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Eight Daily Hugs w/ Hannah Rehak + Erin Keif

Man Dog Pod

Dan and Ryan welcome Erin Keif (@erinkeif2) and Hannah Rehak (@inanimatecub) to the show to talk about spreading your ashes, solving other people's problems and which two members of Big Grande hug the most.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mandogpod/message

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5 Aug 2022

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Two Hander (w/ Erin Keif, Sean Coyle, and Waleed Mansour)

Improv is Dead

This week we have the former great Chicago team, now great LA team 'Wet Bus' (Erin Keif, Sean Coyle, and Waleed Mansour) joining us to chat'n'prov about R R R, bulking up at the gym, and Erin's workout routine. Improv starts around 17:00.Erin, Sean, and Waleed host a hilarious improvised podcast called Sitcom D&D where each week they improvise a new sitcom format. Check it out here. You can also catch Sean, Erin, and Waleed doing live shows in LA by following @Wet.bus.LA on Instagram! Performers:Sean Coyle (@aSeanCoyle) Erin Keif (@ErinKeif2)Waleed Mansour (@mrwaleedmansour / @waleed.draws.things)Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)Dan White (@atdanwhite)Support the pod! Join our Patreon for an extended version of this episode, weekly bonus episodes, and additional premium content. www.Patreon.com/improvisdead


26 Jul 2022

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The Wedding Planner w/ Erin Keif

Hindsight Is 2000

Let’s get LOUD!! In today’s episode, Riley and Abby sit down with comedian Erin Keif to discuss the J. Lo classic, The Wedding Planner. They dig into what makes 2000s romcoms awful and spectacular, such as Matthew McConaughey’s charming gaslighting, Judy Greer’s always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride-career, and, for better or for worse (probably worse) J. Lo’s influence on our generation’s romantic relationships. There’s simply no better way to close out Season One!  Follow Erin: IG TW And listen to Erin’s wonderful podcasts Hey Riddle Riddle and Sitcom D&D!  While Abby and Riley take a few months off this summer, drop them suggestions/topics to cover at hindsightis2000@gmail.com


6 Jul 2022

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Phi Kappa Dwelve (w/ Sean Coyle and Erin Keif)

Improv is Dead

We're back again with two of our favorite lovers Erin Keif and Sean Coyle! We chat'n'prov about their new project Sitcom D&D, lovers quarrels, top tier negotiating, and why it's important to get your anal signature checked. Erin and Sean are part of a new Podcast dropping on Headgum today called Sitcom D&D! Check it out here! It stars Erin Keif, Waleed Mansour, Elizabeth Andrews, Sean Coyle, and Ben Briggs.You can also read all about Sean's new comic Skyless and get updates about future issues here!Always be listening to Erin Keif alongside JPC and Adal on Hey Riddle Riddle here!Order some of the coffee from Recluse Roasting Project Tim talks about here!Performers:Sean Coyle (@seancoyle)Erin Keif (@erinkeif2)Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)Dan White (@atdanwhite)Support the Pod! Join our Patreon for an extended version of this episode, weekly bonus episodes, and additional premium content. www.Patreon.com/improvisdead

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15 Feb 2022

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Erin Keif

The JV Club with Janet Varney

Why not treat yourself to the human joy that is Hey Riddle Riddle’s Erin Keif? If you don’t yet know this hilarious, kind, incredibly talented improviser and actor, you should! Find out about her teenventures, her dear friend Wizzie, and her brand-new podcast. Plus! You’ll have the chance to ask yourself… what would be in YOUR library of magical objects?

1hr 22mins

3 Feb 2022

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63: Just One Sip Of Resurrection with Piper Shawl (Erin Keif)

Crews Control

Leo has a new boo and remembers his sliming days, Dorsch plays the love man and prepares some appetizers, and Grant tries to be famous and knows a thing or two about Survivor. Everyone's favorite forgotten child star Piper Shawl (Erin Keif) drops by the crews nest this week to talk about her return to the spotlight, the friendly rivalry between banana salesmen Jordan Peel and Keegan Michaels, and what it was like studying under improv guru Del Open. Questions, comments, or literally anything at all? You can reach the crew at Crewscontrolpodcast@gmail.comWe're mostly on Instagram @crewscontrolpodcastFind us on slightly on Twitter @PodCrewsControlCheck out our woefully undermanaged TikTok @crewscontrolpodcastIf you like the show, help us grow! Rate, review, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Dorsch will bake you an authentic Moosekrainian cake!You can find Erin Keif on Instagram @erinkeif10Cover art by Dave BenderTheme composed by Steve Sarro(We can't promise that Dorsch won't eat your authentic Moosekrainian cake)


7 Oct 2021

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Trash Raccoon Meet Cute with Erin Keif


Karen Kitchens (Erin Keif, Hey Riddle Riddle podcast) is a matchmaker who isn't afraid to dig through the trash.Erin Keif: @erinkeif10--SHOW INFORMATION Support Us on Patreon & join our Discord Mega HQInstagram: @MegaThePodcastTwitter: @MegaThePodcastFollow Holly and Greg Holly Laurent: Twitter | Instagram Greg Hess: Twitter | InstagramMusic by Julie B. Nichols Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Oct 2021

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The Riddled Remnant (with special guests Adal Rifai, Erin Keif, and John Patrick Coan)

Rude Tales of Magic

One second you're ambling along the Switchblade foothills, and then BOOM you're accosted by the traumatized diaspora of the festival you indirectly marooned in the desert (played by the hosts of good and beloved podcast Hey Riddle Riddle), and then juuuust when you're getting used to that BOOM a greater danger appears with heretofore unseen powers and malice. You just can't win these days! Unless, no, I shouldn't say it, it's too crazy. I just can't help but think, perhaps if you banded together with the nah, dont worry about it. What do I know, anyway? I'm just someone who cares! lol, this is a "fun one." Magnetize!Ya GOTTA hit up Hey Riddle Riddle, the fantastic podcast hosted by our special guests Adal Rifai, Erin Keif, and John Patrick Coan: Fancy, Champagne, and Thunk, respectively. We love you. Also, our deal with INKED GAMING has returned, just go to inkedgaming.com/rudetales and use code RUDETALES for 10% off. Subscribe to and support our new  podcast Oh These Those Stars of Space! Ohthesethosestarsofspace.comOur Patreon is seriously the best there is, and it's about to get even better. Soon, we'll post the infamous LOST EPISODE, then it's over for you bozos. If you're already a subscriber, thank you. If not, well, we'd love to have you. There is SO MUCH good stuff just sitting there waiting for you. Join us HERE.Check out our store at rudetalesofmagic.com for HOT HOT deals on sweet sweet shirts, live show  recordings, and more! We got tank tops for your post-covid summer! We thought of everything, if everything is shirts!And follow us on twitter for goodness sake, it's fun! And it's probably the best way to contact us, all things considered.We're very happy to now publicly thank our exec producers, Sydney and Benjamin Paul. Without your support we'd have an actual bucket for a hat, instead of these very nice bucket hats. Thank you.This episode features additional sound design by Michaël Ghelfi. Michaël creates brilliantly crafted soundscapes and ambient tracks for all sort of productions and they make perfect accompaniment to your ttrpg home games. Find his work on YouTube, and support that good stuff on Patreon. 

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24 Sep 2021

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Erin Keif Crushes On The Cast Of Newsies

Crushes! with Deanna Ortiz

Erin Keif joins Deanna in the Crushes studio after a fatefully meeting in the back of a bar. Erin and Deanna crush on English men and Erin shares how she KNOWS a crush will be hot in the future. Sometimes you just know. Erin throws it way back with sharing her crushes on tumblr and also crushing on a group of men. Teamwork is very crushable!Listen today. Follow Erin @erinkeif10 @heyriddleriddleFollow Deanna @deannaortiz_ @crushespodcastLEAVE CRUSHES A 5 STAR REVIEW FOR ONE FREE KISS <3 <3 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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27 Aug 2021

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eHemorrhoid (w/ Erin Keif and Sean Coyle)

Improv is Dead

Erin Keif and Sean Coyle are back! We chat 'n 'prov about their recent move to Los Angeles, Erin's upsetting wig collection, and auditioning for SNL. Sean recently launched a Kickstarter for a new comic he's created called Skyless. Check out more info here. You can also hear Erin Keif co-host her weekly podcast Hey Riddle Riddle every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts! Improv Begins AroundPerformers:Erin Keif (@ErinKeif2)Sean Coyle (@aSeanCoyle) Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)Dan White (@atdanwhite)Support the pod! Join our Patreon at www.Patreon.com/improvisdeadIf you like the show, please join our Patreon! A small monthly donation helps us produce the show and pay our guests. Plus Patreon members get weekly bonus episodes, deleted scenes, access to our discord, and more!

1hr 4mins

10 Aug 2021