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The One Things All Kids Need from Their Mom | Becky Hammond


Becky Hammond is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and the Founder | Growth and Success Maven of Isogostrong.com. She has worked with Fortune 100 companies and traveled the world.  Her passion, however, is her family and coaching Mom's recognize their strengths so they can uncover the treasure of who they are.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


28 Jul 2020

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CoachTalkTV Quick Takes | Meet Becky Hammond.


Coach Becky Hammond is the Co-Facilitator of the Leaders who Give a Damn program. If you are a leader who has hit a wall in the middle of this crisis, join us to learn what has helped other leaders gain more energy and continue to inspire their teams. You can learn more about Becky and her program at www.LeadersWhoGiveADamn.com/freetraining This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


5 May 2020

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Episode 44 - Heading into the Roaring 20s | Becky Hammond

inspired energy

In this episode I chat with Becky Hammond, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next. Becky Hammond is an over-achieving Mompreneur, who is dedicated to making relationships easier. We speak about the importance of community, of how to integrate the low times into our story, and savouring what you have right now. Key episode highlights include: We need to embrace all elements - the ups and the downs - to create our full story Intent counts for more than technique When starting a new business, just set sail of your ship and adjust as you go. It doesn’t have to be epic from the start. Key lessons/achievements from the last decade: Started Isogo Strong in 2013 and learned how to get vulnerable in front of the camera Grew family from 2 to 7 Imposter syndrome can be healthy, keeps your ego in check There is meaning and purpose in every life event - when it goes as planned and when it does not Always celebrate what you currently have If you don’t acknowledge the darker moments, your story is incomplete. What Becky predicts the next decade will hold: As people become less and less connected, we need to create a movement to be together, so there will be a strong focus on having and building community, wherever you are. Personal goals for the next decade: Becky wants to create meaningful communities within the family unit, fostering strengths-focused families that thrive. Helping leaders grow, through virtual and live events. In her personal family life, it’s about fostering the community at home as they move around the world together, looking for each others strengths and brilliance. Staying focused on savouring the moments - through the next decade two of Becky's five children will be entering adulthood. Becky’s final message: All is grace - live your own story. The peaks and the valleys are all part of our story and they help us to grow if we allow them to. To find out more about Becky, head to Isogo Strong or connect with her on Instagram. #podcast #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #cliftonstrengths #strengths #health #ruok #mindset #roaring20s #planning #goals #futurist #digital #parenting


30 Jan 2020

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015 - Murray Guest and Becky Hammond - Leaders Who Give a Damn

Lead Like You Give a Damn

Sometimes you meet someone who you know you'll have an instant connection with. Murray Guest and Becky Hammond are two such people. Initially curious after seeing their leadership program of a very similar name to this podcast, I reached out to see if they'd like to be on the show. Their heart for authentic and purposeful leadership shines through all they do, and they're a lot of fun to boot. Listen in as we talk about how to become a leader who gives a damn.


26 Sep 2019

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Episode 29 - Leaders who give a damn - Creating safe spaces (Leadership Conversations with Becky Hammond)

inspired energy

In the final part of the Leaders Who Give a Damn podcast series, we delve into the role of leaders creating a culture where people feel safe. Over this series, I partnered with Becky from Isogo Strong and if you know her at all, you know that she is a maven in the Strengths world. Becky partners with organisations across the USA to build cultures where people are more engaged and thrive. Becky also inspires couples and mums to look at life differently through a lens of strengths, focussing on what’s right and getting more flow back into their lives. Together, we get to chat about some aspects of leadership that are perhaps LEAST talked about yet have the opportunity to be MOST impactful in your role as leader. Whether you are in that role as a leader now or it is in your future, this series is for you. In this episode we discuss how creating safe spaces is all about trust – and freedom. The freedom to fail, to make mistakes, to have tough conversations and resolve conflict, and the freedom to talk about how you feel and not be judged by your leader or your peers. The greatest success with implementing this is everyone knowing the difference between freedom and expectation. We also discuss examples of spaces that are not safe and the further impact this had on the team and even the customers – it’s a long game that has far reaching effect. Other key takeaways from this episode include: The steps leaders need to take to start creating safe spaces – hint, it starts with how you show up! How we build a culture of trust and meeting the four needs of our followers. How to create an environment where there’s a collaborative and ongoing conversation. So, catch this conversation about Leaders Who Give a Damn on your favourite podcast app. Don't forget to also check out the other leadership conversations in this four-part series. Check out www.leaderswhogiveadamn.com to download your free infographic of 90 tips to be a Leader Who Gives A Damn. Also check out the quiz to find out if you're a leader who gives a damn! #podcast #strengths #cliftonstrengths #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #leaderswhogiveadamn #lwgad #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #health #ruok


9 Sep 2019

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Episode 27 - Leaders who give a damn - How you show up (Leadership Conversations with Becky Hammond)

inspired energy

In Part 2 of the Leaders Who Give a Damn podcast series, we delve into the importance in how you show up, how relationships are so interconnected and affect each other. We discuss just how much your personal relationships impact the relationships you have at work, and why we also mustn't forget our relationship with ourselves AND our own health as well.  Are you picking up and taking action on early health signs, just as you would take action on metrics not being delivered on at work? We also jump into planning and preparation, including how your physical environment looks (inbox, desk space, etc), so you can continue to show up and give your best to your team, your family and your self, and why there is an important emphasis on a solid and inspiring morning routine to get your mind into work mode - including being purposeful about your journey to work and how you spend it. Key highlights include: Whether you like it or not, as a leader, you’re on show. You influence others whether you like it or not. It becomes a ’trickle-down’ culture. Why it’s super important to prepare and plan for the next day or next week, reflecting on what has gone well and what the new focus is. As a leader, showing up for your team is directly affected by your relationships outside of the work environment, how you treat your health, the status of your environment and how you show up for meetings. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this 4 part series, where we focus on being a better leader through doing less. Check out www.leaderswhogiveadamn.com to download your free infographic of 90 tips to be a Leader Who Gives A Damn. Also check out the quiz to find out if you're a leader who gives a damn! #podcast #strengths #cliftonstrengths #leadership #selfleadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #leaderswhogiveadamn #lwgad #professionaldevelopment #personaldevelopment


25 Aug 2019

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Episode 23 - Becky Hammond (Strengths Maven - Isogo Strong)

inspired energy

Becky Hammond is the founder of Isogo Strong and lives and breathes her company’s mission of “fueling life-changing stories through the power of YOUR unique and brilliant Strengths” - not just in the workplace but with parenting too. We talk collaboration, especially in the context of trust and fairness, and dive deep into utilising the Strengths perspective when it comes to more productive parenting. The concept of generating emotional templates is also discussed - where a person develops an emotional reference to what happens in a situation, and applies that to future events - and how we can fascinate positive emotional templates. Becky’s top 5 Strengths are Achiever, Arranger, Learner, Belief and Connectedness. Key highlights include: Why 1:1 time is so important, not just with our children but also with members of the tribe we lead in the workplace. It becomes a safe place for conversations to happen - including the hard ones The importance of creating a culture where it’s safe for someone to put their hand up and say 'I made a mistake’ Becky’s best advice for new leaders: know yourself, have good self-awareness, get a coach (or someone to keep you accountable) and be vulnerable. You can connect with Becky on Instagram @isogostrong, on her Isogo TV channel, and over on her website. Plus: curious to know about your own strengths? Take the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment here. #podcast #strengths #cliftonstrengths #gallup #leadership #culture #teamwork #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspiredenergy #coaching #coach #business #leadership #parenting


6 Aug 2019

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EPISODE 519: Becky Hammond Is the Next Lakers Coach

Dirty Sports

Joe is joined by Tug Coker, filling in for Andy Ruther. They open the show discussing NHL playoffs. Next they recap NBA Playoffs with some hot fire analysis. Finally they finish the episode discussing the Lakers coaching situation and Ruther's Cincinnati Marathon.www.patreon.com/dirtysportsSeat Geek - Promo Code "Dirty"Subscribe on YouTube - www.youtube.com/DirtySportsFollow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedirtysports/Follow us on Twitter - twitter.com/thedirtysportsLike us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/dirtysportsFollow Andy Ruther on IG - www.instagram.com/AndyRuther/Follow Joe Praino on IG - www.instagram.com/JoePraino/

1hr 42mins

10 May 2019

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NBA Conf. Finals Recap / Golden Knights / Becky Hammond

Outta Bounds

In the 47th episode of Outta Bounds - Mark and Doda take a deep dive into the NBA Conference Finals. Doda sticks with his picks while trying to sway Mark over to the "good side."What's with all the blowouts in the playoffs, anyways? Doda thinks it's a joke that the Las Vegas Golden Knights are in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Have they really earned the title "Hockeytown?" Should that be a Detroit-only nickname? Becky Hammond's name is floating around for head coaching vacancies in the NBA. Is there room for a female in a male-dominated sports spectrum? Should the Pistons hire her


21 May 2018

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Becky Hammond | Stretch Your Strengths TA040


Becky’s Bio: As acclaimed by Fortune 500 and internationally based health, wellness, and tech organizations, and as frequently highlighted by the GALLUP Organization, Becky Hammond is your Maven in creating training and coaching experiences to help individuals and teams Grow & Succeed. She enjoys writing, team building, creating awesome resources, those big ah-ha moments, and […]


4 Oct 2015