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Outtakes: Devin Middleton

Performance Revue

In these outtakes from Devin Middleton's episode, we talk about the various reactions of Star wars fans to his set, accountability in the stand-up comedy scene, how the Walt Disney Corporation is destroying public domain, the X-Men comics, and a discussion of queer coding in the Dragonball Z series leads to the foundation of his next project. Timestamps: 01:45 – “How many times have you done this bit?” 01:45 – “How many times have you done this bit?” 03:05 –Recording ‘The Haggard Unicorn’ 03:45 – “What inspired you to do an analysis of the Star Wars movies?” Mentions of Artisan Culture Club, ‘The Wire’, Patton Oswalt 05:51 – “The Sith and Jedi are street gangs” Mentions of Crips, Bloods, The Walt Disney Corporation 07:46 – Star Wars fans Mentions of Stephen Colbert, JRR Tolkien, ‘The Silmarillion’ 08:58 – Lando is *the* Black Person in the Original Trilogy 09:48 – “One person told me that seeing this piece changed the way they thought of doing comedy” 10:16 – “This could be a sketch” 11:15 – “Comedians should have some solidarity” / “We’re used to being burned” Mentions of Bill Cosby, Louie CK, Sexism, “All Lives Matter” 12:56 – Real-Time Accountability in the Comedy Scene 14:51 – The Duality of Stand-Up Comedians 16:05 – The Walt Disney Corporation Has Destroyed Public Domain Mentions of Mickey Mouse, Sherlock Holmes, Death of the Author, The Mandalorian 18:00 – The X-Men Franchise Mentions of Marvel, Fox, Marvel Comics, Public Domain, The Fast and The Furious 19:42 – “If I may make a suggestion… Dragon Ball Z” Mentions of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, ‘The Invisible Man’ by Ralph Ellison, Netflix, Manga 21:38 – Queer Characters in Dragon Ball Z Mentions of Freeza, Buu, 17 22:25 – “Every black character is actually a green character” 23:31 – How Capitalism Abuses Manga Authors Mention of Akira Toriyama [implied], Japan, Netflix 24:45 – James Earl Jones Narrates ‘The Bible’ Mention of Barnes & Noble


27 Jan 2021

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Devin Middleton

Performance Revue

Devin Middleton engages in a socially-distanced interview about his opening set during KJ Whitehead's 'The Haggard Unicorn' album recording in January 2020. Devin summarizes the first nine films in the Star Wars franchise in about nine minutes through a socially-conscious lens. He uses this framework as a way to critique the franchise's white-washing of the pop-culture science fiction landscape, as well as it's clumsy handling of the topic of slavery. Devin is a musician who releases albums under the stage name Debonair Status. His most recent release, 'Black Genderfluid Depression Jamz, Vol. 563' is available now. Time Stamps: 01:10 – Opening Set from KJ Whitehead’s Haggard Unicorn Mentions of Mo Less, Star Wars, The Collaboraction Theatre Company 10:31 – “I moved to Chicago in 2015…” Mentions of Improv, Sketch Comedy, The Sound of Music, ‘My Favorite Things’, Juicy J 14:32 – “I’ve never thought of myself as a comedian” Mentions of iO, Second City, ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ 16:49 – Exposure is a Scam Reference to ‘Quitting Comedy Clubs’ from ‘What Alive People Do’, by Jamie Kilstein I do not support or endorse Jamie Kilstein in any way https://jezebel.com/progressive-performer-jamie-kilstein-ousted-from-citize-1792945836 18:15 – Introvert Tendencies 19:35 – Music Production Background(s) Mentions of George Carlin, Richard Pryor 21:25 – Moving Mention of Notre Dame, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Aurora, Illinois 22:35 – “Do you consider [this] stand-up?” Mentions of Alt Comedy, Libertarians, Brother Nature, Napkins 24:39 – “My comedy is lazy” 25:08 – “I always want to make being thoughtful cool” Discussion of the term “Social Justice Warrior” Mentions of Black Lives Matter, Alt-Right Trolls, Common Sense Gun Laws, Police Reform, Philando Castile, Being Edgy, Labels, KJ Whitehead, Trans Comedians 32:08 – “Getting into your set” 32:35 – Shock Humor vs. “Edgy” Mentions of ‘The Prestige’, Dave Chappelle 34:03 – Why Was Dave Chappelle’s Audience Laughing? Mentions of The Chappelle show, Ashy Larry, ‘8:46’, Netflix, Louie CK 37:28 – Getting into the Set (For Real This Time) Mentions of Patton Oswalt, ‘Parks and Rec’ 38:03 – Breaking the Fourth Wall 39:15 – Reviewing Star Wars Episodes VI through IX Mentions of J.J. Abrams, Rain Johnson, Nostalgia 43:50 – Conceptualizing the Bit Mentions of David Simon, George Floyd, COVID-19, Dated References 45:45 – Racial Bias in Star Wars (and America) Mentions of George Lucas, John Boyega, Plot Twists, Daisy Ridley 49:00 – The Walt Disney Corporation Kowtows to Twitter 49:20 – Murder is Just a Phase 50:10 – The Lion King is a Better Movie, “Anakin is black!” Mention of James Earl Jones 52:46 – “The Sith and Jedi are street gangs” 53:31 – “Leia is sold into slavery, but it doesn’t matter” 54:06 – Darth Vader Keeps Forgetting That He Loves His Son 55:23 – “Han Solo is a fuckboy” Mention of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, Ellis Island 56:53 – “The ‘Dragonball Z’ set is coming” Discussion of which is in Devin’s Outtakes episode 57:26 – Evaluating the Set 58:24 – Social Media, “Everything is @Debonairstatus” 59:00 – Final Words

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25 Jan 2021

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Minisode 44: Coming Soon (w/ Devin Middleton)

Please Make This

In this week's minisode, Please Make This host Laura Petro and guest host Devin Middleton sit down to review new movies based only off of their movie trailers. Wondering what's coming to a theater near you? Better yet, wondering if any of it's worth your time? We got you covered!


28 Feb 2020

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Episode 13: Black Panther (With Devin Middleton)

Reel First Time

David finally got his wish and Emma watched a Marvel movie for the podcast!Join the Reel First Time crew as we venture into Wakanda, and discuss everything from the genius of Ruth E. Carter to some hot takes on Hamilton! How giddy was David through this entire process? How much did Emma bring up Shuri? Does Forest Whitaker's real son make an appearance as his younger self?As excited as David was to do a Marvel movie, we were even more excited about our guest, Devin Middleton! A writer & comic in Chicago, you can catch him around the city, including at Studio Eleven at iO at 10:30pm on Fridays.Remember to follow us @reelfirsttime and review us on your podcast platform!


20 Nov 2019

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Devin Middleton and Post Malone

Almost Heinous

Steve and George welcome Devin Middleton. Together they talk about Post Malone, name dropping, Bob Curry, and YouTube ant colonies.Support Devin:-on Twitter(@DebonairStatus)-on Instagram(@debonairstatus)-on Facebook-on Spotify-on SoundCloud-Submit a show to the Arts & Culture Club!-Studio Eleven at iOFollow George Elrod: Twitter, InstagramComet: iO Harold TeamFollow Steve Han: Twitter, InstagramStir Friday NightHosted by George Elrod and Steve HanCover Art by Jordan StaffordMusic by Nathan SandbergEditing by Dominic GuanzonProduced by Jacob Duffy Halbleib (@TheGameSnake)This is a KnaveryInk podcast.

1hr 8mins

30 Jan 2019

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#48 - Devin Middleton

Mornings with Rooster

Devin Middleton is a comedian, musician, and actor living in Chicago, IL. He can be seen performing with Teen Cudi in their show, "Black Boy Joy" on Wednesdays at 8pm at the Annoyance, and in the Den Theatre's "Set Phasers to Holiday" sketch show this month. His music, Debonair Status, can be found on Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/artist/50CXPo8R6PZ47236o18FP7 https://theannoyance.com/events/event/teen-cudi-presents-black-boy-joy/ https://tickets.vendini.com/ticket-software.html?t=tix&e=49b513d215c2defb56228d607eefc8a3&vqitq=17df09f0-b161-40a7-b05d-60edb75b87db&vqitp=beb92e99-9e96-4eb4-89ad-3090df953070&vqitts=1544534237&vqitc=vendini&vqite=itl&vqitrt=Safetynet&vqith=fbbe997f98d...

1hr 18mins

11 Dec 2018

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S2 E3 - Devin Middleton

Riff Raff Revolution

Perry and Laura talk with Devin Middleton, a sketch comedian and musician in Chicago.Find Devin: •in Teen Cudi presents "Black Boy Joy" (coming back in Wednesdays, Dec 2018) •on iTunes and Spotify! •in Quick Pickle Presents: Wait Wait Don't Cuff Me (With Perry and Laura! "The Doctors With Borders" show's final title.) •on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@DebonairStatus)This is a KnaveryInk podcast.


19 Oct 2018

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1.20 Lake Dogs with Devin Middleton

Please Save Me

Put on a crisp black suit and skinny tie because we're headed to the Chicago Casino with the high rollers as we recap this week's episode of television's #1 show, Chicago Heroes. Don't forget to grab a pair of sunglasses because the glare off the small screen can be blinding. Sarah and Ben are delighted to welcome legal consultant BD Long (Devin Middleton) onto the podcast to assist in the proceedings, and to lend a hand to fixing the always-disastrous Emmy awards in a round of "Fixed That For You."

1hr 30mins

24 Sep 2018