skin. He likes to show the stories that are not things going perfectly well, a la Facebook profile. That’s what makes people and cultures human and relatable. Storytelling is all about vulnerability in a narrative sense: rooting for the underdog, or the main character that you care about. Audiences usually care about the character who is vulnerable because they can identify with them. Eric likes to share insights into experiences that listeners can relate to, as opposed to just a colorful travel story. The beauty of travel and life Eric is shocked and amazed and disheartened at how many people think it’s cool not to travel. While he does agree that there is plenty to see in the USA, many people use excuses that other types of travel is too expensive, scary, uncomfortable and that there is terrorism in the world. These things are all true, but the perspective you can gain from leaving your own four walls and country is astoundingly worth it for Eric. He wants people to realize that America is not the center of the world, that most people in other countries on the planet have lots in common with us. Travelling allows you to see how much they care about family and children and education and putting food on the table too. For Eric, we’re all connected by our humanity and it’s fascinating to see the differences, not in the human spirit but in cultural things: dancing, food, worship and the ways people move through life. It’s a shame that people think it’s ok not to travel, because if you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and let go of the unknown, that is the beauty of travel and of life! You can find Eric and the podcast at http://erictrules.com/podcast/ Outro: Thanks for taking the time to listen to this week’s episode of the Creative Studio. If you found this podcast helpful or interesting, please share it with a friend. You can also reach me by calling (405) 771-0567.


30 Sep 2017

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Eric Trules

Travel Tales

Performance artist/teacher Eric Trules, host of the "E-Travels with E. Trules" podcast, shares his Tales of embarking on an alternative lifestyle in the 60's, and what the adventurous life has taught him


17 Aug 2017

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Episode 22. Eric Trules/ E-travels with E. Trules

Podcasts We Listen To

Jeremy chats withe Eric Trules, host of E-travels with E. Trules. Eric is a traveler, Professor, Dancer, Clown, Clw politician, Performer, and now Podcaster. E-travels is an immersive experience into the travels and adventures of Trules, as he likes to be called. This isn't your typical travel podcast. This is a journey alongside a man who likes to see where the road less traveled will lead him. Find Trules on twitter @etrules Visit Trules' website: http://erictrules.com/ NEW Patreon! Want to help support the show? Jeremy finally caved and started a Patreon! Here is the link... Patreon.com/PodcastsWeListenTo Join Podcasts We Listen To on Twitter @PWLTpodcast Join the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PodcastsWeListenTo/ Get your PWLT gear here https://PodcastsWeListenTo.threadless.com/ Email us at PWLTpodcast@gmail.com

1hr 11mins

2 Aug 2017

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S5E11: Grazing with Camels - Eric Trules: Performance Artist | Podcaster | Traveler

Backpack Digital

What is there awaiting travelers in the desert? What is there out in nature, waiting to reconnect with man? Eric Trules has discovered it, he thinks. That nothingness that means something: a nomadic way of life, a connection to nature, a cooperation with the land, a lack of civilization that means an increase in humanity. Eric Trules has been a professional in the performing, literary, and filmic arts for almost five decades. He’s worked as a dancer, in the theater, as an actor, and even as a clown. In his life outside of his work, he takes what he’s learned in his decades of performance and applies it to his thinking about travel. Trules’ show, “e-travels with e. trules,” contains musical scores, sound effects, and everything in between, and his magnificent voice telling his amazing stories. Living in Echo Park, California, and traveling all over the world, Eric has learned how to make others laugh, how to help life happen, how to parent his nephew, how to make travel his medium, how to make oneself vulnerable, and how to connect people in challenging times reconnect again. Life awaits you in the desert, if you are brave enough to seek it on your camel safari.  It’s Israel, in May of 1999, and travel is easy. As a result, Eric has the idea to go out into the Sinai Desert, the home of camels, Moses, and the Red Sea, and have the sun bake the life out of him and suck the logic out. The best of Israel comes to the Sinai Desert to escape their day-to-day lives, because the sun, the earth, and the sea will slow you down until time is lost and you have no desire to return to civilization. He went to a camp on the Red Sea and adventured for himself, feeling the desire to walk in the steps of Moses and Joshua and to sleep under an endless starry sky. First, he needed to get enough supplies and camels to make the journey he wanted to take both possible and worthwhile. He composed a team of people willing to uncivilize themselves in the desert, and together they took a camel safari.  They followed the same path that the Jews followed all those years ago, witnessing the same journey they did, navigating broad spaces, narrow canyons, and the changing day as the sun shifted. Eric found an oasis here. He realized that there is nothing in the desert: no politics, no borders, no religions. There is only a nomadic, respectful, dependent way of life, which requires a cooperation with the land and which has existed for thousands of years. In the desert, modern civilization and its instant conveniences disappear. In the desert, you realize how distant we have grown from nature, and how much we have lost touch with ourselves in the process, and with the very things that make us human.  You gain independence from nature in civilization, disrespecting and ignoring mother nature and ourselves in doing so, and you lose your sense of awe in the power of the natural universe. Eric experienced a rare perfect moment under the orange desert moon. He remembered there was bloodshed in this land now, and that only hatred and history causes problems like these, nothing inherent.  Get in Touch with Hayden on Instagram: @backpackdigital


5 Jun 2017