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Binge Eating with Dietician Lyndi Cohen

The You4ia Health Podcast

Welcome to episode 83 of The You4ia Health Podcast with special guest nutritionist and dietician Lyndi Cohen. I was extremely humbled to have Lyndi this week as she is an idol of mine and an absolute icon in the whole food, practical nutrition space.  Lyndi makes it her life’s work to help people understand the psychology behind binge eating and subsequent eating disorders. She aims to stamp out diet culture and sheds light on just how detrimental this diet culture can be. She aims to reduce the rules we associate with food and bring it back to basics, eat whole foods majority of the time and move your body in ways that you enjoy. She truly is preaching sustainability and helping people understand the true meaning of nourishing your body from the inside out. Lyndi focuses less on your physical appearance and more on your relationship with food, an area which I believe is so important If this episode was triggering in anyway, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lyndi or myself or utilise the following resources.   Butterfly foundation https://butterfly.org.au Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636 https://www.beyondblue.org.au Lifeline – 13 11 14  https://www.lifeline.org.au Want to support the show? The single best thing that you can do to support the show is to subscribe and leave a review on the Apple Podcast app. It only takes a few seconds and it is greatly appreciated by me (Matt). Happy listening friends. 

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3 Mar 2021

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10. Lyndi Cohen: Eating Intuitively, Body Image + more!!

A Change of Perspective

In today’s episode I have a very special guest: Lyndi Cohen. Lyndi Cohen is the resident nutritionist on Channel 9's The Today Show in Australia, a Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Ambassador and an accredited, practicing dietitian and nutritionist. As one of Australia's most popular nutritionists and dietitians, Lyndi knows first-hand how confusing nutrition can be and she is a refreshing light in the dark world of body image and social media perfection. Checkout my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skaftebites/?hl=en My Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@skaftebites?lang=en Lyndis Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nude_nutritionist/?hl=en


17 Feb 2021

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Lyndi Cohen: Body image and body neutrality + why detox products are a red flag

Real Health Podcast

This is an interview episode with Lyndi Cohen, also known by her Instagram handle Nude Nutritionist. Lyndi is a Dietitian, TV Nutritionist, Author and hater of diets, photoshop + BS. Lyndi helps others get healthy without becoming obsessed or spending millions on weird superfoods. In this interview Lyndi chats about why we don’t need detox products, body image and the concept of becoming body neutral, our cultures obsession with the thin ideal and photoshop and her advice to those starting out within the health and wellness industry. I so loved chatting with Lyndi as I look up to her as such a positive role model within the nutrition space, enjoy! Lyndi's links:  https://www.instagram.com/nude_nutritionist/ https://www.lyndicohen.com/ Real Health instagram: realhealthpodcast Ebony's instagram: ebonymayhealth My YouTube: UC7TqQchNocuEp_ZVlbp0gUQ


19 Nov 2020

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Lyndi Cohen | Dietitian, TV Nutritionist & Author


Lyndi Cohen is a dietitian, author of best-selling book The Nude Nutritionist and a regular on Channel 9's TODAY show. If you follow Lyndi on Instagram @nude_nutritionist, you would know that healthy eating hasn’t always been easy for her. Lyndi started dieting at the age of 11 and spent a decade of her life obsessed with food before realising that it wasn’t worth giving up 95% of her life to weigh 5% less. Now, Lyndi helps clients break the ‘start a new diet every Monday’ trap via her Back to Basics App and Keep It Real Program which has helped thousands learn to stop binge eating and feel normal around food.In this chat, Lyndi and I discuss the early days of her career and what led her to go online with her first program, Keep it Real. We chat about the development of her online programs, what it’s really like running an online business and whether working in the media is as glamorous (or pays as much) as we all think. A huge thank you to today's sponsor, Seastraws - the home of Australia’s strongest reusable glass straws. Get 10% off your online order at www.seastraws.com.au by using the code 'RACHEL' at checkout.NakedChats is run by Rachel Hawkins (that's me!) and thrives on the support of her incredible listeners (that's you!). If you'd like to support the show and hear more deliciously addictive episodes, hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts or 'follow' on Spotify. If you're feeling super generous you can leave a rating and review too.Loved today's episode? Please take a screenshot and share this on your socials to help spread the love...oh, and don't forget to tag me @rachelhawkinsco too!Craving more? You're only human!Website: rachelhawkins.coInstagram: @rachelhawkinscoFacebook: @rachelhawkinscoPinterest: @rachelhawkinscoYouTube: Rachel Hawkins


9 Aug 2020

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Ep. 4 How to Stop Emotional/Binge Eating and Learn to Accept your Body with Lyndi Cohen

Conscious Collective Podcast

This episode is all about how to break free from emotional and binge eating which really hit close to home for me. I kept my emotional eating and binge eating a secret for years and it wasn’t until I almost got caught that I realised I needed help. In this episode, Lyndi and I look back on how far we have come from our days of binge eating and share some of the most challenging moments from our journeys, as well as the tools that helped us get through it. Lyndi Cohen is a dietitian and best-selling author of The Nude Nutritionist book. She is a regular on Australian breakfast TV and also shares recipes and nutrition tips via her Instagram @nude_nutritionist, on YouTube and Facebook. She is also the founder of the Keep It Real Program, which helps you learn to stop binge eating. As well as the Back to Basics program, which is perfect for anyone who wants to be more consistent and stay motivated with health and fitness. You don’t want to miss: How her struggle with food and her body began at the age of 10. How binging lead her finding out what intuitive eating is 95% of diets DO NOT WORK, Lyndi shares why… I share about my lowest point in my journey with binge eating and my biggest discovery We often don’t realise we are actually dieting, Lyndi shares how we may be dieting without even knowing it How rules around eating can lead to a form of disordered eating Lyndi shares an exercise you can do right now to help you can identify whether or not you Our discussion around emotional eating during COVID and being stuck in quarantine. What steps to take when you realise you are binging/ emotional eating… How the more restrictions and rules we put around food, the more damage we might be making to our relationship with food. How to get yourself out of this emotional/ binge eating cycle - THIS IS KEY! How important it is to accept your body as it is right now… Compassion plays a huge part in healing I share about how pregnancy played a big part in my healing journey… What is ‘Body Respect’ and how can you practise this. PLUS SO much more, you guys are going to LOVE Lyndi and this episode! Book recommendation: Beyond Beautiful: A Practical Guide to Being Happy, Confident, and You in a Looks-Obsessed World. You can find it here. I also highly recommend Lyndi’s very own book, filled with amazing recipes: The Nude Nutritionist: Stop obsessing about food and never diet again. You can find it here. Links and resources: Follow Lyndi on Instagram @nude_nutritionist Website: www.lyndicohen.com/back-to-basics If you're looking for support to stop binge eating, you might want to take the next step to recovery and check out my program Keep It Real. It's a step-by-step guide designed to help you stop binge and end emotional eating. Check out Lyndi’s program https://www.lyndicohen.com/keep-it-real Follow me on Instagram: @heanney For wellness programs I currently offer, check out my website. Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes coming up soon. And, if you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a rating and a review so more people can hear this story.  love love love, Heanney


18 Jun 2020

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Leanne Ward and Lyndi Cohen - Bite size chats

Dietitian Connection Podcast

There’s something very special about connecting with like-minded dietitians and getting to know them a little better on both a personal and professional level. In our very first episode of Bite-sized Chats with Dietitians, we sat down with the equally amazing Lyndi Cohen and Leanne Ward to chat about the impact of COVID-19 in their lives - from their unanticipated silver linings to the unique challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learnt about themselves (and their businesses.


22 May 2020

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EP 017: Peace With Food And Your Body with The Nude Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen

Anxiety Reset Podcast

In this episode, The Nude Nutritionist Lyndi Cohen talks us through how to break the cycle of wanting to "be good" with food, trying to eat perfectly and diet, so that you can finally feel free with food, in your skin and in your mind. You can find more about Lyndi Cohen on Instagram at @nude_nutritionist, or check out www.lyndicohen.com I’m your host Georgie Collinson, Anxiety Mindset Coach, Gut Health Expert & Nutritionist, and this is where I share cutting edge ideas and deep discussions to help you find more freedom, calm and control in your life. The Anxiety Reset Podcast is my platform to discuss the latest research on how gut health, nutrition, hormones and genes influence anxiety, as well as bringing a message of hope to those of you who struggle to manage anxiety in your daily lives. If you'd like to work with me, you can learn more at www.georgiecollinson.com or follow me on Instagram @georgiethenaturopath.

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20 May 2020

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#10 Lyndi Cohen The Nude Nutritionist - Diets, nutrition and feeling good about food & ourselves.

The Fair Food Forager & Friends Show

Lyndi Cohen is an author, dietitian and nutritionist who puts the fun back into food. Her program “Back to Basics” is about recipes, fitness and head space.Lyndi's Instagram is full off simple, tasty recipes, motivating statements and self portraits that go against the insta norm. Diets and self image aren't about quick success and the look of a supermodel, but loving who you are more than what social media feeds tell you. Thats just not real.On her website she says; As the Nude Nutritionist, I'm all about stripping nutrition back to basics. Here's what I believe: Swap cauliflower for carbs and you will lose ~88% of the joy you get from food.Twenty minutes of exercise is better than an hour at the gym that you never do.Don't give up 95% of your life to weigh 5% lessIf hating your body helped you lose weight, you'd have your dream body by now.This is the first time that Lyndi and I have met and its a fun conversation about taking the pressure off yourself and finding that happy medium of doing things better while not beating yourself up. Which is actually the case in most things including sustainability, if you are having fun, you will most likely achieve so much more.Links;https://www.lyndicohen.comhttps://www.instagram.com/nude_nutritionist/https://www.lyndicohen.com/back-to-basics/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvTG0nC65hk7I8tDlt_3vKwhttps://www.facebook.com/Lyndi-Cohen-The-Nude-Nutritionist-178221239024098/On the #fairfoodforagerapp - @nudenutritionistSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/fairfoodforager)

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19 May 2020

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#19 The Inside Scoop Of The Nutrition Industry with Lyndi Cohen (nude_nutritionist)


Does anyone even agree in the Nutrition Industry? Why is there so much mixed messaging? Is everything about weight loss and diets? What is an actual Nutritionist?In this episode we dive into the education specifics to be a Nutritionist, where that line becomes blurred and what a Dietitian is; and can do; by contrast.We explore the regulation, the duty of care and the deeper conversations that impact Becky everyday when it comes to our industry.We're also thrilled to be joined by Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist - Lyndi Cohen, who shares with us her experience studying as a Nutritionist and Dietitian, as well as the impacts that has on the wider industry when HOW we feel about food and ourselves is left out of the education experience.You can connect with Lyndi on her website here and on Instagram here - @nude_nutritionistRemember to join our community here and together let's change the conversation around food.You can also follow us on Instagram - @whatdoieat.thepodcastMonica - @monicafenwicknutritionNadia - @nadiafelschFull show notes on our website.

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20 Oct 2019

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Lyndi Cohen - Being authentic on social media


Welcome to Clickbait, a podcast that takes complicated internet information and condenses it down to easily digestible dialogue for the everyday Aussie.You use online media. But how much do you really know about it?Join our host Sean Szeps and our very special first guest Lyndi Cohen, as we navigate our way through the exciting and often bizarre world of Social and Digital Media.


4 Oct 2019