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Jon Taffer and The Promise of Authenticity

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What does it mean to be authentic? To be genuine? How does that seep into our jobs? Do we still get nervous talking to players? We welcome Bar Rescue legend Jon Taffer (104:00) back to the show to discuss the new restaurant and golf challenges presented by COVID. How are people coping? How have they adjusted? How important have communication skills been for Jon? We also take several From The Galleries. Long show. You’re welcome.

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24 Jun 2021

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Jon Taffer Shares How to Succeed in a Post-Pandemic Society

The Profit Express

Running a successful eatery is difficult on any normal day. Add in a global pandemic and more than a year of restrictions, and winning the battle for business can seem like an impossible task. My guest today is no stranger to taking care of the hardworking owners of the bar and restaurant industry, even if his advice is often a bit harsh. Download this week’s Profit Express for my exclusive interview with Jon Taffer, a veteran of nearly 40 years in the hospitality industry. Jon is the host of Bar Rescue, whose 8th season premiered last month and just hit 200 episodes. He is here to give you the shot in the arm you need to stop using COVID as an excuse for your business struggles, and to get you to start thinking of the opportunities in front of you. This week’s episode of The Profit Express is brought to you by Corbett Public Relations, Promoting and Protecting Businesses and Brands for over 30 years. This Season on Bar Rescue… During the COVID-19 pandemic, countless bar and restaurant owners lost their businesses. While we often discuss the financial impact of these closures, we don’t spend enough time covering the people left behind. Listen at 3:05 as Jon touches on just how emotional it was to film season 8 of Bar Rescue. This was the first time he got to see firsthand how devastating the economic impact of the pandemic has been. The Importance of Trust Think back to the time before COVID-19. How often did you go to your favorite bar or restaurant, despite knowing it probably wasn’t the cleanest place in town? At 6:25, Jon discusses how that mindset will change in a post-pandemic bar and restaurant industry. Trust has shot to the top of product favor for customers. As business owners, we have to behave differently in order to get our customers to come back. Ditch the COVID Excuse After 200 episodes of Bar Rescue, Jon has seen and heard every excuse in the book from failing business owners. At 10:15, he explains how excuses are the common denominator among every episode. Excuses hold you back from trying to make a real change. Selling Reactions All businesses exist by selling products and services, right? Listen at 15:20 as Jon discusses how this couldn’t be further from the truth. You don’t sell products, you sell reactions. While the future of the bar and restaurant industry is up in the air, Jon is determined to not let technology take away the reactions and experiences that customers have come to love. Seize the Opportunity Jon is a veteran of the bar and restaurant industry. At 22:35, he explains why this moment is the biggest opportunity he has ever seen for those in the industry. The opportunity is there – are you going to seize it, or are you going to continue to make excuses? The post Jon Taffer Shares How to Succeed in a Post-Pandemic Society appeared first on Healy Success Solutions.


16 Jun 2021

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The Alan Cox Show

The Alan Cox Show

2hr 51mins

8 Jun 2021

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124. Jon Taffer to the Rescue

What We're Drinking with Dan Dunn

Dan hunkers down for a no-holds-barred chat with the world's most celebrated salvager of sh#tty saloons, "Bar Rescue" host Jon Taffer. Topics include nightmare bar owners, cellphone addicted servers, the demise of mega-clubs, bar fights and the future of the bar biz. Also, Dan rants about other podcasts that are very popular, yet kinda suck. And he offers reviews of new wine, whiskey and coffee liqueur. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Apr 2021

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Capturing the soul of a brand, with Jon Taffer of Taffer’s Tavern

The Global Franchise Podcast

Urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined the idea of the ‘third place’. This means a social gathering hub and a nexus for human interaction – and it’s also the idea that Jon Taffer has built his emerging brand around: Taffer’s Tavern.  Intended to be much more than just a restaurant, Taffer’s Tavern is touted as the ‘bar of the future’. And with its proprietary Taffer’s Safe Dining System, meticulously crafted interior, and technology-driven back-end, it’s easy to see why multi-unit investors are rushing to sign deals all across the States.  On this episode of The Global Franchise Podcast, we sit down with Jon to truly understand his vision for this revolutionary – and possibly controversial – take on the dine-out concept. How do you reinvent a model that’s been in operation for hundreds of years? Tune in to find out.  To keep your finger on the beating pulse of franchising, sign up to our newsletter at https://www.globalfranchisemagazine.com/, subscribe to our definitive magazine, and join the conversation with our experts today on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Ⓛ https://www.linkedin.com/company/global-franchise/ ⓣ https://twitter.com/globalfranmag ⓕ https://www.facebook.com/globalfranchisemag/ This episode of the Global Franchise Podcast is brought to you by Scenthound, a unique wellness-focused dog grooming concept with exclusive franchise territories available in key U.S. markets. Learn more at http://scenthound.com/. 


23 Apr 2021

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Ep124 - Jon Taffer | Raise the Bar

Talks at Google

Originally recorded in January of 2014, our guest for this episode is Jon Taffer -- widely regarded as one of the greatest authorities in the food and beverage, hotel, and hospitality industries. If there's anyone who can prevent a bar or restaurant from going belly up, it's Jon Taffer. He runs the biggest trade show in the business and has turned around nearly 1,000 bars and at least that many restaurants. As host and co-producer of Paramount Network’s “Bar Rescue”, a documentary-style series, Taffer gives struggling bars one last chance to succeed with a mixture of business acumen and tough love. Now he's offering his no-nonsense strategy for eliciting just the right emotional reactions in customers to everyone. Raise the Bar distills the secrets to running a successful enterprise with Reaction Management, a strategy and philosophy Taffer developed and uses in his business and on Bar Rescue. It works whether you're running a storefront operation or a web-based company, whether you're manufacturing widgets or providing a service. Moderated by Google Chef Paul Cingolani Visit http://g.co/TalksAtGoogle/RaiseTheBar to watch the video.


12 Jan 2021

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American Heroes, with Jon Taffer & Lt Col Dan Rooney

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Golf brings a lot of people together and drives a lot of important things in all of our lives. On today’s show, we’re joined by two special men who’ve both helped a lot of people. First, Jon Taffer (17:16) from Bar Rescue joins us to talk Frankie’s appearance on his show, opening new restaurants during COVID, how golf can improve as a business, and how nervous he was when first storming into bars on television. Next, we’re joined by Lt Col Dan Rooney (65:15), an American hero, an F-16 fighter jet pilot and a PGA professional. We discuss Folds Of Honor, American Dunes (the incredible new golf course project with Jack Nicklaus), and how golf influenced Dan to become a fighter jet pilot!

1hr 35mins

19 Nov 2020

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A Bulletproof Plan for Success: Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue

FULL COMP: The Voice of the Restaurant Industry Revolution

Jon Taffer knows what's up. Though he's made a name for himself as a television personality, Taffer is a stone-cold operator. This guy knows his sh*t. On this episode he presents revolutionary ideas on what the restaurant can do to survive today and what the industry will look like tomorrow.  Click to sign up for our weekly newsletter. Click here to book time on my personal calendar. Click here to download our Restaurant Recovery Guide. Want to streamline your front-of-house operations and increase sales? Head over to http://restaurants.yelp.com/fullcomppodcast to claim your free page and learn more about these powerful tools for your business. HIGHLIGHTS A vision for the kitchen of the future The 3 key functions in a restaurant Safe dining protocols Pricing adjustments Elements of leadership Alternatives to discounts Being honest with yourself Reaction management Enforcing customer masking and safety protocols Resetting America


6 Oct 2020

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Linda Cohn, Jon Taffer

ESPN On Ice with Wyshynski and Kaplan

Emily is finally inside the NHL Bubble in Edmonton, and reflects on seeing her first live hockey in 6 months! ESPN In The Crease Host Linda Cohn joins the show to help us recap the Conference Finals, and look ahead to the Stanley Cup Final Match-up (3:45). Plus, the ‘Puck over the glass’ rule has been called in a few significant moments throughout the playoffs… Will the NHL revisit this infraction (33:20)? TV Personality and Entrepreneur Jon Taffer joined the program to talk about his love of Hockey, and his new NHL show, ‘Pregaming’ (41:42).

1hr 16mins

18 Sep 2020

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Rescuing The Bar Industry with Jon Taffer

Gronk'd UP

Most people know Jon Taffer as a larger-than-life television personality who takes a no-holdsbarred approach to helping hotels, restaurants, bars and businesses reach their full potential. He is also an international celebrity, New York Times best-selling author, highly sought-after hospitality and general business consultant and creator, and is the creator, executive producer and star of Paramount Network’s number-one show, Bar Rescue. Jon Taffer is known for turning around Bars and restaurants and and covid has not slowed him down.  Listen to this week's podcast and learn more about the way Jon Taffer is going to continue to improve the restaurant industry with or without covid 19 in the way.   And of course we talk about how he helped create the NFL Sunday Ticket and how covid has changed the sports world.  Find out more about Jon at https://jontaffer.com/


7 Sep 2020