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Yasmin Nair on queer politics since the '90s


In this episode, Yasmin Nair talks to us about developments within queer politics since the AIDS epidemic. We cover Pete Buttigieg, the non-profit industrial complex, the politics of Against Equality, far-right gays, how to think about sex politically, anti-trans violence, and the neoliberal university.  You can find Yasmin on Twitter @NairYasmin (https://bit.ly/3pMofCs) and read more of her work at https://yasminnair.com.  🦋 NAVIGATION 🦋 1:18 — The evolution of queer politics since the '90s 12:52 — Pete Buttigieg 17:24 — The demands of Against Equality 23:40 — What's next for the prison-industrial complex? 29:42 — The embrace of the far-right by gay men 33:30 — Is transphobia/homophobia the primary enemy? 42:54 — The politics of sex 1:04:08 — The neoliberal university and queer theory today 🦋 FURTHER RESOURCES 🦋 Against Equality: http://www.againstequality.org Queer Revolution, Not Mere Inclusion (Against Equality): https://bit.ly/3tpk9CD A Manifesto (Yasmin Nair): https://bit.ly/3pIs5wt HIV Criminalization Forum (Ryan Conrad): https://bit.ly/3aShZ5P Queer and Trans Migrations: Dynamics of Illegalization, Detention, and Deportation: https://bit.ly/36IrJOR Trap Door: Trans Cultural Production and the Politics of Visibility: https://bit.ly/371Woa3 Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead: https://bit.ly/2Mw94ik The Freezer Door (Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore): https://bit.ly/3oGOtVK 🦋 FOLLOW US 🦋 Twitter @StoffelAlex (https://bit.ly/3c5Bydl) and @FelixdlCampo (https://bit.ly/368LYoH) Instagram @delcampofelix (https://bit.ly/36b7hpw)

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15 Feb 2021

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Episode 20 with Yasmin Nair (Premium Teaser)

habibti please

This week’s exclusive features a casual but thoughtful conversation between Nashwa and Yasmin Nair. Enclosed is a preview, if you want to unlock the full episode you can by subscribing on Patreon or Substack. Together they chat about her article On Nostalgia, Sex Work, and the Dancing Girls of Lahore... This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at habibtiplease.substack.com/subscribe


8 Feb 2021

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The Evergreen Review

Editor-in-chief Dale Peck has a conversation with Chicago-based writer, academic, and activist Yasmin Nair. The two discuss the concept of genre, love and identity in activism, unconscious and structural racism in Chicago, and more. Nair is the co-founder of the radical queer editorial collective Against Equality, editor-at-large at Current Affairs and a member of Gender JUST Chicago. Her most recent essay, "So Long, and Thanks for Nothing," appeared in Evergreen’s summer 2020 issue. Her work can be found at yasminnair.net.

1hr 2mins

27 Jan 2021

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UNLOCKED! Yasmin Nair on publishing, feminism and more

Current Affairs

Yasmin Nair and Lyta Gold talk publishing scandals, "authenticity", cultural appropriation, feminism and more. This episode was recorded a little while back, but it doesn't devalue the conversation because variations on the specific events they describe occur over and over again, on a weekly basis, forever.This episode was edited by Dan Thorn of Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA.

1hr 12mins

3 Oct 2020

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Nostalgia Trap - Episode 202: No Place Like Home w/ Yasmin Nair

Nostalgia Trap

How does the way we live reflect all the traps of American ideology? This week, one of our favorites, writer and activist Yasmin Nair,  joins us for a wide-ranging conversation on the historical, social, and economic dimensions of U.S. housing policy. From current debates around gentrification and rent strikes to the romanticized image of suburban nuclear families in pop culture, we explore how ideas of home ownership are at the core of the national-imperial project.

1hr 31mins

8 Jul 2020

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Deconstructing #MeToo: Yasmin Nair on "Catch and Kill"

Ear to the Pavement

In Episode 15, the second in a series about books related to #MeToo, Allison talks again with Chicago-based writer, academic, and activist Yasmin Nair about "Catch and Kill," Ronan Farrow's 2019 book reconstructing his efforts to report the Harvey Weinstein story. Nair brings her decades of experience at the intellectual intersection of gender and politics to "Catch and Kill," which is at once a chronicle of the Weinstein scandal, a story about journalism itself, and an attempt by Farrow to redraw his own complicated family story. But what kind of a #MeToo narrative does this book weave, and, at the dawn of a new decade, are we standing triumphant in the movement's victories, or in its crumbling ruins?Yasmin Nair: http://yasminnair.com/"Catch and Kill": https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/titles/ronan-farrow/catch-and-kill/9780316486668


12 May 2020

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Nostalgia Trap - Episode 191: Aping Revolution w/ Yasmin Nair

Nostalgia Trap

Yasmin Nair returns to the Trap for a deep dive into the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), a conversation that helps us frame ideas about prison abolition, animal rights, environmentalism, pandemics, and the tactical elements of a grassroots revolution. 

1hr 36mins

23 Apr 2020

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Nostalgia Trap - Episode 186: Bodies and Power w/ Yasmin Nair

Nostalgia Trap

Yasmin Nair is a writer and activist who always says what’s on her mind, and the results are consistently some of the most refreshing and challenging takes on modern American politics and culture. In this conversation, we talk about her most recent work, her outlook on the 2020 Democratic primary, the carceral politics of #MeToo, and why the U.S. left is often so hopelessly lost on issues of sex, race, and class.

1hr 16mins

1 Apr 2020

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Deconstructing #MeToo: Yasmin Nair on "She Said"

Ear to the Pavement

In this episode, the first in a series about books related to #MeToo, we talk with Chicago-based writer, academic, and activist Yasmin Nair about "She Said," the 2019 book by New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. Nair situates "She Said" within the current journalism economy, as well as within the messy politics of #MeToo, and provides trenchant analysis of the book's strengths and shortcomings. Nair also recently talked with Trevor Beaulieu on the Champagne Sharks podcast about the Influencer Industrial Complex: https://soundcloud.com/champagnesharks/cs-245-influencer-industrial-complex-pt-1-feat-yasmin-nair-02042020


16 Feb 2020

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Ep. 151 (Preview): 'Parasite's' Historic Win and Mango Poetry (ft. Yasmin Nair)

Escape From Plan A

Yasmin Nair joins Teen to talk about the trope of navel gazing Asian American essay. We find it all the time these days in places like the New York Times -- politically limp-wristed writing about our childhood insecurities, cultural homelessness, all to appeal to white readers to 'understand' us. Some call it Mango Poetry. We also talk A LOT about Jason Momoa for some reason...JOIN THE PATREON!https://www.patreon.com/planamagTWITTER:Teen (@mont_jiang)Yasmin (@NairYasmin) (yasminnair.net)REFERENCED RESOURCES:'Parasite' Won, But Asian Americans Are Still Losing: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/10/opinion/parasite-oscar-best-picture.htmlJason Momoa, Aquaman, and the Art of Queer Friendship: http://www.yasminnair.net/content/jason-momoa-aquaman-and-queer-art-friendshipSUBMISSIONS & COMMENTS:editor.planamag@gmail.comEFPA Opening Theme:"Fuck Out My Face" by Ayekay(open.spotify.com/artist/16zQKaDN5XgHAhfOJHTigJ)


14 Feb 2020