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Productivity & Time Management For High Achievers With Mridu Parikh

The Maximum Lawyer Podcast

Ready to get control of your demands and distractions? Then you need to meet today’s guest, Mridu Parikh.The founder of Life Is Organized, Mridu is a time management guru passionate about teaching business owners how to focus, get out of the weeds, and take back control of their day. Her best-selling book, Accomplish It, and Productivity On Purpose podcast share simple strategies to ditch mental drama – from procrastination to perfectionism. Mridu's teachings on mastering tasks and habits have been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, US News & World Report, and Real Simple.When she’s not wrangling a list or schedule, you can usually find this former professional organizer turned productivity pro with her two teens and one husband in Nashville enjoying a Malbec2:24 How Mridu started productivity and time management 4:25 When you are ready to go for the week and you’re feeling super motivated but get hit with a problem in the office first thing Monday morning — What do you do?! 6:05 How do you move into a more mindful morning routine? 7:20 How much of the “ideal” morning routine is total nonsense? 11:11 The top productivity tip to change someone from a super procrastinator to someone very efficient is … 14:56 All about people being control freaks! And tips for letting go of the perfectionism 17:15 Recommended productivity tools to help other people!  19:07 Tips for the end of the day work routine23:23 Managing the things that are out of your control and frustrating because it throws everything off Jim’s Hack: Set Loom at 1.7X for listening speed.Mridu’s Tip: “What will make me feel most successful when my head hits the pillow tonight?” ask yourself this question everyday. And use a Timecube like this one: https://amzn.to/3RD44pd to help you stay focused. Tyson’s Tip: Have an agenda for each meeting you have in the calendar invite. 🎥 Watch the full video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/uqomzUDiam4Connect with Mridu:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLinkedInResources:Join the Guild MembershipMeet us in San Diego! The final quarterly mastermind of 2022 still has tickets available! Become a member to purchase your ticket.Subscribe to the Maximum Lawyer Youtube ChannelFollow us on InstagramJoin the Facebook GroupFollow the Facebook PageFollow us on LinkedIn


7 Feb 2023

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Stop Wasting Time with Mridu Parikh


LifeBlood: We talked about how to stop wasting time, making the shift away from feeling like a failure to feeling like a success, wasting time versus planning for downtime, and how to give yourself permission to relax, with Mridu Parikh, Founder and Productivity Coach with Life is Organized.   Listen to learn why planning is key in getting things done! You can learn more about Mridu at LifeIsOrganized.com, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Thanks, as always for listening! If you got some value and enjoyed the show, please leave us a review here: ​​https://ratethispodcast.com/lifebloodpodcast You can learn more about us at LifeBlood.Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook or you’d like to be a guest on the show, contact us at contact@LifeBlood.Live.  Stay up to date by getting our monthly updates. Want to say “Thanks!” You can buy us a cup of coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/lifeblood


8 Jul 2022

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#260: The 5-Step Productivity Must-Do’s to Get More Out of Your Business (Minus the Burnout!) with Mridu Parikh

Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast

Life is life. It's not just work. Mridu Parikh is a productivity coach, best-selling author of Accomplish It, founder of Life is Organized, and host of the Productivity on Purpose Podcast. In today's episode, Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast, sits down with Mridu to exchange a myriad of best practices on how to live a happier life by maintaining a steady work-life balance. We encourage you to ready your notepads because this episode is filled with timeless, life-changing insights you would want to remember! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS With her career taking a toll on her work-life balance, Mridu begins her journey of time management and productivity, and created a business revolving around helping people "have a real life." The best measurement for productivity is how you feel at the end of the day. Productivity doesn't depend on how much you accomplish but on the significance of what you accomplish. A common struggle is we focus too much on clearing our to-do lists and too little on "what's going to make me feel successful." A common misconception for business owners is they think "success" equals "doing more." Focus more on planning, and you're gonna have less and better doing. Mridu elaborates on her 5 Umbrella Process which she runs her clients through Realize your goals and focus. What is truly important? Make adjustments to your calendar to fit your vision. What would your ideal week look like? Create a system. Everything can be systematized better, be it your personal life or professional life alike. You can never over-systematize. Get a team to delegate tasks off your plate. Boundaries and communication. Saying no is uncomfortable, but there's a way to ease that burden. Mridu provides several real-life examples of how to say no without sounding too dismissive and maintain client relationships. Setting your schedule is helpful not only for us but also for our clients. If you're delegating, you should expect 80% of what you would be able to do. It's important to look at projects and recognize which ones you can delegate. Training takes time, but not delegating it wastes more time. The best project management tool is the one you're going to use. If you're comfortable with Google Docs and it works for you, then use that for now. Think of different themes for your days to create consistency (e.g. Wednesdays are Podcast Days. Fridays are Admin and Finance Days, etc.) When bombarded by a multitude of tasks, focus on 5 things – ideally 3 Professional and 2 Personal Agendas Mridu recommends the book "Atomic Habits" by James Clear 3 KEY POINTS Productivity is a state of emotion. When overwhelmed by tasks, take things one step at a time. Life is not just work. That's why it's called "work-life balance." TWEETABLE QUOTES “Life is life. It's not just work.” – Mridu Parikh “When overwhelmed by countless responsibilities, start with, ‘What are the top 5 things I can accomplish that will make me feel awesome when my head hits the pillow tonight?’” – Mridu Parikh CONNECT WITH JASON DUPRAT LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube Email: support@jasonduprat.com RESOURCES Want to become a Ketamine Therapy provider? Enroll NOW in The Ketamine Academy course: https://www.ketamineprofessionals.com/podcast Join our giveaway and win a free strategy session with Jason Duprat! All you have to do is leave a review for the podcast on Apple Podcasts, take a screenshot, and upload it here on our form! Winners will be announced soon. Have a healthcare business question? Want to request a podcast topic? Text me at 407-972-0084 and I’ll add you to my contacts. Occasionally, I’ll share important announcements and answer your questions as well. I’m excited to connect with you! Do you enjoy our podcast? Leave a rating and review: https://lovethepodcast.com/hea Don’t want to miss an episode? Subscribe and follow: https://followthepodcast.com/hea ABOUT THE GUEST Mridu Parikh helps ambitious entrepreneurs feel in control of their time, energy, and habits, even when they are overwhelmed by demands and distractions. As a productivity coach, speaker, podcaster, and best-selling author of Accomplish It, she will teach you how to focus, overcome procrastination, and squash anxiety. A mom of two and wife of one, Mridu enjoys all things milk chocolate and red wine. Get Mridu’s free resources on her website, Life Is Organized. CONNECT WITH THE GUEST Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook Coaching: https://lifeisorganized.com/coaching/ Podcast: https://lifeisorganized.com/podcast/ #HealthcareEntrepreneurAcademy #healthcare #HealthcareBoss #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #podcast #businessgrowth #teamgrowth #digitalbusiness


23 Jun 2022

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433 Expert Tips and Strategies for Productivity with Mridu Parikh

The Fitness Business Podcast

Have you ever wished your day was much more productive? Do you feel you have a few bad habits that have prevented you from checking off more items off your "to-do" list? The Stress Squasher is here today to help you optimize your time and make the most of your day!


17 May 2022

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Mridu Parikh- Productivity Coach- Attention Episode 2/3

Your Day Off @Hairdustry; A Podcast about the Hair Industry!

@hairdustry present Your Day Off podcast- Do you ever wish you could be more productive? Have a productivity plan?  This episode is part 2 of our 3 part productivity series. Intention,Attention,Retention This video podcast is available on your @spotify app @spotifypodcast Mridu Parikh is a productivity coach AKA "The Stress Squasher" she helps women grow their businesses, stop drowning, and start controlling all their demands and distractions.  You will be better organized and more capable of getting SH%# done. #fallinlovewiththehairindustry  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hairdustry/support


14 Apr 2022

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Mridu Parikh- Productivity Coach- Intention Episode 1/3

Your Day Off @Hairdustry; A Podcast about the Hair Industry!

@hairdustry present Your Day Off podcast- Do you ever wish you could be more productive? Have a productivity plan?  For the next three weeks, we are releasing a 3 part productivity series. Intention, Attention, Retention this video podcast is available on your @spotify app @spotifypodcast Mridu Parikh is a productivity coach AKA "The Stress Squasher" she helps women grow their businesses, stop drowning, and start controlling all their demands and distractions.  You will be better organized and more capable of getting SH%# done. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hairdustry/support


7 Apr 2022

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Must Do Productivity Tips for Work-At-Home Moms with Mridu Parikh

The Cycle Advantage

It’s easy to think multitasking is the only option we have to be able to accomplish more--for family and personal success. Amidst the distractions and growing demands of people around you, how can you stay focused and get things done effectively? How can you be more productive? Is multitasking really beneficial? And in what way does it cross the line? Join me and Mridu Parikh in today's episode as we dig in these amazing hacks to help you boost your productivity while working at home. In this episode, you will learn these valuable insights: What you might not realize about how your home space is impacting your productivity Why the way you manage your house is actually impacting your business How to start the day with a positive vibe and invite success throughout  How distractions are really affecting your body, eventually affecting your focus Gain the key to increasing focus and creating more time The truth about how multitasking is impacting your body and mind  Practical tips you can implement today to stay focused and productive The key to communicating your boundaries to others so they respect them Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss out! And let’s build a community of rising moms by sharing it with a friend too! Head over to www.thecycleadvantage.com to tune into the whole episode!


29 Mar 2022

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759: Mridu Parikh - Overcoming Overwhelm

The Self-Employed Life

Overwhelm can paralyze and keep us from getting even the most simple projects completed. As busy entrepreneurs, we need to have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to ensure we stay on track and don’t let overwhelm stop our progress. Mridu Parikh is known as the stress stopper. She is the founder and owner of Life is Organized. She is a productivity speaker and coach obsessed with focusing on what matters most and keeping stress and overwhelm at bay.  Mridu is the author of Accomplish It: 7 Simple Actions To Get the Right Things Done and Achieve Your Goals, a book about uncomplicating life by taking control of our time. It consists of seven simple actions that can help us stop overwhelm, stay motivated, and feel accomplished. She is also the host of the Productivity On Purpose Podcast. We have a conversation about some of the pitfalls of overwhelm and how simple proven strategies can help us in all areas of our lives. We talk about clearing your desk, turning off notifications, calendar blocking, and the Pomodoro technique. Mridu starts her day with power hours, where she schedules that critical task for the first hour of the day. This can be for business or personal, like writing for an hour each day. We talk about knowing your priorities and how small things like taking 5-10 minutes to plan your next day can significantly impact you. It’s essential to write things down to free your brain for creativity and learn to say “no, not now” graciously. We go over batching, systems, and more clever time-saving actions.  And be sure to subscribe to The Self-Employed Life in Apple podcasts or follow us on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts so you don’t miss an episode. Everything you need can all be found at jeffreyshaw.com Mridu Parikh thank you so much for being here! Remember, you might be in business FOR yourself but you are not in business BY yourself.  Be your best self. Be proud and keep changing the world. Guest Contact – Life is Organized Free Training Productivity On Purpose Podcast Accomplish It: 7 Simple Actions To Get the Right Things Done and Achieve Your Goals Mridu Parikh LinkedIn Life is Organized Instagram Mridu Parikh YouTube Mridu Parikh Twitter Contact Jeffrey – Website Coaching support My book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible is now available! Watch my TEDx LincolnSquare video and please share! Valuable complimentary resources to help you- The Self-Employed Business Institute- You know you're really good at what you do. You're talented, you have a skill set. The problem is you're probably in a field where there is no business education. This is common amongst self-employed people! And, there's no business education out there for us! You also know that being self-employed is unique and you need better strategies, coaching, support, and accountability. The Self-Employed Business Institute, a five-month online education is exactly what you need. Check it out! Take The Self-Employed Assessment! Ever feel like you're all over the place? Or frustrated it seems like you have everything you need for your business success but it's somehow not coming together? Take this short quiz to discover the biggest hidden gap that’s keeping you from having a thriving Self-Employed Ecosystem. You’ll find out what part of your business needs attention and you'll also get a few laser-focused insights to help you start closing that gap. Have Your Website Brand Message Reviewed! Is your website speaking the right LINGO of your ideal customers? Having reviewed hundreds of websites, I can tell you 98% of websites are not. Fill out the simple LINGO Review application and I'll take a look at your website. I'll email you a few suggestions to improve your brand message to attract more of your ideal customers. Fill out the application today and let's get your business speaking the right LINGO! Host Jeffrey Shaw is a Small Business Consultant, Brand Management Consultant, Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker and author of LINGO and The Self Employed Life (May 2021). Supporting self-employed business owners with business and personal development strategies they need to create sustainable success.


23 Feb 2022

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Planning for Success with Mridu Parikh

The Driven Woman Entrepreneur

Far too many female entrepreneurs fail to reach their goals because they don’t plan for success.  They think that passion, energy, and creativity are enough and may reject the idea of planning as unnecessary, irrelevant, or just too painful.  I used to be one of them and gave myself every possible excuse for why I couldn’t plan when I was actually afraid I wouldn’t follow through. Today’s guest, Mridu Parikh, a former professional organizer turned productivity coach, author, podcaster and speaker is obsessed with planning and believes that not only does planning create freedom, but that we will never reach our most important goals without a plan. Mridu specializes in helping overwhelmed mompreneurs prioritize and systemize so they take control of their demands and distractions – at home and at work.Here are a couple of the highlights you are going to hear:Mridu says most women treat their brain like a warehouse, but we should think of it as a factory instead How to stay focused on your most important goal by anchoring to it every day with this simple technique Clarity comes from action, not thinking  Want to connect with our guest, Mridu Parikh?Site:  https://lifeisorganized.comPodcast: https://lifeisorganized.com/podcast/IG: https://www.instagram.com/lifeisorganizedLI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mridu-parikh/Freebies: 21 Killer  hacks To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: http://lifeisorganized.com/resources/Mridu is the founder of Life Is Organized, author of the Amazon bestseller, Accomplish It, and the host of the Productivity on Purpose podcast. When she’s not wrangling a list or schedule, you can usually find her hanging out with her two teens and one husband in Nashville or enjoying a Malbec.Here’s how to connect with Diann: The Driven Woman Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thedrivenwoman/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachdiannwingert/ Are you ready to take things to the next level and work with Diann? If learning and growing as part of a small group is your jam, sign up here to be added to the waitlist for the next round of Diann’s group coaching program, starting fall 2021: Waitlist for Fall 2021 Group Coaching  Before you bounce, don’t forget to leave a review of The Driven Woman Podcast, so I can read it on a future episode!    Apple: https://apple.co/2BZDFzcAndroid: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/the-driven-woman-1194485


5 Oct 2021

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Mridu Parikh and Waking Up With a Plan

Soulful MBA Podcast

This week’s guest quite literally puts the pro in productivity!She’s an official productivity coach, a self-declared recovering perfectionist, and a calendaring enthusiast (more on that later!).Mridu Parikh is the founder of Life Is Organized, an initiative that teaches women in business to “wake up with a plan”. Her mission is to help them fulfill their demands, set clear boundaries, and eliminate distractions — all while being in control of their intention and attention.For anyone looking to exchange their burnout for ease, she’s the woman to turn to.She’s all about using systemization as a tool to achieve the freedom you deserve — while making sure that you’re still getting everything done!However, her journey from being a client services employee in New York to finally finding her calling as a full-time productivity coach was not without its bumps. Like many of us, she experienced burnout, felt dissatisfied with the cards handed to her, and tried several career options before she found the path she was destined for (ALL while raising a family!). In this week’s episode, she takes us through her journey, shares her coaching process, and discusses all things productivity for women.We’ve got a powerhouse episode this week, and here’s what you can expect: Mridu’s 4-step strategy to building a productive life Finding (or customizing) an organization system that works for you How setting necessary boundaries at work can set you free Mridu’s take on Inbox Zero and (not) using your email as a to-do list How calendaring can help register intentionality and give your mind a break Incorporating the productivity ethos into business tools without constantly being on the job The need to role-model rest for your kids as a working woman A classic tip that’ll help you pull through when you’re so stressed that you “just don’t know what to do” Mridu’s insights are so sharp and relatable that you’ll find yourself reaching for your nearest journal to take notes. This episode will leave you feeling energetic, optimistic, and prepared to up your productivity game in a matter of minutes. So settle in, and let the inspiration wash over you!Resources: Mridu’s Website, Life Is Organized Mridu’s Podcast, Productivity On Purpose 21 Killer Hacks To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Evernote This week’s Joy: Mridu’s sweet tooth led her to her current joy - Trader Joe’s Mini Hold the Cone. It’s her “efficient”, quick, and guilt-free night snack and makes for the perfect treat!This week’s Hustle: Mridu is celebrating her 10 year anniversary of using Evernote! It’s the perfect organizational tool and helps her stay on top of everything, from work to her travel plans.  This podcast is brought to you by the Marvelous online teaching platform.Marvelous is an easy-to-use platform that helps you build and sell your own courses memberships and live-streamed programs. Go from idea to open for business in just minutes. Unlike other startups, Marvelous was created by women for women. If you're looking for a simple, streamlined way to build and grow an online business. You can learn more at Marvelous.


21 Sep 2021